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What factors should the assistant chief consider in determining the presence of gender bias

in firefighter promotion?

The factors the assistant chief must take into consideration is that he or she must have a

holistic view If number of employees applying for promotion and also be aware of male and female

employees who apply to the position. From this one can know the data for males as well the

females.One can also use this data in an extensive manner in order to find out if particular set of

male or females employees are being favored.From a mathematical point of view if the chief takes

into consideration the the chi square statistics and p value when determining the equality of the

two proportions it would be very useful

Is the promotional status of recently promoted firefighters independent of their gender?

According to the given data of chi values those firefighters who have been promoted

recently are under intense scrutiny .This is due to the fact that since p value is greater than the

significance level of .05 one can accept the null hypothesis.The probability P is larger and in the

favor of the null hypothesis selected.Thus in this case we clearly reject the hypothesis of null and

say that there is no proof in favor of any other hypothesis at the significance level of 0.05.Since

we accept the hypothesis of null in favor of other hypothesis as there is no probability to support

the same the promotion of firefighters in the recent times is directly proportional to gender rather

than being unrelated to gender Due to the acceptance of the null hypothesis, the promotional status

of the recently promoted firefighters is not independent of their gender. Instead, it is dependent on

their gender.

What reasons should the assistant chief convey to the fire chief to justify the absence of

gender bias in the most recent class of firefighters who were promoted?
A few reasons that the assistant chief can state to legitimize the non existance of gender

bias inclination in the latest class of firefighters who were promoted would incorporate capabilities

of men being more knowledgeable than woman. Physically, the probability that Men have more

quality is more than porbability that women have more quality. One can also infer from this that

another reason for the case of promotion is that the process involving promotion is very difficult

and taxing making it difficult to scrutinize the fact that more men have been promoted as compared

to the case of woman.Fire unit unwinds quality and wellness test to make section less demanding

for ladies,. Another reason may incorporate the contracting of various overqualified men,

prompting further advancements. Ultimately, the proportion of females with families might be

higher than the proportion of men with families, particularly in light of the fact that female tend to

deal with the majority of the family obligations at home (Gluck, n.d.).

How might the presence of gender bias in promotions impact the fire department?

The presence of gender bias in promotions can have serious ramifications for the fire

department in terms of legislations and spoiling the name of the company amongst the public. As

stated in Glucks book gender bias can also result in lack of efficiency in woman performing

their work compared to their peers or men at the same level (Gluck, n.d.).. It could also lead to

harassment in the workplace as seen in recently occurred news articles on Uber and other


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