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1.Write the names of these objects in a room:

*you put up your notes and messages here-

*you sleep in it-
*you wash your hands in it-
*you can put posters and pictures on it-
*you look out of it-
*you put old paper and rubbish in it-
*you put your clothes in it-
*you stand on it-
2. Complete the sentences using there is (nt) / there are (nt), some and any:

There are books in the bookcase.

any children in the classroom?
.. a key in the door?
There arent . houses near the sea.
.. some flats in the town center.

3.Look at the picture. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions:

in front of *in the corner *next to *on the left *on the right *opposite

Theres a desk on the left of the door and an armchair (1). of the door.

My bed is (2) the armchair.

Theres a window ( 3).. the door and (4)

. the window theres a small table.

Theres a wardrobe ( 5) of the room.

4.Translate the words:


5.Rewrite the exam rules using must, mustnt or can.

Camden School Exam Rules

1. Read the questions carefully.

2. Answer all the questions.
3. Write your name above your answers.
4. Do not write your answers in pencil.
5.Use a blue or black pen.
6.Do not talk in any exams.
7.Do not copy other students work.
8.Its OK to use a dictionary in the French exam.
9.Do not bring any other books to the French exam.
10.Stop at 2 o clock.