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ERP Operations / ERP Logistics Operations

SAP Standard Reports

Created by Rajesh Banka, last modified by GSC on Jun 09, 2009

No Broad level Report Options Tcode in SAP Remarks Used by Report area
available for
report execution

1 Purhase order analysis By delivey ME80FN This report can be used for displaying the information of purchase Purchase Purchase
schedule orders created and the transactions that has taken place.
By purchase
order details
By purchase
order hostory

2 Purchase order display By supplier ME2L Facility available to restrict the viewing based on the status of PO Purchase Purchase
By material ME2M viz. Partly received,
By buyer Closed, No GR made
By plant Bill passing not done , etc.

3 Anlysis of order values By Material ME81N Totals analysis Purchase & Purchase
By buyer ABC analysis Finance
By supplier Analysis using comparison period
Frequency analysis

4 Goods receipt forecast By purchase ME2V Number of anticipated deliveries Pruchase & Purchase
order Stores
By vendorwise
By material wise

5 Stock lying with By Supplier ME2O Can be useful in deciding which component is to be given to Pruchase & Purchase
subcontractors By material supplier if the procurement is on subcontracting basis. It also helps Stores
in giving the visibility of stocks lying at subcontractor.

6 Monitor supplier confirmation By Supplier ME2A This program is useful especially for imported purchase orders or Purchase & Purchase
By buyer such cases where the lead time of procurement is very high. planning

7 Purchase analysis By buyer MCE1 This program will give you information on purchase value, invoice Purchase Purchase
By Material MCE3 value during a selected period. However for these reports it is Executives
By commodity MCE5 necessary to update the relevant LIS structure.
type MCE7
By supplier MCE8

8 Long term planning analysis By supplier MCEA This report can be used for Purchase budget requirement. However Purchase Purchase
By material MCEB for this report to work, long term planning functionality should be Executives
By commodity MCEC put in use.

9 Material document listing By Material MB51 This report provides you with a list of the material documents Stores / Inventory
By movement which were posted for one or more materials. Finance
By supplier

10 Account document listing By material MR51 The report Accounting documents for material produces a list Finance Inventory
By date containing all accounting documents available for a selected

11 Stock Overview By material MMBE The stock overview provides you with an overview of the current All Inventory
By Plant stocks of a material at all places within plant
By batch

12 Stock requirement list By material MD04 This report will help you to analyse material requirement plan Planning Inventory
By material considering stocks and future requirements.

13 Plant Stock availability By material MB52 This report provides an overview of the stock situation of a given Stores / Inventory
By material type MB53 material in selected plants. If there are multiple plants where the Purchase
By buyer group MCBA same material exists, this report can give the information on stocks
MCBE at various places

14 Expiration date list By material MB5M This report provides an overview of the remaining shelf life of Stores / Inventory
By Plant batches. This report is generally useful in Pharma. Planning
By batch

15 Stock on posting date By material MB5B The report Stock for posting date lists a company's own stocks in a Stores Inventory
By Plant particular time period.
By batch

16 Stock in transit MB5T Stores / Inventory

By material This report issues a list with all stocks that are located in a plant's
By supplying plant stock in transit. This information is useful when interplant /
By receiving plant intercompnay material transfer is taking place.

17 Stock with subcontractor By plant MBLB This report provides an overview of the stocks of material provided Stores / Inventory
By supplier to vendor Purchase /
By plant Accounts

18 List of GR / IR balances By material MB5S The report compares the GR quantities and values relating to a Purchase / Inventory
By supplier purchase order with the invoice quantities and values for the same Accounts
By buyer PO. The report can thus be used to check goods and invoice
By Purchase receipts when purchasing documents show some
order discrepancy.

19 MRP Controller analysis By inventory MCBG This report will help you in tracking the inventory by responsible Executive Inventory
controller person.

20 Material usage based ABC By usage MC40 This report will help you in identifying the fast moving, slow Executive Inventory
Analysis By requirement MC41 moving / non moving items. The report can be executed at the
material level / plant level

21 Range of coverage By usage MC42 This report will help you in getting the information of coverage of Stores / Inventory
By requirement MC43 the material for production purpose based on the past consumption Planning
MC.G pattern. The report can be executed material wise, commodity type
MC.4 wise, material planner wise etc.

22 Inventory turnover By material MC44 This report will help you in getting the information on the inventory Executive Inventory
By commodity MC.3 turn over ratio.
type MC.B
By buyer MC.7
By material Mc.O

23 Slow moving items By material MC46 This report will help you to identify slow moving items. Executive Inventory
By commodity
By buyer
By material

24 Dead Stock items By material MC50 This report will help you to identify dead inventory Executive Inventory
By commodity
By buyer
By material

25 Usage value By material MC45 This report identifies the share of the usage value to the total Executive Inventory
By commodity usage. You can also see the report graphically for a selected
type material in detail screen.
By buyer
By material

26 Sales analysis By Customer MCTA These reports can give you information regarding incoming sales All Sales
By material MCTC order, credit memos, quantity, value etc.
By sales person MCTE
By sales office MCTI

27 Report on: - By material MC(A These reports can be used for seeking the information on billing All Sales
Incoming orders By Customer MC+A
Invoiced sales By sales channels MC+E
Credit Memo MC+I
Sales return MC+U

28 Sale report with option like By sales area MC+2 The standard report MC+2 & MC+6 can meet the reporting All Sales
Area wise By customer MC+6 requirement. However in case the standard report are not serving
Statewise By material MCSI the reporting requirement user defined info structure can be created
Executive wise and transaction MCSI can be used for sales analysis.

29 Vendoe master list By Supplier MKVZ This report can give you the list of suppliers Purchase Purchase
By Purchase

30 Status of indents By indent ME5A This report can be used to seek the information of status of indent Purchase Purchase
By material ME5K raised, purchase order number, goods receipt status etc. Stores
By buyer

31 Quotations listing By suppliers ME4L This report is useful to view / extract information on quotations from Purchase Purchase
By mateial ME4M supplier in case the quotations are invited for a particular indent Executives
By commodity ME4C

32 Commodity price By material ME1L This report is useful to view the purchase order price change Purchase Purchase
By plant ME1M history for various pricing conditions Manager
By Supplier Finance

33 Planned share of business By material MEQM This report can be useful to know the % share of business planned Purchase Purchase
By supplier with a supplier in case multiple sources exist for a commodity. Executives

34 Vendor rating By commodity ME64 This report is useful to extract information of supplier performance Purchase Purchase
By commodity ME6D on various parameters such as delivery, quality, cost etc. Manager
group ME6C Quality
By supplier ME65 Manager

35 Commodity listing By commodity MM60 This report will give you the list of all materials created in the All Logistics
By plant system with the parameter values
By commodity

36 Purchase value MC$G This report can be used by purchase buyer / manager to track Purchase Logistics
Purchase quantity MC$1 purchase performance Executives
Quantity reliability MC$M

37 Availability overview CO09 This report gives you the information of material availble for Stores Inventory

38 Physical inventory listing MI24 This report may be used in case physical inventory system is Stores Inventory
followed in an organization Finance

39 Bill of Materials Display BOM CS03 This report can give you information related to Bill of materials, All Production
Display BOM CS09 comparison of BOM between two materials etc.
allocation to Plant CS15
Where used list CS14
BOM Comparison CS12
BOM explode - CS11
Multi level
Bom explode -
Level by level

40 Work center information By machine wise CR60 This report will give you information of the machines used for the Shop floor Production
system By planner wise CR05 purpose of manufacturing. The machines / work center could be Costing
By plant wise labor work center also

41 Work cener analysis By lead times MCPB This report can be used to extract the information of operation qy, Shop floor Production
Operation analysis By date MCPY scrap qty, lead time, target lead time etc. Manager
By quantity MCPK

42 Material analysis By lead times MCPW This report is useful for giving the information of Target vs actual Executive Production
By date MCPF lead time,
By quantity MCPO Planned order qty vs actual order qty,
By product cost MC89 Planned cost vs actual cost,
By material Planned consumption vs actual consumption
By sales /
production plan

43 Operation analysis By plant MCP1 The order information system is a tool for shop floor control with a Shop floor Production
Material analysis By material MCP3 reporting function for production orders and planned orders. These
Work center analysis By order MCP5 reports are useful in discreet manufacturing set up.
Production order analysis By machine MCPB

44 In repetitive manufacturing By plant MCRP These reports are extensively used for reporting purpose in the Shop floor Production
set up: - By material MCRK repetitive manufacturing environment
Production analysis By component MCP6
Material consumption used
Product cost analysis

45 Pull list By plant MF60 This report can be used in repetitive manufacturing environment to Shop floor Production
By material know the shortage of material for production Stores
By quantity
By storage

46 For process industry: - By plant MCP5 These reports are useful only when PP-PI component is installed. Shop floor Production
Shop floor information By material MCRU
system related to material By order MCRV
analysis, By machine MCRW
operation analysis, process MCRX
order analysis, material MCRY
usage analysis, product cost

47 Kanban analysis By plant MCQ. This report will give the information of Kanban usage. Can be used Shop floor Production
By supply area only when Kanban component is used
By material

48 Kanban analysis This report can be used only when Kanban feature of SAP is used. Shop floor Production
By demand PK13
source overview PK12
By supply source PK11
overview PK18
By plant overview

49 Material usage analysis By plant MCRE This report can be used for analysing the actual material usage All Production
By material against plan in manufacturing process.
By component
By order

50 Product cost analysis By plant MCRI This report can be used for finding out planned cost vs. actual cost All Production
By material in the manufacturing process
By component
By order

51 Product cost analysis - By hierarchy KKBC_HOE This report can give you summrised information of all the Executive Production
Summarised By period production orders related to cost & quantity

52 Cost Variance Target / Actual By plant S_ALR_8701348 This report can give you information on the cost variance analysis Executive Production
Variance analysis

53 Missing parts checklist By plant CO24 Missing Part list check

By material
By component
By order

54 Order progress report By plant CO46 This report can give you information of the order which is in Shop floor Production
By material process.
By order

55 Production order information By order COOIS This report give information on production order Shop floor Production
system By Material
By plant
By production

56 Production order cost By order KKBC_Ord This report can give you information on target cost against actual Executive Production
analysis cost for production order

57 Actual comparison of By GL Account S_ALR_8701249 / This report can give you financial statement for the selected period GL Finance
financial results by period By Financial 87012250 / 87012251 / with comparison. The report can be viewed on half yearly /
with previous period statement version 87012252 quarterly / periodic basis as well. For 10year comparison use
transaction S_ALR_87012257

58 Balance sheet / P&L By financial S_ALR_870122284 This report will give you balance sheet / P&L GL Finance
statement statement
By company code

59 Plan / actual comparison on S_ALR_87012253 This report will be useful incase you are using GL planning. GL Finance
periodic basis

60 Cash flow report S_ALR_87012271 This report will give you cash flow. GL Finance

61 GL Balances S_ALR_87012277 This report can be used to display GL balances GL Finance


62 Document Journal at S_ALR_87012287 This report is useful to extract information of GL entries GL Finance
summary level S_ALR_87012291
Document Journal at line
item level

63 Statement of customer / By company S_ALR_87012332 This report will give you statement of customer wise / Vendor wise / GL Finance
vendor / GL Accounts GL Account GL wise accounts
Customer account
Supplier Account

64 Customer payment history S_ALR_87012177 This report will help you to analyse history of customers. It contains AR Finance
a forecast of payment volumes and arrears.

65 Due date analysis for S_ALR_87012168 AR Finance

customer open items

66 Account receivable S_ALR_87012167 The report is used for displaying the evaluations available in the AR Finance
information system customer information system.

67 Customer balances S_ALR_87012172 This report will give you balance at the period start, debit total & AR Finance
credit total for the reporting period and closing balance at the end of
reporting period.

68 Customer evaluation with By Customer S_ALR_87012176 This report can give you open AR sorted in days bucket as per your AR Finance
open item sorted list By Company selection

69 Vendor information system By company S_ALR_87012077 This report is used for displaying the vendor payment information AP Finance
By supplier based on due date, over due, currency etc.
70 Vendor business By company S_ALR_87012093 This report is to be used when you want to see the information of AP Finance
By supplier purchases made from a supplier

71 Due date analysis for By company S_ALR_87012078 AP Finance

supplier open items By supplier

72 Vendor payment history By company S_ALR_87012085 This report is used for determining the current payment status for AP Finance
By supplier vendors. The report carrry out an analysis of the vendor open items
according to user defined time pattern.

73 Check register By bank S_P99_41000101 This report is used to extract the information of check issued Bank Finance
By amount

74 Asset History By Asset S_ALR_87012075 It is the most important and most coprehensive report for the year- Asset Finance
By asset class AR02 end clsoing or for an interim financial statement
By company code

75 Depreciation simulation / By Asset S_ALR_87012936 This is a report for the simulation of future depreciation Asset Finance
forecast By asset class
By company code

76 Posted depreciation By Asset S_P99_41000192 The report list the period values from posting depreciation Asset Finance
By company code

77 Year end income tax By Asset J1IQ Asset Finance

depreciation report By company code

78 Asset Inventory list S_ALR_87011981 Asset Finance

79 Cost center accounting - By Cost Center S_ALR_87013611 This report lists actual and plan figures for cost center . CCA Controlling
Plan / Actual comparison By cost center S_ALR_87013615
group S_ALR_87013620
By version

80 Cost center accounting - By Cost Center S_ALR_87013640 This report can be used to compare the actual costs on period CCA Controlling
Actual / Actual comparison By cost center basis

81 Cost center plan By cost center KSBL This report can be used to view cost center plan CCA Controlling

82 Analyse / compare product By plant S_P99_41000111 This report can give you the information on standard cost of PC Controlling
cost estmates By material S_ALR_87013047 material

83 Profitability report By sales order KE30 This report can give you profitability at the sales order level. PA Controlling
By material However it is necessary to implement PA module
By plant

84 Profit center report S_ALR_87010777 PA Controlling


85 Display machine list By machine IH08 This report will give you the list of machines installed in the plant Shop floor Maintenance
number IW29
By plant IW33
By status IW39

86 MTTR / MTBR for machine By machine MCJB This report can be used for extracting information on Meant time to Shop floor Maintenance
number MCJC repair.

87 Damage analysis By machine MCI5 This report can be used to extract the information on damage Shop floor Maintenance
By damage code analysis

88 Breakdown analysis By machine MCI7 This report can be used to extract the information on breakdown Shop floor Maintenance
By machine group such as number of break down, MTTR, MTBF

89 Maintenance cost analysis By machine MCI8 This report will be used to extract information on planned cost and Shop floor Maintenance
By machine group actual cost for different type of breakdown

90 Customer notification MCIA This report can be used for reporting customer notifications. It can Service Maintenance
analysis be used if service management functionality is put in use.

91 History of inspection QGP1 You can use this report to display inspection results for a task list Quality Quality Magt
characteristics characteristics

92 Control Chart QGC1 You can get quality control charts are lot level / characteristics level Quality Quality Magt

93 Quality Notification analysis QM11 Quality Quality Magt


94 Defect analysis report MCXX This report can be used to view quality defects at material / vendor / Quality Quality Magt
MCVX customer level

95 Calliberation inspection IP24 These reports can be used for extracting information related to Quality Quality Magt
IP19 calliberation of equipments
96 Project cost / revenue / S_ALR_87013531 These reports gives you cost related information of projects. Projects Project
expenditure S_ALR_87013532 However it is necessary to implement Project systems module to System
extract these reports

97 Batch where used list S_ALR_87012972 For extracting the information of batch traceability Logistics Logistics

98 Engineering change S_ALR_87012975 For tracking engineering changes. Logistics Logistics

management S_ALR_87012976

99 All Standard SAP Reports -- Module wise SAP1 Displays all the Standard report available in SAP in each module Logistics Logistics
Module wise

standard configuration order sales qa33 report

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Please verify T-Code SAP1 once again.

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Daniel Roach
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