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Mines of Moria FAQ

MINES OF MORIA RULES MANUAL Q White Hand Uruk-hai Scouts dont have the option for
Q Does a dagger count as a hand weapon? a banner, but they do in the hardback rulebook. Which is
A Yes
A They have the option for a banner at the cost of 30 pts.

Q Some profiles imply that a warrior doesnt have a hand

weapon, eg. those for Elf Warriors say they have no Q For the Mordor War Catapult, the optional Troll is 100
equipment in their base profile. Does that mean theyre pts, whereas its 90 pts in the hardback rulebook, which is
unarmed? correct?
A All models have a hand weapon unless theyre A The Troll should be 90 pts.
specifically described as being unarmed. So Elf
Warriors do have hand weapons.
Q In the rules for Passengers, the text says : If the rider Q On p12, in the second column, it refers to the wound
is killed or dismounts, the passenger is automatically chart on the back page. The wound chart isnt on the
thrown. Shouldnt it be: If the rider is killed or back page though.
A The wound chart is on p8.
A It should actually be: If the rider is killed, thrown or
dismounts, the passenger is automatically thrown.
Q In scenario 4, the Starting Positions say that Gandalf
should be in contact with the open book, and Aragorn and
Q The profile for ***** is not in my rulebook can I use Boromir should be in contact with the rusted axe; the
the profile from an earlier book? photo also shows this. The scenery in my box appears to
A Yes, but check the website PDFs are available for be slightly different though, what should I do?
several profiles there. See A Just place the other pieces of scenery in your box so that the layout is similar to that in the photo, for example
with Gandalf, Aragorn and Boromir standing by the piles
Q The model shown on p83 as an Elven Captain appears of dead Dwarves and rusted weapons.
to have a spear, yet the Elven Captain profile doesnt have
a spear as an option. Are they allowed spears?
A No.

Q In the Demolition Team description on p108, it says

that a Berserker with a flaming brand cant use his sword
as a two-handed weapon. What does this mean?
A A Berserker with a flaming brand cant use his two-
handed sword, he has to use his dagger.

Q The Witch-kings profile refers to a special rule

"Ringwraiths and the Ring. What is this rule?
A This a mistake, there is no such special rule, its all
within the The Will of Evil special rule.

Q Sharkus Warg has 0 Fight and 0 Attacks, is this an

A Yes, his Warg has the same profile as other Wargs.

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