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Large Drives

SINAMICS SM120 Cabinet Modules

Superior performance for industrial power regeneration

Power regeneration lets do it right

4,000 U phase (V) Iphase (A) 2,000
Feeding energy into the grid is not an easy job.
If you need to
2,000 1,000
meet strict requirements of the electric utility
react fast in case of line failures 0 0

or if you have to create an independent island network,

youll do it best with the SINAMICS SM120 CM. 2,000 1,000

With its multi-level Active Line Module, it is uniquely 4,000 2,000

suited for regenerative applications, including: 0 0.01 0.02 0.03 0.04 0.05 t in sec.

Marine propulsions
Shaft generator boosters
Generators in hydro power stations
Test bench drives Multi-level Active Line
Energy flow

Module based on
Ore conveyors the M2C topology

Highlights of SINAMICS SM120 CM

3-level NPC
Line-friendly Motor Module

Island network operation
Transformer-less operation

SINAMICS SM120 CM with multi-level Active Line Module

Answers for industry.

Superior line performance SINAMICS SM120 CM system
Due to its integrated Siemens patented M2C (Modular The SINAMICS SM120 Cabinet Modules system features:
Multilevel Converter) topology, the drive provides a Active Line Module with industry-leading M2C topology
sinusoidal voltage waveform to the grid. The harmonics
Motor Module with the widely used 3-level NPC,
remain significantly below standard utility requirements
optionally equipped with an output reactor that allows
cable lengths up to 1,000 meters
The SINAMICS SM120 CM complies with even the most
Control Module included with SINAMICS platform-wide
demanding grid code requirements, which allows its
smooth and effective integration into any grid while
conventional regenerating drives cause harmonic Braking Module that permits controlled ramp-down
currents and thus usually require extra line filters. This in the event of power supply failure (optional)
is particularly important to ensure a robust operation Recooling Module with redundant pumps
for weak and island networks. Other modules for additional applications will be available
at a later date.

Transformer-less system design Recooling Motor Active Line Module Control Module
Module Module
Especially for ship applications (e.g. shaft generators),
the SINAMICS SM120 CM provides additional key benefits.
Depending on the grid and the drive input voltage, the
multi-level Active Line Module can also operate directly

2,400 mm
connected to the power supply with a line reactor only.
Such a transformer-less system design saves space and
weight, reduces cabling and requires no transformer
monitoring. Moreover, the system efficiency increases
1,200 mm 1,200 mm 1,500 mm 900 mm 1,200 mm

Dimension drawing of a SINAMICS SM120 CM system configuration

Generator Grid

Motor Active Line Line Technical Data

4.16 kV Module Module Reactor 4.16 kV
Rated power Active Line Module 7,900kVA
Rated power Motor Module 7,200kVA
Image: Single line diagram of the SINAMICS SM120 CM
Rated voltage 4.16kV
with a transformer-less system design
Line frequency 50/60Hz
Rated current Active Line Module 1,100A
Rated current Motor Module 1,000A
Ambient temperature +5 to +45C
Raw water inlet temperature +5 to +38C
Degree of protection IP 43
Elevation (a.s.l.), without derating 1,000m
Sound pressure level (1m) 73dB(A)
Max. width 6,000mm
Max. height (incl. top assembly) 2,865mm
Max. depth 1,275mm
Weight 5,950kg

Table: Technical data on the SINAMICS SM120 CM system for

industrial power regeneration

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