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Hi everyone, I'm Z-Max.

I'm a great fan of Dragon Ball Z and I've made this game from Pokmon Fire Red.
It's a mod in which pokemons are replaced by characters of Dragon Ball Z.

The download links are forbidden here and I can't tell you where to find the link.
This thread is only a source of information and tips about the game.
By the way, go to the wikia to find more information: http://dragon-ball-z-team-
Many articles have been added to the page by PureRage, you should find what you
want if you don't find it here.

The main modifications of the game:

-Pokemons are replaced by "fighters". There are 140 fighters in this game.

Fighter list:
Goku (lvl.16 -> SSJ Goku)
SSJ Goku (lvl.36 -> SSJ3 Goku)
SSJ3 Goku (ape tail -> SSJ4 Goku / god stone -> SSJ God Goku)
Vegeta (lvl.16 -> SSJ Vegeta)
SSJ Vegeta (lvl.36 -> Majin Vegeta)
Majin Vegeta (ape tail -> SSJ4 Vegeta / god stone -> SSJ God Vegeta)
Gohan (lvl.16 -> SSJ Gohan)
SSJ Gohan (lvl.36 -> Ultimate Gohan)
Ultimate Gohan (god stone -> SSJ God Gohan)
Piccolo (lvl.20 -> Super Piccolo)
Super Piccolo
Bear Thief
King Piccolo
Raditz (moon stone -> Oosaru)
Nappa (moon stone -> Oosaru)
Turles (moon stone -> Oosaru)
Bardock (moon stone -> Oosaru/ lvl.25 -> SSJ Bardock)
SSJ Bardock
King Vegeta (moon stone -> Oosaru)
Kid Gohan (moon stone -> Oosaru)
Oosaru (lvl.45 -> Golden Oosaru)
Golden Oosaru
Zarbon (lvl.25 -> Zarbon 2)
Zarbon 2
Frieza (lvl.16 -> Frieza 2)
Frieza 2 (lvl.24 -> Frieza 3)
Frieza 3 (lvl.30 -> Frieza 4)
Frieza 4 (lvl.50 ->Golden Frieza)
Cooler (lvl.30 -> Super Cooler)
Super Cooler (metal coat -> Metal Cooler)
Metal Cooler
Garlic (lvl.28 -> Garlic 2)
Garlic 2
C-13 (lvl.30 -> Super C-13)
Super C-13
Bug Cell (lvl.24 -> Imperfect Cell)
Imperfect Cell (lvl.33 -> Perfect Cell)
Perfect Cell
Cell Jr.
Broly (lvl.25 -> SSJ Broly)
SSJ Broly (lvl.36 -> LSSJ Broly)
LSSJ Broly
Bojack (lvl.32 -> Bojack 2)
Bojack 2
Future Trunks (lvl.16 -> SSJ F. Trunks)
SSJ Future Trunks
Teen Gohan (lvl.16 -> SSJ teen Gohan)
SSJ teen Gohan (lvl.34 -> SSJ2 Gohan)
SSJ2 Gohan
Pui Pui
Majin Buu (lvl.25 -> Evil Buu)
Evil Buu (lvl.38 -> Super Buu)
Super Buu (lvl.45 -> Kid Buu)
Kid Buu
Janemba (lvl.45 -> Super Janemba)
Super Janemba
Hirudegarn (lvl.50 -> Hirudegarn 2)
Hirudegarn 2
Goten (lvl.16 -> SSJ Goten)
SSJ Goten
Trunks (lvl.16 -> SSJ Trunks)
SSJ Trunks
Gotenks (lvl.23 -> SSJ Gotenks)
SSJ Gotenks (lvl.38 -> SSJ3 Gotenks)
SSJ3 Gotenks
Gogeta (lvl.30 -> SSJ Gogeta)
SSJ Gogeta
Vegeto (lvl.30 -> SSJ Vegeto)
SSJ Vegeto (god stone -> SSJ Blue Vegeto)
Golden Frieza
Black (lvl.55 -> SSR Black)
SSR Black
Zamasu (lvl.55 -> Merged Zamasu)
Merged Zamasu
Uub (lvl.35 -> Super Uub)
Super Uub
Rild (lvl.40 -> Mega Rild)
Mega Rild (metal coat -> Metal Rild)
Metal Rild
Baby (lvl.40 -> Baby Vegeta)
Baby Vegeta
Super C-17
SSJ4 Goku
SSJ4 Vegeta
SSJ4 Gogeta
Su/Nova Shenron
San/Eis Shenron
Li/Omega Shenron
SSJ God Gohan (lvl.55 -> SSJ Blue Gohan)
SSJ Blue Gohan
SSJ God Vegeta (lvl.55 -> SSJ Blue Vegeta)
SSJ Blue Vegeta
SSJ God Goku (lvl.55 -> SSJ Blue Goku)
SSJ Blue Goku
SSJ Blue Vegeto

If you want the location of all the fighters, go here(it's under construction):

-There are 160 attacks including 130 new attacks (techniques from Dbz)
with new animations of course, and 30 old attacks (from Pokmon, like Headbutt for
I would like to make a moves list and especially a list with the movesets of all
the characters, but it's too long to do. I can't for now.

-I added new maps for some cities. I didn't change all the maps, only some of them.

-I've changed some overworld sprites too. (mini-sprites on the maps)

-Many items were added. (capsules, senzu...etc)

Item list:

Onigiri: restores HP by 20 points.

Satan drink: restores HP by 50 points.
Z-Drink: restores HP by 200 points.
Senzu: fully restores HP and heals any status problems.
Crystal: revives a fighter and restores HP by half the maximum amount.
Shenron scale: revives a fighter and restores HP fully.
Flying Nimbus: used for escaping instantly from a cave or a dungeon.
Holy water: raises the level of a fighter by one.
Moon stone: makes certain saiyans fighters evolve into great apes.
Metal coat: makes Super Cooler evolve into Metal Cooler and Mega Rild into Metal
Ape tail: makes certain saiyans evolve into SSJ4.
God stone: makes certain saiyans evolve into SSJ God.
Wilo's brain: given by the scientist of the museum. It allows to have Wilo.
Smoke capsule: allows to flee from any wild battle.

Capsule: catch rate of 1.
Great capsule: catch rate of 1,5.
Ultra capsule: catch rate of 2.
Golden capsule: catches any fighter without fail.
Babidi capsule: used only in the Babidi Zone.

Held items
Battle boots: The holder may be able to strike first.
Battle gloves: boosts fighting-type moves
Battle armor: The holding fighter may endure an attack, leaving just 1 HP.
Nyoibo: boosts normal-type moves.
Neo-Scouter: boosts the critical-hit ratio of the holding fighter.
Turtle suit: brings extra exp. points in battle.
Weights: promotes strong growth but lowers speed while it is held.
Potara: boosts fire-type moves. (Yes, there is no fusion in the game)
Z-Sword: may cause the foe to flinch upon taking damage.

Key items
A-Scouter: an advanced scouter, used for seeing ghosts and unseeable beings.
Ocarina: awakens any fighter. Necessary to awaken Hildegarn blocking the way.
Radar: used for finding hidden items.
Dragon Balls(7): used for summoning Shenron.

Maybe this is not the perfect game but I've made it alone.
It took me many time to do it, then there can be some defects.

The main defects

-I don't speak english perfectly, so I did my best but the texts may be wrong
-The Trainer Tower is not modified, I need more time to change the trainers. (But
it doesn't matter very much)
-Some back sprites (characters from behind) are not really beautiful, especially
Oosaru and Bojack. But most of them look good enough.

The seven Dragon Balls

You need to find the seven Dragon Balls to summon Shenron. Here is their location:
1-star Dragon Ball: In the truck, in the port of RR Base.(You can enter by surfing)
2-star Dragon Ball: behind a rock on an islet(route 20).
3-star Dragon Ball: In Mt.Moon, when you beat the trainer at the end. (before the
exit of the cave)
4-star Dragon Ball: On the Indigo Plateau, just before the center.
5-star Dragon Ball: In Capsule Corporation, after defeating Pilaf.
6-star Dragon Ball: On route 10, hidden near a tree. There is a row of trees, the
ball is upwards.
7-star Dragon Ball: On route 8, in a corner (to the north), over the rock tunnel.
When you get them all, go to Makyo Town and talk to the old man near the tower so
you can summon Shenron.
How to get past the guards

The guards prevent you from going to Satan City and other places if you don't give
them the tea.
You need to talk to the old woman in West City, near the Z-Store.

The 3 super saiyan gods

There are 3 super saiyan gods: SSG Goku, SSG Vegeta and SSG Gohan. But you can have
only one.
If your starter is Goku, you will find SSG Goku. It is the same thing for Vegeta
and Gohan.
How to find them?
First, you have to beat the league. After that, you need to catch at least 60
fighters, then go and see Dr.Brief to get the National Scouter.
When you have done these two things, the super saiyan god will be released into the
BUT I didn't test something about it. Maybe you have to repair the machine on One
Island with the ruby and the sapphire to find the super saiyan god.
The National Scouter should allow you to find him but I'm not sure about that
because I have not tested it yet. So, make sure to repair the machine first.

A tip to find them easily: Buy 15-20 max repels and put a fighter at level 49 (or
beyond 40 at least) first in your party.
Then go to a grass area and use the max repels to keep weak fighters away.
Only the fighters with a level beyond 49 will appear, it is an easier way to find
the super saiyan gods who are level 50.
If you don't find anything after using 2 max repels, leave the area by going to
another route or just fly to the next town and come back. Repeat the operation
until you find the fighter.

Caution! The super saiyan gods flee when you attack them. They are like Entei,
Raikou and Suicune in the original pokemon game, you have to be careful.

Imperial Cave

To get past the cave, you have to beat the league, get the National Scouter from
Dr.Brief(by catching 60 fighters) and give Celio the ruby and the sapphire on One
After that, the guard will be gone.

How to find the ruby and the sapphire

The ruby
After beating the league and getting the National Scouter, go to One Island and
talk to Celio. He asks you to find the 2 gemstones.
Then, go to Mt.Ember and go on the right. 2 henchmen of Pilaf will be talking
together. Just beat them.
Go on, and go down when you're here:

You will find the ruby by this way.

Then, give Celio the ruby so that he gives you the Rainbow Pass. It allows you to
go to all the seven islands.
You have to go to the Icefall Cave on Four Island after that. Pick the HM Waterfall
and teach it to an Aqua.
Use this move to get up the waterfall in the cave, and help East Kai battle Pilaf

The sapphire
After helping East Kai, go to Ruin Valley on Six Island. You need a fighter with
the move Cut.
Just use Cut when you are in front of this door:

The door will be opened in this way. So you get to the Dotted Hole.
Go up, left, right and down. The sapphire is right there.
But a scientist will take it before you. You have to go to the Pilaf Warehouse on
Five Island Meadow to take it back.
Just beat all the Pilaf members and the scientist to take the sapphire back. Then
go to One Island to give Celio the sapphire.
That's it! You have finished this quest, now you can go to Imperial Cave on Namek

How to get Whis

First, you need the Aurora ticket that is on Memorial Pillar, near the big rock to
the south. The place is very random, I know.
Show this ticket to the sailor on Red Ribbon Base, he'll take you to Birth Island.
Then, you have to solve the puzzle which is the same
as Deoxys in Fire Red. You need to press A many times on the triangle by making the
correct steps, in this way:

1) Approach and press A

2) Press Left 5 times, then Down 1 time. Press A
3) Press Right 5 times, then Up 5 times. Press A
4) Press Right 5 times, then Down 5 times. Press A
5) Press Up 3 times, then Left 7 times. Press A
6) Press Right 5 times. Press A
7) Press Left 3 times, then Down 2 times. Press A
8) Press Down 1 time, then Left 4 times. Press A
9) Press Right 7 times. Press A
10) Press Left 4 times, then Down 1 time. Press A
11) Press Up 4 times. Press A

It's important to read what I just wrote or else you will get irritated. There is a
step counter and you can't make as many steps as you want.
If you're still confused, just watch a video on youtube to see how to do. There are
videos that show how to solve the puzzle of Deoxys, it's the same puzzle.

Some of you may have a save with the old version(before the last update). If you
do, the Aurora ticket must have disappeared if you already picked the metal coat on
Memorial Pillar(before the update, the ticket was a metal coat in this place). In
this case, the cheat code is the only solution.
Code for the warp to Birth Island: 82031dbc 3802
Put this code in the Codebreaker(cheat list), then use any door to get to Birth
Island. When you're done, remove the code and you will be able to leave the island.

How to find Hit

You need to solve the Tanoby Key puzzle on Sevault Canyon (Seven Island). It's in a
cave where you have to push the rocks into all the holes.
After doing this, go to Tanoby Ruins to the south of Sevault Canyon and you will
find Hit in the chambers (instead of Unown in the pokemon game).

How to find Zamasu and Black

Zamasu and Black are located on Navel Rock. You need the Mystic Ticket to go there.
First, go to Six Island and go through Green Path (surf to the north and get past
the forest). Now, go to Outcast Island and keep heading to the north.
At the far end of this place, you will find Gowasu, standing on a little island. He
will ask you to beat Zamasu and Black by giving you the ticket.

Where to find the 3 God Stones

-Capture/beat Zamasu and Black, and talk to Gowasu again. He will give you a god
stone as reward.
-Whis holds a god stone. Capture him and take it from him.
-Beerus holds a god stone. Capture him and take it from him.
The cheat code for the god stone is the fire stone code in Fire Red: 82003884 005F.
(buy it in a mart for free). Be careful! Make a copy of your save, cheat codes may
damage your data.

Useful Items
The 3 ape tails:
*Pilaf Warehouse (just follow the tips for the sapphire to get to this place)
*Lost Cave: Go right, up, down, down, right, left, down, right, up.
*Sevault Canyon: Behind some rocks. You need the HMs Rock Smash and Strength.
A-Scouter: Beat Pilaf in his hideout. To get to this place, push the button behind
the poster in the Game Corner(West City).

Ocarina: Help Kami in God's tower, he will give it to you. It allows you to awaken
Hildegarn who blocks the route 13.

Big mushrooms: There are 3 mushrooms allowing you to re-learn a move to your
fighters -> Memorial Pillar, Water Path and Sevault Canyon.
These items are hidden in the ground, you need the radar (item finder) to find
them. I can't post too many screenshots on this thread.

Radar: given by Brief's aide to the east of R.R. Base in the building. That's the
item finder actually.

Bicycle: You don't have to pay 1 million zenis/dollars(or whatever the currency is)
of course. You need the bike voucher given by the chairman of the fan club in Red
Ribbon Base.
Give this voucher to the shopkeeper in Namek Town (in the bicycle shop). It's the
same method in Fire Red.

The HMs
01 Cut: given by the captain on the ferry SS Anne ship (on Red Ribbon Base).
You can teach it to Bear Thief, Saibamen, Biomen and some other fighters.
02 Fly: given by a woman in a house on route 16 after cutting the tree.
03 Surf: in the Babidi Zone. The location is the same as in Pokemon Fire Red.
You can teach it only to Aqua. He's the only water-type fighter actually. (Catch
him by fishing with the rod given by a man on RR Base)
04 Strength: given by the warden in Ginger Town. Give him the gold teeth.
05 Taiyouken: given by a scientist on Route 2, in the building after getting
through the RR's cave.
06 Rock Smash: given by a man in the Ember Spa (located on Kindle Road, One
07 Waterfall: in Icefall Cave (Four Island).
Cheat codes
-Wild encounters: First, put the master code in the "CodeBreaker" (Cheats -> Cheat
list -> CodeBreaker):
17543C48 E65E0B97
8C050415 EB447C7A
AD86124F 2823D8DA
A0CCA92E 61571E3B
E2302908 64FD3288
25AF3162 06D16963
Warning: The codes may cause irreversible glitches in the game. Before using a
code, I advise you to make a copy of your save and your rom.

After inserting the master code, put the code of the pokemon which matches the
fighter you want. The list of the codes is here:
550048. So, if you want Vegeta for example, look at his number in the list above(in
the spoiler). It's 4, so you need the code of the 4th pokemon of course
(Charmander) which is DB8C60CD 81FD6AA7.
After using a code for a fighter, remove all the codes in the codebreaker, save and
reopen your rom. Don't restart only, you really have to reopen the rom.
use glitches sometimes if you don't use them correctly, so be careful. Just make
sure to have a copy of your save file and your rom, just in case.

The codes of some fighters don't match their numbers. I give you their real
numbers: Whis=131, Golden Frieza=132, Uub=116, Super Uub=117, Ledgic=118,
Sigma=119, Rild=120, Mega Rild=121, Metal Rild=122, Baby=123, Baby Vegeta=133,
Super C-17=124, SSJ4 Goku=125, SSJ4 Vegeta=126, SSJ4 Gogeta=127, Su Shenron=128,
San Shenron=129, Li Shenron=130, SSG Gohan=243, SSB Vegeta=245, SSG Goku=244, SSB
Edit: In the update with Hit and other new characters, I changed the order of all
the characters from SSJ Bardock until the last fighter.
Adding fighters in the game has caused a mess in the scouter data. I will make a
list with the codes for each fighter probably.

-Infinite money cheat code:


-Item code: 82003884 XXXX

Replace XXXX by the item number of the list:
Then, buy this item at any mart.

Golden capsule = master ball

Holy water = rare candy
Ape tail = water stone
God stone = fire stone
Metal coat = thunder stone
Senzu = full restore
Shenron scale = max revive
Battle Boots = quick claw
BattleGloves = black belt
Battle Armor = poison barb
Nyoibo = silk scarf
Neo-Scouter = scope lens
Turtle Suit = lucky egg
Weights = macho brace
Potara = charcoal
Z-Sword = king's rock

-PC item modifier: 82025840 XXXX

This code makes an item show up in the last place of the PC. Replace XXXX by the
item number in the list(link above).

-Shiny code:
39584B19 D80CC66A
CE71B3D3 1F6A85FB
198DF179 5413C867
73ECB8A0 BDD8B251
D5AFFB37 6855972C
73ECB8A0 BDD8B251
This code doesn't work sometimes. But it should allow you to find shinys in the
You can combine this code with the one of the fighter you want. For example, put
the shiny code, the master code and the code of Goku to battle him as a shiny.
The save
It's the same problem with the other pokemon games. You have to adjust the settings
on the emulator. Stop asking me how to fix the save,
many people ask me the same question every day and I can't repeat the same thing
all the time. Just read the text below, I can't do it for you.
This message: "The 1M sub-circuit board is not installed." appears on the screen
because of the settings on your emulator, it's not a glitch in the rom.

Go to "options" ; "emulator" ; "save type" and choose Automatic and Flash 128K.
Then, put the files (emulator and rom) in the same folder.
There must not be a save file (".sav") in the folder before opening the rom. Then
you should be able to save.
I advise you to use the emulator Visualboy Advance on Windows. If you use a
different emulator/device, or if you still can't fix it, you can search on google.

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