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Lesson Plan

Day: Tuesday Date: 17/10/2017 Time: 8:35-10:00 Year: 11 ATAR

Learning Area: English Topic: Framed Narratives

Curriculum content description:

Controls language and language features for precision, fluency of expression and stylistic effect.
Sustains control of the mechanics of grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Integrates an understanding of context to engage audiences.
Selects and controls an effective structure.
Students prior knowledge and experience:
- Students have looked a framed narrative School, annotated it- identifying the narrative techniques, the
style (parataxis), the imagery and the structure.
- They have looked at the structure of framed narratives and identified PoV, sensory imagery, syntax and
- They have brainstormed and planned their framed narratives.
Learning purpose: to give students an opportunity to create their own framed narrative as a way to
practice for their ATAR exams.

Learning objectives: Evaluation:

On completion of this lesson, students will be - A correctly structured framed narrative will be
able to: used to evaluate whether students understand
- Write a correctly structured framed narrative how to use the framed narrative form.
using the conventions we have discussed in - Students will peer evaluate each others work
class to provide instant feedback as well as to give
each other ideas on how to write a framed
narrative effectively
Preparation and Resources:
- Students will bring a completed plan and their annotated copy of School to provide them with a guide of
what and how they should be writing.
- A marking guide

Catering for diversity

- This lesson is for students to write their framed narratives.
- They will be allowed to have their plan with them and their annotated copy of the framed narrative
Timing: Learning Experiences:
Quick recap of the structure of framed narratives to ensure students understand what is
2 mins expected of them (no longer than a couple of minutes- need to ensure students have as
long as possible to write).

10 Students to look at their introductory paragraph and brainstorm ways to add more vivid
imagery to their framed narrative.
Students will be spending this lesson writing their own framed narratives followed by a peer
50 evaluation. Their plans should be completed and they should have started writing their own
mins framed narratives last lesson.

Students will use a marking key to read and evaluate each others work before the end of
10 the lesson.
Lesson conclusion:
The last five minutes of the lesson will be spent discussing what students thought were
good about each others work.
5 mins - What worked well
- Were they able to vividly imagine the reverie?

Management of behaviour:
- Students should not be talking whilst they are writing their own narratives.
- I will put the times on the board to help students keep track of how long they have
to write.
- I will sit at the back of the class a model writing along with the students while still
doing a walk around the class every ten minutes or so to ensure students are on
track and understand what is being asked of them.

Lesson Evaluation: (reflect on the lesson. What worked? What did not work? What would you change? Why?