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The SilverSneakers Fitness Program

Inspiring Older Adults to Get Active and Stay Fit
Adults age 65 or older who adopt a physically active lifestyle can substantially improve their health to get more out of life and reduce their risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes. Yet many adults in this age group engage in little or no physical activity. The SilverSneakers Fitness Program is designed specifically to improve the health of older adults. A 16-year presence in the marketplace and popularity among its target audience guarantees SilverSneakers is an effective strategy to encourage an active lifestyle, connect with health plan members and deliver value in measurable ways. It is the smart choice for Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement insurers and group retiree plans. The versatility of SilverSneakers allows you to adapt and offer benefit options that align with plan members exercise and fitness goals. Additional options also are available to accommodate a changing regulatory environment. SilverSneakers years of evidence-based programming success is rooted in its ability to appeal to older adults of all fitness levels. While providing multiple levels of physical, social and emotional support, SilverSneakers addresses the many barriers to fitness and encourages the necessary behavioral changes for members to get moving. This member-centric approach drives high levels of engagement and satisfaction: 48% of Medicare Advantage members had no prior fitness membership before joining SilverSneakers. For qualified health plan members, SilverSneakers provides a basic fitness membership, signature SilverSneakers classes, Program AdvisorSM assistance, social programming, an interactive online resource, nationwide access to more than 11,000 locations including sites for women only, and SilverSneakers Steps for members who cant get to a participating location. Partnering health plans and location sites are listed at SilverSneakers includes marketing and public relations services for integrated member outreach and media exposure. Our experience and proven track record of top performance in serving older adults make SilverSneakers the smart solution for todays health plans.

SilverSneakers helps lower healthcare costs, improve plan acquisition and retention, and support star ratings.
Lower Healthcare Costs
A study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that individuals enrolled in SilverSneakers incurred $500 less in total healthcare costs and 2.3 percent fewer hospital admissions during the second year compared with the control group. More frequent participation was associated with greater cost savings.

Improve Acquisition
Per the 2011 Annual Member Survey, 78 percent of Medicare Advantage respondents who were new to SilverSneakers in the last year indicated the benefit was an important factor in deciding to join their health plan.

Improve Retention
Fifty-eight percent of respondents were likely to switch health plans to keep the SilverSneakers benefit.

SilverSneakers engages diverse members.

Available to more than 8.9 million total eligible beneficiaries Average age is 73 (17 percent 80-plus) 67 percent of members have multiple chronic conditions 64 percent are overweight or obese 59 percent have hypertension or high blood pressure 69 percent have arthritis (hip or knee/ hand or wrist) For more information, email:

PROGRAM FACTS Reduced claims cost Retention Acquisition Behavior change Star ratings support Fewer hospital admissions