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MIBoC Online Examination

Safe Exam Browser installation

Your MIBoC certification exam is taken online via the Safe Exam Browser (SEB). SEB allows you to only view
the exam and the exam reference material. Other documents, browser windows etc are all blocked from

Before attempting the exam, you will need to download and install SEB. You will receive a download link
via email. Click on the link to download the SEB zip file. Firstly enter your contact details then click
Continue to Download Page.

Click the Download button to download SEB.

Once the zip file has downloaded you must unzip the file to a folder on your local drive. You cannot install
SEB from your downloads folder. Simply create a new folder for SEB, e.g. on your C: drive, then drag and
drop the files from the zip file into this folder.

ED138, v1
Issued: 8 August 2013 Page 1 of 6
To install SEB, double-click SebWindowsInstall.msi from the folder you created. Note that you must be
logged in as an administrator for this install.

If you receive a security warning, please click Run.

ED138, v1
Issued: 8 August 2013 Page 2 of 6
The SEB installer will now run. Click on Next > to begin.

Accept the license terms and click Next >.

ED138, v1
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Then simply click Install to begin the installation process.

If you receive a User Account Control warning, please click Yes.

SEB will now install. The installation should not take longer than a couple of minutes.

ED138, v1
Issued: 8 August 2013 Page 4 of 6
Once the install completes, click Finish.

ED138, v1
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At the time of your exam, double-click
click the icon on your desktop.

You will be directed to the exam login page. Use the login details which were e-mailed
mailed to you to login.

When you have completed all the necessary steps of the exam, log
l out of the examination
ination center and exit

To exit SEB you will need to enter a specific key sequence. Press and hold F3, then F11, then F6 until you
have all three keys held down. Hold these three down until SEB exits.

ED138, v1
Issued: 8 August 2013 Page 6 of 6