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Digital Energy

GE Multilin Technical Note
User-Programmable LED
Template for the UR-series
Universal Relay
GE Multilin Publication Number: GET-8494A
Copyright © 2009 GE Multilin

DESCRIPTION The UR series of relays have 48 optional user-programmable LEDs. Each LED
can be configured via the EnerVista UR Setup software (preferred method) or
from the front panel display via the SETTINGS  PRODUCT SETUP  USER-
PROGRAMMABLE LEDS menu. Refer to the instruction manual for additional
The pushbuttons provide an easy and error-free method of displaying digital
information (ON, OFF) from FlexLogic™ operands. Typical applications include
breaker control, autorecloser status, and setting groups activation.
TEMPLATE The User-Programmable LED Template is shown on the following page. Click
on the LED X (x = 1 to 48) text fields within each label to edit the label text.
Each label should contain no more than 12 characters of text. The labels are
sized to align with the LEDs.
When the custom labels are completed, save this document to a secure
location before printing. For best results, print to a color printer on the GE
Multilin UR-series custom LED labels.


  Digital Energy Multilin CUT CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION LED 1 LED 9 LED 17 LED 2 LED 10 LED 18 LED 3 LED 11 LED 19 TEM PLATE LED 4 LED 12 LED 20 LED 5 LED 13 LED 21 LED 6 LED 14 LED 22 LED 7 LED 15 LED 23 LED 8 LED 16 LED 24 CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION LED 25 LED 33 LED 41 LED 26 LED 34 LED 42 LED 27 LED 35 LED 43 TE M P LATE LED 28 LED 36 LED 44 LED 29 LED 37 LED 45 LED 30 LED 38 LED 46 LED 31 LED 39 LED 47 LED 32 LED 40 LED 48 CU T CU T Figure 1: User-programmable LED template 2 .

P u s h in a n d g e n t ly lif t u p t h e c o v e r 2. Place the left side of the customized module back to the front panel frame. then snap back the right side.  Digital Energy Multilin TEMPLATE The following procedure demonstrates how to install/uninstall the custom panel labeling. LED M O D U LE LED M O D U LE 3. Remove the clear Lexan front cover (GE Multilin part number: 1501-0014). Pop out the LED module and/or the blank module with a screwdriver as shown below. 4. 1. Put the clear Lexan front cover back into place. Be careful not to damage the plastic. 3 .