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Stephen Mageras

Alexander Conquest spread Greek Culture

p. 122-127

1. Where was Philip II king?

Philip II was the king of Macedon.
2. What did Isocrates call upon Philip to do?
Isocrates called upon Philip to unite the Greeks and then take the offensive against
3. How was the Macedonian phalanx different from the traditional phalanx?
The Macedonian Phalanx was twice the size of the traditional Greek Phalanx.
4. What did Demosthenes warn about?
Demosthenes warned Athens and Thebes that Philip was ruthless and had to be
5. What happened at Chaeronea?
At Chaeronea, the powerful Macedonians soundly defeated the Athenians and the
6. How did Philip die?
Philip was killed when a former guardsman named Pausanias dashed forward and
stabbed him during a solemn procession at his daughter’s marriage festival.
7. Who was Alexander’s teacher?
Alexander’s teacher was Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher.
8. How did Alexander react to the rebellion in Thebes?
In reaction to the rebellion in Thebes, Alexander quickly destroyed the city and sold
the survivors into slavery.
9. Look at the map on p. 124 and answer the three questions in the caption.
a. Alexander crossed Dardanelles in order to reach Asian Minor.
b. After capturing Jerusalem, Alexander took his army to Alexandria in Egypt.
c. Alexander built a city to honor his favorite warhorse Becephalus at the beginning
of the Indus River.
10. Why was the battle at Gaugamela important?
Alexander’s victory at Gaugamela meant the end of Persian power.
11. At what river did Alexander’s troops finally stop advancing?
Alexander’s troops finally stopped advancing at the Indus River.
12. How did Alexander die?
Alexander died after catching a bad fever at the age of 32.
13. What is Hellenism and how did Alexander create it?
Hellenism is a vibrant blend of Greek and eastern customs. Alexander created it by
driving his Greek forces far into Persian territory, where they began adopting some
Persian customs.
14. What happened to Alexander’s empire after his death?
Alexander’s empire was taken over by three of his most ambitious generals.
15. What were the greatest attractions of Alexandria?
The greatest attractions of Alexandria were the museum and the library.
16. What were three accomplishments in astronomy?
The three accomplishments in astronomy were the estimation that the sun was at
least 300 times bigger than the earth, the theory that the earth and planets revolved
around the sun, and the correct calculation of the size of the earth.
17. Why was Euclid important?
Euclid was important because he wrote the Elements, which presented geometry
propositions and proofs.
18. What did Archimedes achieve?
Archimedes calculated pi and discovered that levers could be used to lift heavy
19. What was the Colossus of Rhodes?
Colossus of Rhodes was a 105-foot high bronze statue.
20. What happened to it?
An earthquake destroyed Colossus of Rhodes.