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Volume VIII Issue 2 March 2015

Spring is here!
I cant be happier seeing Get Up! moving Dan Martin, the master of minimum, gives
forward again. Our first reboot issue was us his Dan Martin Program Minimum. You
outstanding and Markus does a great job can do more, of course, but why?
of editing. The key to Get Up!, as always,
has been the archives: Years from now, We welcome Charley Radcliffe to our staff.
someone will discuss some gem in this This is an inspiring read and his journey
edition and lives will change. I am confident (all uphillHa!) is amazing.
of that, as it happens with the old stuff all
the time. Also, Tom Barrett reminds us that, like the
proverbial shark, we must keep moving to
In this edition, Mark Wilson walks us stay alive.
through the journey of 10,000 swings. I
only listen to people who have DONE the Finally, Vinnie is quickly making himself
whole thing, not armchair quarterbacks our Go To Author for the new editions.
who think about it. Chris Rice has some Nothing but Knowledge Bombs from
experience, too, and the story of his lifting this guy!
meet in Vietnam should inspire some to get
off the damn couch. Enjoy and welcome back!

Our Mission? To Teach Everyone: In this Issue:

1. The body is one piece Two Decades to Tomorrow, by Dan John
Dan Martins Program Minimum,
2. There are three kinds of strength training: by Dan Martin
City Boy to Mountain Man,
Putting weight overhead by Charley Radcliffe
Taking a Swing at Things, by Mark Wilson
Picking it off the ground Can Do in Vietnam, by Chris Rice
Socrates and Squats, by Vincent Tanner
Carrying it for time or distance Keep Moving!, by Tom Barrett

3. All training is complementary

Two Decades to Tomorrow questions. My favorite: Will achieving this
Dan John goal make you successful? Success and
achieving a goal, like most wise people will
When an email comes in asking me to tell you, are not always the same thing.
coach someone online, I never know how Looking ahead two years also allows us to
to respond. I understand that this is quite dream a bit about the perfect future.
common today, but I can never figure out
how to get across the true give and take There will be flying cars.
of coaching someone in the Real World.
From here, I take it short term: What can
Its easy money, but I always refuse. For me, we do in the next two weeks? We cant
writing a program for someone takes a lot fully make ourselves slaves to good
of time and energy. Sure, we all know that. habits, as my college coach explained
But, it also takes a vision. I call this vision elite performance, but we can take care
the Twos Ladder as we need to agree and of small things. Is the bedroom dark and
understand each other for a fair number of quiet? Do we have the right equipment,
steps before I can even begin talking about including shoes? Do we have a means to
fives sets of five reps or three sets of three. get to the training facilities? These are the
little questions that make or break the two
Two Decades year goals. Sometimes, shopping trumps
training. If we need something, from
The foundation is Two Decades. Twenty equipment to supplements, the sooner we
years from now, what do you want to be deal with it the better. Next, lets circle a
doing? Usually, two decades is far enough problem and spend two weeks addressing it.
away that the glitz and glamor of the
professional sports or the physique career In the next two years, you will have 52 two-
will be past. Hopefully, not long past, but week blocks to improve things. That is both
generally, twenty years is far enough ahead plenty and desperately little time.
so we can look at health and longevity as
trumping abs and biceps. Today

I dont want training injuries to ruin the Next, I address Today. What can we do
quality of life in twenty years. Yes, of today? What do you know? Can you do the
course, there will be hurt, pain, injury and Olympic lifts? Can you hinge and squat?
agony, but lets look down the line to see if If not, thats what we do. We begin with
this is going to be worth it. the Fundamental Human Movements. We
begin with small movements that will lead
Its the foundational question: what do you to complex movements. We teach, we learn
want to be like and do in twenty years? and we relearn.

Stepping up to asking what we want in two Tomorrow, in many ways, trumps today. The
years usually gets us in the wishing well. most important thing you can do is show
Two years seems long enough to gain mass, up. And, from there, keep showing up. 300
lean out, improve technique and develop moderate and progressive training sessions
the system to get ones goals. a year trump three really hard days the first
There are some wonderful follow up week of January.
As fine as todays workout might be, Dan Martins Program Minimum
tomorrow is even more important. Dan Martin

Movement and Breathing Dan is a former firefigher who retired after

38 years in the department. When he is not
Finally, I think there are two sides to training, he enjoys the married life with two
training: Movement and Breathing. With grown children and three grandchildren. He
powerful movements like hinges and is also a founding member of the Coyote
squats, the breathing has to be more like a Point Kettlebell Club and the clubs official
locomotive. For planks and grinds, the high Maker of Sammies.
tension (I call it anaconda strength) calls
for tight breathing that sounds like Tsssst! As trainees, we spend an inordinate
Tsssst! and helps keep things strong. And amount of time and energy searching for
recovery work needs recovery breathing. I training perfection when its the doing that
tend to teach the puffing breathing, if the always providesresults.
person cant naturally adapt to it.

That is what we will focus on. For Action Plan:

movement, we will seek grace, beauty
and elegance on the road to mastery. At Warm-Up:
the same time, we will try to increase
volume and load over time to build the 1. Five Minutes Concept 2 Rowing
system. For breathing, we will use it as a 2. Stoney Stretch
tool to work with movement and a general
measurement to assess what is going on Lifting:
1. Goblet Squat x 5
Ideally, we will work on movement and 2. Push-Up x 3
breathing until the moment you dont move 3. One KB Two-Hand Swing x 15
and dont breathe ever again.
1. Brettzel-Stretch
2. Suitcase Walk

As far as rounds go, less is more. Any

specific number depends on you. While
variety is nice, doing them in straight sets
or in a circuit is what I would limit it to.
Dont over think it, its not rocket surgery.
Photo: Dan John

Photo: Charley Radcliffe
City Boy to Mountain Man would have been dragging myself out of
Charley Radcliffe bed after a few too many pints late for
work, and counting down the hours until
Charley is a personal trainer based in sundown.
Chamonix, France. He works with climbers
and other outdoor athletes to make them It is safe to say, things have changed.
stronger and better conditioned. When he
is not hanging on walls himself, he enjoys Beginnings
running ultra distances, swinging kettlebells
and steak. ( With the exception of a few years in the
north of Spain, I had lived my whole life in
Its Monday morning. Im sandwiched into London, UK; childhood, school, university,
a cable car lift with 40 other psyched and and the beginnings of my professional life.
eager skiers. We are climbing 2,830m from The days often revolved around music,
the Chamonix valley to the summit of the pubs, and clubs. Sport and fitness rarely
Aiguille du Midi to ski the Valle Blanche featured. Always overweight, I just put it
17km ski descent over glaciers, through down to it not being my thing, that I was
crevasse fields, and under towering spires just different from athletic people. None
of granite. of it particularly inspired me I had signed
up to gyms in January flushes of guilt, and
This is my morning training session. Just I had tried various hobbies and sports that
two years earlier I would have been running engaged me for a while, but nothing ever
along a concrete river path in London to a stuck.
crowded gym to get my training in before
work. Two years before that and I probably Then I was told about Mont Blanc.
Mont what? I quit smoking, avoided drinking too much
as it would hinder my morning training, and
At 27, I awoke one morning to my then started to see results.
girlfriend saying Im going to climb Mont
Blanc next summer. Mont what? I soon Coming late to climbing, I dove in head first
discovered that Mont Blanc is the highest and, to no surprise, injury swiftly followed.
mountain in Western Europe and the Too many hours in the climbing gym
European Alps. At 4,810m it is a lofty created niggling issues in my shoulder that
target for anyone but also achievable. started to impact my ability to train. Then,
The relatively non-technical main routes the second most influential moment in
let novices with an experienced mountain my recent life happened: I was introduced
guide and a preparation and acclimatisation to kettlebells. Initially chosen as a form of
week have a good chance of standing on rehab, a friend and Strong First instructor
the summit of Europe. said, they also were the easiest way to get
a six-pack. I was sold! I found a London-
Nervously, having only dated for 3 months, based kettlebell community and fell in
I asked if I could come along. Delighted, love. Being fit, climbing well, and being in
she said yes. It soon started to sink in what the mountains became more and more an
I had let myself in for. There was every integral part of my life. So much so, that I
chance I would not be strong enough for came to a cross road.
this. I had to get my butt in gear!
Red Pill or Blue Pill?
The year flew by. From my first short run
to work where I had to stop and catch my I always loved The Matrix. In 2013 I found
breath three times to the end of the year myself feeling like I was living out the scene
where I had lost over 5kg and was sweating where Neo has to decide to commit or
something silly in morning circuit training walk away. Business had been tough, I had
sessions. That summer we screamed up just closed down my startup and felt lost.
to the summit of Mont Blanc and, though What was I going to do next?, everyone
physically very demanding, I found myself asked. I just didnt know. Or at least, that
in my element. My eyes had been opened is what I told people. With hindsight, I now
to the magic of the Alps and especially think that I knew exactly what I wanted to
alpinism the sport of moving light and do, but maybe didnt have the courage to
fast in the high mountains, self-sufficient admit it.
and self-reliant in exposed and exhilarating
environments. As I floated between work and jobs,
the only constants were my love of the
Getting Strong mountains and the progress I was making.
I felt truly alive there, with everything
Over the following years, every holiday coming together in beautiful harmony. The
was out in the hills; learning to rock climb, strength I was building with kettlebells was
gaining the necessary experience, and helping me move better in the mountains,
growing my passion for the mountains. My the hours in the hills were making me more
daily life revolved around getting stronger, competent, and I was starting to climb
fitter, and more ready for these trips. routes unguided and independently that I
Without realising it, I was going out less. never dreamed possible. It all culminated
in a life-altering solo climb 1,300m up the very naturally, have found myself several
north face of the Aiguille du Midi, the years later as a qualified PT training and,
iconic mountain towering over Chamonix. most importantly, learning from working
Standing on a 60 ice slope with a more with some of the strongest and most driven
than 1000m drop below me, attached to the people I have ever met.
wall by tiny metal spikes on my boots and
two ice axes, has a way of clarifying things. I am developing a healthy balance between
gym time and mountain time, applying
This was me taking the red pill. what I learn in the hills to what I need to
work on in the gym, and discovering whole
This. new ways to give myself the edge while out
on a climb.
This climb was the biggest step I had taken
in the mountains and I knew: This was what I look back on the life I used to live, on the
I wanted to do, where I wanted to be. That priorities I used to have, and the person I
summer I moved to Chamonix. I started used to be. We all have come a long way.
taking my training even more seriously and, Sometimes, its nice to reflect on how far.

Photo: Charley Radcliffe

Taking a Swing at Things Day Three:
Mark Wilson
As before, but with a 50 metre hill sprint
Mark is a 54 year old coach who also after each 10, 15 and 25 swings.
competes in masters cycling track sprinting.
He trains weekend warriors and age group Day Four:
winning triathletes and cyclists to increase
strength and mobility. With chin up ladders, 1,2,3.

Five weeks before Christmas this year It took a couple of weeks to grow into the
(2015) I was looking for a change of focus programme and I rested between sets as I
and thanks to Dans book Before We Go felt I needed. I noticed that most sessions
hit upon the 10,000 swing challenge. In start with a feeling of resignation and a
the book, Dan states that it is good to thought of How many swings today?
complete a programme of any kind, as it After 150-200 reps the rhythm sets in and
imposes the discipline and focus so often you just punch the clock until its done.
lacking in the gym.
I made some changes during the time: I
The programme looked like this: increased the chins to 2,3,4 and omitted
sprints in some weeks, but the swings
Day One: happened like clockwork. The time came
down to 35-40 minutes by the final two
10 Swings (24 kilos) 1 Press (28 kilos) weeks and the rate of perceived exertion
15 Swings 2 Presses was noticeably lower.
25 Swings 3 Presses
I learned a number of things: It takes
50 Swings focus to persevere and complete the
programme. It is short enough to see the
Five rounds completed in 55 minutes. end in sight. I lost 3 kilos of fat, down to
84KG. My wife tells me I have more back
Day Two: and shoulder muscle and my work capacity
has improved. Next, I am moving onto a
As before, but double kettlebell front squats strength phase with a focus on the big
with 2x 24 kilos instead of the presses (Im movements to prepare for the competitive
a goodish squatter). season to come.

Call for Authors!

Hello, you! Yes, you! Gentle reader, Have you maybe entered your first
have you ever wondered what it would powerlifting meet or your last cage fight?
be like to be published in the finest Maybe you have built a new, improved
strength and health newsletter on the power rack or failed miserably in creating
web? Well, wonder no more, here is a workout plan that combines deadlifting
your chance! Do you have a cool story with skydiving. Whatever your story is,
to tell or a nifty new trick to share? send us an email and get typing!

Can Do in Vietnam be the weight plates. Tie a loop of rope
Chris Rice on them to put over the pipe and we were
good to go. Load various amounts of sand
Chris started lifting in 1959 and has not into the bags and we could adjust the
stopped since. Having dabbled in the normal weight. We made big bags, medium bags
HS sports, most of the strength sports, and small bags well.. sort of. We had no
archery, motorcycle racing, triathlon, rock scale, so it was all guess work. We never
and mountain climbing, grip sports, and really came up with a way to keep them
more, he is basically ready for anything. dry, so weight was a real guessing game
when it rained.
Ive been in the Iron Game since 1959
starting at eleven years old on Mom and Next we needed a bar so a big long piece
Dads wooden floored front porch. (Not of pipe became the bar. So we needed a
a closed in porch and not level by any bench for the bench press sand bags and
means rain, snow, wind and heat we a board to the rescue. But no rack to be
chased the bar to the edge all the time had to hold the bar up out solution was to
Dad wouldnt let us nail an edge board build the bench really high and then to start
down.) We used my sisters piano bench all the presses from the bottom. We would
for presses and you did a pullover from the slither under the bar and push. Everything
floor if no one was around to hand was a bottom start. We would occasionally
you the bar. For squats you either cleaned get a lift off/spot when others were around.
the weight and jerked it up and over or,
if two people were around, you could get The squat was similar. We buried a 55
some help. gallon drum to the right depth for the
bottom position then stood on it and did
When I graduated High School, the next bottom start squats. If there were three of
phase of my life was a little place called us, we could sometimes get a sort of lift off
Vietnam. Now, I was a SeaBee and in no with one guy on each end. For the deadlift,
way a hero type I worked communications we buried a 55 gallon drum in the sand to
and was mostly stationed in DaNang. But the right height to stand on.
for a few months I was out far enough
to where we had no training facility of There was no social life, so we worked our
any kind not even buildings exactly. 12 hour days seven days a week, trained in
Someone said thered be a powerlifting the evening, and maybe drank a Bom de
meet in DaNang on a certain date (I dont Bom (Beer) or two later on.
remember what time of year, but 1968 or
9?) and we should do it. So several of us The Day in DaNang
decided that this might be fun. We had zero
equipment to train with, though. But the Come the day, we hitched a helicopter ride
SeaBee motto is Can Do, so we started out into DaNang and did the competition. Now
with what we had. this all happened about 1969, so I dont
remember what I weighed exactly, but 175 -
Can Do! 180# at 6 2 tall. I did a 400# squat, a 300#
bench press, and a 495# deadlift. (That
Sand bags. We had what seemed like deadlift has haunted me all these years.
millions of them, so we thought they could I was never able to pull 500# even in
training over the ensuing decades. All these all the advantages of bars that spin and
years and it just never happened.) Now, this weights you could slide on and off easily,
wasnt sanctioned by any organization or where you even knew what they weighed.
course, but we did have judges etc. and the But over the years, when things were less
bar and weights had been weighed. I doubt than perfect, I could always take myself
if things were certified for accurate, but at back to those times and think about those
least an attempt was made. Can Do days in the blistering heat or
driving rain and tell myself to suck it up
I never thought much about it until I came and get it done. Life lessons come in all
home and had real gyms to train in with shapes and forms I guess.

Photo: Chris Rice

Squats and Socrates of men who have deadlifted over 900 is
Vincent Tanner around 20 guystwo of whom have pulled
over 1,000. But if all youve ever seen are
Vincent is the owner of Ocean State Strength 315 pound deadlifts, you might not even
and Conditioning in Rhode Island. He is know how bad you are at 400. I once
studying Wellness and Movement Studies competed in a national meet in Columbus,
at Rhode Island College and has a minor OH and watched a man who weighed 181
in Coaching. Vincent is a certified personal deadlift a world record 795. Needless to
trainer through the National Strength and say, my 545 deadlift at 220 seemed kinda
Conditioning Association and has been a crappy after that.
competitive powerlifter since 2012.
How Much More Do You Need To Know?
If youre anything like I used to be, you
might not even know how bad you are. In a great article over on TNation (https://
Sorry if I just hurt your feelings, but its
true. Recently, I hopped in a pick up game pounds), Dave Tate posed the question:
of basketball at my colleges recreation How much more do you know about
center. Now, I played most of my life in squatting now compared to when you
school and CYO leagues but I was one could only squat 300 pounds? How much
of the worst players on the court in this more will you have to learn to squat 700
pick up game! And these were the kids pounds? I didnt appreciate this when I
who couldnt make the team at my D3 first read it it was written in 2001, and I
school. Imagine if I played in a game with probably found it for the first time around
D1 players, of which there are only around 2010. Which means I was squatting around
4500 in the country! Beyond that, theres 300 at the time. Ive since squatted over
the NBA D-League, European leagues, 600 a bunch of times in meets, including
the Olympics, and finally the NBA each a 705 squat in competition at the USA
progressively better and better than Weightlifting Hall of Fame in York, PA. These
the organization behind it, and each days, the question has an entirely different
increasingly more exclusive. The NBA, mind meaning.
you, has only 420 players. Seriously, the
difference between the best in the business Its hard to appreciate the journey to
and myself is hard to fathom. I laugh every mastery as a beginner. Once I finally
year when people rave that one of the top squatted three plates for the first time, I
March Madness teams could beat some thought I had squatting down to a science.
NBA team. People dont even realize I was the squat grandmaster of the YMCA.
I was offering people advice, wearing
Get Some Perspective! gym tank tops I bought on the internet,
cockily talking trash about other peoples
Well, lifting weights is fairly similar. A solid workouts if they didnt squat, and I was
goal for an average man is to build his an ass who didnt know jack. Thinking
deadlift up to double bodyweight. If you back, the checklist of cues I go through
weight 200, you should be pulling 400. With now before I squat would have made my
that kind of deadlift you might be one of head spin back then. The old me couldnt
the stronger guys at any box gym around even conceptualize the technical nuances
town. But for perspective, I believe the list that I have mastered now. I know now that
squatting 1,000 will take that much more John, once quoted Yuri Sedych, Olympic
experience and knowledge that I have yet gold medal hammer thrower, as saying,
to gain. If you improve every year, then you are
elite. (
You Know Nothing, Vincent Tanner! is-elite/) I agree. Stay humble always
be aware of the upper echelon of people
Socrates once said, All I know is that I above you, and look to them. Constantly
know nothing. Well, you know what? strive for improvement, and youll be ahead
Socrates is right. And it seems that the of nearly everybody else. Eventually, it will
more I learn, the more aware I become of be painstaking. Raising ones deadlift from
the vast unknown. 700 to 800 may take years. But fight, tooth
and nail, for constant improvement. Never
Mastering something takes time probably lose the thirst for knowledge, cause as
decades. And you might never get there. soon as you think you know it all, youve
But you must always try. My friend, Dan sold yourself short.
Photo: Vincent Tanner

Keep Moving! I figured it was just a kink that would work
Tom Barrett itself out over the next few days. It didnt.

Tom is an army veteran living in Schoharie Seeing the Doctor

County, New York, deep in the Catskill
Mountains. When he isnt writing about This was last spring, and when a month had
zombies or kettlebells, he enjoys competing gone by with the pain getting worse instead
in highland games and playing soccer with of better, I finally decided Id had enough of
his kids. He considers himself lucky, not being brave and made an appointment to
smart, and drinks milk. see my doctor.

Ive been injured many times over the After some X-rays and movement
last 20 years never seriously, at least assessment, I was connected with a
not seriously enough that Ive required physical therapist who did more movement
anything more than ice and time to heal assessment and gave me what turned
up. Ive never needed surgery to correct out to be generic advice for pain in the
damage Ive done, but Ive had my fair lower back. The pain improved but then
share of pulls, twists, sprains, and various plateaued, so I figured I had gotten as much
dings to deal with, some of them sidelining out of the the PT as I was going to get and
me longer than others. decided to stop seeing her. The pain had
diminished enough that I could squat a little
My most recent injury is one without and deadlift a little, and that was better
that sudden, What was that? moment than nothing.
before the pain sets in. For example, when
I twisted the muscle in my right lower back I was prepared to just put up with the pain
doing kettlebell snatches, I felt a pop before for the rest of my life as it wasnt usually
the pain came the next day. When I strained debilitating anymore.
the area around my lumbar region (doing
power snatch warm-ups with an empty bar For the months of July and August that I
of all things!), I felt the pull before was seeing the PT, I was sticking to all upper
the pain settled in the region a few body work from a bench because I was
hours later. scared to do anything else. I tried a light
barbell squat and a light deadlift a couple
This last one, though it gave no warning of times and, to be honest, I was so worried
at all. I just got out of bed one morning about re-injuring myself that I didnt notice
and could barely walk. I had to grit my whether I was actually making things better,
teeth and fight against a torrent of pain as worse, or no difference at all.
I forced my torso upright wondering what
Id done because I hadnt even lifted in a Eventually I got sick of doing nothing but
couple of days. The last workout had been incline bench and incline chest-supported
a kettlebell session, so it wasnt like Id even rows and threw caution to the wind and
used a lot of weight, just a standard 24 kg picked up a kettlebell. The swing, being the
model. Further, Im meticulous about form foundational movement for all kettlebell
now, because of the other stupid injuries progression thats what I tried first.
Ive gotten from not bracing my abdomen
or not leading with my hips. Pain.
Photo: Tom Barrett

The shearing force on the lumbar and sacral back where the pelvis meets the lumbar
area was just too much for my condition. spine.
However, I found that a clean was fine. A
press was fine, too. Even a goblet squat Oh, did I mention the sciatic nerve
was fine. It turns out the goblet squat was inflammation? This seemed pretty random
aggravating my condition, but I never knew to me, and it would happen without any
it until today. More on that later. provocation that I could detect. It appeared
that at random intervals my left buttock,
So, I had my training regimen for the next down the side of my leg, and left ankle
however long it took before I could train would get this intense searing pain that
effectively with a barbell again. Good old wouldnt stop, and the only relief came
standard from the old DragonDoor days. from anti-inflammatory drugs.
Pavel always said when asked how often to
lift: Three to five reps, three to five sets, In fact, one day i was doing goblet squats
three to five exercises, three to five times and noticed that my left buttock was an
per week. inch higher than my right when I was in the
saddle. Thats not right.
I went light with the 3-5 rule, lifting the
16kg bell 3-5 times per week, on occasion It gave me plenty to think about, and
trying to swing, but Id stop that nonsense when the next time came around for me
immediately as I felt that pinch in my lower to train, I noticed my left hip was kicked
out. I realized at that moment that Id I repeated this process adding weight each
been pressing for years with my hips out of time working my way up to 185. That was
alignment, pushing that hip out to support my first sign of actually needing to exert
the pushing motion instead of keeping a myself to recover the weight. I hit three
neutral spine and hip. sets of five reps with 185 and called it a day
for squats. I was elated that I had lost so
Wow, that was a big surprise. All those little strength. I mean a year earlier Id been
videos I shot of myself for movement squatting 335 for doubles, but I was really
analysis, and Id never noticed that hip expecting to struggle with 135 for a single.
alignment until I had the context of my I was very happy with 185 after a year off
high left buttock from the previous from barbell training.
workout. The only corrective work I knew
for that was to stop doing it and allow my Going through the same steps for
body to work itself back into a healthy deadlifting, I pulled up to a 225 for three
movement pattern. sets of five and decided not to push it,
called it a day with plenty left in the tank.
I started mixing in heavy (24 kg) days, then The sandwich I ate when I was done was
heavier (double 24 kg) days, and eventually the best sandwich Id ever had.
I was cleaning, pressing, and squatting
with a pair of 24 kg kettlebells every time I The next day, when I hang cleaned and
trained. My back felt much better, and I felt pressed, I hit 95 for three triples and didnt
like I was getting to where I needed to be to even strain. Again, it was far better than I
put a bar across my shoulders and pull one expected.
off the floor again.
Do The Next Best Thing.
It was a warm day (for upstate New York in
January), almost 40 degrees. It had been a What I attribute this retention of strength
mild winter, and that - I knew - was going to to is the kettlebell training. I once read from
be plenty warm for training. I was used to a friend, If you cant do the best thing,
lifting in near zero temperatures in winter do the next best thing, and thats exactly
in my corner of the Catskills, so 40 would what I did. I couldnt keep up with my clean
be no problem. and press, squat, and deadlift, but I could
kettlebell til the cows came home. Once
With 135 on the bar, I entered the cage, Id grooved a training system that didnt
dipped under, took a deep breath, braced hurt me, I just kept doing it until the time
my abdomen, pressed with my legs and felt came that I could lift with a barbell again.
the bar touching my upper back just about Im convinced that repeating the training,
mid trap and pushed. The bar came off the repeating the movements of squat, hinge,
hooks, so far so good. Focusing on keeping push, and pull even at a moderate weight,
my hips under me, I descended slowly, felt kept me healthy and relatively strong. In
no sliding or slipping, no crunching, kept fact Im sure if Id been injury free, the
my hips down and pushed up with my addition of swings and snatches with
buttocks. In full recovery, standing upright, heavier kettlebells would have kept me
no pain, no indication there was anything at my previous level if not pushed me
wrong, I racked the bar. beyond that.

Do Something! After I got up, she said: Let me see you
squat. I dropped down with my torso
What all this means is Do Something. Do upright and neck extended, and she
anything as long as youre moving and commented: See, thats a pretty significant
training the fundamental human movement turn out on your knees.
patterns. I consider a 185-pound squat
and a 225-pound deadlift a victory. I didnt Wheels spun and a ton of information fell
allow myself to rust, and I didnt have to into place. Remember when I mentioned
start over again where I was five years my goblet squats earlier? Opening up the
ago, with an empty bar just trying to learn hips is not for everyone, it seems. That
how to squat again. Im strong and getting external rotation was closing off my SI joint
stronger, and that puts me where I need to and pinching my sciatic nerve. Thats why,
be: in the Improving column. when I switched to double KB front squats,
the pain diminished so much. And thats
Now, about that goblet squat Today I also why, since I started my most recent KB
went to my massage therapist, and we cycle a week ago, the pain has been coming
were talking about movement patterns. She back. It looks like Im going to pull goblet
had hit a really sensitive spot right where squats out indefinitely and stick with
the focus of my back pain has been, just to front squats.
the left of the spine, right below the gluteus
medius. She said, Thats your SI joint. See A little knowledge is a beautiful thing.
how it closes off when I rotate your leg out? Never stop learning. Never stop lifting.
Thats where the pinch is coming from.
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