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Welcome to your guide to the most beautiful island in the Caribbean..St. Lucia.

We have done extensive research to bring you the most current information about St. Lucia and
compiled it all into one location.

From the best ways to get to the island to the more secretive and romantic spots on the island,
you will find all the information you will need to make your next trip to St. Lucia the most
memorable yet!


Kristen Owen

Published by:

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Pointe du Cap
Pigeon Island Cap Estate
Nationl Park Cas-en-Bas
Rodney Bay Islet

GROS GROS Monchy Cap

Choc Bay

DAUPHIN Caribbean Castries
Sea Morne Fortune

Marigot Bay Marigot
Anse La Raye
Grand Riviere



Frigate Islands
SOUFRIERE SOUFRIERE Praslin Nature Reserve
Edmund Quilesse
Forest Forest Mon Repos
Soufriere Reserve Reserve
PRASLIN Diamond Botanical Gardens
Fond St Jacques
Petit Piton Petit Piton Sulphur Springs
Etangs Micoud
Gros Piton MICOUD Gros Piton MICOUD

Savannes Bay
Maria Islands
Nature Reserve

St. Lucia Vieux Fort
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Castries Gros Islet

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Discovery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Almond - Morgan Bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .124
Rendezvous . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Almond - Smugglers Cove. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .126
Sandals - Halcyon Beach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Bay Gardens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128
Sandals - Regency La Toc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 The BodyHoliday by La Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . .130
Coco Kreole . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .132
Anse la Raye Coco Palm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .134
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Must See . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Sandals - Grande St. Lucian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .140
Where to Stay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . St. Lucian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .142
Anse Chastanet Resort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Villa Beach Cottages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .144
Jade Mountain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 Windjammer Landing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .146
Jalousie Plantation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84
Ladera . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86

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Welcome to St. Lucia
English is St. Lucia’s national language; however Kweyol, a French based patois, is widely spoken
by the 150,000+ locals.

About 67% of St. Lucians are Roman Catholic. Other denominations include Anglican,
Methodist, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, Church of the Nazarene, Church of Christ, Christian
Science, and the Salvation Army.

The East Caribbean Dollar (EC$) is referred to as “ecee”. American dollars (US$) are accepted
alongside the EC in many places; however with the exchange rate the EC can be a better price.
Current exchange rates on US Traveler Cheques is EC$2.68 and on US cash EC$2.67. However,
check the current exchange rate.

Banks are open Monday to Thursday 8am to 3pm, Friday 8am to 5pm. All ATM machines
distribute EC Dollars.

Credit Cards
Credit cards are widely accepted at all major shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, etc.

cont. ---> 3
220 volts AC, 50 cycles. Resorts often have converters, but it’s a good idea to check beforehand.
Please be energy conscious.

Emergency Numbers
Fire and Ambulance: 911
Police: 999

Most places include a 10% standard tip. Use this as a guide if there is no service charge.
Government tax is 8%. Tipping tour guides is acceptable and appreciated.

Tourism Information
St. Lucia Tourist Board, head office telephone: 758-452-4094

St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association telephone: 758-453-1811

Available. Public access is available at the Internet kiosk at Pointe Seraphine. Internet cafes are
also run by Cable & Wireless.

St. Lucia’s newspapers and broadcasters are mainly privately-owned. There are no daily

Main newspapers include:

• The STAR and The Voice: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
• The Crusader, One Caribbean: Saturdays
• The Mirror: Fridays

Government Various stations are available. News and talk, Caribbean music, popular music, and country music
Constitutional monarchy. Gained independence from the UK in 1979. are just some of the options. The government operates a radio network.

Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II, represented locally by Governor General Calliopa Television
Pearlette Louisy since 1997. Cable is available. HTS Channel 34, CHOICE Channel 39 and DBS Channel 35 are local stations.
Government Channel 2 and Visitors Channel 50 are also available.
Head of Government: Sir John Compton since 2006.

Prime Minister: Right Honorable Stephenson King for Finance, External Affairs
and National Security.

The Amazing History of St. Lucia The Creation of the
“Helen of the West Indies”
The first interactions between Englishmen and the Caribs appear to have been diplomatic, if not
friendly. Caribs were shrewd businessmen and knew how to gain a bargain. The Caribs sold cloth
and supplies from a Spanish shipwreck to the English settlers. They even sold a few huts.

The congeniality of the bargaining went sour, quickly. Word came by way of Caribs from
neighboring islands of British hostility toward their tribes. By exploiting the Englishmen’s lust
for gold the Caribs enticed a group of the survivors to accompany them on a gold expedition
into the mountains. They never returned. By the fifth week’s end nineteen of the 67 Englishmen
remained alive. Those 19 scrambled desperately into the sea and away from the island in a
dugout canoe.

St. Lucia’s history is one of death and defeat, struggle and sabotage. From the earliest days this
splendid island has been more desired than gold, coveted as a tropical oasis and a strategic
military asset.

Changing hands between the French and the English no less than 14 times in 150 years no
Caribbean island can boast such a turbulent history. Provoking more bloodshed than even Helen
of Troy St. Lucia has become “The Helen of the West Indies”.

Before the War

The first settlers of St. Lucia were the peace-loving Arawak Indians around 200 A.D. They travelled
up the archipelago chain from South America via the Orinoco Basin, most probably moving to The Battle Begins
escape the warlike Caribs. By A.D. 800 the Caribs had expelled the Arawaks from St. Lucia. About 34 years later Britain’s Earle of Carlisle attempted to colonize St. Lucia. The king of England
had bestowed all Caribbean islands to the Earle, whom then appointed Andrew Judd as Governor
While question remains whether Christopher Columbus or Juan de la Cosa discovered of St. Lucia. The Earle sent Judd, supplied with arms and men, bade him “good luck” and sent him
St. Lucia, the first European to settle on the island was a pirate. Francois de Clerc on his way. Judd settled his colony and planted tobacco. That’s when 30 Carib boats appeared on
attacked Spanish ships passing his base at Pigeon Island. the horizon. Traveling from St. Vincent and Dominica each carried 100 men.

Fighting off the Europeans

On August 23rd 1605 a group of Englishmen en route to South America washed
ashore after a devastating storm. Already dangerously off course, with
provisions low and men desperate, 67 men from the Olive Branch decided
to settle on St. Lucia.

cont. ---> 7
Judd successfully warded off this assault. But only barely. He’d previously received supplemental Into the 19th century conflict continued. Eventually France ceded St. Lucia to England in the 20th
arms and men from Barbados. However, later that same year, the Carib population became century. Along the way the warrior Caribs were lost. Their vicious fighting and ferocious spirits
infuriated over a trick played by an Englishman on one of their men. Caribs came armed from were no match for the advancement of modernity, disease and gunpowder.
Dominica, Martinique and St. Vincent to raid Judd’s settlement. Helpless against the onslaught
the village was burned and massacred, almost everyone, including Judd, was killed.

The British temporarily abandoned any plans to settle the island. Meanwhile, the French king
ceded all the islands of the Antilles, in 1642, to the French West India Company.

This provoked Governor Du Parquet of Martinique to attempt a settlement. He purchased St.

Lucia, Martinique, and Grenada from the French West India Company for 4500 livres, or about
$3000. In 1651 the governor dispatched a convoy to St. Lucia. Led by Frenchman De Rousselau
who had married a St. Lucian woman, the settlement flourished.

De Rousselau established a fort near what is now Castries. Installing a moat he mounted the
fort with cannons and advised the settlers not to stray from the fort’s protected walls. A large
plantation was established and tobacco, cotton and ginger thrived.

Sadly, less than four years passed when De Rousselau died and the amicable relationship
between settlers and Caribs came crashing down. Three successive French governors were
brutally murdered. Still, the settlement remained for another 13 years, until in April 1663. The
island was up for sale again.

In 1660, the Caribs and the English had signed the Treaty of St. Christopher. Accordingly the
Caribs shed their claim to the Lesser Antilles, with the assurance that they’d be left alone with St.
Vincent and Dominica. However, the Caribs sold St. Lucia to some Barbadians in 1663, although
through the treaty they had forfeited their rights to the island.

The Barbadian’s purchased St. Lucia in return for “goods, wares and merchandises” according to
the contract. When French authorities learned of the exchange they informed the Barbadians
that St. Lucia was property of France. Barbados replied that, no, St. Lucia was now property of Slavery
the King of England. They also promised that soon Barbadians would proceed to physically claim Sugar plantations thrived on the island throughout the conflict from the mid-1700s to mid-1800s.
the land as such. African slaves provided free labor. Some slaves escaped into the mountains; being a volcanic
island St. Lucia had few animals or insects to harm them. They lived rather well on the land,
June 1664 was the final effort for De Rousselau’s settlement. Martinique sent order to resist the eating fruits and vegetables growing in the lush rainforests.
Barbadian invasion with all necessary force. The settler’s constructed a second fort at Choc Bay,
but it was futile. With 5 British men-of-war and 17 Carib pirogues from Barbados carrying 1500 Slave owners were angered by the loss of labor and sent for remedies to keep the slaves or kill
Barbadians and 600 Caribs, the French surrendered without a struggle. them. They brought the fer-de-lance, a poisonous snake, from abroad to kill the runaway slaves.
What the owners did not know was that the slaves were very adept at curing snake bites. Soon,
The Barbadians had St. Lucia. Presumably since they’d purchased it from and fought for the owners themselves were suffering from the importation of the snake and sent for help.
it with the Caribs the island would be secured for the British crown. They proceeded
with development of their settlement and plantations. They then imported the mongoose to keep the snakes at bay.
However, the Barbadians underestimated the Caribs, who were opportunists. The Again, the importation lacked judgment. While the mongoose killed and ate the snakes they also
British settlement was hit with a barrage of Carib incursions and by the end of 1665 ransacked chicken coops, killing chicken and roosters and devouring eggs.
the population of 1500 had decreased to 89. January 6, 1666 the Barbadians set
fire to their own forts and abandoned the island.

cont. ---> 9
The slave owners tried one more time, introducing wild boar to kill the mongoose. Wild boar may St. Lucia became independent in 1979. However, you will find traces of its turbulent history and
have cut down on the mongoose population but they quickly became food for the escaped slaves. cultural struggles. Not only in the culture and tradition, but also in the faces of its people. Before
the Caribs were extinguished they left behind traces of their lust for life. They passed on a certain
Slavery was abolished in 1834 and a labor shortage ensued. The prosperous sugar industry met
energy, an excitement for living. Not to mention the genetics shaping the faces and bodies of
a quick decline. Sugar cane is no longer export from St. Lucia. The only remnants of the once
West Indians.
burgeoning sugar cane industry are the stories and the rare abandoned sugar cane mill.

Today the three imported animals remain on the island. The fer-de-lance is rarely seen while the
mongoose crosses roads in broad daylight and pigs can be seen grazing through fields.

Family Fun Family Friendly Resorts
Planning a family getaway? St. Lucia is the ideal family vacation destination where ever everyone can Almond - Morgan Bay – Gros Islet
have a time
h ti off their
th i life.
lif St.
St LLucia
i provides
id rest,
t relaxation
l ti and d rejuvenation
j ti ffor th
the adults;
d lt and lots
Best for: Families with children of all ages.
of outdoor fun and excitement for the kids. Several hotels on island welcome families and offer
special facilities including kids’ clubs, special kids meals, and comfortable sleeping arrangements – Full service nursery is available for children 0 to 2, with indoor and outdoor recreation areas. An
beds and cots in room or adjoining rooms. Family vacations can include a variety of land and water onsite Kids’ Club, for kids 3-12, includes regular beach and pool activities, dance lessons, cultural
sports. Visit a rainforest, bike a trail, or go ATV riding for tours the whole family will enjoy. and music activities, as well as computer and video games.

Marigot Bay Movies, water sports, a disco night and more await teens.
A lovely, sequestered, natural harbor that once provided a hideout for pirate ships, Marigot Bay
also served as the setting for the film Dr. Doolittle. Almond - Smugglers Cove – Gros Islet
Best for: Families with children of all ages.
Maria Islands Nature Reserve
These tiny islands in southern Saint Lucia to the east of Vieux Fort are home to rare wildlife and Replicating other Almond Kids’ Clubs, Smugglers Cove has been designed to provide kid-friendly
birds. Several species exist nowhere else in the world. educational activities for newborns to teenagers. Playgrounds, kiddie and children’s pools, and fully
equipped activity centers are only a part of Almond’s Kids’ Clubs. Fully qualified and trained staff is
Pigeon Island Museum and Interpretive Centre on hand so parents can relax and enjoy themselves while their children are safe and satisfied.
This museum is housed in the former British officers’ mess building, which has been restored to
its 1808 plans. A modern “hands-on” display brings Pigeon Island’s fascinating history to life.

Whale & Turtle Watching

St. Lucia is recognized as one of the leading whale watching sites in the area. Over
20 species are regularly spotted throughout the year, including humpbacks, pilot
whales, sperm whales and spinning and spotted dolphins.

Turtles are another fascinating thrill for nature-lovers. The abundance of

these majestic reptiles on St. Lucia is due to the protection provided by local
environmental activists, who have ensured there is a permanent suspension
on turtle hunting.

cont. ---> 13
alousie – Soufriere
est for: Families with children 5+
i Centre
C activities
i i i are onsite
i ffor children
hild b
between the
h ages off 5 and d 12
12. A
i i i are
Coconut Bay Resort & Spa – Vieux Fort designed to be fun and educational. By combining the natural rainforest environment and
Best for: Families with children of all ages. Kids’ club ages 2+. Marine Biology with storytelling, dance classes and craft making kids can get hands on and have
fun all at once. Services are complementary to Jalousie guests. Additionally there is an onsite
The kid’s club, Cocoland, includes a water area, immense play yard, arts and crafts, games, a club playground. Children under 12 years receive free breakfast and 50% off meal plans.
house, and an air conditioned napping area. Potty trained children are welcome.
Baby sitting is available for a fee.
Outside Cocoland are two kid-friendly pools, one zero entry and another shallow drop pool.
Water slides and a lazy river complete with complimentary inner tubes round out the fun. A
game center with table tennis and pool, an arcade, and kiddie beach drinks (Power Puff Girl,
St. Lucian by Rex Resorts – Gros Islet
Sponge Bob) at the swim up bar will keep kids busy. Adults can lounge by the pools, take an Best for: Families with children 4+. Amenities are available for younger children.
exercise class or enjoy refreshments at the swim up and snack bars.
Rexplorers! Kids Club (2008) is on site for children aged 4-12. Kids can enjoy their very own secret
hideaway and a range of activities. A small outside play area is also available.
Baby sitting not available.

Cotton Bay Village – Gros Islet Windjammer – Gros Islet

Best for: Families with children 3+ Best for: Families with children 4+
The kids’ clubhouse, Jacquot Fun Club, represents color, artistic flair and a safe, secure haven for
The Hummingbird Kids Club, established by the local Montessori Center, is available for
young guests. With supervised activities and fun island games, the knowledgeable and qualified
kids aged 3-7. Younger children are welcome, if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
staff will keep your little ones busy all day long. Baby sitting and nanny services are available. A
Arts and crafts, nature walks, story time, board games, cricket, beach games, movies,
Teen Program provides opportunities for young adults to share in fun, exciting and meaningful
and more are regularly available.
daily activities.
Baby sitting not available. Villas for family fun include:
• 2 Kids’ Pool • Kids’ Playground
• Kids’ Menus • Jacquot Fun Club

Land, Sea and Air
Plan ahead or be spontaneous. Whatever your style, St. Lucia offers plenty of fun and excitement
through the land, sea and air.

Land, Sea and Air

ATV Tours Climbing

Several tours are available. Explore 1000s of acres of land, over plantations, through rain forests Pitons – Experienced climbers can attempt the peaks of Gros Piton and Petit Piton, 2,620 feet and
and across beaches. Stop at points of interest for photo ops and enjoy fresh local juices along the 2,460 feet respectively, for a stunning view. According to avid climbers the peaks are challenging,
way. Most tours do not require experienced drivers. Reservations are a must, talk to the tour desk not technical, but with frequent landslides and rugged terrain. However, jungle-covered and
at your hotel or call the tour of your choice. boulder-strewn the mighty views are worth the trouble.

Gros Piton, despite its size, is the easier climb and can be done in a half day. Petit Piton, steeper
Botanical Gardens sided, is more challenging. Local guides are available and highly suggested.
Mamiku Gardens (Micoud) – 15 acres of tropical flora and fauna including a banana plantation,
forest trails, a medicinal herb garden, and an archeological dig. Guide books, maps and walking Mt. Gimie – Lesser known than the marvelous Pitons, at 3,117 feet Mt. Gimie is St. Lucia’s highest
sticks are available to borrow. point. Offering substantial views this peak climbs above the rain forest canopy. Guided tours are
conducted up the mountain.
Diamond Botanical Gardens Waterfall and Mineral Bath (Soufriere) – Bathhouses
were built for King Louis XVI of France prior to the French Revolution, now visitors can
bathe in the medicinal waters. Stroll along a path laden with tropical flora, leading to
a magnificent waterfall. Mineral deposits create a colorful backdrop on surrounding
stones. A common stop on many land tours.

cont. ---> 19
Land, Sea and Air
Sandals Regency St. Lucia Golf Resort and Spa –This 9-hole, 33 par golf course provides notable
holes including 3, 7 and 8 which deliver spectacular views. The elevated forth tee provides a
panorama of the Caribbean Sea.

Marquis Estate – Prearranged tours, by bus or horseback, guide you through this working
plantation, beginning at the 19th century estate house – for a treat if you’re lucky. Next
you’ll see an 18th century sugar wheel, not in working order, and the newer banana fields.
Production for copra (dried coconut processed for oil) also takes place on the estate.

Morne Coubaril Estate (Soufriere) – Costumed guides conduct a 90-minute tour around
this 250-acre working cocoa plantation. Perhaps the most theatrical guides you’ll find on
any estate. The Morne Coubaril was the first major estate on the island, it includes 18th
century sugar mill ruins and a recreated Carib workers’ village.

Balenbouche Estate (between Choiseul and Laborie) – Owner Uta Lawaetz walks you
through her unique property, imparting the history and hardships endured in keeping
the land. Throughout time land has been seized from non-natives living in St. Lucia.
What was once a 2000+ acre sugar plantation and mill is now a modest 70 acre eco-
lodge/organic farm and an honored St. Lucia heritage site.

The unique property is a favorite yoga retreat and lodging for guests desiring
seclusion in a wildly natural setting. 4 guest villas are available.
Sandals Resort guests enjoy complimentary greens fees while others are welcome to play
at $30US for 9 and $45US for 18 holes. Caddies are required for all golfers.

cont. ---> 21
Land, Sea and Air
St. Lucia Golf Resort and Country Club – This 18-hole, 71 par, 6,836 yard course overlooking
the Caribbean and Atlantic is known as one of the most demanding in the Caribbean. The par-5
opening hole commands attention with its tree-lined right and bunker-lined left sides. Visitors
become inspired by the natural beauty and incredible wildlife residing on the course.

Opened in 2001, the course of scenic hills also offers a 350-yard driving range and a practice
putting green, a pro shop, cart and club rentals, an on-site fine dining restaurant, and instruction
at the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf.

Horseback Riding Lighthouses

Riding treks are available from several stables. Tours can take riders to the volcano, around Cap Moule a Chique – Located south of Vieux Fort. Established in 1912, the original building
estates, along the Caribbean or Atlantic beaches, and through rain forests. Horseback riding still operates. Cap Moule a Chique is notably one of the highest lights above sea level in the
is a great adventure for romantics and families alike. world. While the lighthouse itself is closed the road leading to and above the lighthouse is open
and offers awe-inspiring views of the Caribbean and Atlantic from high above sea level on the
southern tip of St. Lucia. A must see.
Jeep Tours
Guided Jeep tours offer an exhilarating off-road adventure. You can tour across Vigie – Located on the Vigie peninsula on the north side of Castries harbor. Established in 1883,
tropical landscapes, through rainforests and over banana plantations from the present tower built in 1915. Historical French ruins are nearby.
jaunty height of a Jeep. Ride in an open-air vehicle on whole or half day adventures.
Customized tours are often available. Tapion Rock – Located on an isolated rock atop a 1-story concrete building. Although
the site and tower are closed and the grounds are inaccessible good views of the black
and white checkered tower with red post can be enjoyed seaside as ships enter and
leave the harbor.

cont. ---> 23
Land, Sea and Air

National Parks
Pigeon Island National Landmark – heralded as one of the most important monuments of St.
Lucia’s history. A vivid representation of the cultural and historical monuments of international,
civil, military and marine cross currents, characteristic of West Indian historical change. Guests
can visit military ruins, an interpretation center, two beautiful beaches, then seek refreshment
at either a restaurant boasting local cuisine or a pub with restaurant. Finally, they can enjoy a
lookout point delivering panoramic views of the northwest coastline.

Marigot Protected Landscape (proposed) – Some 33 acres of land donated to the National
Trust by two private land owners, featuring moderate to steep slopes rising from the sea, a
swampy woodland, a mangrove and scrub vegetation. Already located in the proposed area
is a Marine Reserve, however resorts are sprouting around the borders of this proposed
protected landscape. A marine reserve and ruins of an old fort are found at Marigot Nature Trails
Point. The bay itself offers great diving and a beautiful haven for yachters. Nature lovers will get their fill in St. Lucia. Several trails meander across the island. Some better
kept than others, a guide may be recommended or required depending on the trek. From
National East Coast Islets – Numerous rocky islets off the east coast of St. Lucia
beginner to expert hiker there are trails to fit every ability and desire. The St. Lucia National Trust
have been initiated into the Trust for management and protection. Among those
and the Forestry and Lands Departments are the two main keepers of trails in St. Lucia.
under protection are Fous Island and the Fregate Islands, important nesting places
for frigate and other sea birds.

cont. ---> 25
Land, Sea and Air
Fregate Island – A 3 mile Atlantic trail from Fregate Islands Nature Preserve to Mandele. Anse la Raye – A small fishing village by day, by Friday night it comes alive. Live Caribbean music,
native fare such as fresh caught lobsters, fish and conch and flowing beer and rum are staples.
Descartiers Rainforest Trail – A 4 mile circular trail starting six miles inland from Mahaut on the
Atlantic coast highway. Gros Islet – Another local village transforming into a hot time weekly with reggae and rum. Locals
and visitors enjoy traditional cuisine as it is prepared by the boatload then dance the night away.
Gros Piton Nature Trail – Estimated to be a 4 hour round trip, the first half is moderate the
second strenuous. The trail runs from Fond Gens Libre Community to the Gros Piton Summit. Plantations
Edmund Forest Reserve – A circular trail. Fond Doux Holiday Plantation – A 19th century colonial plantation set amid lush, tropical
flora minutes from Soufriere and near the majestic Pitons. Trails wind through cocoa, banana
Barre de l’Isle Trail – Estimated to take nearly a half day, this trail runs the ridge separating the and coconut trees. Ruins, light climbing and an introduction to cocoa fermentation are all
Eastern and Western sides of St. Lucia. available to experience firsthand. The plantation also offers cottages, wedding packages and
spa treatments.
Anse La Liberte – Six mile trail south of Castries and created by the National Trust.

Union Nature Trail – A circular trail traveling through a dry forest near Casteries, past a mini zoo,
a medicinal garden and an interpretation center.

Rainforest Bike Hike

Gear up for adventure through rain forests for the most scenic views. Peddle through tropical
forests to enchanting waterfalls, and stop for a taste of wild grown tropical fruits. Trails are laden
with a wild array of flora and fauna.
Night Out
Music is a staple to any Caribbean night. Whereever you are melodious sounds
transpire the air. While discos are available they are concentrated mainly in Castries
and Rodney Bay. However, the street parties, or jumps ups, are where you want to
be Friday night.

cont. ---> 27
Land, Sea and Air
Soufriere Safari – The west coast driving tour features Soufriere, Marigot Bay, then onto the
indigenous fishing village of Anse la Raye and finally Canaries. The east coast trip includes stops
at Diamond Falls and Sulphur Springs, lunch at a local Soufriere restaurant then continues to
Vieux Fort for an incredible view from Moule-a-Chique. Complete the tour with a northward
bound jaunt to Micoud and Dennery.

La Soufriere Volcano and Sulphur Springs Park (Soufriere) – 25 acre park housing broiling
pools of sulphurous gases. Guided tours are included with admission costs. Known as the “world’s
only drive-in volcano”.

Waterfalls Pointe Seraphine – A quick jaunt by water taxi from Castries.

Waterfalls are naturally hidden on St. Lucia, cascading through the lush growth of
forest. Several falls flow with warm water creating pools of warm mineral water, Spyke Waterfall – Traverse the nature trail then take a dip in the cool cascading waters.
perfect for bathing.
Toraille Waterfall – Plunging into a pool surrounded by lush greenery this 50 foot waterfall
Latille Waterfall – Set within a plantation of fruits, vegetables and flowering plants, creates a breathtaking scene. Take a dip in the waters for a full experience.
this waterfall cascades into an irresistible pool.

Piton Waterfall – Soak in a warm bath at the foot of the waterfall in a

natural, outdoor setting.

cont. ---> 29
Land, Sea and Air
Glass Bottom Boating
Aquabelle – A 1.5 hour tour aboard a sailing aquarium. The transparent hull provides views into
the clear green Caribbean Sea. The air conditioned viewing compartment is below sea level for
optimal presentation. A great way for families, especially those with small children, to experience
magnificent Caribbean Sea life.

Champagne Sunset Cruise

Free Spirit Charter Sunset Cruise (Rodney Bay) – Embark at 5:30 p.m., sailing alongside the setting
sun toward Marigot Bay. Shortly after sunset you’ll dock at Marigot Bay to dine at the esteemed
Rainforest Hideaway Restaurant. After dinner, cruise languidly back to Rodney Bay beneath the
serene night sky. At 10pm the boat slips sleepily into its berth for the conclusion of the journey.

Brig Unicorn Champagne Tour (Rodney Bay) – Board the Brig Unicorn, a massive white sailed Kayaking
ship seen in Pirates of the Caribbean, and sail into the sunset. Snacks and champagne are Kayaking affords miraculous views of coral reefs, secluded beaches, and volcanic cliffs. The
complementary while live music and dancing keep the romance flowing through the evening. majestic Pitons are a must see, located near Soufriere. A Bat Cave/Piton Adventure package offers
extreme sightseeing for serious adventurers. Between training and kayaking you can expect to
Endless Summer Catamaran (Rodney Bay) – Romance radiates from this lovers’ cruise. A cruise spend the day in or near the water. Multi-day adventures are also available.
offering a quiet evening sailing into the sunset with a bottle of champagne per couple, light
hors d’oeurves, snuggled close to your love.
Sail St. Lucia (Marigot Bay) – Take an elite sailing yacht down St. Lucia’s west coast where you
Deep Sea Fishing can explore Pigeon Island and its ruins, snorkel in Soufriere Marine Park, kayak in Marigot Bay
Novices and experienced anglers, this is fisherman’s paradise. Various boats offer
or swim with turtles at Anse Cochon. Anse Cochon consists of a secluded, black sand beach
full and half day trips across the island. Most ships come equipped with fighting
with crashing waves, and great diving and snorkeling. You may even see an octopus or
chairs, bait and tackle, and drinks such as beer, rum punch and soda. Regular
other sea life.
catches include: Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, Barracuda, Dorada, Blue Marlin, Long Bill
Spearfish, King Fish, Spanish Mackeral, Cavali, and Snapper.

cont. ---> 31
Land, Sea and Air

Anse Cochon – A fabulous dive and snorkel site. Explore the Lesleen M, a 165 foot ship wrecked
freighter, deliberately sunk at 60 feet. Divers investigating the ship can relish the huge gorgonians,
black coral trees, gigantic barrel sponges, lace corals as well as schooling fish, tropical fish and
sea horses, eels, rays, sharks and sea turtles.

Anse-La-Raye – One of the finest wall and drift dive sites of St. Lucia. The Anse-la-Raye Reef
slopes gently from the beach making it a popular dive for novices and photographers. The Wall,
nearer the village, creates an incredible drift dive.

Fairyland – A drift dive outside the Anse Chastanet cove, occasional strong currents carry divers
over plateau slopes of 40 to 60 feet.

Petit Piton – A spectacular drop at the base of the mountain produces unbelievable sites. Huge
Scuba Diving & Snorkling barrel sponges and black corral trees sprout from the cliff base. Strong currents ensure good
Several shops are available for diving and snorkeling excursions. One tank trips, 6-dive
visibility. “Superman’s Flight” is a drift dive along a sheer 1000 feet wall below the Petit Piton, thus
and 10-dive packages, resort courses, and dive shops ensure everyone has what they
named because of the feeling of flight.
need. Snorkelers can accompany divers on trips at a reduced fee.
Pinnacles – Near Soufriere Bay and the Pitons four curiously spectacular coral-encrusted, natural
Anse Chastanet – Offers the best beach entry site and is located near the Pitons.
monuments rise from 300 feet below to within 10 feet of the water’s surface.
An incredible underwater reef steals the show as it begins at 20 feet and plunges
to nearly 140 feet creating a stunning coral wall.

cont. ---> 33
Land, Sea and Air

Whale and Dolphin Watching

A popular tour for spectacular wildlife and coastal views. Search for wild dolphin and whales at
sea and then enjoy splendid views of villages, bays, and the Pitons. Common species to this area
include: Sperm Whales, Dwarf Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Hump Back Whales, Spinner Dolphins,
Spotted Dolphins, Bottle Nose and Fraser Dolphins. Several tours are available, check departure
days and times of individual tours for the most up to date information.

Soft sandy beaches, crystal bluegreen waters, tropical reefs, rolling waves and sunny
skies create a swimmer’s paradise. For those more inclined to remain beachside
there’s plenty of chlorinated water on the island as well.

The Atlantic Ocean, although decent for swimming, remains choppy with stronger
currents than the Caribbean Sea. Beaches outline St. Lucia, so locating a fine beach
isn’t difficult.

cont. ---> 35
Land, Sea and Air

Helicopters Zip lines

Sightseeing tours leave from various points including Pointe Seraphine, Soufriere, Hewanorra Zip lines are the best way to experience the St. Lucian rain forests. Transport to the rain forest
International Airport. Unspoiled views include the renowned Pitons, Marigot Bay, Sulphur Park, welcome center is often provided. Instructions and equipment are dispensed and shortly
Rodney Bay, Pigeon Point, and coastlines and rainforests. thereafter you’re 50 feet in the air. Several platforms combine to form the complete course. Cables
range 80 feet to nearly 500 feet in length. Cables are part of an integrated system and the rigging
Sky Rides has been carefully designed. Check age/height limitations for children and DON’T FORGET YOUR
Immerse yourself in the St. Lucian rainforests with a gondola ride. Encounter unique tropical CAMERA!
colors and sounds; breathe the moist greenness around you. Gondolas safely provide a bird’s
eye view while gliding you through the treetops. Knotted with twisting woody vines, dense with
clusters of native vegetation and united with cascading flowers the forest becomes its own world.
Sky Rides and Gondolas are considered family friendly.

cont. ---> 37
Land, Sea and Air
Nex reboard the bus in Soufriere. Next sites include all the southern highlights - The Botanical
Gardens, Diamond Water Fall, the Drive-In Volcano and Toraille Falls.

Wrap up your incredible day with a stop at Balenbouche Estate. Famous for its tumultuous history
it has been transformed into an ecolodge, organic farm and a popular yoga retreat. Finally, you
will be returned to your resort, just in time to freshen up for a fabulous dinner.

Land and Sea Tours

Brig Unicorn (Castries) – A working replica of a 19th century sailing ship, 140 feet long with
billowing white sails. The impressive vessel appeared in the television series “Roots” and the
blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The land based portion of the tour includes Soufriere’s drive-in volcano and Rodney Bay’s waterfall.
Afterwards, board the Brig and sail away to Anse Cochon for a snorkel or a swim. Then onto Maria Island (Vieux Fort area) – This tiny island reserve, exclusive home to two species and a
Marigot Bay, a real life pirate retreat prior to European settlement. Sunset cruises are available. breeding ground for leatherback turtles, is incredibly diverse in flora and fauna. Spectacular beaches
for swimming and snorkeling curve the island and a hillside trail leads to the summit of Maria Major.
Land and Sea Special (Soufriere) – Embark on a full day tour for a unique opportunity to An experienced mariner with a small fishing boat will happily transport you to Maria Major.
experience St. Lucia by air-conditioned bus and catamaran.

First, the bus picks up at your resort then travels up the rugged Atlantic Coast Dennery
and Micoud. Cross the island to capital city Castries. Once the van arrives at Rodney
Bay you’ll board the catamaran for the sea cruise.

Sail into the Caribbean Sea and relax. Enjoy plenty of sun while sipping fruit juice,
sodas and rum punch. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Cruise past Pigeon Island, into Marigot Bay. Upon arriving at Anse Cochon you’ll
stop for a quick dip in the warm Caribbean Sea. Afterward, continue on to Soufriere
for a light lunch aboard and a breathtakingly intimate view of the Pitons.

Climate & What to Wear
St. Lucia is a Caribbean Island in the West Indies. Hugged by tropical waters and cooled by trade
winds St. Lucia’s climate is always pleasant. Temperatures range from 70-90 F (21-32 C) year round.

December and January are the coolest months.

June, July and August are the hottest.

Rainfall increases in the summer and toward the end of the year (June-November). December
through May are the driest.

During the day, lightweight summer clothing, good walking shoes for touring, sunglasses, and a
high SPF sunscreen are staples. Swim suits and beach shoes for the water.

Beachwear should not be worn around towns.

To & From St. Lucia During the evening and night, a light sweater or jacket may be preferred.
Flying Time from Major Cities If you plan on dining at any of the elegant, upscale restaurants on the island or at your resort
proper attire is required. No shorts or tee shirts. Dress for the occasion.
Miami - 3.5 hours
New York - 4 hours
Toronto - 5 hours
London - 8 hours

Airport Departure Tax

EC$68 ($25.32 US) should be paid in EC currency for all passengers 12 and older. For your
assistance, banking facilities are available at Hewanorra International Airport and George F.L.
Charles Airport. It is offensive for anyone, including
Arriving by Sea children, to wear camouflage clothing.
L’Express Des Iles operates a high speed catamaran service between Martinique, Guadeloupe,
Dominica, and St. Lucia. You can book the catamaran through Cox & Company Ltd.

Cruise ships entering the port at Castries usually anchor at Pointe Seraphine or La Place Carenage with
easy access to great shopping (except on Sundays when everything closes).

Entering St. Lucia

Canadian and British citizens must carry a valid photo ID and a return ticket. All
other visitors must carry a valid passport and a return ticket. Visas are required for
some countries.

Immunization is only required when coming from an infected area within six days of
arrival. No immunizations are required or necessarily suggested otherwise.

Getting Around
St. Lucia is a relatively small island with large,
rocky mountains in the center and fairly straight
forward highways.
Numerous options for transport are available.

Bikes and Mopeds

Bikes, mopeds, and scooters are wonderful
throughout the Caribbean; however St. Lucia’s
hilly terrain makes leisure travel difficult. We
strongly suggest another mode of transport for
primary uses.
Bikes, mopeds and ATVs can be rented for tours
or other
ot adventure programs. Enjoy the island’s
scenic and beautiful mountains from secluded
trails and off road paths. Driving
Several rental
ntal car associations are located on the island for your convenience
convenience. A driver’s license
Main roads are unforgiving, often narrow and could is required.
be dangerous
da for leisure travelers.
Driver’s Licenses
Buse To rent a car you need a driver’s license. Visitors must obtain a Temporary Driving Permit at the
Mingle with the locals, take in the scenery. Most Immigration Office at Hewanorra Airport, the Gros Islet Police Station or at a major rental car firm.
residents use bus transport to get around; travelling
residen A 3-month permit costs EC$54.
to scho
school, work or market. Buses run frequently on
designated routes and are extremely affordable. Ask
designa HINT: Steering is on the right, driving is on the left. The terrain is mountainous with numerous
hotel sta
staff for additional stops and routes. hairpin turns overlooking steep cliffs. Storm water run offs resemble concrete ditches. Drive
with caution.
Plan acc
accordingly. Buses on main routes around Gros
Islet run as late as 10pm, however getting from Ferry
Soufriere or Vieux Fort back to Castries or Gros Islet Ferries offer a variety of travel options for touring around St. Lucia and travelling to neighboring
may be im
impossible by bus after mid-afternoon. islands. Ferries travel along scenic routes between Castries and Pointe Seraphine, even to
Mini buses (or mini vans) are regularly used as public Martinique. Ferries are a great way to see some of the hidden coves and unspoiled beaches
transport in St. Lucia. Hail one as you would a taxi. Look for green license plates with the letter of St. Lucia.
“M” on them, these indicate public transport.
Bus Fares Helicopters display a beautiful impression of the island. Experience a breathtaking adventure
Castries to Gros Islet: EC$2.25 Castries to Rodney Bay: EC$2.00 from the sky as you soar over rainforests, mountain tops and countryside.
Castries to Choc/Vigie: EC$1.25 Castries to Vieux Fort: EC$7 For those flying into the southern airport but lodging on the north side of the island, helicopters
Castries to Soufriere: EC$10 are available to make a quick 10 minute trip to the northern airport. Enjoy an amazing sightseeing
(Bus fares provided by the National Association, May 2008) adventure during the trip. For an additional $10, you’re trip can include a side trip to the Pitons,
a must see by any visitor.
Car Rental
Renting a car requires the renter to be 25 or over, have a valid driver’s license or an
international drivers permit or St. Lucian temporary drivers permit, and a major
credit card.
Remember, driving is British style. Main roads are well paved, side roads vary.
Be dexterous and prepared to halt for chickens and other creatures, such as
mongoose or dogs, meandering across the narrow roads.

For travelers without a restricting budget taxis can double as a perfect island tour. St. Lucian
drivers are fully trained and licensed guides. Drivers take special courses and provide friendly
local knowledge en route. Many people brag about their drivers long after vacation’s end, a
good driver can make your vacation. Hotels can arrange a taxi or taxis can be hailed at taxi
stands or phoned.
Cabs are distinguished by the red license beginning with “TX”. Minibuses can be reserved for
larger groups.

Taxi Fares
Fares are flat rate rather than per mile/minute.
Castries to Gros Islet: EC$62/US$25
Castries to Soufriere: EC$175/US$70
Castries to Vieux Fort: EC$150/US$60 St. Lucian Cuisine
Castries to Anse la Raye: EC$75/US$30 St. Lucia’s cuisine mingles French, West
Rodney Bay to Gros Islet town: EC$25/US$10 Indian and Creole flavors, a tasty influence of
a turbulent history. Local fare includes lots of
Rodney Bay to Pigeon Island: EC$25/US$10
spices, vegetables, fruits and seafood; often
(Taxi fares provided by the National Association, May 2008) grown and harvested locally. Pepper pot stew,
callaloo, and fried jackfish are popular items. St.
Lucia’s National Dish is Green Figs and Saltfish.

Shellfish and fish are daily fare, as well ass

vegetables like cassava, dasheen (taro), and d
sweet potatoes. Local fruits include coconuts, s,
bananas, mangoes, papayas, pineapples, guavas, s,
passion fruit, and soursop. For the freshest st
ingredients visit one of the main towns on market
day (Saturday).

Piton Beer and Bounty Rum are brewed locally. lly.

Piton is medium ale baring the Piton Mountains on
its label. Bounty Rum proudly poses as “The Spirit
of St. Lucia”. Rum punch, a flavorable combination
of fruit juices and rum, can be found most anywhere
tourists abound.

Countless restaurants, quality ingredients and

trained chefs guarantee everyone will have theirr fill.
From local Creole to American flavors, from French
to Italian, with plenty of Caribbean and seafood
od in
between the only lacking option is going hungry.

St. Lucian Recipes
sh Pie (Nati onal Dish)
Gre en Fig & Saltfi
ns (Loc
ally Gro
nanas wn Fru
lb s o f gre e n figs or green ba INGRED
pped celery
1/4 cup of cho 1 egg
pped parsley
1/4 cup of cho 1/2 cup
of milk
3 cloves of garl ers
1/2 cup
of brea
f ch o p p e d se asoning pepp 2 Tbsp dcrumb
1/4 cup o of pean s
ut butte
2lbs of salt fish ning
1 onion
(minced r
b sp o f ch ic ke n based seaso 1 stick o )
1T f celery
ble oil (minced
1/4 cup vegeta 2 large
plantain )
salt to t s (green)
Peel and skin an
d clean the gr
Add salt and ch een bananas, th
icken flavored en place them
thoroughly cook se asoning to the in a pan of war
ed. (Properly co water. Cover pa m water.
stand in the po oked bananas n. Boil until ba
t to cool down are soft when nanas are
While green ba slightly. pricked with a
nanas boil, clea fork). Let
in a pan, cover n sa lt fish under runn
with water and ing water. Cut into sm
Remove salt fish simmer for 20 m all pieces, place
from hot water inutes.
and place in se an d place in a cont
parate bowl. ainer of cool wat
In a medium si er. Once cooled
zed frying pan , shred
peppers in the he at vegetable oi
warm oil. Stir l. Add celery, pa
mixing the seas continuously fo rsley, onion, ga
oning in the oi r approximatel rlic and
Taste for saltine l. M ix in the salt fish y tw o (2) minutes,
ss. Salt is what . evenly
stir. Remove from that brings out
heat. the flavor. Sprin
Remove the gr kle more salt, if
needed, and METHOD: erged in water
een bananas fr ta in s and boil subm
salt fish. Serve om th e w at Pe el plan ed plantains
immediately. Se er, chop and place a ut es. Crush the cook
rve with a light few onto a plat fo r 20 m in d all other
side salad. e, top with
ey ar e still hot. Ad
w hi le th dish at 400
gr ed ient s. Blend well. Bake
t 25 minutes.
degrees for abou

St. Lucian Recipes Creole
Fish St
Breadfruit IE
oil, for f NTS
Baked Stuffed rying
flour, fo
r dustin
2 Tbsp g
spice se
a soning
chives 2 whole malt vinegar
1 chopped on
ion -prepar d bream or la
ed and r
ato cut into ge snapper
1 chopped tom 1 inch p
1 ounce butte
1 garlic clove ce:
For Sau prings
breadfruit (wh es
2 thym butter
(minced) of
1/4 pound ham 1 Tbsp e ly chop
ced meat n fi n
1/2 pound min 1 onio shed
c c lo ves cru amon
lt to taste 2 ga r li cinn
pepper and sa oon of s
1/ 2 t e a s p
fre sh t omatoe
ces of ed
10 oun d finely chopp d
an pe
peeled p e p p er chop
il li ish
1 hot ch prings to garn
oregan vegetable oil
T b s p of tock o r water
2 s r
/ 2 c u p s of fish nd red peppe
21 en a
o u n c e s of gre
finely c te
salt to t
Parboil breadfru Coat D:
it in salted water the p
and chives in oi . Sauté garlic, on vineg repar
l, add meats an ion a e
Add tomato, pe d fry lightly. When r. Marinate d fish wi
core the parboi
pper, salt to th
e sauté. Peel plate eady to c for at least the spic
led breadfruit an and . Coat ook, 2 hou e sea
Heat m p sonin
mixture. Brush
the breadfruit w
d fill with the sa
uté oil in a arinated lace a spr rs. g an
Bake the stuff ith butter. 5 min large fish p inkle d
ed breadfruit utes o frying ieces of flo
dish for about at 425F in a gr set as r unti pan a , shak ur on
id l n eo al
30 minutes. Ba
ste occasionally
eased For th e to finish golden br d fry the fis ff excess fl arge
. Serve e sau c o oki o w n . Lo h p i ece our.
fry th c
e oni e, heat oi ng. Do no wer temp s for abou
thym on fo l and t drai eratu t
e. r5 bu n. re an
Now Stir well a minutes. A tter in a l d
st n d ar
Next, ir in fish st d simmer d the tom ge pan an
add fi ock o for 5 d stir
fish is sh pie r wat minu atoes, gar -
c c e r, te s l i c , and
sauce ooked th es and ch cinnamo .
. rough op na
y, adj and s ped pepp nd hot pe
t o ck ha ers. pp
Serve us
hot, g t the seaso s red Simmer u er.
u ced t n
arnish ni
with ng with sa o a th til
orega lt, to i ck
no. taste.

St. Lucian Recipes
Green Fig Sala
1 boiled egg IN Y
1 lime ½ mediu NTS
m-sized 2 cloves
1 onion dashee o
2 sweet
n (crushe f garlic
mayonnaise ¼ small
s 4 seaso
ning pe
1 cup of oil 4 green
u it both re pp
d and g ers,
rs figs
2 sweet peppe s 2 planta (minced
r een
as or green fig 1 Tbsp s s
in 2 stalks
6 green banan ce
r alt Choppe lery (minced)
salt and peppe 1 large
on d
garnish parsley to
2 Tbsp b ion (minced)
2 Tbsp o ter

MEETHOD: eet potatoes, br

sh ee n, sw
Peel th e da large pot
gs , an d pl an tains. Place in a
green fi r about 45
lte d w at er . Co ver and boil fo
METHOD: of sa .
ur. Allow to cool
B il and peel th
Bo minutes to 1 ho
e green banana ers, and
cool. Then dice
and place in a bo
s. Allow to
tt er , oi l, on ion, garlic, pepp
P bu over a low
a la rg e sa ucepan and fry
ccele ry in tter does
While the gree
n bananas cool , st irr ing co ns tantly so the bu
onion, sweet pe , chop the heat
ppers, and boile nnot scorch.
d egg.
Combine prep
ared ingredie e gr ou nd provisions have
mayonnaise. St nts and Whe n th the butter
ir thoroughly. Se a la rg e bowl. Pour
rve chilled. Dice in to ns. Sprinkle
tu re ov er th e ground provisio
mix m.
rsley. Serve war
with chopped pa

Where to Shop
Souvenirs, clothing, spirits and handmade items are sold everywhere. Market days, Saturdays, Marigot Bay
are the busiest shopping days on the island. Road side vendors, shops, resorts and tourist sites The Marina Village - a charming waterfront village nestled in the picturesque Marigot Bay.
all provide plenty of purchasing opportunities. Castries, home to the largest market, is hugely A bank, supermarket, business center, art gallery and assorted boutiques and craft shops are
popular. Duty free shops dot the island. comingled against the lush greenness of the cliffs and the crystal blue of the bay. Enjoy the
pristine view of sailboats and catamarans sliding in and out of the bay.
La Place Carenage - a modern facility blending Caribbean architecture with air conditioned Soufriere
comfort, situated on the southern side of Castries Harbor. Livity Art Studio - offers personalized local crafts.
Castries Market and Vendor’s Arcade – facilities surging with St Lucian culture. Heaps of
fresh produce, crafted souvenirs, herbal remedies and bright island fabrics are among the most Ask locals about craft shops or explore downtown shops for handcrafted wears.
popular items. Vieux Fort
Pointe Seraphine Vieux Fort Plaza - the main shopping center for the south of the island. Located in the area are a
A collage of shopping from local crafts to fine jewelry, welcome docking cruise ships and island bank, supermarket, bookstore, toy store, beauty salon and several clothing shops.
visitors alike. Saturday is market day with fresh produce and other items available throughout the town.
Rodney Bay A large liquor store slash supermarket offers some of the best prices on liquor available in
JQ’s Shopping Mall – an area providing all commodities to the north of the island including a the region.
supermarket, banks and a post office.
Rodney Bay Village - located along the main strip, houses restaurants and other facilities Shopping Hours
interspersed with unique shops and handmade crafts. Plan accordingly.
Rodney Bay Marina - a beautiful oceanside location to shop, dine and browse local art galleries. Monday – Friday: 0830-1230 and 1330-1630.
Necessities such as a grocer and currency exchange are also available. Saturday: 0830-1230
Sunday: Closed
Shopping Malls: 0900-2100

What to Buy
Unique, handcrafted batik and silk screen designs, seen on shifts, shirts, placemats, cocktail
napkins, and shopping bags.
Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other locally made jewelry with beads and shells of various
types and colors.
Handmade bowls, beads, straw hats, flour sack shirts, sisal rugs, bags, sandals and woodwork.
Duty-free items.

Duty Free
Duty-free shops are retail outlets that do not apply local or national taxes and duties. They are often
found in the international zone of international airports, sea ports or onboard passenger ships.
Some duty free shops operate in central business districts away from airports or other ports.
Duty free shops are located at Pointe Seraphine, Hewanorra International Airport, Sandals Regency
St Lucia Golf Resort, Sandals Grande St Lucian Spa & Beach Resort, Almond Morgan Bay Resort.
Duty free items include liquor, confectionaries, cigarettes, tobacco and accessories.
Duty free shopping is available to all visitors provided they present their passport and/or
airline ticket when making purchases.

Tying the Knot
Whether you entrust your special day to the resort or an independent wedding planner, your
Congratulations! You’re engaged. options are endless. Beach weddings, Botanical Garden weddings, horse and carriage rides,
sunsets, whatever you want can be arranged relatively easily, on your part.
Now it’s time for the party! St Lucia is a stunning place to start your new life.
Even photography and videography can be procured to document your perfect Caribbean wedding.
Preparation may seem an enormous task; however St Lucia offers innumerable options for
wedding planning. That’s why St Lucia has been voted #1 World Wedding and Honeymoon
Destination by the World Travel Awards four times (2002, 2003, 2004, 2006). What You Need
• Passports (valid for a minimum of six months)
• Birth certificates
Hassle Free Wedding in Paradise • Deed poll certificate (if your name has been changed)
Enjoy the sprawling beaches, Caribbean sunshine, blue green waters and fabulous resorts. Relax; • Parental consent by way of an affidavit if below age 18.
St Lucia has created a formula for creating a magical experience without the intense planning • Death certificate and previous marriage certificate (if you’ve been widowed)
that usually goes into such an incredible event. • Decree absolute (if you’re divorced)
Starting with the laws, St Lucia has made it quite easy to facilitate marriage ceremonies. In fact, • Originals or certified documents only
most resorts can handle all the details once they’ve received the proper documents. You won’t • All legal documents should be faxed to the resort where you will make your accommodations to
need to worry about contacting a local attorney or filing papers. begin the legal process. Documents in a foreign language require authorized English translation.

Next, your resort can accommodate most special requirements for your big day. From flower St. Lucia has a NO RESIDENCY POLICY and visitors arriving to the island for a day can be married
arrangements, button holes and bouquets to steel bands, wedding cakes and catering your desires within hours.
can be fulfilled. Apparently, one resort even flew in a rabbi for a Jewish wedding as no local rabbis The license fees are as follows:
were available! Very accommodating, how else could St Lucia top the chart 4 out of 5 years? • $335 if staying on island for 3 days or more.
• $540 for a SPECIAL LICENSE if staying on island less than 24 hours.

Application to be married in St. Lucia must be made by a local solicitor to the Attorney General or
notary who prepares and signs the license.
• Notorial Fees and Marriage License: $335EC
• Special Marriage License: $540EC
• Registrar Fee: $100EC
• Marriage Certificate: $8EC

A Few Tips
• Independent photographers may require more work to find, but they generally are more
knowledgeable than resort staffers. An independent wedding photographer may utilize
superior equipment and be more familiar with lighting, composition, facial analysis and other
aspects in the execution of art.

• Sunset weddings can be tricky. Since St Lucia is so near the equator twilight is very short.
This could ruin some perfect shots. Instead consider an earlier ceremony with photography
scheduled during the sunset.

• Seashore ceremonies are romantic. They can also be hot, sweaty affairs depending on the
time of day and the season. Consider photography on the beach and a ceremony at a
nearby gazebo or other location.









Carnival Parade of the Bands
Castries - Must See
The capital city of St. Lucia plays host to an array of interesting points. Castries, the heart of
The climax of the St. Lucian Carnival celebration is not to be missed. During parade days revelers
take to the streets in a flood of color and music, enveloping bystanders in a cloak of authentic joy
commercial activity, provides the Vendor’s Arcade, Castries Market and La Place Carenage. and celebration as each band competes for the coveted “Band of the Year” title.
All are major shopping hubs. In addition to shops, the La Place Carenage is home to the
Animation Center, a 3D simulation entitled, “Castries, the Crossroads of the Caribbean”. The Creole Heritage Month
simulation explains the history of Castries from 2000BC through the 20th Century fires that The Folk Research Centre, responsible for preserving and promoting St. Lucia’s cultural heritage,
almost extinguished the city. organizes events throughout October celebrating Creole culture. Events are held in communities
across the island. Creole Heritage month culminates with International Creole Day, Jounen
Architecture buffs will enjoy the architecture of the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception,
Kweyol, a worldwide celebration by all countries that speak the Creole language.
known as The Cathedral to locals. Building this structure, the largest cathedral in the Caribbean,
took an absurd 72 years to complete!
Folk Research Center
Visit Derek Walcott Square, christened after one of St. Lucia’s noble laureates in literature. Bask under Housed in a 19th century colonial building, situated among striking gardens on the historic Mount
the 400+ year old Saaman tree. Locals call this tree the Massave Tree, meaning “I don’t know”. Pleasant, with stunning views of Castries the Folk Research Center (FRC) inspires preservation
and promotion of St. Lucia’s cultural heritage. The center specializes in storing and organizing
vast data and materials encompassing the whole of St. Lucia Folk history. Specific areas include
dance, music, instruments, folk tales and the kweyol language.

Helicopter Rides
Experience St. Lucia from the frigate birds’ perspective. Tours depart from Castries and Soufriere,
as well as a few other ports. North and south island aerial tours are available. Observe cliffs,
mountains, and sun-kissed coastlines while relishing (and learning from) the lively commentary
of the knowledgeable and friendly local pilots.

Carnival, a major St. Lucian festival, celebrates island tradition. Carnival festivities include
competitions and performances by masquerade (Mas) bands, calypso and soca singers, steel
bands, and beauty contestants.

The extravaganza in July unites locals and tourists from around the world. Topping off
the bazaar is a grand parade of dazzling colors and intricate costumes.

The Jour Ouvert street jump up is a wild affair of pulsating soca and calypso music and
dancing in the streets of Castries. Revelers wear whatever they wish, and are judged
for the best, weirdest outfits (referred to as Ole Mas). During that same afternoon
(Monday), Mas bands parade through Castries to be judged at the Mindoo Philip Park.
Tuesday, all Mas bands parade through the streets for judging ending in numerous ‘Last
Lap’ circuits round the city; a massive “conga line”.

Howelton House
High upon Morne Fortune this stylistic Victorian abode 102 years old is home of Caribelle Batik.
Visitors are invited to witness the batik process, from tracing patterns onto large cloth pieces to
using hot wax to shield the areas not to be dyed. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, creating
uniquely individual pieces. Pointe Seraphine
Boasting the best Duty-Free shopping on the island
Pointe Seraphine is a quick jaunt by water taxi
Jeep Tour from Castries. Newer Caribbean cruise routes have
Guided Jeep tours offer an exhilarating off-road adventure. Safari across a tropical landscape,
acquired a stop at the beautiful Pointe Seraphine.
through rainforests and over banana plantations. Ride in an open-air vehicle on whole or half day
adventures. Customized tours are often available.
Rhythm of Rum
Rhythm of Rum is a driving tour through the history
La Toc Battery of rum. A staple of island cuisine, the rum tourour
An admirable example of St. Lucia’s turbulent military history, the La Toc Battery is built on a hillside
incorporates sightseeing through Castries, Roseau
overlooking Castries. The fort enjoys British engineering at its finest from thick, reinforced walls to
Valley, and one of the island’s largest banana na
the mysterious underground labyrinth of rooms and tunnels reminiscent of English castles.
plantations. The journey includes a detailed ed
distillery tour and a chance to sample some award
winning rums and liqueurs.

Vigie Lighthouse
The Vigie Lighthouse presents a
Marigot Bay bit of history and a breathtaking
A budding
b ddi yachter’s
h ’ paradise,
di the h tranquil,
il picturesque
i b
bay was once h
home to pirates.
i Hollywood view, notably golden sands
also appreciates the unspoiled beauty of the bay. Pictures such as the original Dr. Doolittle with stretching into the green sea
Rex Harrison, Water with Michael Caine and Fire Power with Sophia Loren were all shot on off Vigie Beach. Nearby lays a
location. Restaurants, shops, a supermarket with wine shop, a bank, and a bar and coffee small powder magazine built
shop populate the modest village while black sandy beaches emphasize the perfect by the French in 1784. Both
Caribbean green waters. the lighthouse and the beach
are less than 10 minutes from
Morne Fortune the bustling town’s center
Experience the view shared by the imposing Government House, home to Governor of Castries.
General Her Excellency Dame Pearletter Louisy. A small, roadside overlook delivers
the most magnificent panoramic view of Castries.

Discovery Marigot Bay
Location: On famous Marigot Bay, a sheltered
harbour for yachts Amenities
Accommodations: 124 rooms, 3 floors
• Kids’ Activities
Restaurants on site: Yes
Region: Marigot Bay • Kids’ Club
Country: St. Lucia • Lounge/Bar
Reservations: 877.858.2426 • Restaurant(s)
Website: • Tennis
• Deep Sea Fishing
Of all the memorable places on the stunningly beautiful island of St. Lucia, the one that seems
• Sailing
to be best loved by visitors and St. Lucian’s alike is Marigot Bay. Described by novelist James A
• Scuba Diving
Michener as “the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean,” it has been photographed so many times
that first-time visitors often experience a jolt of recognition. • Waterskiing
• Watersports (Motorized)
This contemporary resort provides an intimate environment for guests with every possible • Salon
modern facility, including the Lapli Spa, fitness centre, shopping, bars and restaurants for • Spa (Full Service)
the ultimate holiday experience. Marigot Bay has provided a safe haven for yachts over the • Biking
centuries and marina docks at Discovery provide for visiting luxury sailing and motor yachts.
• Fitness Center
In recent years, the bay has become a very well-known holiday destination with lively local
• Beachfront
restaurants and bars, a marina and now a luxury, eco-friendly hotel with a spa, fine dining and
harbour side bars. • Hiking
• Swimming Pool(s)
• Baby sitting
• Business Center
• Concierge
• Air Conditioning
• Clock/Radio
• Hair Dryer
• Internet Access
• Ocean view
• Television - Cable/Satellite

All Inclusive Resort Amenities
Location: Lush tropical gardens set on the
beautiful Malabar Beach • Tennis
Accommodations: 100 rooms, 3 floors
• Volleyball
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kayaking
Region: Castries
Country: St. Lucia • Knee Boarding
Reservations: 800.544.2883 • Scuba Diving
Website: • Tubing
• Water Volleyball
Rendezvous is the first holiday in St. Lucia dedicated to the idea that great couples deserve • Waterskiing
a special place in the sun they can call their own. On this storybook island, Rendezvous is
• Windsurfing
the storybook escape exclusively for the man and woman who happily choose to share their
• Watersports (Motorized)
lives. We provide everything you need to create an idyllic time in an idyllic place. Without the
distraction of children or singles or the noisy hubbub of your every-day life putting pressure on • Watersports (Non-Motorized)
the relationship, you find every opportunity to nourish your unique bond. We even liberate you • Salon
from concern for money because just about everything is included. • Spa - Pavilion
• Water Aerobics
Rendezvous is, above all, an Eden -- a tropical garden by the sea where you can rediscover what • Biking
made you a great couple in the first place.
• Fitness Center
• Archery Range
• Beach Close By
• Giant Beach Chess Board
• Scuba Lessons
• Swimming Pool(s)
• Air Conditioning
• Coffee Maker
• Hair Dryer
• In-Room Safe
• Iron/Ironing Board
• Wedding Coordinator

All Inclusive Resort Amenities
Location: An exotic destination with rainforest & volcano
Accommodations: 169 rooms, 2 floors • Lounge/Bar • Cards • Laundry/Dry Cleaning
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Restaurant(s) • Chess • Air Conditioning
Region: Castries
• Basketball • Darts • Ceiling Fans
Country: St. Lucia
Reservations: 888.SANDALS • Golf • Horse Shoes • Clock/Radio
Website: • Tennis • Jacuzzi • Hair Dryer
• Volleyball • Shopping • Iron/Ironing Board
The Halcyon by Sandals is an intimate 169-room beachfront resort is an island paradise for two. • Kayaking • Swimming Pool(s) • King Bed
Overlooking a serene bay with pristine white sand beach and emerald waters, and nestled in • Paddle Boats • Table Tennis • Ocean view
amongst stunning tropical gardens, this resort showcases such exquisite natural beauty and
• Sailing • Business Center • Television - Cable/Satellite
warm laid-back energy that you’ll have no choice but to have the time of your life. The resort
• Scuba Diving • Car Rental • Turn Down Service
features 3 gourmet restaurants including the famous Pier restaurant set out over the sea,
2 pools, a scuba certification pool, a fitness center and nightclub. Sandals exclusive exchange • Snorkeling • Concierge • Wedding Services (On-Site)
program allows guests to enjoy all the amenities and services at Sandals Regency La Toc Golf • Waterskiing • Currency Exchange
Resort & Spa and Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort including an additional • Watersports (Non-Motorized)
11 gourmet restaurants, golf, the option of a full-service Red Lane® spa and transfers. • Salon
• Sauna
• Fitness Center
• Beachfront
• Billiards

Regency La Toc
Resort Type: All Inclusive Resort Amenities
Location: Set on 210 acre estate along a half-mile beach
Accommodations: 120 suites, 211 rooms, 7 floors • Lounge/Bar • Spa (Full Service) • Currency Exchange
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Restaurant(s) • Steam Room • Laundry/Dry Cleaning
Region: Castries
• Swim Up Bar • Fitness Center • Air Conditioning
Country: St. Lucia
Reservations: 888.SANDALS • Basketball • Beachfront • Butler Service (available)
Website: • Golf • Billiards • Coffee Maker
• Golf - Free Greens Fees • Croquet • Hair Dryer
The Regency La Toc by Sandals Resorts is set along a half-mile crescent-shaped beach, this • Tennis • Nightly Entertainment • Iron/Ironing Board
210-acre enclave spares no detail to bring you an infinitely romantic gateway. Chose from a • Volleyball • Shopping • King Bed
range of accommodations from ocean-view rooms to luxurious Villa Suites on Sunset Ocean
• Hobie Cat Sailboats • Swimming Pool(s) • Room Service
Bluff featuring private pools, butler service and 24-hour room service. Amenities such as rolling
• Kayaking • Table Tennis • Television - Cable/Satellite
fairways, 7 gourmet restaurants, a full-service Red Lane® Spa and 9 bars serving premium brand
beverages including Beringer wines bring this resort to the pinnacle of perfection. Our exclusive • Paddle Boats • Business Center • Turn Down Service
exchange program allows guests to enjoy all the amenities and services of all 3 Sandals Resorts • Sailing • Car Rental • Wedding Gazebo
on the island, even roundtrip transfers are included. • Scuba Diving • Concierge • Wedding Services (On-Site)
• Snorkeling
• Windsurfing
• Salon
• Sauna
• Spa - Red Lane

Anse La Raye - Must See
A quaint fishing village packed with 100+ year old homes, located on the scenic west coast.
Native St. Lucia was never easier to find, with uninhibited locals and traditional foods, drinks,
sights, and sounds, a visit to Anse la Raye will uncover the laid back Caribbean lifestyle the tourist
areas often obscure.

River Rock Waterfall

At the base of River Rock Falls lies a large pool with ample swimming room. A wonderful spot with
an organized picnic area, changing facilities and a bar selling ice cold Piton beers. To find River
Rock Falls look for a signpost on the left hand side of the road when approaching the village.

Lesleen M Shipwreck
The Lesleen M, a 165-foot freighter, was sunk by the Department of Fisheries in 1986. The wreck
provides an artificial reef and lies upright in 60 feet of water near Anse Cochon on the west coast
near Marigot Bay. Divers can tour the ship in its entirety.

















Jeep Tour
Soufriere - Must See Guided Jeep tours offer an exhilarating off-road adventure. Safari across a tropical landscape,
through rainforests and over banana plantations. Ride in an open-air vehicle on whole or half day
Soufriere, in the south, is a good home base when touring the most interesting geological adventures. Customized tours are often available.
features on the island. The Piton Mountains, the “drive-in volcano”, waterfalls and mineral baths
are all within a short drive. Several grand estates are also located in the surrounding area. When
docking at Soufriere St. Lucian boys dive for coins thrown overboard by tourists.

Diamond Waterfalls & Botanical Gardens

Breathtaking natural flora meets medicinal mineral baths leading to a spectacular waterfall. Tropical
flowers, nature trails, and a small shop offering ice cream and other refreshments are all incorporated
in one tour. The grounds have been well groomed by the Devaux family for generations.

The Pitons
Gros Piton and Petit Piton, known collectively as The Pitons, are depicted as twin
peaks in most mass produced photos. Actually the peaks are about two miles apart, rising up
from the sea. These volcanic plugs are now a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and have a
home on the label of the national beer, appropriately named Piton.

Both are considered difficult climbs, but guides are available. Divers can explore them as
underwater cliffs. Most visitors simply enjoy them for their scenic beauty.

Sulphur Springs Park

and the “Drive-in” Volcano
Diving The caldera, created by a major volcanic explosion, offers close up views of bubbling sulfur
Several spectacular diving sites populate the waters off St. Lucia. From easy to challenging, from pits and heat pools. Once, tours included a climb into the pits for the full experience, including
day trips to half days, everyone can take a dip and enjoy the Caribbean. Any number of drift dropping raw eggs into the pools and watching them boil. A guide fell through the soft substrate
dives, ship wrecks, and coral reefs are on hand to explore. of the crust causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns, he survived and the pools can be enjoyed from
a safer distance.
Helicopter Rides
Experience St. Lucia from the frigate birds’ view. Tours depart from Castries and Toraille Waterfall & Gardens
Soufriere, as well as a few other ports. North and south island aerial tours are available. Near Soufriere, just off the scenic main road, a breathtaking 50 feet waterfall gushes over a cliff
Observe cliffs, mountains, and sun-kissed coastlines while relishing (and learning and cascades into a pool centered in a charming garden. Quaint bridges along a nature trail
from) the lively commentary of the knowledgeable and friendly local pilots. with lush greens and dazzling tropical colors lead you through the tropical paradise. Bathe
near the invigorating waterfall, or enjoy a pounding back and shoulder massage on days
when the water flow is not too strong.

Anse Chastanet Resort
Location: 600 acre estate in a panoramic park
Accommodations: 49 rooms
Restaurants on site: Yes
Region: Soufriere
Country: St. Lucia
Reservations: 800.223.1108

What were Caribbean hotels like before trade winds were replaced by blasts of air conditioning,
when morning exercise was a walk on the beach and not hot water aerobics, and when you sat
watching the sunset instead of cable TV? You can still find out at Anse Chastanet Resort on St.
Lucia’s unspoiled southwestern Caribbean coast.

Ever since architect Nick Troubetzkoy first purchased the first 14 hillside units, and throughout Amenities
the expansion and renovation that followed, design in harmony with nature, complementing
• Lounge/Bar • Biking • Coffee Maker
the island’s natural beauty, has remained his focal point. The 600-acre site is a lush garden of
• Meal Plan • Beach Close By • King Bed
tropical foliage bordering one of the island’s best beaches, where soft silver sands dip into the
clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean. A second beach, Anse Mamin, belonging to the estate is • Restaurant(s) • Nature Walk • Ocean view
just around the corner and can be reached by the Resort’s water taxi. St. Lucia’s trademark green • Tennis • Sunset Sailing • Television - Cable/Satellite
peaks - the Gros and Petit Pitons - make for a dramatic backdrop. No two rooms at Anse Chastanet • Kayaking • Laundry/Dry Cleaning
are exactly alike. Twelve beach level units are tucked away behind the coconut palms, just steps • Scuba Diving • Air Conditioning
from the water’s edge and the resort’s renowned SSI Platinum Pro/PADI dive facility. Perched on • Snorkeling
the hill are Anse Chastanet’s original rooms; cheery white-washed cottages with wrap-around
wooden balconies. These octagonal-shaped “gazebos” offer splendid views of the Pitons and the
sea, framed by an abundance of flourishing blossoms. Chairs and beds are covered in madras
prints - a traditional island fabric of bright plaid woven with the same colours as the ginger lilies,
anthuriums and bouganvillaea found in every room.

Jade Mountain
Location: High on Morne Chastanet
Accommodations: 29 rooms Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Lounge/Bar • Jacuzzi
Region: Soufriere
Country: St. Lucia • Restaurant(s) • Volcano Tours
Reservations: 800.223.1108 • Tennis • Laundry/Dry Cleaning
j • Deep Sea Fishing • Air Conditioning
• Kayaking • Ceiling Fans
High on Morne Chastanet, overlooking St. • Reefs/Dives • Coffee Maker
Lucia’s Piton World Heritage site and the
• Sailing • Hair Dryer
Caribbean Sea, JADE MOUNTAIN is ANSE
• Scuba Diving • Infinity Edge Pool (Private)
CHASTANET’s new and exclusive resort
within a resort. ANSE CHASTANET’s architect
w • Snorkeling • Iron/Ironing Board
owner, Nick Troubetzkoy, has expanded
o • Watersports • King Bed
upon his philosophy of building in harmony
u • Spa (Full Service) • No televisions in the rooms
with Caribbean nature and environment by
w • Biking • Refrigerator - Full or Mini
introducing a new level of sophistication in
in • Fitness Center • Wedding Coordinator
th design of JADE MOUNTAIN.
• Beachfront • Wedding Services (On-Site)
Th bold architectural design with individual • Hiking
brid leading to the extraordinary infinity
poo suites and columns reaching towards
the sky makes JADE MOUNTAIN one of
the Caribbean’s most mesmerizing resort

Expe grand sweeping spaces beyond your

imagination, with your bedroom, living area and
extravagantly sized private infinity edge pool
gliding into one another to form an amazing
platform floating in space, with the 4th wall
missing entirely - the result is a stage-like setting
from which
w to embrace the full glory - and
infinite views - of St. Lucia’s twin Pitons and the
shimmering Caribbean Sea - a view you are not
likely to ever forget.

Location: View of Jalousie Bay
Accommodations: 85 suites, 112 rooms Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kids’ Activities • Internet Access
Region: Soufriere
Country: St. Lucia • Kids’ Club • Iron/Ironing Board
Reservations: 800.544.2883 • Lounge/Bar • King Bed
Website: • Restaurant(s) • Refrigerator - Full or Mini
• Basketball • Room Service
The Jalousie Plantation is a stunning jewel of a resort, nestled in 192 acres of magnificent • Golf • Telephone (in room)
rainforest and sweeping majestically down to sea, this hotel is without question located in one
• Tennis • Television - Cable/Satellite
of the most awe-inspiring locations in the world, the majestic valley of The Pitons.
• Hobie Cat Sailboats
Each first-class villa is placed uniquely and privately amongst the lush green foliage and soaring
trees to give you the feeling of being at one with nature and with that, the feeling of complete • Kayaking
serenity. The views will simply take your breath away. • Sailing
This hotel experience caters for all. As well as all land and watersports including unsurpassed • Scuba Diving
SCUBA diving, you can pamper yourself in The Jalousie Spa and experience the local foods • Snorkeling
and delicacies in the fine restaurants and bars. All children are welcome and we have a wide • Windsurfing
range of activities that will keep them occupied and ensure that they, and you, have the holiday
• Watersports (Non-Motorized)
experience of a lifetime.
• Salon
• Water Aerobics
• Fitness Center
• Beachfront
• Swimming Pool(s)
• Baby sitting
• Business Center
• Car Rental
• Concierge
• Crib
• Parking (FREE)
• Air Conditioning
• Bath Robes
• Clock/Radio
• Hair Dryer

Location: Located on the Southwest Coast of St. Lucia
Accommodations: 17 suites, 15 rooms Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kids’ Activities
Region: Soufriere
Country: St. Lucia • Lounge/Bar
Reservations: 866-290-0978 • Meal Plan
Website: • Golf
• Tennis
Ladera is a resort that travelers dream about - a small, lush, tropical gem that is world acclaimed • Sailing
yet still relatively unknown. Located in south western Saint Lucia, Ladera is a paradise like no
• Scuba Diving
other to ignite your passions. Two miles from the port town of Soufriere, on a lush hillside of
• Snorkeling
mango trees, lay the lure of Ladera. With only 6 villas and 26 suites and a dedicated, attentive
staff, Ladera offers an intimate experience and the ability to cater to your preferences. • Salon
• Spa (Full Service)
Taking full advantage of its spectacular natural surroundings, Ladera offers a unique design in • Beach Close By
guest accommodations. Each of our 6 villa suites and 26 suites has an ‘open wall’ inviting one of • Hiking
the world’s most breathtaking views into your suite yet each suite offers complete privacy and • Shopping
safety. Every accommodation features its own private plunge pool or villa pool.
• Swimming Pool(s)
• Baby sitting
• Car Rental
• Concierge
• Currency Exchange
• Laundry/Dry Cleaning
• Air Conditioning
• Balcony/Terrace
• Refrigerator - Full or Mini
• Room Service
• Television - Cable/Satellite

Choiseul - Must See
Choiseul was originally known as Anse Citron because of the large number of lime trees grown
here, particularly near the Choiseul Village.

Balenbouche Estate
Owner Uta Lawaetz walks you through her unique property, imparting the history and hardships
endured in keeping the land. Throughout time land has been seized from non-natives living
in St. Lucia. What was once a 2000+ acre sugar plantation and mill is now a modest 70 acre
eco-lodge/organic farm and an honored St. Lucia heritage site.

The unique property is a favorite yoga retreat and lodging for guests desiring seclusion in a
wildly natural setting. 4 guest villas are available.









Laborie - Must See
The village of Laborie has received recognition for being a strong cultural foothold on
the island. The praise was bestowed by the Minister for Social Transformation, Honorable
Menissa Rambally.

Jazz Fest
St. Lucia Jazz Fest has become one of the major events on St. Lucia. During May the whole island
grooves to the beat of jazz. Music fills the air, musicians scatter across every plane and tourism
takes on a whole new allure. Starting as a simple marketing event to enhance tourism, the St.
Lucia Jazz Fest has become a beloved annual event.

Jounen Kweyol
Celebrating the island’s rich Kweyol or Creole identity, Jounen Kweyol is a time to rejoice with
a program of celebrations, cultural demonstrations and musical performances. The event is
a mix of French, African and native influences and offers visitors a great opportunity to learn
more about the culture and customs of this vibrant island. There is also the opportunity to try
tasty Kweyol dishes such as fishcakes, bwapain woti (roasted breadfruit) and the national dish –
nfig and saltfish
















Maria Islands
Dramatically set off the southeast coast of St. Lucia these islets remain uninhabited and protected
by the National Trust. Home to the world’s smallest snake, the Kouwes, and a ground lizard, the
Zandoli, whose male exhibits an impressive tail of brilliant blue. These two creatures are found
nowhere else on Earth.

Boat tours are available to Maria Major. Swim and snorkel off the pristine beaches and hike a trail
to the summit. Island tours are closed during leatherback turtle nesting season.

Mankote Mangrove
Located just outside Vieux Fort, Mankote Mangrove is the principle source of nutrients for the
island’s natural fish nursery in the nearby Savannes Bay. A viewing tower provides an excellent
vantage point for birdwatching while a diorama and brochures provide information on the
unique features of the Mangrove. Guided tours can be arranged through the St. Lucia National
Trust or the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute.

Vieux Fort - Must See Moule a Chique Lighthouse

Vieux Fort is the second largest town and home to Hewanorra International Airport. Beautiful The road that leads up to Moule a Chique is narrow and steep, potholed and signless. The road
beaches border the town, adventurers can kite surf near the end of the Hewanorra runway, close leads to a viewing point beyond the lighthouse. The lighthouse itself has been closed to visitors.
to the Maria Islands. On a clear day you can see St. Vincent across the Caribbean sea. Restaurants Stunning views of Vieux Fort, the Caribbean Sea, The Atlantic Ocean and even St. Vincent can be
and shops dot the town. enjoyed from
om the breathtaking outlook.

Visit Moule-a-Chique when visiting the town. Drive up a steep, snaking road sometimes reaching
45+ degree angles, overlooking some dangerously close cliffs, to visit one of the most incredible
views on the island. From the overlook you can enjoy both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean
Sea. Maria Islands and St. Vincent populate the scene fantastically.

Jeep Tour
Guided Jeep tours offer an exhilarating off-road adventure. Safari across a tropical landscape,
through rainforests and over banana plantations. Ride in an open-air vehicle on whole or half day
adventures. Customized tours are often available.

La Rose and La Marguerita Flower Festivals

Some countries become divided by classes and castes, conversely Saint Lucian’s cultural traditions
have created two ‘Societies’, the Roses and the Marguerites - singing societies whose members
are dedicated to the praising of those respective flowers.

Each society conducts an annual festival, an elaborate and colorful event full of pomp
and pageantry. The ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ preside accompanied by their impressive
royal entourage of dukes, duchesses, princes, princesses, soldiers, policemen,
magistrates, doctors, nurses, the clerical hierarchy and supporters.

Each society has a patron saint, the grand fete is respectfully celebrated on that
saint’s feast day. The Roses’ feast for St. Rose of Lima observed on the 30th August;
the Marguerites feast for St. Margaret Mary Alacocque, is 17th October.

Coconut Bay
Location: Paradise waits on St. Lucia’s
exotic south coast Amenities
Accommodations: 254 rooms, 4 floors
• All-Inclusive • Balcony/Terrace
Restaurants on site: Yes
Region: Vieux Fort • Kids’ Activities • Ceiling Fans
Country: St. Lucia • Kids’ Club • Clock/Radio
Reservations: 866.978.6226 • Water slides • Hair Dryer
Website: • Restaurant(s) • In-Room Safe
• Swim Up Bar • Internet Access
Two seemingly different worlds in one idyllic setting. An adult oasis is tucked onto one side of
• Basketball • Iron/Ironing Board
the palm-fringed resort while the other side boasts one of the liveliest family playgrounds in
• Tennis • Television - Cable/Satellite
the Caribbean.
• Water Volleyball • Wedding Gazebo
254-rooms, four dining options, five bars, three swimming pools, a full-service spa, CocoLand • Water Aerobics
Kidz Klub and the island’s largest water park. The resort caters to families, couples and • Fitness Center
honeymooners alike with the perfect location and endless activities.
• Beach Close By
Paradise waits on St. Lucia’s exotic south coast, just a short drive from the Hewanorra • Jacuzzi
International Airport and close to all of the island’s most enticing attractions. • Lazy River
• Swimming
ing Pool(s)
• Swimming
ing Pool(s) - Adults Only
• Air Conditioning

Micoud - Must See
Micoud, a small village, lies on the southeastern side of the island.

ATV Paradise Tours

The adventure begins on an active fruit plantation where samples of the locally grown fruit are
available. Continue into the rain forest to a beautiful river and breath taking little waterfall with a
10 feet deep pool, and take a dip. The ride concludes at scenic Honeymoon Beach.

La Tille Waterfalls and Gardens

A secluded waterfall amidst lush vegetation with a scenic waterway and downstream bathing
pools. Sheltered within a local fruit and flower garden amongst ponds and trails this natural
setting creates pure Caribbean romance.









Praslin - Must See
Frégate Islands Nature Reserve
GROS A natural promontory provides a lookout okout from
which to view the two small islets Frégate
régate Major
and Frégate Minor and -- with luck -- the frigate
birds that nest here from May to July. The only way
to visit is on a guided tour, which includes
udes a ride in
a gommier to Frégate Minor for a picnicnic lunch and a
swim. All trips are by reservation onlyy and require a
minimum of two people. Arrange visits ts through your
hotel, a tour operator, or the St. Lucia National Trust;
many tours include round-trip transportation from your
ANSE DENNERY hotel as well as the tour cost.

Mamiku Gardens
15 acres of tropical flora and fauna including a banana plantation, forest trails, a medicinal herb
garden, and an archeological dig. Guide books, maps and walking sticks are available to borrow.
Praslin Protected Landscape
The area’s natural beauty is comprised of mangroves, coral reefs, seagrass beds, a delta, native
vegetation and 17 archaeological sites. Over 116 plant species, 38 bird species, eight reptile
CHOISEUL species and two amphibian species thrive in this small area of protected land.









Fond D’or Nature & Historical Park
Located in Mabouya Valley, the park offers a distinct combination of nature, history and folk culture. A
great place for family picnics, annual jazz festivities, folk festivals, horseback riding, and hiking along two
miles of nature trails.

Jeep Tour
Guided Jeep tours offer an exhilarating off-road adventure. Safari across a tropical landscape, through
rainforests and over banana plantations. Ride in an open-air vehicle on whole or half day adventures.
Customized tours are often available.

The Rainforest Canopy Tour

Just west of Dennery this rainforest tour combines an open air Jeep tour with an invigorating zip line. A
true adventure. The zip line offers 500 feet of suspended cable running from one tree platform to the next,
30 to 50 feet above the forest floor, with several platforms to travel. Soak up the rainforest from land and
canopy with this adrenaline rush.

Dennery - Must See

Dennery is a town and a quarter located on the east, or windward, coast of the island. Primarily a
small fishing town, locals also cultivate lima beans, bananas, and other tropical fruit.

Dennery is home of a local wine maker who ferments everything from bananas to coconuts for
his wine making.

A few miles offshore and south of Dennery lays the Frégate Islands Nature Reserve, a protected
area where Frigate birds nest during the summer.

Dennery Fish Festival

Celebrate the livelihood by enjoying a daylong fish festival in Dennery. Held annually during
the last weekend in June, the event honors local fishermen with an organized fish market and
includes activities such as tug-o-war competitions, sailing, swimming and rowing events.




Dauphin - Must See
Desbarras Turtle Watch
The community of Desbarras has formed a group to protect and promote the nesting of the
leatherback turtle at Grande Anse beach. From March through July, nightly guided tours are
PRASLIN organized to witness the arrival of the leatherback turtles as they come ashore to lay eggs. Left
SOUFRIERE undisturbed for about 60 days, they will hatch and baby turtles will emerge to flock back into the
sea. On most occasions, these tours are a whole night affair, so be prepared to stay up to watch
this incredible experience. Tents and sleeping cabins are provided.

CHOISEUL Marquis Plantation

A working banana estate featuring majestically aged mahogany, teak, coffee and cocoa trees.
FORT A boat trip from the plantation down the Marquis River to the Atlantic Ocean deposits you
at the beach for a swim.

Cotton Bay Village
Location: Located on Cotton Bay, off the Atlantic Ocean
Accommodations: 74 rooms, 3 floors Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kids’ Activities • Refrigerator - Full or Mini
Region: Dauphin
Country: St. Lucia • Kids’ Club • Telephone (in room)
Reservations: 800.544.2883 • Restaurant(s) • Television - Cable/Satellite
Website: • Golf • Wedding Coordinator
• Tennis • Wedding Services (On-Site)
Cotton Bay is St. Lucia’s latest and most exclusive holiday location and is the only Villa resort • Volleyball
situated right on a beach. Located on Cotton Bay, enjoys the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean
• Kayaking
and possibly the safest swimming on the island.
• Scuba Diving

Designed as a hideaway for families, groups of friends or couples to find a place in the sun to • Windsurfing
relax, away from life’s pressures and worries, in a collection of exquisite villas, stylish apartments • Watersports
and luxurious suites and featuring exquisite dining in 3 restaurants, a beautiful pool, a variety of • Watersports (Non-Motorized)
land and water activities, and world-class spa. • Salon
• Spa (Full Service)
Cited as one of the most romantic of all island escapes in the Caribbean if not the world, St. Lucia
• Biking
is a paradise waiting to be found by the most discerning of travellers. It is a beautiful, peaceful,
• Fitness Center
secluded place in which to chill out and do nothing or experience the adventure of exploring it’s
tropical rain forests or climbing its spectacular peaks. It is an island the way a tropical island was • Yoga
meant to be. It is “Simply Beautiful”. • Beachfront
• Horseback Riding
• Jacuzzi
• Shopping
• Swimming Pool(s)
• Baby sitting
• Business Center
• Currency Exchange
• Laundry/Dry Cleaning
• Air Conditioning
• Balcony/Terrace
• Coffee Maker
• In-Room Safe
• Internet Access
• Iron/Ironing Board
• Kitchen - Full
• Ocean view









Jeep Tour
Guided Jeep tours offer an exhilarating off-road adventure. Safari across a tropical landscape,
through rainforests and over banana plantations. Ride in an open-air vehicle on whole or half day
adventures. Customized tours are often available.

Pigeon Island
A national park featuring secluded beaches, old British military barracks, a rustic lighthouse and
superb views of Castries. Stroll across the island, visit the fort, take in the awesome Caribbean
seascape, and then stop for refreshments at a local restaurant. Originally an island, Pigeon Island
is now joined to the mainland via a causeway constructed in 1972.

Rhythm & Spice

Rhythm & Spice debuted in 2007. The St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) organized
the festival at Pigeon Pointe National Park. It was an instant hit. Creative dishes, utilizing local
fruits, vegetables and other delectables, were encouraged to bring out the true flavors of the
island. Bartenders proved their skills with tantalizing cocktails, many incorporating local spirits
Gros Islet - Must See and flavors. Contests and giveaways are abundant.

Gros Islet, a small fishing village, comes to life every Friday night. What’s called a “jump up” in Rodney Bay
all the tourist glossies, is the town’s major transformation. Expect an abundance of dancing, Rodney Bay Village, a tourist haven of fine restaurants and shops, located near Reduit Beach.
delectable seafood, and Caribbean rhythms in this carnival-like spirit. After shopping
ping and dining stroll along the fine golden sand. Then visit one of the other nearby
Bonne Terre Tropical Gardens
A short drive from Rodney Bay lays this sheep ranch-cum-garden estate. The old stone house, set
in four acres of gardens, emanates quaint warmth and charm. A variety of tropical plants, both
endemic and rare, populate the estate beautifully. Stroll the grounds, nestle into the cozy gazebo,
and gaze upon the rows of palms and the exceptional water feature of this quiet escape.

Food and Rum Festival

The ‘Food & Rum Festival’ attracts the best chefs, wine connoisseurs, rum fanatics and food critics
from across the Caribbean and the world. This festival promotes Caribbean rums, restaurants,
chefs, and regionally manufactured food and drink products. The festival proves a fun-packed
weekend of food, rum and wine tasting, and gastronomic dinners at five star restaurants.

Heineken Kalalu Music Festival

The Caribbean’s most diverse musical event featuring artists from around the globe.
Sponsored by Heineken Music, Kalalu promises the kind of cultural and culinary
diversity that whets your appetite for entertainment. An international food and craft
bazaar was added to this already impressive array of musicians and side attractions
during the 2007 season.

Almond Morgan Bay
All Inclusive Resort Amenities
Location: Located on the West Coast of St. Lucia
Accommodations: 70 suites, 340 rooms, 4 floors • Kids’ Activities • Watersports (Non-Motorized) • Concierge
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kids’ Club • Salon • Currency Exchange
Region: Gros Islet
• Lounge/Bar • Spa (Full Service) • Laundry/Dry Cleaning
Country: St. Lucia
Reservations: 800.4.ALMOND • Restaurant(s) • Fitness Center • Safe Deposit Box
Website: • Snack Bar • Banana Boat Rides • Air Conditioning
• Swim Up Bar • Beach Close By • Balcony/Terrace
Set among 22 acre
acres of lush tropical greenery and • Golf • Children’s Pool Area • Ceiling Fans
landscaped gardens,
garde Almond Morgan Bay borders a • Tennis • Gift Shop • Clock/Radio
spectacular coral sand cove overlooking the glittering
• Volleyball • Scuba Lessons • Hair Dryer
Caribbean Sea. TheT resort is gracefully elegant, yet
• Reefs/Dives • Shopping • Internet Access
informal, offering
erin singles, couples, and families a
superb, quality vacation. Newly rebuilt in 2005, • Scuba Diving • Sunset Sailing • Refrigerator - Full or Mini
Almond spent over $25 million US in redeveloping • Waterskiing • Swimming Pool(s) • Room Service
this piece of paradise.
p • Windsurfing • Business Center • Television - Cable/Satellite
• Watersports (Motorized) • Car Rental

Almond Smugglers Cove
All Inclusive Resort Amenities
Location: Located on the Northwest Coast of St. Lucia
Accommodations: 100 suites, 360 rooms, 1 floor • Kids’ Activities • Fitness Center • Air Conditioning
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kids’ Club • Banana Boat Rides • Ceiling Fans
Region: Gros Islet
• Lounge/Bar • Beachfront • Clock/Radio
Country: St. Lucia
Reservations: 800.4.ALMOND • Restaurant(s) • Gift Shop • Hair Dryer
Website: • Golf - Free Greens Fees • Shopping • In-Room Safe
• Tennis • Squash Court(s) • Internet Access
Discover the newly refurbished Almond Smugglers Cove Resort. A spacious village style resort • Kayaking • Swimming Pool(s) • Iron/Ironing Board
located on a 60 acre estate with lush tropical gardens on a secluded bay with its own stretch • Sailing • Business Center • Refrigerator - Full or Mini
of sandy beach. The newly refurbished resort offers extensive facilities in an informal tropical
• Snorkeling • Car Rental • Room Service
setting, to offer singles, couples & families a high quality all-inclusive holiday in St. Lucia.
• Waterskiing • Crib • Wedding Coordinator
• Windsurfing • Currency Exchange • Wedding Services (On-Site)
• Watersports (Non-Motorized) • Laundry/Dry Cleaning
• Salon • Safe Deposit Box
• Spa (Full Service)

Bay Gardens Beach Resort
Location: On the Famous Reduit Beach near Gros Islet
Accommodations: 72 rooms Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kids’ Activities
Region: Gros Islet
Country: St. Lucia • Kids’ Club
Reservations: 877.620.3200 • Lounge/Bar
Website: • Restaurant(s)
• Watersports
Welcome to our newest luxury 4-star hotel featuring one bedroom suites complete with • Spa (Full Service)
full kitchen, living and dining areas, deluxe rooms which are interconnecting to create our
• Beachfront
two bedroom suite option. All accommodations feature modern bathroom fixtures and
• Jacuzzi
amenities fitting for a luxury property. Neoclassical Caribbean architecture greets ultra modern
conveniences and facilities at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort. The design is inspired by the • Nightly Entertainment
French Caribbean and Georgian Plantation style, juxtaposing the timeless charm of timbered • Shopping
balconies and verandahs with state of the state-of-the-art amenities like DVD’s and CD players, • Swimming Pool(s)
Hi-speed internet access and WIFI throughout all public areas including the beach. • Business Center
• Concierge
• Parking (FREE)
• Air Conditioning
• Internet Access
• Room Service
• Wedding Coordinator
• Wedding Gazebo
• Wedding Services (On-Site)

The Bodyholiday
All Inclusive Resort Amenities
Location: In 18 acres of lush tropical garden
Accommodations: 154 rooms, 3 floors • Lounge/Bar • Hydro Pool • Labyrinth Zen Walking
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Restaurant(s) • Meditation Garden • Nightly Entertainment
Region: Gros Islet
• Snack Bar • Meditation Pond • Nude Sun Deck
Country: St. Lucia
Reservations: 800.544.2883 • Basketball • Meditation Temple • Scuba Shop
Website: • Fencing • Oasis Spa- Specialist Skin Clinic • Shimmering Reflective Pools
• Golf • Relaxation Court • Swimming Pool(s)
The BodyHoliday
y at LeSPORT is the first lasting • Tennis • Spa (Full Service) • Air Conditioning
holiday - the first holiday in the world to combine • Kayaking • Swing of Tranquillity • Ceiling Fans
the inten
intense pleasure of personalized rejuvenation
• Reefs/Dives • Aerobic Studio • Clock/Radio
with the opportunity to acquire skills and insights
• Sailing • Fitness Center • Hair Dryer
that wil
will enhance the rest of your life. Above all, The
BodyHo offers a fun, and rejuvenating holiday • Scuba Diving • Yoga • In-Room Safe
that wil
will not only leave you feeling pampered but • Snorkeling • Archery Range • No televisions in the rooms
will give
giv you insights and skills to improve the • Tubing • Beach Chairs & Umbrellas • Refrigerator - Full or Mini
overall quality of your life. • Waterskiing • Beach Close By • Room Service
• Windsurfing • Gift Shop • Swiss Needle Shower
The resort
re features 154 spectacularly decorated
• Watersports (Non-Motorized) • Jacuzzi • Swiss Showers
rooms several stylish restaurants and the world-
renow Oasis Spa which offers a beautiful blend ssage Centre
• Ayurvedic Massage • Labyrinth
of globally-inspired
glo treatments, plus a variety • Dietician
of land
lan and water activities. Best of all, one spa
treat is included per person per day.

Coco Kreole
Location: Located on the northern tip near Rodney Bay
Accommodations: 20 rooms Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Lounge/Bar
Region: Gros Islet
Country: St. Lucia • Restaurant(s)
Reservations: 866.588.5980 • Spa (Full Service)
Website: • Swimming Pool(s)
• Baby sitting
Coco Kreole is one of St. Lucia’s newest and coolest four star boutique hotels… where Guests • Internet Access
experience true French Caribbean style that is expressed throughout the properties. The hotels
• Air Conditioning
features all the modern day amenities one has come to expect while maintaining true Caribbean
• CD Player
flavor. Balsamic blues, greens, and yellows sooth while modern amenities and included extras
such as gourmet coffee, raindrop shower heads and 24 hour service by your own personal • Ceiling Fans
Concierge Host ensure carefree relaxation. Complimentary WiFi, cable TV, plush bedding and • Clock/Radio
spacious quarters beckon you to relax and recharge while a stay at Coco Kreole is reminiscent of • Coffee Maker
a beautiful guest house where everyone knows your name and is there to help personalize your • Hair Dryer
stay. The properties are situated adjacent to one another and share a spectacular free-form pool • In-Room Safe
running throughout the property, amid lush tropical landscaped gardens.
• Iron/Ironing Board
• Refrigerator - Full or Mini
• Room Service
• Telephone (in room)
• Television - Cable/Satellite

Coco Palm
Location: Located on the Northwest Coast of St. Lucia
Accommodations: 12 suites, 83 rooms Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kids’ Activities
Region: Gros Islet
Country: St. Lucia • Kids’ Club
Reservations: 8766.588.5980 • Lounge/Bar
Website: • Restaurant(s)
• Watersports
Coco Palm is one of St. Lucia’s newest and coolest four star boutique hotels… where Guests • Spa (Full Service)
experience true French Caribbean style that is expressed throughout the properties. The hotels
• Beachfront
features all the modern day amenities one has come to expect while maintaining true Caribbean
• Jacuzzi
flavor. Walking into a Coco Palm room is like peering through a portal into the past. Balsamic
blues, greens, and yellows sooth while modern amenities and included extras such as gourmet • Nightly Entertainment
coffee, raindrop shower heads and 24 hour service by your own personal Concierge Host ensure • Shopping
carefree relaxation. The properties are situated adjacent to one another and share a spectacular • Swimming Pool(s)
free-form pool running throughout the property, amid lush tropical landscaped gardens. • Business Center
• Concierge
• Parking (FREE)
• Air Conditioning
• Internet Access
• Room Service
• Wedding Coordinator
• Wedding Gazebo
• Wedding Services (On-Site)

The Landings
Location: On 19 oceanfront acres on Rodney Bay
Accommodations: 231 rooms Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kids’ Activities
Region: Gros Islet
Country: St. Lucia • Kids’ Club
Reservations: 888.367.7625 • Lounge/Bar
Website: • Restaurant(s)
• Watersports
The Landings has been designed to make expert use of Rodney Bay’s natural harbor. Each • Spa (Full Service)
accommodation features breathtaking views of the idyllic beach, harbor, or channel. The
• Beachfront
westward-facing beach provides a wonderful spot for floating on the calm waters of the bay.
• Jacuzzi
The beach side restaurant and bar offers the perfect setting from which to view the dazzling
Caribbean sunsets. And the beautifully landscaped paths and harbor side promenades allow • Nightly Entertainment
guests to enjoy lovely views throughout the resort. • Shopping
• Swimming Pool(s)
• Business Center
• Concierge
• Parking (FREE)
• Air Conditioning
• Internet Access
• Room Service
• Wedding Coordinator
• Wedding Gazebo
• Wedding Services (On-Site)

Location: On the Famous Reduit Beach near Gros Islet
Accommodations: 95 rooms Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Activities • Car Rental • In-Room Safe
Region: Gros Islet
Country: St. Lucia • Kids’ Club • Concierge • Iron/Ironing Board
Reservations: 800.255.5859 • Lounge/Bar • Crib • Refrigerator - Full or Mini
Website: • Restaurant(s) • Currency Exchange • Telephone (in room)
• Swim Up Bar • Laundry/Dry Cleaning • Television - Cable/Satellite
The luxurious Royal with its all-suite accommodation and pampering Spa is an elegant blend • Golf • Air Conditioning • Turn Down Service
of privacy and sophistication on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. With its grand entrance and
• Tennis • Bath Robes
sweeping staircase, the Royal is an ultimate experience from the moment you step through the
door. Fine dining in award-winning restaurants, comfort and privacy in spacious, well-appointed • Deep Sea Fishing • Ceiling Fans
suites, and a wide range of treatments, therapies and massage are the key elements of a stay • Scuba Diving • Clock/Radio
at the Royal. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the wide variety of activities including windsurfing, • Snorkeling • Hair Dryer
water skiing, sunfish sailing, tennis, scuba diving, parasailing, golf and riding. Royal also has an
• Sunfish Sailing
impressive fitness facility. Royal’s range of restaurants and bars include Chic!, a French-inspired
fine dining room, and the brasserie-style L’Epicure with its menu of creole specialities and • Waterskiing
global classics. After dinner, a carefully selected programme of evening performance creates • Windsurfing
the perfect ambience for your stay. Royal is located in its own well-tended grounds, on a • Salon
mile-long stretch of St. Lucia’s Reduit Beach, and is the perfect choice
• Spa (Full Service)
for a luxury break to mark any occasion, or simply for
total relaxation. • Fitness Center
• Beach Close By
• Horseback Riding
• Shopping
• Baby sitting
• Business Center

Grande St. Lucian
All Inclusive Resort Amenities
Location: Set on its very own peninsula
Accommodations: 301 rooms, 4 floors • Lounge/Bar • Beachfront • Laundry/Dry Cleaning
Restaurants on site: Yes • Restaurant(s) • Bird Watching • Air Conditioning
Region: Gros Islet • Golf • Camping • Ceiling Fans
Country: St. Lucia • Golf - Free Greens Fees • Helicopter Tours • Clock/Radio
Reservations: 888.SANDALS • Tennis • Hiking • Coffee Maker
Website: • Sailing • Horseback Riding • Hair Dryer
• Watersports • Jacuzzi • In-Room Safe
Set on the island’s most awe-inspiring location, this Green Globe resort is situated on the • Watersports (Non-Motorized) • Nightly Entertainment • Iron/Ironing Board
spectacular peninsula surrounded by the sea on both sides. It boasts spectacular ocean and • Salon • Shopping • King Bed
mountain views and the island’s most dramatically perfect beach. A variety of lavish suites are
• Sauna • Swimming Pool(s) • Ocean view
available from exotic swim-up lagoon rooms, where guests can step from the patio into the cool
• Spa (Full Service) • Business Center • Television - Cable/Satellite
waters of the pool, to new Rondoval Suites, unique round suites complete with private pools,
Butler Service and 24-hour room service. Enjoy gourmet dining at six restaurants; unlimited • Fitness Center • Car Rental • Turn Down Service
land & water sports including scuba diving and water-skiing; 5 bars serving premium-brand • Currency Exchange • Wedding Services (On-Site)
beverages including Beringer wines; a full-service Red Lane® spa and more! Sandals exchange
program allows guests to enjoy all the amenities and services at two neighboring Sandals
Resorts (transfers included).

St. Lucian
Location: On the Famous Reduit Beach
Accommodations: 260 rooms Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kids’ Activities • Hair Dryer
Region: Gros Islet
Country: St. Lucia • Kids Club • Refrigerator - Full or Mini
Reservations: 800.255.5859 • Meal Plan • Room Service
Website: • Restaurant(s) • Wedding Coordinator
• Golf • Wedding Gazebo
St. Lucian, now incorporating sister hotel Papillon, is a well-established hotel located within its own • Tennis • Wedding Services (On-Site)
landscaped gardens on St. Lucia’s Reduit Beach. The hotel is perfect for lazy days on the beach and
• Deep Sea Fishing
for enjoying a wide range of water sports in the calm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. For more
active guests, the hotels two outdoor pools, tennis courts and a fully equipped gymnasium is sure • Scuba Diving
to keep you busy and entertained. Unifying Papillon and St. Lucian, the sister hotels have been • Snorkeling
returned to one offering a greater variety of facilities and dining experiences, whilst retaining the • Sunfish Sailing
warm and friendly service known to all. If you’re looking to enjoy some pampering and retail therapy
• Windsurfing
the St. Lucian has its own shopping arcade and a covered walkway which takes you to the Royal
Spa. Here you can enjoy a wide range of treatments and therapies within the elegant and luxurious • Salon
surroundings of the adjacent Royal hotel. Evenings at St. Lucian provide a choice of three dining • Spa (Full Service)
options: buffet-style Caribbean at the Monarch restaurant, international cuisine in the informal beach • Fitness Center
side Mariners restaurant, or an á la carte selection of Far Eastern flavours in the Oriental. After dinner
• Beach Close By
the Admirals Lounge plays host to a selection of authentically St. Lucian entertainment including
steel bands and limbo dancing. • Horseback Riding
• Shopping
• Baby sitting
• Business Center
• Car Rental
• Crib
• Currency Exchange
• Laundry/Dry Cleaning
• Safe Deposit Box
• Air Conditioning
• Balcony/Terrace
• Ceiling Fans
• Clock/Radio

Villa Beach Cottages
Location: Located on the West Coast of St. Lucia
Accommodations: 20 villa suites Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Restaurant(s) • Clock/Radio
Region: Gros Islet
Country: St. Lucia • Watersports • Coffee Maker
Reservations: 758-450-2884 • Shopping • Hair Dryer
Website: • Car Rental • In-Room Safe
• Concierge • Internet Access
A quiet, unique and seductive beach front haven consisting of gingerbread laced villa suites situated • Currency Exchange • Iron/Ironing Board
on Choc Beach just a few feet from the water’s edge. This boutique property was inspired by St.
• Laundry/Dry Cleaning • Television - Cable/Satellite
Lucia’s rich colonial architectural heritage, incorporating high cathedral ceilings, fretwork, jalousie
shutters, finials medallions and juxtaposing this timeless charm with state-of-the-art in room • Air Conditioning • Wedding Services (On-Site)
amenities including LCD flat screen TVs, DVD and CD players and Hi-speed internet access. Luxurious • Ceiling
g Fans
fully self-contained, one or two bedrooms units with intricately carved four poster beds, living/
dining rooms, fully equipped kitchens with marble counter tops, and large balconies overlooking
the Caribbean Sea. The deluxe villa suites also feature bathrooms with his & hers pedestal sinks
and in-room jacuzzis with a sea view. On site are two rock-swimming pools with waterfalls, heated
outdoor jacuzzi and wedding gazebos set in tropical gardens with soothing sound of the waves
slapping against golden sand, and the palm trees wrestling beneath the soft ocean breeze. A few
minutes walk away are restaurants, multiplex cinema and a small shopping mall.

Windjammer Landing
Location: On Labrelotte Bay Beach
Accommodations: 187 rooms Amenities
Restaurants on site: Yes
• Kids’ Activities
Region: Gros Islet
Country: St. Lucia • Kids’ Club
Reservations: 877.675.5054 • Golf
Website: • Tennis
• Watersports (Non-Motorized)
Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort & Spa in St. Lucia, offers an unforgettable Caribbean • Spa - Serenity Health
vacation for families, honeymooners and couples. This exotic 60-acre full service resort is a
• Fitness Center
panorama of picturesque, spacious and secluded hillside villas. With breathtaking views of the cobalt
waters of the Caribbean Sea, this Mediterranean village resort is alive with the sights and sounds • Beachfront
of beautiful St. Lucia. Absorb the stunning beauty of nature at the Windjammer Landing. From • Jacuzzi
dining on tropical fruits at sunrise to enjoying a refreshing cruise at sunset and only your choice of • Swimming Pool(s)
what to do in between. Richly appointed with the warmth of wood and an exotic blend of tropical
• Village Market
furnishings, your spacious villa sets the mood for complete relaxation and truly your greatest escape.
Neatly landscaped swimming pools, a watersports program, floodlit tennis courts, the Serenity Spa • Air Conditioning
and supervised children’s and teens’ activities are just some of the available recreational options. For • Balcony/Terrace
your dining pleasure, five enticing restaurants offer international cuisine sure to please every palate. • Ceiling Fans
Guest may select from stylish guest rooms, luxurious villas or oversized Estate Villas, most with their
• Coffee Maker
own private plunge pools, and all boasting breathtaking ocean views. Thanks to its exclusive setting
Windjammer landing is an appealing option for couples and families alike. • Hair Dryer
• In-Room Safe
• Kitchen - Full
• Television - Cable/Satellite