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3 Complete the text with one word in each

Use of English: Grammar gap.
It is very difficult to imagine what the future
1 Complete the sentences with the correct (1) __________ be like. Some people earn a living
alternatives. by predicting the future but if theyre predicting
1 Lets go out tonight, and Ill record/I am something that they think will happen in a hundred
recording the film to watch tomorrow. years time, theres no one to prove them wrong, is
there? I think that must be a pretty good job. In a
2 Whos coming/will come to the party? I hope hundred years time, when were all living on the
youve invited Eddie and Sam. moon, no one is going to say Oh dear. Jack Martin
3 Ive heard that Disney is going to make/makes got his predictions wrong back (2)
an animated sci-fi film sometime next year. __________ 2012, didnt he? They wont really
4 The instructions in the letter say that we are to be able to ask for their money back! If we look
wait at the entrance until someone will back 50 years and study what people thought (3)
come/comes to show us to the right room. __________ happen then, they didnt really do
5 Do you think that one day in the future well very well. They thought that everyone would have
have been living/be living on another planet? personal helicopters and eat tablets instead of
meals. That hasnt happened. So, what about the
/5 next 50 years? Im going to try to be a futurologist
for a moment and make some predictions for the
year 2052. The weather is definitely going to
change for the worse, and well all probably be
2 Find and correct the mistakes in the living in much smaller places. The population of
sentences. There is one mistake in each the world will have increased dramatically, and a
sentence. lot of animals will (4) __________ extinct.
1 I would phone Mary, but then she phoned me. Technology will continue to develop and control
Were planning to go to a concert tonight. our lives, and everything will be even faster than it
is today: computers, transport, cooking and so on.
Of course, well all be using robots to help us at
2 Im afraid I wont be completed the report by work and at home. The experts will have made a
the end of the day. I need another morning at lot of advances in medicine by then, but well all
least. be much poorer, so we (5) __________ be able to
afford to go to hospital. I think society will be
clearly divided into the people who have money
3 What time does the library close on Thursday? and the people who have not. Unfortunately, I
I must borrow a couple of books before it will think Ill probably be one of the have nots unless
close. I set up a business as a futurologist and get paid
for predictions that probably wont happen!

4 By Friday Ill have been working here for six /5

months. I have a party on Saturday to celebrate.

5 Ive just eaten some fish that tasted strange and

I think Ill be sick.


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4 Complete the second sentence so it 6 Complete the sentences with these

means the same as the first, using the words.
word given. Do not change the word
given. Use between two and five words. travel launch universe journey landing
1 Whats the arrival time of Gemmas train? 1 We had a terrible __________ to London
DOES because it rained heavily all morning, and the
What ________________________________? roads were very wet.
2 Ive arranged to meet Pedro outside the cafe at 2 I think theyll postpone the __________ of the
4.30. shuttle because of high winds.
AM 3 The astronauts had an excellent __________ in
the sea at exactly the point they had predicted
I _______________________________ the they would come down.
cafe at 4.30.
4 Scientists are uncovering more and more facts
3 Paul is working in New York for six months about the beginning of the __________ all the
from next January. time.
WORKING 5 __________ is very important and educational
Next March, Paul _______________________ for everyone. It teaches us so much.
New York.
4 The tickets were more expensive than Id /5
I didnt know ___________________________ 7 Complete the story extract with words
so expensive. formed from the words given.
5 The traffic is terrible, and I dont think its When Harry opened his eyes, everything was dark
possible to catch the train now. both inside and outside the spacecraft. His head
MISS was hurting badly, and his mouth felt dry. He
looked at his watch. He had been (1) __________
The traffics terrible, and I think we are
(conscious) for a long time. He reviewed his
situation. He remembered attempting to re- enter
Golaths orbit but he had (2) __________
/5 (calculate) his speed, and the spacecraft had
reacted by falling uncontrollably through the
atmosphere. Harry had tried to (3) __________
Use of English: Vocabulary (able) the automatic controls, but this had been
impossible, and the space craft had hit the ground
5 Complete the definitions with the heavily. Harry groaned. He knew it had been
correct words. You are given the first (4) __________ (responsible) of him to take the
letters. craft in the first place. At this very moment, there
was probably an international search going on for
1 An a__________ is a small object in space. him, and he knew he shouldnt (5) __________
2 A s__________ is made by man and put into (estimate) the anger of the leader of Agron.
space for communications.
3 A s__________ is a vehicle that carries people /5
and objects into space.
4 A s__________ s__________ is a place in
space where people stay and do experiments.
5 A t__________ is an instrument we can use to
look at objects that are a long way away.


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8 Choose the correct alternatives to

complete the text.
Ive enjoyed looking at the stars since I was a child 9 Read the article about a TV series.
and used my dads (1) ___ to examine the night Decide if the statements are true (T),
sky. In those days, most of the big constellations false (F) or not mentioned (NM).
were visible, and it was amazing to see the shapes
the stars made in the sky. I think my favourite was The Time Traveller who has Survived the
Orions Belt because it was usually quite clear. I Test of Time
also loved listening to my dads stories about the People have always been intrigued by the
constellations and what the stars represented. They possibilities of time travel, so it is not surprising
filled my (2) ___ almost more than the bedtime that one of the most popular science-fiction TV
stories my mother used to read to me at night. In series in the world is about that very subject.
later years, my interest in stars decided what career Doctor Who, produced by the BBC in the UK, is
direction I should go in and I have now been an also said to be the longest running sci-fi series
(3) ___ for ten years, studying the stars. They still ever, having started in November 1963 and, after a
fascinate me. However, what I find very sad is the break of about 15 years from 1989 to 2005, still
fact that young children today do not have the continues today. There have been 770 episodes of
same (4) ___ as I did to watch the stars. With the series! It is certainly a widely-loved and much
pollution, worsening weather and the effects of respected series, which has won awards all over
street lights, it is far more difficult to see the stars the world and is still appreciated today by people
with the naked eye any more. To see clear skies, in over 50 countries.
you have to go outside of (5) ___ areas and into So, why has Doctor Who survived the test of
uninhabited parts of the country where it is still time? One answer is because of the very clever
possible to see and marvel at the wonder of the writing involved in creating and continuing the
night sky in all its glory. series. Doctor Who is unique in that the central
1 A camera B telescope C glasses D microscope character, the Doctor, a Time Lord who travels
2 A dream B memory C imagination D thought backwards and forwards through time helping
people and challenging evil, has had ten
3 A astrologer B asteroid C astronaut
reincarnations. This ability of the Doctor to
D astronomer
regenerate himself in another body when death
4 A opportunities B luck C openings D times approaches has been built into the plot to enable
5 A grown up B built up C stood up D put up different actors to take over the part and allow the
character of the Doctor to survive as long as we
/5 wish him to. So far, there have been 11 Doctors,
the most recent being Matt Smith, who took over
from the talented David Tennant in 2010.

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Doctor Who was originally created for family 1 Doctor Who has been on television T/F/NM
viewing and has nearly always been shown at continuously since 1963.
prime time on television, most often on Saturday
evenings. However, it quickly earned the 2 Doctor Who has kept its popularity T/F/NM
reputation for being very frightening and in the due to the availability of the actor
early days there were complaints that Doctor Who who has always played the title role.
was too scary for children. It was giving children
all over the country nightmares! It is true that this 3 The element of fear in Doctor Who T/F/NM
side of Doctor Who has also been one of its has increased over the years.
attractions. As well as the most outrageously
4 One frightening aspect of the series is T/F/NM
monstrous monsters from other planets, with
that characters cannot trust things that
numerous eyes, legs, teeth, etc, the writers also
they and we know very well.
managed to create terrifying villains from the most
ordinary sources. There were the policemen with 5 Most British people know the name of T/F/NM
blank faces, the stone statues in a churchyard and the current Doctor.
the models in a shop window. These stories
captured the horror of the familiar becoming
sinister. And, of course, no one could ever forget
the Doctors personal enemies: the Daleks,
machine-like robots with scary mechanical voices,
threatening to exterminate everyone they met.
The series has terrified generation after generation
of British children, who traditionally watched the
Doctor from behind the sofa.
Surprisingly, Doctor Who was initially intended
to be an educational programme as well as an
entertaining one. The Doctor travels both back and
forward in time, on our planet earth as well as in
outer space. This gave the series scope to set
adventures in different time periods and different
areas, informing children about history, geography
and science. In the early days, a historical
adventure alternated every second week with a
future-based one. The Doctor has been seen at
important wars, in the Jurassic period and with
great figures from history: Victoria, Churchill and
so on. Even in recent times he has returned to the
French revolution and had adventures with Charles
Dickens, Agatha Christie and Vincent Van Gogh.
Doctor Who is so much a part of British culture
that nearly everyone you ask will be able to hum
the theme tune (the first purely electronic theme
music to be made), name the time machine (the
Tardis), describe and imitate a Dalek and say
which actor played the Doctor when he or she was
a child. Although absent for a few years, the
Doctor returned with a vengeance in 2005 and now
has a whole new following. The creativity of the
programmes writers and the status of the Doctor
as a national hero will ensure that he remains on
our screens and in our hearts for a long time to

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Listening Writing
11Write a story for a school magazine.
10 Listen to the extracts and choose
Your story must begin with these words:
the correct alternatives to answer the
questions. When Miles looked out of the spacecrafts
1 You hear two people talking about a weekend window, he could see a small light in the distance.
activity. What did the boy do on Saturday?
Write 180250 words.
A He went to an exhibition.
B He went for a walk by the river. _____________________________________
C He played tennis at the club. _____________________________________
2 You hear two people talking about a film _____________________________________
review. What sort of film is the review about? _____________________________________
A a horror film _____________________________________
B a comedy _____________________________________
C a sci-fi film _____________________________________
3 You hear an announcement at an airport. Why _____________________________________
are some passengers being offered a free meal? _____________________________________
A Because they wont get a meal on their flight. _____________________________________
B Because theyve been waiting a long time. _____________________________________
C Because theyve paid for it as part of their _____________________________________
4 You hear two women talking about a student.
What is Jenny studying at university?
A music
B chemistry
C biology
5 You hear part of a news broadcast. What
happened in Grantford last night? _____________________________________
A There was a bomb explosion. _____________________________________
B There was a traffic accident. _____________________________________
C Things fell from space. _____________________________________
/5 _____________________________________



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