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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

( A Govt. of India Enterprise )

Duplicate Telephone Bill

Name and Address of the Customer Customer ID

Account Number

Invoice Number

Invoice Date

Due Date

Phone Number 7882243130

Previous Balance Last Payment Adjustments Current charges Account balance Amount Payable

A B C D A-B+C+D (Rounded Up)

Summary of Current Charges Amount(Rs.)

Recurring Charges

One Time Charges

Usage Charges


GST (@ 18%)

Late Fee

Total Charges (Rs.)

Tax Details Description Amount(Rs.)

GST ( @18% )
Accounts Officer (TR)
"Please pay current bill amount only, if the previous telephone bill
amount has already been paid."

This is a computer generated bill and hence does not require any

Payment Slip

Invoice Number Account Number

Invoice Date Phone Number 7882243130

Due Date Amount Due

Invoice Date Due date Amount Paid

This Bill is generated from Authorised collection centres can accept against this bill.