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Dynamic Spin Release process

Short Description (Synopsis)

This technique was originally developed by Richard Bandler and further developed by Tim
and Kris Hallbom. It works on the premises that everything in the universe is in motion and
specifically a spinning process. This spinning process is in the movement of planets, stars,
galaxies, and on a quantum level also in the movement of atoms and electrons and other
subatomic particles. In the older Shamanic traditions over the world a spinning type of
dance was a way of letting of any unwanted spirits and emotions and creating a new positive

If our bodies is a quantum field and obey the laws or (not laws) of quantum physics it means
that this is spinning movement is also present in the emotions of our bodies. Emotions
which are just a movement of biochemical particles have a spinning sensation to its core.
Positive or wanted emotions have a different spin or movement than unwanted emotions.
When a client is asked to focus on an unwanted emotion and notice the direction of the spin
they will almost always identify the direction as clockwise or anti clockwise. In short the
technique works by asking the client to take the unwanted feeling and put it outside of them
and watch it spinning outside of them. The submodality of distance is important here. The
client is then asked to slowly stop the spinning process and when it stops to start spinning it
in the other direction faster and faster until it gets sucked in and disappears in the universe
or as it changes into a positive emotion it can be brought back into their bodies.

If the old emotion is just sucked up by the universe a suggestion can be made that the
universe gives them a beautiful gift now as a new learning in the new empty space. Once
this gift is sensed (in whatever sense appropriate for the client) a question is asked: What is
the learning and understanding you can get now as you are having the new gift looking back
at the old emotion? What is there for you to learn from that old emotion? The client must
give an answer here. Then suggestions are made to bring the new gift up to the heart and
breath it into the heart and then also expand it from the heart into the place where the old
emotion was felt and fill it with the new feeling and symbol.

Full Length Script

1. I want you to identify where in your body you are feeling the unwanted

Take enough time that the client locates it in their bodies. Gently ask and allow the client to
place his/her hand on the centre the specific place and if comfortable with it, the therapist
or practitioner can put his of her hand on top of the clients hand and gently push. It will
usually be in the stomach or heart area. If the actual sensation is only experienced in the
head you can say: Thats good and where else? It is important that vertical integration and
connection between body and mind takes place during this process. This pushing motion of
the Practitioners hands downwards will increase the sensation of the emotion and make the
technique more effective.

2. I want you to pay full attention to the sensation.

What form does it have?

What colour does it have? (Get most critical submodalities)

What direction is it spinning?

If it is not spinning make a suggestion: What direction can it spin, (wait for an
answer) and then I want you to start spinning the sensation, faster and faster and
faster in this direction.

Make sure that your voice also picks up pace as you say faster and faster.

3. When at is fastest I want you to give me a signal and then spin it outside of
your body to a place a few metres in front of you and below you so that you
look down onto the old unwanted feeling you used to have.

The language here is very important in moving the emotion into the past by using Past Tense
verbs. When the client gives the signal when the sensation is spinning at its fastest; the
practitioner lifts his/her hand as a way of suggesting the outward movement and can also
signal the outward spiralling of the emotion. This will increase the effectiveness of the

4. And as you are noticing that old emotion down there in front of
you.........what is the learning and understanding you can get now, the
learning and understanding which will help you to let go of this unwanted
emotion and this learning you can get now can allow this old unwanted
emotion to disappear as an issue in your life....and all unwanted behaviours
associated and driven by that old emotion.

Bold print and underline is embedded commands. Deeper and slower voice tone
with authority.

Wait for an answer and make sure there is some AHA moment. The client must state
out loud the new learning. Calibrate to body integration and learning.

The Pre-frame which can be set up before the technique is done, is that emotions are
messengers and always have a message for us. That is the language of our bodies; it
communicates in sensations and all the chemicals associated with it. Having distance
from the emotions and watching it creates a space for learning from the emotion.
5. And now that you have the learning I want you to thank the emotion for
giving you this learning..........

Thanking any unwanted feeling or disease or pain, works on the

presupposition of: Whatever we resist will persist and whatever we
embrace disappear..........

6. And you have this learning now, you can allow the spinning to slow down,
slower and slower (if it hasnt done so already) until it stops and then starts
spinning in the other opposite direction faster and faster and notice what
happens to ( name the submodalities) of the old emotion.

Ask the client to say out loud how the submodalities change and keep
suggesting that it becomes more and more positive as it spins faster and
faster in the opposite direction and how it changes as it spin faster and
faster. Suggest that at its peak it will be a very positive emotion and build
up a sense of anticipation with the client by really wanting and desiring
the new emotion.

7. And when you are ready ........allow this new emotion to start coming closer
to you and when you are ready (give me a signal) allow this new emotion and
learning to spin into your body and allow it to come in and settle in just the
right place it wants to settle in.

Ask the client where exactly does it settle and let them put their hand
there and then put your hand on top of their hand while making positive
suggestions. The type of suggestions made here will dramatically increase
the effectiveness of the technique. This pressing down movement
symbolises and signals the inner settlement of the new emotion.

8. .......And now that you have a different emotion......what happens now?

Ask questions like: What does it allow you to do differently?

It is very beneficial if specific triggers are identified before the technique

is done because an anchor collapse process can now be done on at least
three triggers in three different contexts which occur often for the client.

9. Future pace to three different contexts in the future similar to the ones in the
past. Make sure the emotion is kept activated and keep amplifying it.