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2 Puzzles

1 Reorder the letters to make family words.


G R A N D P A 1 d a n p a g r
2 2 d d a

3 e h r b t o r
4 e c l u n
5 n u t a
6 t e s i r s
6 7 n i s u c o

7 What is word number 8?

2 Match the questions and answers.

Is your brother a singer? No, you arent.

1 Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Yes, I am.

2 Is the movie good? No, he isnt.

3 Are your friends at school? Yes, she is.

4 Am I a terrible singer? No, it isnt.

5 Is your aunt from Australia? Yes, they are.

3 Find the question words in the word snake.

Then complete the questions with the right words.

d howoldinn
ns w
wh he

aw me r

here t

How old ?
1 is your moms name?
2 is your English teacher?
3 is your birthday?
4 are your parents from?

4 The other letters in the word snake make a question.

Write the question and answer it.

Starter Printable Oxford University Press 2015

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