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Business strategy

DSCL, across its various businesses is strategically diversified yet operationally integrated at a

high level. Some of the businesses feed others, thereby lowering operation costs and making

DSCL a highly competitive player. DSCL is amongst the most cost efficient producers of

products and services in all its businesses and has been continuously striving to lower costs. It

also has the unique advantage of low-cost captive power for all the major operations.


DSCL has a long history of accessing and employing the best technologies for its projects and

has worked successfully with renowned international and domestic technology partners. As a

learning organization, DSCL has worked regularly with the national and international consultants

of repute, in diverse areas of Business Strategy, Quality, Organizational Development etc.

In a major IT initiative the company has networked all its locations on a Wide Area Network

(WAN) and implemented SAP R/3 Enterprise Resource Package (ERP) across the Company in

1998 and has also recently taken a lead to implement Customer Relationship Management

(CRM) and Business Information Warehouse (BIW). It is also working on developing mobile

based solutions to deliver information to farmers.


In an increasingly competitive global business environment, DSCLs vision is to continue to

strengthen and grow its commodity businesses as well as its customer & knowledge based

products & services.

DSCL has been working in the agriculture sector with a vision to increase productivity and

profitability of the farmers through its various businesses: Farm Solutions, Bioseed (Hybrid

Seeds), DSCL Sugar, Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar. DSCL aims to achieve its vision by adding value

to farmers through its large farm extension programmes and last mile delivery activities.

Fenesta UPVC windows is a customer focussed brand of DSCL, where the customer is assured

of design support, offsite fabrication, firm commitments on deliveries and a trained installation

team, to ensure consistent quality.

The company is in the process of scaling up these operations and believes that these businesses

would be its growth drivers in future.

Our History

Our Founder - Sir Shri Ram (1884-1963)

Sir Shri Ram was an eminent and public-spirited philanthropist, an outstanding industrialist and

one of the trend-setting visionary leaders of the Indian business community. He possessed the

rare business perceptions and uncommon entrepreneurial acumen for setting up industries.

Sir Shri Ram began as a humble worker and went on to set up one of India's largest business

houses - the DCM Group. Born into a family of modest means, Shri Ram, in the 79 years of his

life, built an industrial empire manufacturing a vast variety of goods like - textiles, sugar,

chemicals, vanaspati, pottery, fans, sewing machines, electric motors and capacitors.

In 1909 Sir Shri Ram has joined DCM at the age of 25 years. Lala Shri Ram's earlier

entrepreneurial initiatives had ended in debacles. It was in 1917 at DCM at the end of the First

World War that he got the opportunity to choose entrepreneurial alternatives. It was Madan

Mohan Lall and Sir Shri Ram's managerial initiatives in expanding the Company's government
business during the First World War that brought about the recovery in DCM. He came in to

prominence as he wanted DCM to expand. Along the years he diversified into many other

businesses also.

His dealings with the workers throw into relief another aspect of his personality. Unlike other

industrialists of his stature he would communicate with the working class.In a society as

stratified as the Indian, society he has the unusual gift of looking at the process of

industrialization through the workers eyes.

At a time when the country faced problems of multiple dimensions, the biggest challenge before

the first Prime Minister Pt. J. L. Nehru was to lay foundation of industrially self-reliant India. Sir

Shriram left no stone unturned in realizing the dreams of independent India by setting up of new

lines of industrial units with the highest standards of quality. He took lead and brought the

entrepreneurs of that period together by forming institutions like CII, FICCI and PHDCCI, which

today play a key role in the growth of Modern India. His election in 1930 at the age of 46 as the

President of FICCI showed his national status.

Even British Raj recognized the contributions made by Sir Shriram towards the development of

society and hence conferred him with a knighthood.

Sir Shriram was among the earliest industrialists who could foresee the usefulness of organized

approach by the country's business community. Moreover, in seeking growth for his enterprises,

Sir Shriram scrupulously pursued a policy which had its foundation based on intellectual

integrity, devotion to duty, and a liberal humanism directed towards the common weal of all

sections of Indian society.

He had said, "Management in business is essentially a matter of human relations."

Our Values & Beliefs

DSCL's core values and beliefs are a reflection of its commitment to build a world class, learning

organisation, to excel and win in all its endeavors :

Customer Focus

Be sensitive to the needs of the customer; develop superior customer insight

Commitment to surpass expectations and deliver superior value

Innovation and Excellence

Think differently and promote creativity

Make continuous improvement a way of life; drive excellence

People Development

Continuously improve and upgrade the skills and competencies of our people

Support people to realise their potential

Team work

Work closely as a cohesive, well-knit team

Inculcate a spirit of openness and collaboration

Relationships and Human Dignity

Value people and partnerships

Nurture understanding, compassion, trust and respect in all relationships

Social Responsibility and Ethics

Be a socially responsible corporate, addressing the needs of the community and environment

Conduct business ethically

Our Leadership

At DSCL we have strong ethics and value system which has been a part of our foundation. We

beleive in good governance and our leadership team embodies these values while working

towards creating a successful business.

The group has created many leaders who has been responsible for the growth of the organization

and are still a part of our growth journey across various businesses.
Agri-Rural Business

Agriculture is one of the pillars of Indian economy. The sturdiness which the sector is expected

to demonstrate even in scenario of global economic turmoil makes it even more distinctive and

promising. In order to tap the growth opportunities in this sector, we regard our agri business as a

key growth driver for us.

We believe that the agricultural sector is a high potential area where we, with our expertise and

strengths accumulated over decades of presence in this sector, can add considerable value and

capitalise on emerging opportunities. Over the years through our various agri-businesses we have

developed extensive working relationship and knowledge about the farmers.