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As you said I read the help but I'm stuck when I'm creating a Transaction variant for va01,
Following are the steps I followed but itu2019s giving me this error

"Va01 already exist"

1. Choose Goto Create vari. Trans. from the initial transaction variant maintenance screen.

2. Enter a transaction name and corresponding short text. Transaction type Variant transaction is
already set. The following screen already contains default values for the name of the calling
transaction, the variant name, and the client-specific or cross-client variant checkbox.

3. Save your entries.

I just need navigation help to create transaction variant, As far as I understand by reading the
help material, TV basically called the SAP transaction and we have to create variant for that

Basically I'm not sure if it is clear to me.

Do you have any link that I can use to read material about variant.

Thanks in advance


Steps are like:

1. SHD0 .... give the TCode

2. Go to tabs u201CStandard variantsu201D and then to u201CVariant Groupu201D

3. Give a group name and press enter. System will automatically suggest the Transaction Variant
and click on create.

4. After defining Text desc. save it.

5. Create Screen variant.... system will take through the screens of the Tcode for which you want
to create a variant to suppress some content. During these steps, maintain the Menu Functions
when you get to that. At last you need to "Exit and Save".

6. While you save the Variant. it will propose you to include in a "Workbench Request"

7. Now we need to create a u201CVariant Transactionu201D for this Transaction Variant

just created.

8. Go to SE93

9. Put a Customer Name of the Transaction for the transaction you want to create a Variant (for
e.g. ZM01 for MM01)

10. select the option u201CTransaction with Variant (Variant Transaction)u201D.

11. In next screen, provide the TCode (that is in use to create the Variant) and u201CTransaction
variantu201D that we created in the previous section.

12. Save and Exit.

Let me know for any confusion.


Hi Roopali,

You can use variant groups in SHD0 and assign same variant groups to SAP user ID's,which
same user id can access the SHD0 new tcode access.

Check and let me know if any issues.



fter you create the Transaction Variant in SHD0, click on the Standard Variant Tab and create a Variant
Group name. It also allows you to enter the users in this tab. Assign the required users under the same
Variant Group and activate it. This will allow only those users who are mapped here to assess the
Transaction Variant.