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Agreement for Permanent Placements

Reference: - Offer to provide placement assistance to your


I wish to inform you regarding the terms and conditions and the
proposed search and placement fee charged by my company towards
the services provided by it.


i). These terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted by the

client by virtue of the employment of the candidate.

ii). No variation or alternation to these terms and conditions shall be

valid unless approved in writing by one month's written notice
from either party.


Based On The Requirements Of The Company For Various Positions,

The Agency Will Identify Appropriate Persons Through Either Any One
Or A Combination Of Means Such As External Advertising, In House
Search Of Existing Data Bank And Headhunting. After In House
Assessments Of The Relevant Skills And Interviews, The Agency Will
Send Resumes Of Short Listed Appropriate Candidates To The Company
For Their Review. Based On The Companys Input, The Agency Would
Arrange For Interviews With Company Personnel.

To Facilitate The Above The Company Will :-

For All Positions, Define And Provide The Agency, Recruitment

Criterion For Each Of The Job Family.
Designate An Executive Who Would Be A Person Of Authority, To
Facilitate Day-To-Day Coordination.
Provide The Agency A Quarterly Rolling Plan Of Their Staffing
Requirements, Along With The Job Specifications At The Beginning Of
Every Month.
Inform The Agency Of Any Duplication Of Candidates Within Two Days
Of Receipt Of The Candidature.
Treat All Information Regarding Technology, Tests, Processes Etc. In
Strictest Confidence. Notification and Settlement of Terms:

i). In the event that the candidate is accepted by the client, the
client is requested to notify me. and provide details regarding the
remuneration and the joining date of the candidate.On the
receipt of these details shall raise an invoice.
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ii). The client shall pay me for the services rendered, within 15 days
from the date of the invoice. The fee payable by the client is
calculated in accordance with total annual gross salary offered.

iii). The client must first authorize all expenses incurred and
reimbursable by the client. Rechargeable expenses will be paid
against reliable vouchers and receipts being produced.


i). In the event a selected candidate leaves employment on its own

a replacement guarantee will come into effect, provided the
candidate leaves before the expiry of 1 month from the date of
joining the client.

iii). In case the candidates referred by First. are selected for positions
other than the positions originally assigned to it, the professional
fees for such candidates shall be payable as detailed above and
in accordance with any and all original agreements.

iv). Candidates referred by, remain my candidates for a period of two

years from the date of original introduction to the client.


On Selection, The Company Must Give, Complete Breakup Of The

Compensation Offered To Enable to Bill The Company (Shall Be Kept In
Strict Confidence). In Case Some Of The Profiles Are Not Short Listed,
The Company Will Return The CVs To The Agency.

Upon Selection Of The Candidate Recommended By The Agency, The

Company Will Pay The Agency For The Services Rendered Along Terms
As Follows:
________ For Junior Level.
________ For Middle Level.
_________ For Senior Level.
15 days salary
The charges are 12.5% of the annual gross salary + as
services tax Applicable (for assignments above Rs 5 Lac
per annum)

1. For the specific Headhunting/ Executive Search Assignments, we

Charge 20% of the annual Gross Salary of the Candidate +
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Service tax as applicable

I thank you for the time and attention devoted by you and looks
forward to a mutually fruitful business relationship in the future.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,
Accepted (By

Asha Sharma

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