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Previously Asked Questions in SSC CGL


1. FIFA headquarter is located in? Zurich.

2. First Indian Medal Winner in Rio 2016. Sakshi Malik
3. Winner of womens singles Wimbledon 2016 Serena Williams
4. Who is the present coach of Indian cricket team? Anil Kumble
5. Who is called the blade runner? Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius
6. Shiva Thapa is associated with which sports? Boxing
7. Euro Cup 2016 Winner is? Portugal
8. CK Naidu trophy is associated with which sport Cricket.
9. First commonwealth games were held in 1930 at Hamilton, Canada
10. The term Bully related to which game? Hockey
11. Who are Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Awardee in boxing?- Mary Kom and Vijender
12. Who was the flag-bearer of India at Rio Olympics Abhinav Bindra
13. Who among the following has scored 1000 runs in one innings Pranav
14. Beighton cup is related to which sports? Hockey
15. Eudiometer is used to measure? Changes in the Volume of Gases
16. In Rio Olympics 2016, P.V. Sandhu defeated Wang Zuan, who belonged to
17. Who is the winner of Wimbledon cup 2016 Andy Murray
18. Which sport is Dipa Karmakar related to? Gymnastics
19. Which country won the 2016 Hockey world cup? Australia
20. Shearer award is given for which sport? Football
21. What was the theme of Rio Olympics 2016? World Peace and Environment

22. Which field is Deepika Kumari is related to? Archery
23. Davis cup is related to which sport? Tennis
24. Uber cup related to which sports Badminton
25. Roll in is associated with which game? Poker
26. Ryder cup is associated with? Golf
27. Pankaj Advani is related to which sport? Billiards
28. Lady Ratan Tata Cup is associated with? Hockey.
29. Lona is related to which sports? Kabaddi
30. Yogeshwar Dutt is famous for which sport? Wrestling
31. Which of the following countries is the UEFA Euro 2016 runner up France
32. Neeraj Chopra is related to which of the following sports Javelin throw
33. Which sport was Mohammed Shahid associated with? Hockey
34. Babita Kumari is related to? Wrestling
35. PV Sindhu is associated with? Badminton
36. Serena Williams equalled which record by winning 22 grand slams? The record
held by Steffi Graf
37. Who is the first Indian to have won a gold medal individually? Abhinav Bindra
38. Aga Khan cup is related to Hockey