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README (Version 2.


The subdirectory CandS contains all the files of the form *.m.
They can be used with Mathematica. For more information see the book
"Modern Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces via Mathematica,
Second Edition" (CRC Press, 1998). A gallery of surfaces is available:, from which updates are available. Updates
are also available via anonymous ftp from You can
contact me at

Alfred Gray, April, 1998.

Instructions for use:

1. Make a subdirectory of your home directory called CandS

and copy all of files of the form *.m into it.

2. To access the *.m files using version 2.2 of Mathematica,

enter the following command into a Mathematica session:


This command can also be added to your file init.m;

then the files will be automatically accessible.
The *.m files will be accessible using version 3.x of Mathematica,
provided they are copied into the subdirectory ExtraPackages.

3. To use the main miniprograms, enter one of the following commands in a

Mathematica session:


This will load the following files:

CSPROGS.m (miniprograms for manipulating curves and surfaces)

CURVES.m (definitions of parametrizations and implicit equations of
SURFS.m (definitions of parametrizations and implicit equations of
PLTPROGS.m (useful plotting programs commands that supplement those
of Mathematica)

4. The following additional files are available:

Curve2dPlot.m (minprograms for displaying plane curves in separate

Curve3dPlot.m (minprograms for displaying space curves in separate
TUBES.m (precomputed formulas for tubes about space curves)
GMCUR.m (precomputed formulas for the Gaussian and
mean curvature of surfaces, and for unit normals)
GEO.m (precomputed formulas for the geodesics of many
parametrized surfaces)
INVCUR2D.m (precomputed formulas for the inversion curves of
many plane curves)
INVSURF.m (precomputed formulas for the inversion curves of
parametrized surfaces)
PEDCUR.m (precomputed formulas for the pedal curves of
many plane curves)
EVOCUR.m (precomputed formulas for the evolutes of
many plane curves)
KAPPATAU.m (precomputed formulas for the curvature, torsion and
tangent developables of many space curves)
KAPPA2.m (precomputed formulas for arclength, signed curvature
and signed equiaffine curvature of many plane curves.)

5.The subdirectory CandSNB contains several Mathenatica notebooks. The

Mathematica notebooks:,, provide a guided tour

via Mathematica of "Modern Differential Geometry
of Curves and Surfaces". The other notebooks explain
various topics. In particular, is a notebook about the Moebius strip. is a notebook about plane curves. is a notebook about Steiner's surface. is a notebook illustrating the fundamental theorem of plane curves. is a vibrating drum movie. is a cycloidial pendulum movie. is a Fermat spiral movie. is an animation of a Frenet frame moving on a helix. is an animation of a Frenet frame moving on Viviani's curve.