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Name: Nur Izatty Nazira Date: Day:

Binti Raymie

Year: 4 Theme: Things in the No. Of Pupils: 4


Topic: Reading Skill Duration: 60 minutes Time: 9.00 - 10.00 a.m.

Pupils name Type of Disabilities

Amalina Binti Said Slow-learner

Evenie Jonathan Slow-learner

Muhammad Sabaruddin Bin Zakaria Slow-learner

Fikri Shah Bin Saipul Autism

Lesson Summary:

Teacher asks the pupils to look around the class. Then, teacher asks them to name all
the things they see. Teacher emphasizes on the words that they will learn how to spell
for todays class. Teacher asks pupils to show the picture based on the thing she
says. Pupils learn how to spell the words by following the teacher. Next, teacher
distributes the multisensory reading aid to each of the pupils. Pupils learn to read by
placing their index finger onto the beads. After that, teacher asks the pupils to match
the pictures to the correct words. At the end of the lesson, teacher will asks the pupils
to spell the words given. Teacher also asks the pupils to praise themselves by
clapping their hands for themselves

Content Standard:

2.1 Able to demonstrate understanding of variety of linear and non-linear texts in the
form of printed materials using a range of strategies to understand the meaning.
Learning Standard:

2.1.1 Able to read and apply word recognition and word attack skills by matching with:

i) graphics

Pupils previous knowledge:

1. The pupils can name the things in the classroom.

2. The pupils know how to pronounce different letter.


By the end of the lesson pupils will able to:-

1. Know how to spell at least one word correctly.

2. Match the pictures with the correct words.


1. Pupils are able to read and match the pictures with the correct words.

Educational Emphasis: Thinking skill, constructivism, reading skill, contextual

learning, interaction.

Moral Values: Courage, brave, confidence & responsibility.

Teaching Aids: Multisensory Reading Aid, Pictures & Whiteboard.

Stage/Time Teachers Pupils Activity Language Teachers

Strategy Content Notes
SET 1. Teacher asks 1. Pupils listen Example of TA:
INDUCTION the pupils what and respond question: Whiteboard
things did they to teachers
+ 5 minutes 1. Can
see around the instructions Moral Values:
classroom. 2. Pupils name
look Courage,
all the things
2. Teacher lists around brave,
they see in the
down all the the confidence &
answers on the class? responsibility.
3. Pupils pay
attention to 2. What
3. Teacher circles the words do you Educational
the words that circled by see? Emphasis:
they will learn teacher. Thinking skill,
to read today.

1. Yes

2. Bin, bag,
desk, chair,

PRESENTATIO 1. Teacher asks 1. Pupils open Teaching TA: Pictures

N pupils to open the box in Aids
the box in front front of Moral Values:
STAGE (Appendix
of them them. Courage,
15 minutes 2. Teacher asks 2. Pupils take confidence &
the pupils to out all the responsibility.
take out all the pictures
pictures from from the box
the box 3. Pupils show
3. Teacher says the picture
Thinking skill,
the name of the when
things teacher says
randomly and the name of contextual
asks pupils to the things. learning,
show the 4. While interaction.
picture. showing the
4. While showing picture,
the picture, pupils follow
teacher spells teacher to
out the word spell out the
followed by the word.
PRACTICE 1. Teacher 1. Each pupil will Teaching TA:
STAGE distributes the get Aid Multisensory
multisensory multisensory (Appendix Reading Aid
20 minutes
reading aid to reading aid. 1):
each of the 2. Pupils spell out Moral Values:
pupils. the words Courage,
2. Teacher asks together while brave
the pupils to placing their confidence.
spell out all the index finger
word together onto the beads. Educational
while placing 3. Pupils spell out Emphasis:
their index finger the words
onto the beads. individually.
, reading skill,
3. Teacher asks
the pupils to
spell out the
4. Teacher guides
and corrects

PRODUCTION 1. Teacher asks 1. Pupils match Teaching TA:

STAGE pupils to match the pictures Aid Multisensory
the pictures from the box (Appendix Reading Aid
15 minutes
from the box with the correct 1): Moral Values:
with the correct words. Courage &
words. responsibility.
2. Teacher guides
the pupils. Educational

Thinking skill,
reading skill,

CLOSURE Cognitive Closure: Cognitive Closure: Word given: Moral Values:

1. Teacher revises 1. Pupils spell out 1. Beg Courage,
+ 5 minutes
what they have the words 2. Bin confidence &
learned today given by the 3. Pen responsibility.
by asking teacher 4. Book
individual pupils individually. 5. Desk Educational
to spell out the 6. Door Emphasis:
words. Social Closure: 7. Glue
Thinking skill,
1. Pupils 8. Board
Social Closure: congratulate 9. Clock
reading skill,
1. Teacher each other and 10. Chair
congratulates clap their
the pupils and hands.
asks them to
each other by
giving an
applause for