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Bike Dallas

Hamza A. Khan, Jaymin Desai, Lindsey Manley and Maham Imam

University of Texas at Dallas

Jacobs Engineering

Bike Dallas

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6.2 Construction

Bike Dallas



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Our mission as a company is quite simple, it is to provide safety and innovation in the

field of engineering and construction. My colleagues and I have decided on behalf our company,

Jacobs engineering; in addition, with also our own personal beliefs to propose a project that will

advance our company's mission. Our whole goal with this project is to connect the existing bike

paths and pedestrian walkways with each others, so they all simultaneously flow together.

Were calling this project Bike Dallas. The name properly reflects the area we would like to

target which is located in Dallas specifically downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum. The problem

were currently facing is theres not a safe pathway that connects downtown Dallas to Deep

Ellum. There are multiple bike paths scattered around the area, but theyre none of them are

connected together. This causes a multitude of individuals that are riding their bike or walking

with no other option, but to occupy busy roads alongside cars. In the past few years, history has

shown when pedestrians and cyclist use the roads that are being occupied by cars it increases the
Bike Dallas

number casualties on the road; specifically, casualties to pedestrians and cyclist (Schmitt, 2016).

The highest percentage of these individuals who pass away on these roads are cyclists and

pedestrians. They represent the fastest growing type of road user getting killed on the road with

larger and larger numbers every year. These individuals can be innocent pedestrians just walking

along the street or cyclist with no lane of their own. And the worst part is this problem is not

going away its actually increasing year by year.

Companys Background

We decided to partner up with Jacobs Engineering here in Dallas. Jacobs engineering

focuses on building long term relationship with its clients while providing technical, professional

and construction services. We have become one of the most diverse and largest providers of

these services including architecture, operation, maintenance and specialty consulting. Our

company is dedicated to provide and safe and supportive work environment that promotes

employee progress, which resulted in 11 billion dollar in annual revenue last year. According to

CEO of Jacobs, Steve Demetriou, Jacob operates honestly, fairly and with integrity, in

everything we do. Jacobs safety culture is top

priority to the company, its not just a manual

or a training video, its how they do business

and grow their company. It extends outside of

the office walls into their homes and

communities and effects all the people they do

business with around the world. Our safety

Bike Dallas

program is called Beyond Zero and through this program companys vision

is to achieve excellence in safety. It is about everyone making safety a personal value that we

live by everyday. Beyond Zero believes in culture of caring, where people genuinely care and

watch out for each other, it is a risk competent culture. We believe in careful education and

deployment of right resources of people, time and money. Because of our safety values, this

project is really important to us. Through this proposal, we plan to extend our safety culture to

our community which will give us long term safety results and strengthen our belief in culture of


Bike Safety

Many people in Texas use bicycles as a

means of transportation, health and enjoyment. Even

though cars and bicycles are both considered

vehicles and cycles follow the same rules as cars on

the road, bicyclists are much more vulnerable to

injuries and deaths. According to, Texas is the 16th deadliest state for cyclists

and there are an average of 726 deaths per year in Texas. National highway safety traffic

administration reported that an estimated of 49,000 cyclists were injured. John Forester in his

book, Effective Cycling, writes 3/4 of cyclists who are killed die of brain injuries. Almost half

of cycling fatalities happen to children under the age of 16. Most of the experts believe that these

statistics are low since a lot of bicycle injuries and accidents are not reported to law enforcement.

Texas department of transportation reminds cyclists to follow the road rules and wear the right

clothing to avoid accidents. Texas has not taken any major steps to prevent these accidents, they
Bike Dallas

have given prevention tips and made rules, but they havent made newer safe and secure

community cycling routes in areas where cyclists populations have increased for example in

downtown dallas area where people use cycles as means of transportation for work, school,

fitness and for fun. By this proposal, we hope to reduce these casualties that are shown in figures


Figure 1. Katy Trail, (Katy Trail Dallas, 2017)

Figure 2. Santa Fe Trail, (Dallas County, 2017)

Figure 3. White Rock Lake Trail, (Dallas County, 2017)

Bike Dallas

There are currently 3 main bike and pedestrian paths for public use in the City of Dallas,

the Katy Trail, The Santa Fe Trail and the White Rock Lake Trail. The Katy Trail is 3.5 miles

long and extends from Victory Plaza in Downtown Dallas to Highland Park. The Santa Fe Trail

is 5.3 miles long and extends the Preston Ridge Trail that comes from North Dallas to the end of

Downtown Dallas in Deep Ellum. The White Rock Lake Trail is 17.1 miles in length total, with

the portion that encompases the lake being 9.5 miles and the portion that begins at Hillcrest and

LBJ Freeway with a total length of 7.6 miles. These paths are used by many for biking, walking

and running. Theyre the home to many 5Ks and bike races. Though theyre loved by many

people in Dallas, there is one main problem, they are not connected. The second biggest problem

is that the places where the existing paths connect are not safe or well lit.

There are many avid cyclists and runners in Dallas, but there is not one continuous route

for them to take while training. These athletes and work-out enthusiasts need a place to train

where they dont have to repeat the same loop multiple times. They also need to feel like they

will be safe on whatever route they take. Our goal is to create a continuous, safe route for these

bikers and pedestrians. We also want to open up Dallas to being a more walkable city for



We are proposing to create a multi-use bike and pedestrian path connecting Downtown

Dallas to Deep Ellum. The path will be .9 miles in length and run down Main Street from

Malcolm X to Ervay. We are planning on adding a designated bike path and pedestrian

walkways, as well as put up street lamps for a safer route. Our plan will benefit the City of

Dallas in many ways. It will provide a safe, continuous route for bikers and runners to train for

races. It will also provide a gateway from Downtown Dallas to Deep Ellum. This will make a
Bike Dallas

safe walkway to unite to two areas. It will be very beneficial for residents of the Downtown area

to be able to easily commute through the two districts. It will increase tourism revenue by letting

people who are staying Downtown to be able to walk and go out in Deep Ellum. By creating a

well lit path, we are going to potentially prevent accidents from occurring and hopefully save

lives. The well lit pathways will help keep out homeless from living under the I-45/I-75 bridge

that is over the walkway connecting the two areas.

We are asking you, the Chamber of Commerce, to fund half of our proposed bike path,

while we will raise the other half of the money. We plan on raising the funds from our

Kickstarter campaign. The campaign will be promoted through several different avenues. We are

going to post fliers on local college campuses such as UTD, SMU, Richland, El Centro, Eastfield

and Collin County, as well as partner with the schools cycling clubs. We are also going to

partner with local bike shops and ask them to promote our cause. We would like to get involved

in the Downtown Residents Council to bring awareness to the people who will be closest to the

route. We will finally blast the campaign through all different avenues of social media,

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We confidently believe that we are going to raise half the

funds needed for this road, but we need your help to secure the rest.
Bike Dallas

Our schedule for this project starts in April 2017 with this proposal. We are going to

present our idea and obtain approval to begin work. Once this is complete, in May 2017 we are

going to begin our Kickstarter campaign. This will be an ongoing campaign throughout the

duration of our project. When we have secured half of the funds, we will start designing the bike

path in September 2017. We will complete this design by December 2017 and get approval of

the design from the city. In January 2018 we will start the building process. We do anticipate this

to be the longest part of our project. We estimate completion of the project to be in January of


Budget and Staff

Jacobs Engineering has the primary goal to create a safer bike path for travelers and

cyclist to travel with ease and safety. We intend to create this bike path from Downtown Dallas

to Deep Ellum making a bike path that connects the existing pathways.


At Jacobs Engineering we will be working with construction workers, designers, and in-house

employees. We will hire people to help construct the pathway through the employees of Jacobs

Engineering. Furthermore, we would use volunteers to help construct and clean the pathway.

Construction Staff

I. Designer: A certified designer will be used to help carry out our vision by laying

out a design that meets all our needs. Their responsibilities will include preparing and presenting

the design, producing detailed drawings, making site visits to check progress and dealing with

problems that occur during the building process. Our ideal designer should have strong visual

awareness, good drawing skill, and be very creative and passionate about our cause.
Bike Dallas

II. Head Engineer/Construction Manager: Our Head Engineer will be used to help

carry out our project by maintaining progress while constructing our pathway. Their

responsibilities will include undertaking complex calculations, managing budgets and project

resources, and ensuring the project runs smoothly by making sure the pathway is completed in

the time frame within our given budget. Our ideal engineer will have excellent problem-solving

skills, able to maintain an overview of the entire project, and have great leadership.

III. Construction Workers: The construction workers will be used in our building

process to help build the pathway designed by our lead designer. Their responsibilities will

include building the pathway, unloading and carrying materials, and cleaning out debris. Our

typical worker will be hardworking, similar with his/her equipment, and will be able to follow

the designs and commands of the lead engineer.


We will use Volunteers from Jacobs Engineering and local bike shops and colleges. The primary

responsibility for these volunteers is to help the construction crew by contributing to unload

materials. Volunteers will also be used to help maintain the pathway by helping us to pick up


Budget Analysis

Funding for our bike path comes out to a total of $433,000. We are seeking half the

money from our Kickstarter campaign and the other half from the Dallas chamber of commerce.

In the total budget, we have included maintenance that will occur on the bike path. We assume in

the worst-case scenario we will be responsible for $2,000 worth of damages every year. With the

projected five-year budget, the total maintenance fee will be $10,000. Furthermore, we look to

reduce these costs significantly by implementing volunteers in our maintenance project. The
Bike Dallas

volunteers will be used to help us clean the pathway and help pick up trash along the way to keep

our pathway beautiful and clean.

For our equipment, we will be using three primary machines; these include a roller

machine, forklift truck and wheel loader. The cost listed on our budgets are the rental fees for

these devices. The devices will be rented for our building process that can take up to 3 years

depending on a few factors which include traffic, availability, and weather. However, in our

maintenance fee, we have included cost of machinery pass the building process that may be

required. If no maintenance is required within the five years of completion, we will have a

leftover of $10,000 which will be used for future fees and repairs that go past the 5-year


Considering our staff, we have minimized our expense significantly by implementing a

few paid positions and bring the rest of our employees in as volunteers. Currently, we only have

three paid positions which include a designer, engineer, and workers. However, we can afford a

top end designer and engineer because they are coming to support a good cause and the salary

for them is just a perk of working with us. Usually, a designer and engineer can get paid up to

$300,000 for the same job, but since we offer other incentives, we can work them in into our


Finally, the most important cost that must be delivered first is the permits for the city, and

obtaining a construction permit. The first permit we must seek before starting up the building

process is approval from the city. This license will cost us $30,000 and can take up to 6 months

to get our project approved. Furthermore, after we obtain this permit, our next step is to get our

construction licenses and permits in order. This will also cost $30,000 and will be used for

getting the rights to start building on the approved design.

Bike Dallas



o in a short summary, we would like to create a bikepath; in addition, to a pedestrian walk that

connects Downtown Dallas to Deep Ellum. Were asking you the Dallas Chambers of Commerce
Bike Dallas

to help fund half the total cost of this project and the rest we plan on accumulating from a

Bike Dallas


We the Dallas Chambers of Commerce have reviewed and approved the funding necessary

in order to move forward with the construction of a new bike path that will connect

downtown Dallas to Deep Ellum. The cost of the project is set at $433,000 in which the

Dallas Chambers of Commerce will provide approximately half the funds of $216,500.

Project Title Bike Dallas

Project Sponsor Jacobs Engineering

Project Manager Hamza Khan, Director

(Phone) 469-632-2414

Project Team Members Jaymin Desai

Lindsey Manley
Maham Imam

Project Cost $433,000

Project Start Date May 15, 2017

Signature: __________________________


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Bike Dallas

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