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20 - Build Summary (Document #: C2_B102)

100122 - Jan 22, 2010 (B)

090904 - Sept 4, 2009 (A)
Released - April 30, 2009

CAESAR II Version 5.20 - Build: 100122

The following modifications and corrections are included in this build.


==================== CORRECTIONS =======================================

C2EXPORT.EXE - Corrected the "hanger count" for constant effort hangers.

C2GRAPHICS.DLL - Corrected the plotting of "non-vertical" bottomed-out


- Added a "context menu" control to turn off the pop-up

element information tool-tip.

- Added a control to freeze/lock the graphics window,

so no graphics updates are performed until desired.

CADPIP.EXE - Corrected the acquisition of the new \SYSTEM directory


CMAT.BIN - Corrected the value of Poisson's ratio

for material #441.

- Corrected the Density value for materials 446 & 447.

DYNOUT1.EXE - Added warning note that static/dynamic combinations

cannot be performed for PD-8010 codes.

IECHO.EXE - Corrected and array allocation in the "hanger output"


OUTP01.EXE - Corrected the default "occasional load factor" used for

ISO-14692, necessary for jobs that mix multiple codes.

- Modified the TD/12 vonMises stress for proper title

labeling in outptu reports.

- Per a B31.8 VIII Code Interpretation, the "combined"

stress for PipeLines should use nominal dimensions.
Computations changed to address this Interpretation.

OUTP02.EXE - Static output processor relinked for graphics changes.

- Corrected the "hanger count" for constant effort hangers.

- Corrected a "display issue" with "Custom Reports" where

the displacement and stress values were duplicated from
the "From Node" to the "To Node".

PCFIMPORT.EXE - Corrected vertical restraint type (from YSNB to Y).

PIERCK.DLL - Corrected the SIF computation of EN-13480 reducers

PIERCK.EXE (to 1.0) for the "In Plane/Out Plane" method.

RUN107.EXE - Corrected the conversion factor for the reinforcing

pad width when used with "mixed" units systems.

STRESSISOPROJECT.DLL - Corrected the text box shapes associated with

nodal and elemental annotations.

==================== ENHANCEMENTS / MODIFICATIONS ======================

ANAHLP01.EXE - Updated ASCE#7 Code paragraph references (for seismic

ANAHLP02.EXE help text) to reflect revised paragraph numbering.

APPRVD.BIN - Updated the Stoomwezen Approval Certificate to reflect

the Stoomwezen approval of Version 5.20.

C2.EXE - Modified "build date"

- Added a "window update" message to the menu so that the

[X] is always active.

- Added a "monthly" check for updates from the COADE


C2S.EXE - Structural input module, relinked for graphics changes.

DYNPLOT.EXE - Graphics animation module relinked for graphics changes.

MISC.EXE - Flipped the output ordering of the "Tee SIFs" so that

"in-plane" is listed first, to match the piping input.

OUTWORD.DLL - Modified to check the setting of the "BPFix" registry

switch to avoid the possible "Bad Parameter" error
when exporting output to MS Word.

PREPIP.EXE - Piping input processor relinked for graphics changes.

- Modified LISTs so a "refresh" doesn't reposition the

data back at the top of the list.

- Modified the "Element LIST" so that the density values

appear before the temperatures.

ROT.EXE - Updated allowable labeling to be consistent with the

input (changed "Figure 6" to "Table 4").

CAESAR II Version 5.20 - Build: 0904904
The following modifications and corrections are included in this build.


==================== CORRECTIONS =======================================

ACCTNG.EXE - Corrected the character storage space for several variables

used to access the accounting data files.

ANAL1.EXE - Corrected the operation of the "wind dialogs" to properly

remove un-needed fields when switching codes.

- Modified ASCE#7 wind dialog to remove reference to

"exposure category A".

C2CONFIG.EXE - Corrected to default to "English" units if no units files


- EXE and related DLLs modified to force exection in 32-bit

mode when running on 64-bit machines.

- Corrected to permit 512 Mbytes of RAM allocation.

- Corrected to properly limit the USER_ID string to

three characters.

- Corrections to numeric display operations for those

"language settings" that use a comma to denote decimals.

- Corrected the reading of FRP data files for non-Imperial

units settings.

C2GRAPHICS.DLL - Corrections made to implement tolerances on element

small element direction cosines imported from CADWorx.

C2PIPNET.EXE - Corrected the generation of the dynamic input file (_7)

when importing certain formats of the hydraulic (frc)
output files.

C2QUICK.chm/pdf- Quick Reference Guide corrections:

- Updated B31.1 Code date
- Put back the basic B31.8 Code Equations
- Added the ISO-14692 Code Equations

C2S.EXE - Corrected the errant display of units on the "EDIM"

dialog for nodal increments.

C2TR.chm/pdf - Technical Reference Manual:

- Minor revisions

C2U.EXE - Corrected the lateral force equation when the internal

friction anlge is 30 deg for the American Lifelines
Alliance soil model.

C2_MAT.EXE - Modified input dialog to accept only integer

material numbers.

- Expanded the size of the input dialog.

CMAT.BIN - Corrected the allowable stress entries for STPG370 for
the JPI and HPGSL Codes for temperatures over 250 degC.

DYNOUT2.EXE - Corrected "non-specified" bend radius units conversion.

- Modified "time history" output to avoid including

response spectrum explanitory text.

DYNPLOT.EXE - Corrected the orientation of "user defined" structural

shapes for plotting.

ELEM.EXE - Corrected the wind load generation according to


- Corrected the refractory weight computation for the

"weight no contents" (WNC) load case.

HOOPS_COADE1620_vc90.DLL - Corrected graphics annotations and saving

HOOPS_MVO_MGK1620_VC90.DLL text to image files.

INCORE.EXE - Optimized the operation of the status bar.

- Corrected the hanger selection algorithm when mixing

both hot and cold load design with the "as designed"
stiffness switch.

INTGRPH.EXE - Corrected the import of reducer elements.

- Improved handling of dummy leg connections to bend


OUTP01.EXE - Corrected the usage of the "von Mises" configuration


OUTP02.EXE - Corrected the orientation of "user defined" structural

shapes for plotting.

- Corrected "non-specified" bend radius units conversion.

- Corrected the deflected shape plots for "Z up" jobs.

- Modified "restraint summary" export to Excel to avoid

interpreting negative values as equations.

- Corrected the generation of the input echo such that

material information from the input file overrides
identical entries from the material database.

PCFIMPORT.EXE - Corrected the search for locating \System.

PIERCK.EXE - Corrected the computation of the "center of gravity"

for reducer element refractory.

- Corrected the "tee count" in the "miscellaneous report"

to account for "Wc" specifications.
- Corrected the "pipe properties report" for rigid
elements to avoid increasing the refractory weight by
insulation factor.

PIPINGINPUT.DLL - Corrected the ISOGEN export when using a mixed


- Corrected the orientation of reducers.

- Added an alternate drawing representation for

rigid elements.

PREPIP.EXE - Modified for CADWorx directory locations.

- Corrected "non-specified" bend radius units conversion.

- Improved "file-open" dialogs to enable jump to

\system and \examples.

- Modified to duplicate "flange data" when "element

block duplicate" is invoked.

- Modified to allow larger (more digits) in the

coordiante display of the LIST.

==================== ENHANCEMENTS / MODIFICATIONS ======================

C2.EXE - Modified "build date"

- Updated e-mail template

C2ER0nZ.exe - Updated error messages.

M1HELP0n.exe - Updated help text related to the Material Database


MISC.EXE - Updated a number of "flange dimensions" in the database

to comply with B16.5 2003.

NAVALDLL.DLL - Relinked to reduce exported functions.

PCFIMPORT.EXE - Modified the operation of the (batch) dialog

to improve multi-select/deselect.