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Undergraduate Thesis
Submitted to the Faculty of the
Department of Information Technology
Cavite State University
Bacoor, Cavite

In partial fulfilment
of the requirements for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


April 2017


An undergraduate thesis submitted to the faculty of the Department of Information Technology,

Cavite State University, Bacoor City, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Contribution No. ____, prepared under the
supervision of Ms. Donna Montallana.


Online Gender Sensitivity and Guide Tutorial for Kids and Teens, is helpful for kids and

teens to help them nourish their knowledge in terms of use of some things according to their

genders. So, that they can specifically on learn how to dress properly, use of things like

accessories, shoes, and such things that male and women would differ from each other.

Many children encounter issues such as they pretend to do what elders do, like

mistaken or wrong doings of outfits of elders that is not fit to wear on children. Problems like

they mistakenly see man wear womens attire, or vice versa. They should know how to wear

right according to their gender. The lack of parents to their children is not taught properly, they

actually since childhood. They do not allow time to teach them how to act and correct use for

women or men.
In order to solve this problem, Online Gender Sensitivity and Guide Tutorial for Kids

and Teens help children to make them use of right things according to their gender relation.

Statement of the Problem

Through the study, the proponents will provide solutions to the problems encountered by

the Online Gender Sensitivity and Guide Tutorial for Kids and Teens. Specifically the study

seeks to answer the statements that go on by:

1. What are the problem being encountered at school or home?

2. How will the identified problems of the school or home be analyzed?

3. How will the propose system be design?

4. What are the tools and materials that might use in order to create a Website with

gender reference tutorial?

5. How does the system will be evaluated?

Theoretical Framework

Online Gender Sensitivity and Guide Tutorial for Kids and Teens has three modules.

Information module, Comment/suggestion module, and Online update module, which are

capable of providing accurate and efficient information. The administrator has the overall control

of the system to keep the information updated. The administrator is solely allowed to handle all

given information.

The first module is the Information Module wherein the administrators is the only in

charge to update all information of the proposed system.

The second module is the Comment/Suggestion Module in which provides the viewer to

access and to suggest in said system. This module can be accessed by anyone. It also includes the

viewing of summery of comments and suggestion. Wherein the administrator has only the

authority to delete the other comment or suggestion and can be viewed by anyone.

The last module is the Online Update Module in which provides all the updates in the

system. Including new information, new system offer and new updates about the system. This

module can be viewed by anyone, but only the administrator can access all update information

this system.

Online Gender
Sensitivity tutorial and
guide for kids & Teens.

View Information Information

Module View Information
Teacher/Parents Can comment or suggest
Display Information

and Display all comments and suggestion
Module Can comment and suggest

Display Updates Online Update

Module View Latest Update

Manage and Update

all Information
Data Request/
Information Stored

Data Base

Figure 1.1 Theoretical Framework of Online Gender Sensitivity

Tutorial and Guide for Kids and Teens.
Significance of the Study

This study will uplift the technological standard of any schools by the means of a website

which contains essential gender tutorial and guide and interface. The study will be a promotional

tool letting all the important Tutorial a gender for kids. This study also lessens the amount of

paperwork that is needed when releasing different types of information like how women or men

right job, how women or men proper dressed up and the difference of women to men.

To the target users, the kids & Teens, this study will save their time and by organizing

all their important information all in one website without having to use books and other

reference. Also, this study provides the kids all their needed information about gender reference

tutorial and guide.

To the Parents, this web based system help the parents to compile information about

what they kids need to learn about genders, they also help about the proper manner of a kids, and

to guide their kids in terms of gender problem.

To Future Researchers, this study will serve as a reference for future studies that may

be related to website development, online gender reference tutorial and guide for kids.
Objectives of the Study

The general objective of this study is to improve the kids and parents by means of online

tutorial about gender which will be obtained by providing a reliable informations by means of

creating a website.

Specifically, the study aims to:

1. Develop a website for Kids to help them to identify proper gender.

2. Develop a web-based, data-driven application for kids.

3. Create a more time efficient system for online Tutorial about gender.

4. Develop a web-based, Online Gender Reference tutorial and guide for kids.

5. Utilize a database Management System that is a capable of storing and retrieving


6. Be able to generate timely reports for decision making.

Scope and Delimitation of the study

This study only cover the making of a website with all the relevant gender information

that include the proper dressed up, gender manner, kinds of gender and the proper tutorial for

kids. The Online gender sensitivity tutorial will only consist of the following features: a full

information about gender, manners and personality.

The Online Gender Sensitivity and Guide Tutorial for Kids and Teens, interested the

parents and kids, will be an online tutorial and proper guide. Instructions how kids operate the

system and how to visit the website, how to check the summery of their information and what

our site offered. And this is only applicable for day care schools only and all that were not

mentioned in the scope will not be included in this study and will only be limited to the

website, the online gender reference tutorial and guide for kids.


The study was conducted in the day care schools and the requirements were perfected in

Cavite State University Bacoor Campus. The project subject to the students research endeavors

is limited only to technological aspects, other transactions not connected to the study will not be


Research Design

The descriptive qualitative method of research was used in the study. The descriptive

method requires data gathering of reliable, adequate and accurate findings of the study. The

research instruments used in this study were interviews and surveys. Under this method, the

group will formulate essential questions that will supply needed information to conduct the

study. It will help the group to find out the current conditions, situations and practices that the

day care schools has.