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Dear Parents,

As you many already know I am a graduate student in the Department of Early and Middle
Grades Education at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, working towards my M.Ed. in
Early Childhood. As part of my Masters degree program, I will be conducting a classroom action
research assignment to better understand the importance of the role of parents in supporting the
school-home connection.

For the next six weeks, I would like to include you in my research project to better understand the
role of parents in supporting childrens school learning in the home environment.

During a six-week period, I will be sending home a survey for parents/caregivers to complete,
regarding how they interact with their child at home about school topics and learning. In addition
to surveys, I will also be interviewing parents about their experience with their perceptions of
choices and practices related to school-home involvement. Informal interviews will occur twice
during the six-week period and will contribute to my understanding of ideal school-home
involvement. Finally, I will be sending home two activities throughout the six weeks for you to
work on with your child to see if it helps to facilitate between learning in school and home.

All data that I collect (interviews, family surveys, and parent responses to activities) will be kept
confidential and no references to your family members names or your childs names will be
included in my research assignment.

I do not anticipate any risk to participants, different than normal school/home life. Your
participation in this project is completely voluntary. Those parents who are participants in my
research will be: given surveys, interviewed (if available), ask to participate in activities with
your child at home. If you choose to not participate you will simply not be interviewed. You
may however choose to compete surveys or participate in activities I provide. If choosing not to
participate, your response to surveys, or comments on school-home activities will ot be included
in my research. The choice to participate or not will not impact your childs grades or status at
school in any way. You may withdraw your consent for you to participate at any time, with no

All information that is obtained during this research project will be kept strictly secure and will
not become a part of your child's school record. Your name and your childs name and any other
information concerning his/her identity will be deleted from the research information. Your
familys confidentiality is most important and every effort will be made to insure that this
research remains confidential at all times.

The results of this study will be used for an online website that is required in my course,
Early Childhood Researcher, in the College of Education at WCU. Pseudonyms or codes will be
substituted for the names of you, the children, and the school. This helps protect confidentiality.
The website is a private site, viewable by myself, my classmates and my professor only. I will be
constructing a summary of my research project that will be available online to all, however,
childrens/family names and the name of our school will not be included in the summary of my
In the space at the bottom of this letter, please indicate whether or not you would like to
participate in this project. Participation includes the use of family surveys responses, responses to
school-home activities and interview responses in my research. Simply return your survey if you
wish to allow your responses to be included in my research. Simply discard the survey if you
choose not to participate, or indicate on the survey that you wish to share your thoughts but you
do not want your responses used in my research. Responses from informal interviews conducted
with available participants as well as responses to home-school activities will be included in my

Please return one copy of this completed form as soon as possible. The second copy is to keep for
your records. If you have any questions about this research project, please feel free to contact me.
Please keep a copy of this form for your records.

Meghan Brooks


________ I agree to participate in Ms. Brooks research. I understand that my survey responses,
interview responses and responses about school-home activities regarding family involvement
will be included in her research, anonymously. I understand there is no risk to my child or myself
and that I may withdraw my consent at any time, without penalty.

________ I would rather my responses NOT be included in this research. I understand that I will
still be able to participate in the surveys, interviews and activities, but my responses will NOT be
included in the research. I understand that this decision will not negatively impact me or my
childs status or participation in school experiences.

Parents signature and date:


If you have any questions about your participation or this research project, please contact me at
our school phone or email address.