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Gator Entrepreneurial Engineer,

Assignment #6 and Assignment #7 are Company assignments worth 200 points each,
for a total of 400 points. Late submissions of Assignment #6 or Assignment #7 means
all company members receive 0 points on the assignment. There is no makeup option,
partial-credit, or extra credit assignments in Engineering Entrepreneurship. Submission
of Assignment #6 and #7 is via Canvas.

Refer to the Syllabus page in Canvas for assignment due dates.

Assignment #6 is the Companys written Business Model Canvas.

1. Business Model Canvas (Assignment #6)

Assignment #6 requires companies to write and submit a 15-20 page Business Model
Canvas detailing their companys entrepreneurial opportunity. This assignment
challenges companies to incorporate the essential elements of a successful Business
Model Canvas/LEAN Startup; the starting point in doing so is via the Value
Proposition/Form-Function-Benefit so as to highlight the companys commercially-viable
problem-solving product/service. A companys BMC will be graded based on how well
the business concept was conceived, problem identified, documented with evidence-
based researched, explained in understandable terms, and communicated in the form
of a professional-caliber Demo Day Company Presentation video. Dont make this
assignment complex or difficult on yourselves; follow the structure and stay true to the
basics on how to conceive, research, structure, build, and launch an entrepreneurial
venture that operates on the premise of solving problems and generating profits.

Assignment #6 scores are heavily impacted by the level of detailed analysis contained
in the BMC. Please take note: BMCs containing vague, high-level (market and
competitive) analyses instead of specifically researched and detailed analyses score
poorly. I can tell when a BMC is poorly written; fluff language, buzzwords, vacuous
phrases, nonsensical reasoning, and unconfirmed statements dont compute with me
and score poorly. Conversely, company teams that apply consistent use of detailed
analyses, understandable language, marketplace knowledge, industry awareness, and
present factual/realistic financial projections (proformas) garner my respect and receive
high grades.

Please write your BMC in a Word format. PDF is fine though Word is preferred. Use
either single-lined spaced or 1.5 line-spaced paragraphs with top/bottom/left/right
margins of 1. Fonts such as Arial, Tahoma, or Verdana are easy to read. Do not use
Georgia font. NO GEORGIA, please. Were Gators!

Prof. Whitney