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I, Christopher R. Whittle, a Traditionalist Catholic peasant; born, raised, and currently residing
in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (effectionally known as the Peoples Republic of
Taxachusetts); do hereby state the following:


I. I believe in every Article of Faith the Holy Catholic Church believes, professes, practices,
and teaches, as summarized in the Apostles, Nicene, Athanasian, and Tridentine Creeds;
and that outside the Catholic Church nobody ordinarily has a chance at salvation.

II. I believe that the Council of Trent and its executive documents, including those that
solemnly define the rites of the Seven Sacraments, are part of the Ordinary Magisterium
(teaching office) that must be upheld by all Catholics, clergy and laity alike.

III. I believe that the Holy Bible must be interpreted in the light of Sacred Tradition (which
appears in the New Testament) by competent ecclesiastical authorities.

IV. I believe that the Pope is only infallible when he speaks ex-cathedra in matters limited to
Faith and Morals, and is severely restricted when revising liturgical books. For these
reasons the publication of the Novus Ordo Missae by Paul VI in 1969 was unlawful, which
in-turn caused universal apostasy with the Church, clergy and laity alike.

V. I was raised in a nominal Catholic family and received the reformed sacraments of
initiation according to the revised liturgical books issued after the Second Vatican

VI. I became a Traditionalist Catholic in A.D. 2009 after grossly learning that I was
malformed in my religious beliefs. I started to attend the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM)
thereafter and have not attended the Novus Ordo Missae for my Sunday obligation ever

VII. I, to my knowledge, am the only practicing Catholic in my family tree alive today.
2 Whittle
Statement of Persecution
October 29, 2017


I. I am a native-born Citizen of the United States of America.

II. I plan to maintain residency within the United States of America.

III. I believe it is necessary to require all citizens to be patriotic in order to unify our nation.

IV. I believe that English must be adopted as the official language of the United States, well
long pass due, just like Latin is the official language of the Catholic Church.

V. I believe that the United States must put the interests of the native-born citizenry first
before those of immigrants. Only a strict merit-based immigration system will work in
this regard. Person who cannot assimilate to the laws and customs of the United States
should not be admitted as immigrants.

VI. I believe the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian principles from the Holy
Bible and can only legislate in submission to God.

VII. I believe that an Article V Convention of the States to Propose Amendments to the
United States Constitution is the only way to save our nation during these dark times.

VIII. I believe that leftist philosophies (with the exception of Jeffersonian Classical
Liberalism) such as Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Secularism, and State Atheism
have no place within the United States nor in Western Civilization at-large.

IX. I believe that all taxes levied, especially income taxes, must be a uniform rate to ensure
fairness for all citizens regardless of income level or social status.

X. Despite all its flaws, the United States of America is the freest, most prosperous nation
mankind has ever seen.
Whittle 3
Statement of Persecution
October 29, 2017


I. I believe that the state has the solemn duty to uphold natural marriage between one man
and one woman as described in the Book of Genesis, which Our Lord Jesus Christ raised
to the dignity of a Sacrament for the Catholic Church for which He founded upon the
rock of Saint Peter.

II. I denounce civil marriage and divorce; however, the state should have the authority to
issue marriage licenses for the purpose of protecting public safety. Laws against
fornication must be enforced to protect the safety of children, while civil divorces should
not be granted without a trial by jury. Catholics cannot seek civil divorces from their
marriages unless competent ecclesiastical authorities grant permission.

III. I excoriate anyone who supports, thinks about, and participates in abortions in any form
and does not wish to seek a severe penance.

IV. Contraception is a leading cause of breast cancer in women, and therefore in the long-
term hurts women as well as wiping-out native populations of young children never born.

V. Between abortion and contraception, approximately 200 million missing Americans were
never born since 1967.

VI. Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a form of birth control, well often abused, that is
meant to be employed for serious reasons such as illness or military service.

VII. Intra-Vito Fertilization (IVF), a process that creates human embryos in laboratories and
implants them in women, does not produce real children and therefore are to be

VIII. God himself upon fertilization predetermines a persons sex, where it is manifested solely
on the anatomy below the belt. No person has the right to change their biological
sex/gender nor use a public bathroom of their opposite sex. Any parent(s) who supports this
is committing child abuse.


4 Whittle
Statement of Persecution
October 29, 2017

IX. Parents are responsible for educational choices they make for their children, whether it be
public school, religious school, secular private school, or home school, until they turn 18
years old (or age of majority as set by state law).

X. Catholics are required to marry other Catholics within the laws of the Church unless
dispensation by the Bishop is granted for a serious reason.

XI. No person of childbearing age should marry unless they are open to children.

XII. Rental housing of any type is not meant to be long-term, and therefore inappropriate for
the upbringing and development of children. Only within military families should rental
housing be acceptable due to the nature of the sacrifices and duties soldiers, sailors, marines,
and airmen must partake.


I. I grew up in a working-class poor family, and enrolled at a vocational-technical school

during my high school years due to the fact this would be the best chance at escaping
poverty. I graduated with a drafting certificate during the Great Recession, and therefore
(to the best of my knowledge) none of my graduating classmates, regardless of their
technical majors, obtained employment in their trained fields within six months after

II. However, I was able to obtain a summer job I could not obtain for the previous two
summers the summer after graduation (2009), but was coerced by my parents into
attending a local community college, by taking out student loans for what would
ordinarily be inexpensive, knowing they couldnt assist me financially; despite being a
legal adult at 18 years of age. My goal was to attend architecture school I could not afford
it. This is the original sin of my adult life; not pursing employment at something else.

III. Due to course offerings I had to wait three years to finish my associates degree, and with
no offers of employment I applied to three architecture programs and enrolled at the only
one that accepted me, only due to the award of a partial scholarship.

IV. My tenure in this program only lasted three semesters because of my philosophical
differences in my design studio course, where everyone was expected to create a solution
in modernist styles despite no requirement to do so on assignment sheets. The Catholic
Whittle 5
Statement of Persecution
October 29, 2017

Church considers Modernism a heresy, which presumes to include the built stylistic
environment. Despite the good professional quality of work I was marked-down to what
is a failing grade for that type of course at that particular institution, and therefore lost
my partial scholarship and prematurely ended my career.

V. Had resources been available to me, I would have been able to hire an attorney to see if I
could file suit for discrimination.

VI. Ever since my exile, I cannot find employment at any skill level, nor have the resources to
potential complete my education in any medium. I have been relegated to self-publishing
books and pamphlets (that have not sold for anything) just to show proficiency in the
English language at the collegiate level and in my professional trade.

VII. The incidents described in the first six articles of this section occurred during the years of
the Obama Administration, the most secular, pagan, anti-Christian, and anti-Semitic
Presidency America has ever seen.

VIII. The fourth article of this section occurred during the second term of the Obama
Administration, which could have been prevented had eligible Catholic voters in the
2012 Republican Presidential Primary Elections chose Rick Santorum, the former United
States Senator from Pennsylvania over former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney,
whom Catholics chose instead of their co-religionist. Due to Governor Romneys lack of
pro-life and pro-marriage and family zeal while in office, he lost the 2012 General
Election to Obama. Senator Santorum, on the other hand, won the Evangelical
Protestant vote in those primaries as the second-place finisher in delegates, and dubbed
himself an Evangelical Catholic in result. Therefore, I now firmly believe that the
following problems would not have occurred if Senator Santorum won in 2012:

a. The deposal of Pope Benedict XVI off the Chair of Peter, alive1, and replaced by
Francis, a shill for the New World Order who is completing the destruction of
the institutionalized Roman Catholic Church;

1It is with all moral certitude that Benedict XVI is still the canonically-elected Pope, based on the shady

conduct of the 2013 abdication and Conclave that elected Jorge Bergoglio (Francis), who in turn is anti-pope
material based on his actions on all fronts.


6 Whittle
Statement of Persecution
October 29, 2017

b. The 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings (for whom the Catholic fatalities have
been denied Requiem Masses by the Archdiocese of Boston to this date);

c. The rise of Radical Islam and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS);

d. The Iran Nuclear Deal, which gives our enemy $150 billion to develop nuclear

e. The nationalization of same-sex marriage and transgenderism, including the

legalization of transgendered public bathrooms and locker rooms in several states;

f. The legalization of marijuana (cannabis) in several states;

g. The exposure of the hyper-partisanship of most colleges and universities, for

where any student or faculty with conservative or libertarian views is either
expelled or fired, respectively;

h. The talk of outright Socialism; and

i. Anyone in disagreement with the Left not being allowed to participate in society
at-large, which includes employment, academics, athletics, economics, and so

IX. I therefore believe that eligible Catholics who slighted Rick Santorum for President of
the United States at the polls will have to provide an account of why they did so on
Judgment Day.

X. Due to the fact that todays Democratic Party has adopted positions treasonous to the
United States, I voted for President Donald J. Trump in 2016. Opponents in
Massachusetts have subsequently silenced me and other persons with similar views.

Therefore, as a matter of justice, I believe that the only way to stop the persecution of
likeminded persons who live in hostile territory within the United States, is for the United States
Congress to do its Constitutional Duty by issuing a Declaration of War against those traitors
toward the United States who reside within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and
Whittle 7
Statement of Persecution
October 29, 2017

Issued on the Feast of Christ the King, Sunday, the Twenty-Ninth Day of October in the Year
of Our Lord Two Thousand and Seventeen.

Christopher R. Whittle