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Grades Dont Measure Intelligence

A very good morning to our honorable judges, headmasters, teachers, time

keeper and all my fellow friends. Today, I would like to deliver my speech entitled
Grades do not measure intelligence, Grades do not measure intelligence.

Many times, grades do not measure our intelligence. There are times when
students have bad days, sick days or time suffering from test anxiety. All of these will
affect exam grades, thus the grades cannot measure how much we have mastered or
our intelligence.

On the other hand, what about the individuals who cannot afford an education
and do not know facts that seem basic to you? Do you also consider them as
unintelligent students? They could happen to know more than anyone of us. For
example a kid who has never been to school but has been helping out in the
vegetables farm, he will know everything related to planting vegetables, from
identifying seeds to harvesting and the types of vegetables.
Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses. Some are very good in
Bahasa Malaysia, Science and English but they fail Mathematics tests. However when
this happens, many will perceive them as being less intelligent due to the one subject
that has failed to score. If you cannot score A in your English paper. It is okay as you
could be good at Mathematics. You can be an accountant in the future then. If you
cannot score A in your Science paper, its fine. You could be good at drawing which
you could be an artist next time. If you cannot score A in your Mathematic paper but
you can sing well. You could be a singer as your career then.

Grades limits us. Grades are important for our future especially when we are
looking for jobs. This is because most people think that if you have good grades, you
are smart. If you have low grades, you are less intelligent. When people think this way.
They are devaluing the person. Even so, everyone is good in their own way, just might
not be academically. For example, you can excel in sports if you are gifted with in
sports, such as Dato Lee Chong Wei, Datuk Nicol David and Pandelela Rinong. This
does not indicate that they are not good academically but they can be our role model
to look up to if we are good in sports. Besides that, entertainment world could be
another choice, just like Dato Siti Nurhaliza, Tan Seri Michelle Yeoh and Shila Amzah.

Grades cannot measure our intelligence. The numerical system also cannot
define how smart one person is. If you get low grades in exam, and people start
marking you as less intelligence, prove them wrong! Strive hard in what you do best!

In conclusion, I agree that grades can be important but it is definitely not a way
to determine the intelligence of someone. It cannot define who you are, and how you
will do in the future. Low grades achievers should never give up on ourselves or feel
useless. Being a straight A score does not determine good job performance, tip-top
socializing skill or high emotional intelligence. As long as we do our best to strive and
contribute, we are equally valuable. Thank you very much.
A very good morning to our honorable judges, headmasters, teachers, time
keeper and all my fellow friends. Today, I would like to deliver my speech entitled
Friendship, Friendship.

A friend is a most precious gift to all of us. We should always understand its
importance and give value without having any misunderstanding. Friendship is a
relationship where no any blood relation exists. It is a limitless relation goes forever
without the rule of give and take. It is the special and unique relation of love and
affection to any other person in the world. True friendship never sees the creed,
religion and colour of person; it only sees the internal beauty and soul of the two or
three person going to be involved in the friendship.
Friend of anyone is someone with whom one may feel comfortable and belief
to each other as well as share their thoughts, ideas and personal feelings. Friend is
one with whom we can feel safe and secure and do not need to think twice for any
matter. True friends involved in the friendship love each other unconditionally and
understand each other need without judging on the matter. They always ready to
support each other and provide good knowledge and advice. There is a common
saying about the friendship by the Elbert Hubbard A friend is someone who knows all
about you and still loves you.
A true friend always stands together and helps whenever another one need
help and support. A true friend never cares his/her own important works and leaves
all works to help friends. He/she never leave a friend alone especially during the
difficult times of life. It is said that time takes hard exams of true friends in their difficult
times. Actually difficult time is a best time which realizes us about the value and
importance of true friends. The people having true friends in the life are really blessed
with most precious gifts. Making number of friends in the life does not matter with the
quality of friendship. True friends (whether one, two or three) are enough for whole life;
instead of having many friends who never understand the situation of the needy one.
Friends are the real supporter in life who teaches us how to face difficulties of life.
They are the real well wishers of us who changes our bad viewpoints about anything
for good.
In conclusion, friends are those who stand by us through thick and thin. Even
they know our weaknesses, but still they never leave. They accept us for who we are
and love us just as much. Friends are the best gift everyone needs. Thank you.
Health is wealth

A very good morning to our honorable judges, headmasters, teachers, time

keeper and all my fellow friends. Today, I would like to deliver my speech entitled
Health is wealth, Health is wealth.

We all want to be successful in our life and one of the most important factors is
good Health. The proverb Health is wealth sums up the importance of it. Success
always have a magic formula in the form of hard work, determination and focus. None
of these can be achieved without good health. Arlon Specter, the famous American
Senator once said There is nothing more important than our good health- thats our
principal asset. Being healthy can be both physical and mental. Sometimes our
physical state might look healthy but disappointments and frustrations, if not managed
properly can lead to desperation and depressions and can affect our health.

Following good food habits is the other important part of it. We should stay away
from junk foods and drinks and should avoid taking excess food. Doing regular
exercises and taking part in sports and games also helps us to stay healthy. Its also
important to have good sleep. Good manners and respecting others will help us to
keep calm and stay in peace with our self. Practicing Yoga can also improve our
confidence, concentration levels and attitude. Comparing to modern times, our
ancestors were healthier as they always lead an active life in tune with nature. But as
technology progressed, we change our lifestyle and became lazier. This made a
significant impact to our health. Today its important that we learn lessons from our
ancestors and take a decision to start investing early to one of the biggest investments
of our life- Good Health.
Honesty is the best policy

A very good morning to our honorable judges, headmasters, teachers, time

keeper and all my fellow friends. Today, I would like to deliver my speech entitled
Honesty is the best policy, Honesty is the best policy.

Everyone is familiar with the stories of Pinocchio and the boy who cried Wolf.
While Pinocchios nose elongated every time he told a lie, the boy in the other story
met terrible thing upon lying to the villagers. These stories are an attempt to teach
children the importance of being honest. They show the consequences of lying. But
what they do not throw light on is the fact that, being dishonest to others is being
dishonest to oneself.

Honesty enables a person to be the best version of them. It shows that they are
a genuine person, with nothing to hide. It allows them to fully be at peace with who
they are and not feel the need to lie or hide anything. Moreover, those who are honest
are trustworthy. Such attributes make them a likeable person. Benjamin Franklins
quote, Honesty is the Best Policy. is a plain truth of life. Honesty is one of those roads,
that may not always be easy, but once taken, they simplify your life to a great extent.
Those who are honest have fewer things to worry about. They are known to
have stronger relations with people. Lying, on the other hand, is a negative habit. Its
like quicksand, in the sense that once you start lying, you are caught in a trap. You
end up lying more, as time goes by. It creates a bad impression on people. And bad
impressions are difficult to get rid of.

Regardless of your intentions, honesty is usually the best tactic to a healthier

lifestyle. Theres no greater good you can do than be honest with yourself about what
you believe and what you want out of life. It brings together the body, mind and soul
that creates a sense of balance.