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2.1 Skills

Skills are technical/ professional dimensions, manipulation skills and the

knowledge associated with the techniques of the work process, developed via
training and experience (Rigby & Sanchis, 2006). To become a good HRE,
some skills are considered important, such as having good communication
and strong interpersonal skills. Companies like C2, C7, C8 and C10 values
applicant who has good communication since it help in maintaining strong
working relationships in an organization. It also helps to avoid confusion and
miscommunication from occurring.

2.2 Personal characteristics

Personal characteristics refer to relatively enduring individual differences in

patterns of thinking, feeling and acting (Pers, 2009). Most of the companies
like C2, C6, C7 and C8 anticipating applicant who has a positive attitude,
self-motivated and pleasant personality. The applicant should have a good
personality because they can work well with everyone and affect their
performance. C3 and C8 seek for applicant who is tactful, as they have to
handle confidential matters. As HRE this is very important because they
knew all the company information, so they have to be honest.

2.3 Qualifications

As for qualification of a HRE, all company (C1 - C10) want applicants to

have qualified education minimum diploma or its equivalent to fulfill the
requirement. Some employers may prefer to hire applicants who have a
bachelors degree in human resource management, business or a related field
because academic qualification is the evidence of the possession of
knowledge and experience.

2.4 Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and experience is a most important aspect of a company to find

new employees. According to Firestone and McElroy (2003) knowledge is
understanding based on experience. For company (C1, C9 and C10) they
looking for applicants who capable at least five years working experience in
the related field is required for HR executive position. It is because they are
looking for applicants who capable to handle HR functions including
recruitment and selection, training and development, industrial relations and
employee's performance management. Besides, for company (C2, C3, C6 -
C8) they want applicants who have at least two and three years working
experience they only looking for applicants who have at least one year
working experince in the related field. Ferris and Judge (1991) has indicated
that in view of the normal struggles for resources within organisations such a
competitive edge is extremely valuable. An argument could be made that this
skill has particular resonance for the HR executive as those working in the
HR function experience unique challenges in being heard within
organisational interactions.

2.5 Abilities

Ability refers to talent or proficiency. Most of the company (C3 - C5, C8 and
C9) they find candidates who have the abilities to interact with all level of
people to fulfill the position. It is because the company business always deal
with all level of customer. So that the employer believes that the applicant is
in line with the position of HR Executive in their company. According to
Schreuder and Coetzee (2011) employability refers to an individual's ability
and readiness to become and remain attractive in the labor market, also the
individuals capability to be successful in a wide range of jobs.