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Switching to Automatic Scheduling
In this exercise, you’ll switch a single task from manual to automatic scheduling. You’ll then select all of the
remaining tasks and switch them from manual to automatic scheduling in one step. Finally, you’ll specify that
all new tasks will be automatically- scheduled.

1. Start Microsoft Project. Open Home Construction Project 2B from the course dataset folder.

The default Gantt Chart view is displayed. Notice the dates displayed on the right-side of the
Gantt Chart; they are likely to be the current date, not your project start date.

2. Click Assign project team members in the Task Name column.

3. Choose Task→Editing→Scroll to Task to move to the project start date.

Notice the symbols in the Task Mode column. Task 1 is manually-scheduled.

4. Next, modify task 1 to be an automatically-scheduled task by choosing

The Task Information dialog box is displayed. On the General tab, notice the
Schedule Mode radio buttons.

5. Set the Schedule Mode option to Auto Scheduled and click OK.

Task 1 now shows an Auto Scheduled symbol in the Task Mode column. Switching one task at a
time from manual to automatically-scheduled would be tedious. Instead, select all of the
remaining tasks and switch them to automatically-scheduled.

6. Point the cursor at the intersection of the row numbers and column names as shown below to
Select all Tasks.

Any command you execute now will affect all of the selected tasks.

Click the General tab. and are scheduled to start on June 16th. C. Notice the calendar on the right side of the Gantt Chart view. Follow steps A through C below to switch all remaining tasks to be automatically-scheduled. . 7. A B C A. All tasks are one day in duration. All tasks now have an Auto-scheduled symbol. Choose Auto Scheduled. Choose Task→Properties→Information 8. Click OK. B. Examine the task list. Let Me Try! Any command you execute now will affect all of the selected tasks.

Save the file and close it. Now choose Auto Scheduled from the options displayed. Choose Task→Tasks→Mode . to set the scheduling for all new tasks. . 10. Let Me Try! 9. 11.