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_______ being very rich, he never shows off.

a. Other than c. Instead
b. Despite d. Otherwise

I am not feeling well,_____________I will come to the party.

a. because c. since
b. however d. unless

_____________ I had my lunch, I didnt miss Pizza.

a. Although c. Finally
b. Moreover d. Already

She never helps anyone _________ having a lot of money.

a. otherwise c. inspite of
b. however d. instead

You shouldnt go out __________ its raining heavily.

a. for c. because
b. already d. but

My mother _______ I went to the market for shopping.

a. or c. either
b. neither d. and

Thomas was not telling the truth. ________ he was shouting at me.
a. Provided c. Although
b. Moreover d. In order to

Please come on time, _________ we may miss the flight.

a. otherwise c. so
b. therefore d. but

We should avoid oily food ____________ be healthy.

a. finally c. consequently
b. in order to d. for

I will give you my car _____________ you come back before 5o clock.
a. as c. although
b. because d. provided

11. ___________my mother was sleeping, I prepared tea on my own.

a. As c. Besides
b. Unless d. Despite
12. He apologised _______ his bad behavior.
a. for c. since
b. because d. as

13. He was satisfied ________ not overjoyed.

a. yet c. as
b. but d. still

14. ___________ his sister, he is very naughty.

a. Likely c. Unlike
b. Similar d. Differently

15. After months of studying hard, Meeta ____________ cleared IAS examination.
a. initially c. consequently
b. therefore d. finally

16. ____________ it is very cold there, we have postponed our visit.

a. Since c. Due to
b. Yet d. Because of

17. Radha knows French; ______________, we have selected her to head our operations in France.
a. therefore c. moreover
b. otherwise d. provided

18. Mohan worked very sincerely and was ______________ promoted.

a. yet c. although
b. besides d. consequently

19. ____________ my family, I will also invite my close friends on my anniversary.

a. Aside c. Besides
b. Despite d. In spite of

She has some shoes, none of them are comfortable for brisk walking.
Ones cant eat their cake have it too.
I want to know how customers decide to buy not to buy a new car.
And or
Yet nor
I lent my friend $10 yesterday, her wallet was lost.
My brother and I visited the zoo last week, we took some photos.
The candidate didnt show up for the interview, the HR manager crossed her off the list.
Bobby really hates cold water, he attends swimming lesson twice a week in the morning.
My employer refused to accept my resignation, did he raise my salary.
I want to buy a new car, Im planning to trade in my current car.


Our new classmate is not bad; , hes very kind.

The more you prepare yourself for the Job Interview, stress you may feel.
the more
the less
Neither Indah her friends ate lunch here yesterday.
To stay to leave your job is your prerogative.
It wasnt my will, yours.
but also
Kim eats many egg whites before work out he wants to gain weight.
so that
you gave him 10 great reasons to never give up, he wouldnt listen.
even though
Sammy had someone handle her passport he went to abroad.
The used car is very cheap; , I want to buy it.
The weather was cold, Bobby wore a jacket and gloves.

rather | rather = adverbial conjunction (contrast)
the less | the more the less = correlative conjunction
nor | neither nor = correlative conjunction
or | or = coordinate conjunction (alternative)
but | not but = correlative conjunction
because | because = subordinate conjunction (contrast)
even though | even though = subordinate conjunction (contrast)
before | before = subordinate conjunction (time)
therefore | therefore = adverbial conjunction (result)
so | so = coordinate conjunction (result)

Nomor 1
What did your father say when you told him you had lost all your money?
He was so angry ... he couldn't say anything
A. therefore
B. after
C. that
D. so
E. when
Nomor 2
Why didn't you print your report at home?
I ran out of ink for my printer. It's .... expensive that I can't afford it.
A. such
B. very
C. so
D. such an
E. very much
Nomor 3
Mom, why do you insist on my wearing a jacket?
.... I'm sure it's going to be very cold
A. until
B. since
C. although
D. So that
E. even though
Nomor 4
... there people have died of cholera, the old people of the village refused to get an injection against it.
A. although
B. because
C. in spite of
D. since
E. as
Nomor 5
All the members of the parliament applauded ... the president was walking to his seat.
A. even though
B. although
C. as
D. otherwise
E. while
Nomor 6
He said that he had spent all his money on books, ..... , he could have taken his girlfriend to a good restaurant.
A. moreover
B. otherwise
C. therefore
D. besides
E. yet
Nomor 7
.... The great invonvenience of travelling, many TV reporters went to the flooded area for their reports.
A. despite
B. nevertheless
C. although
D. where as
E. however
Terjemahan soal:
Apa yang ayahmu katakan ketika kamu mengatakan kepadanya bahwa kamu telah kehilangan uang?.
Dia begitu marah ... dia tidak bisa mengatakan apa-apa.
Jadi kata yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik adalah 'sehingga'. Pada soal terdapat kata 'so' atau 'sehingga', jadi untuk
melengkapi soal diatas cukup ditambah kata 'that'.
Jawaban: C
Pada soal diatas terdapat kata 'that' sehingga untuk mengisi titik-titik adalah 'so'.
Jawaban: C
Terjemahan soal:
Ibu, mengapa ibu bersikeras agar saya menggunakan jaket?
.... Ibu yakin itu sangat dingin
Jadi kata yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik adalah 'karena' atau 'since'.
Jawaban: B
... ada orang meninggal karena kolera, orang-orang tua di desa menolak mendapat suntikan antikolera.
Jadi kata yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik adalah 'walaupun' atau 'although'.
Jawaban: A
Semua anggota parlemen bertepuk tangan .. presiden sedang berjalan ke tempat duduknya.
Jadi kata yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik adalah 'ketika' atau 'while'.
Jawaban: E
Dia mengatakan bahwa dia telah menghabiskan seluruh uangnya pada tabungan, .... , dia bisa membawa pacarnya ke
restoran yang bagus.
Jadi kata yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik adalah 'jika tidak' atau 'otherwise'.
Jawaban: B
.... ketidaknyamaan perjalanan, banyak reporter TV pergi kedaerah banjir untuk laporan mereka.
Jadi kata yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik adalah 'meskipun' atau 'despite'.
Jawaban: A
Jack : Hi Daniel! Can you see the girl who read the book over there?
Daniel : Yes, the girl reading the book over there is my sister.
A. On
B. To
C. For
D. Who
2.Jack : How long you are in relationship with your girlfriend?
Daniel : I have been in relationship ......... in junior high school.
A. Since
B. At
C. While
D. When
3. Jack : What do you think about the girl?
Daniel : I think she is smart........ beautiful.
A. Or
B. But
C. And
D. Who
4. Jack : Hi Daniel! What the food you like?
Daniel : I like not only American food........... Asian food.
A. Neither
B. Either
C. But
D. But also
5. Jack : Who will go to bookstrore today?
Daniel : ........ Yuli and Yulfi will go to Bookstore.
A. Neither
B. Both of
C. For
D. Who
6. Jack : How can she forgive me?
Daniel : You will be forgived........ you can keep your promise .
A. When
B. To
C. As long as
D. Who
7. Jack : I dont respect to her because she has make me broken heart.
Daniel : Keep you faithful ..........she is your ex-girlfriend and our classmate.
A. While
B. Because
C. For
D. However
8. Jack : I dont be sure that he is who has stolen my handphone.
Daniel : So do I, but........... he has done it.
A. Generally
B. In fact
C. For
D. Although
9. Jack : Why we need to care her?
Daniel : It is............ make her be healthy in fast anymore.
A. In order to
B. To
C. For
D. Who
10. Jack : Where she come to my house?
Daniel : Perhaps, she will come to your house......... finish the job.
A. Before
B. After
C. For
D. Who
Jawaban: D. Kenapa jawabannya D = Who? Ini merupakan salah satu fungsi dari kata sambung untuk menghubungkan sub
clause. Atau banyak juga yang mengatakan bahwa kalimat tersebut biasanya dihubungkan oleh kata sambung yang disebut
dengan subordinating conjunction. Dengan kata lain, lebih jelasnya bahwa kata penghubung ini berfungsi untuk
menghubungkan antara induk kalimat dengan anak kalimat.
Jawaban: A. Kenapa jawabannya A = Since? Ini juga masuk pada subordinating conjunction. Dalam soal diatas kita bisa
lihat bahwa Jack menanyakan mengenai berapa lama hubungan Daniel dengan pacarnya. Kemudian Daniel menjawab
bahwa dia sudah menjalin hubungan dengan pacarnya itu sejak dia masih duduk di bangku SMP.
Jawaban: C. Kenapa jawabannya C = And? Nah, untuk tipe soal diatas, bentuk conjunction atau kata sambung yang
digunakan adalah coordinating conjunction. Dalam hal ini, kita bisa coba lihat bahwa memang antara smart dan
beautiful kedudukannya sama seperti yang sebelumnya ditunjukan oleh pemilihan kata is, maka dengan demikian pilihan
paling cocok adalah and
Jawaban: D. Kenapa jawabannya D = But Also? Pilihan yang sangat cocok memang but also karena itu masuk pada jenis
coordinating conjunction. Hal yang sebaiknya bisa kita pahami dengan baik adalah bahwa ketika dalam sebuah kalimat
ada not only, maka pasti sudah menjadi kesepakatan bahwa hal itu harus diikuti dengan kata but also.
Jawaban: B. Kenapa jawabannya B = both of? Kemudian pilihan yang memang cocok untuk dipilih adalah both of. Itu
karena memang sama seperti not only dan but also, juga harus bisa dipahami bahwa ada rumus coordinating conjunction
juga yang populer dan banyak digunakan yakni both of.... and ....... Nah, jika kita paham akan rumus itu, maka ketika ada
pertanyaan yang berhubungan, maka jawabannya tidak akan salah.
Jawaban: C. Kenapa jawabannya C = As long as? Kata as long as ini memiliki makna tertentu yaitu asalkan atau selama.
Nah, maksud dari kalimat diatas adalah ketika Jak bertanya mengenai apa yang bisa dia lakukan agar dia (seseorang yang
tidak disebutkan) bisa memaafkannya. Kemudian, Daniel menjawab bahwa Jack pasti akan dimaafkan asalakan mau minta
maaf dan menjaga janji di kemudian hari.
Jawaban: D. Kenapa jawabannya D = However? however ini sebetulnya menjadi salah satu bentuk kata sambung
conjunction yang menyatakan keterangan. Dengan kata lain, conjunction seperti ini biasanya disebut juga dengan
conjuntive adverb. Ada banyak sekali jenis adverb yang bisa digunakan memang beberapa diantara yang lainnya adalah
morever, likewise, otherwise, next, after all, dan yang lainnya.
Jawaban: B. Kenapa jawabannya B = In fact? Nah, ini merupakan salah satu pilihan yang memang sangat cocok untuk
digunakan karena memang sesuai dengan apa yang seharusnya diisi pada kolom titik tersebut. Ini masih masuk juga pada
jenis conjunction yang memang menunjukan keterangan dari apa yang disebutkan atau diungkapkan dalam kalimat tersebut.
Jawaban: A. Kenapa jawabannya A = In order to? Nah, ini menjadi pilihan yang tepat juga karena memang arti dari in
order to itu adalah agar. Sebetulnya, selain itu, kita juga bisa mengungkapkan in order that, namun karena di dalam soal
diatas ada verb pertama setelah titik-titik, maka yang paling cocok untuk digunakan adalah in order to.
Jawaban: B. Kenapa jawabannya B = After? Jika melihat soal demikian, maka cara terbaik adalah dengan mengetahui
beberapa arti dalam pilihan ganda yang tersedia. Selain itu, sebaiknya memang kita bisa memahami dengan seksama juga
logika dari kalimat tersebut. Dari kalimat nomor dua itu, maka jawaban yang paling benar berdasarkan kalimat diatas adalah
1. Sammy had someone handle her passport ... he went to abroad.
a. when
b. before
c. whenever
2. A power failure occured, ... the lamps went out.
a. then
b. so
c. for
3. I forgot my coat, ... i got very cold
a. so
b. as a result
c. for
4. It was raining, ... I decided not to go camping.
a. so
b. altough
c. but
5. The material has been cut, ... the pieces have been sewn together.
a. so
b. and
c. for
6. The mail carrier has already delivered the mail, ... the letter is not going to arrive today.
a. but
b. or
c. as
7. To stay ... to leave your job is your prerogative.
a. nor
b. or
c. for
8. Kim eats many egg whites before work out ... he wants to gain weight.
a. so that
b. because
c. for
9. I can trust neither the manager ... his secretary.
a. for
b. so
c. nor
10. My supervisor called him ... me to meet in his office.
a. but
b. and
c. so
11. Mr. Adam is respected for researching issues ... seeking practical solutions.
a. and
b. yet
c. or
12. The boss said yesterday ... production in this department was down fifty percent.
a. when
b. that
c. if
13. You can come to my house ... you want.
a. whenever
b. while
c. before
14. The man drove ... he was an F-1 racer.
a. if
b. because
c. as though
15. She cooks by herself ... her family gets the best nutrition.
a. because
b. altough
c. so that
16. ... Yunika had free time during last holiday, she rearranged her house.
a. Because
b. That
c. Though
17. Neither Indah her friends ate lunch here yesterday.
a. but
b. nor
c. yet
18. ... the boy bought a PS3, he forgot to study.
a. Since
b. That
c. Although
19. We should be polite and pleasant ... we live.
a. wherever
b. when
c. while
20. ... Im annoyed, I try to think positively.
a. for
b. as
c. although
Jawab : b Jawab : b Jawab : a Jawab : a Jawab : b Jawab : a Jawab : b Jawab : a Jawab : c Jawab : b Jawab : a Jawab : b
Jawab : a Jawab : c Jawab : c Jawab : a jawab : b Jawab : a jawab : a jawab : c