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Michael Mace

6985 NE Willowgrove St.

Hillsboro, OR 97124
(971) 205 - 9898

Serviceable in Fusion,
Liberty High School, Hillsboro Inventor, Java, Python,
September 2014, Senior, 3.66 GPA
Photoshop, and Assorted
AP Classes taken; AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP US History, AP Physics
Google Applications

Competent in Math through

EXPERIENCE Calculus, basic Biology and

Chemistry, and Calculus
Robotics, Liberty High School Modeling Lead based Physics
September 2016 - June 2018

In 2016 I was the only modeler working on our First Tech Competition Practiced with Leadership,
robot in 2016 -2017. In my senior year I became the leader of a modeling Teamwork, and Independent
team where we competed in competitions such as LEAP and FRC. Management skills


Earned a composite score of

Applying Machine Learning to Robotics
28 on the ACT - 88th
Many open source machine learning frameworks have become available
recently and may be utilized in a variety of applications. The rst main percentile
goal of this work is to determine which of those frameworks would be
most suitable to automate piloting in a robotics competition. The second Earned a total score of 1350
is to utilize another open source machine learning framework that is on the SAT - 94th percentile
specically designed to recognize objects in images and video feed, and
then attempt to train the piloting algorithm with the machine vision REFERENCES
application so that the piloting algorithm is beyond the capabilities of a
human pilot.
Available Upon Request

FTC Modeling Lead

Junior year is was the only modeler working on the First Tech
Competition teams robot for Liberty. Working alone meant I was pushed
to work much harder than some others, as there was always another
thing to model after I nish the last. Despite the constant stream of
work I did manage to nish slightly early and check out what the other
sections were doing.