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O,';ffi *,"""";",""'""'
1 What are some different
of knives?
2 Why is using the correct


Read the memo using knives,
- choose the correct ansers,
of the memo?
Wha is the purpose
of knives
to equest \ order
injury ,vith knives
to desoibe h to avoid
use of knives
C to remind about correct
difierent knives
D to explain h to identify

is instruction
2 Which of the follovving
the memo?
Throlv away damaged utensils,
for meat,
Do not use paring knives
C Maintain knives vith

D Use cleavers to cut bone,

knives vith the steel, bench knife?
We also had to replace
bench knife, Someone
tried to 3 What can infer about
use it vegetables unJ
U"nt the blade, Several
lt has many different
repair, Please do not
\Vere also bent and needed lt is best for cutting meat,
these for cutting anything, C lts design is similar to

D lts blade is not very sharp,

bread knife

boning - butcher knife Vocabulary

phrases (1-5) vith the
French knife @ Uatcn the ords or
definitions -,
kitchen knife
1_ knife 4 -- paring knife

2- utensil 5 _ bench knife

3- buicher knife

lvide, rectangular
blade for dividing and
for cutting vegetables
small, pointed blade
device vith sharp
for cutting meat
D heavy. curved blade
pe{orms particular functic,
s'mole oblect that
Q _ the blanks th the correct ords or phrases from Speaking
-_:e yord bank.
@ t partner, act out the
roles belol based Task 7.
l9d Then, svitch roles.
fork Freneh knife steel
],,f boning knife USE LANGUAGE SUCH AS:
I'm preparing ...
1^ slice the through bone.
Shou/d I use a,..?
L -cld the meat vrith ,vhile cut it.
that case, use ,,,
. need _ if t to get the meat off
:,at bone.
j crefer because it be used for so Student : are chef.
different purposes. to Student about:
5 reedanev to sharpen my knives. . ,Vhat are preparing
. luhat knife to use
t Listen and read memo using knives again. What h to use particular knife

is the difference betveen boning knife and cleaver?

**ft9 : are chef.

l_istening to Student about vhat knife to

Listen to conversation betaeen tnro chefs. Mark uSe.

the folloving statements as true () or false (F).

1_ The woman is removing the meat from the bone. Writing
2_ The woman does not need boning knife,
@ Use the memo using knives
3_ The man recommends butcher knife. and the conversation from
Task 8 to fill out the chef's note
to another chef.
$ Listen again and complete the conversation.

]hef 1: I'm getting these chicken wings ready. Should

3hef 2: , that ,von't . You're leaving the bone 2
_, right?
Ohef 1: That's true. But still need several pieces, so ' have to
3__the bone.
Chef 2: that case,4

, *

1: 5__
Ohef 2: Don't try to use the 6 _
butcher knife?
the bone. But
it's fine for the meat. Pat,
Chef 1: , thanks for your help. noticed used the vrong knife the
other day. Since are preparing

recommend that use

That's because