MRP Running procedure Dear , There are may be lot of possibility why it is not happening in PRD : 1.

Check in OMDU weather you have activeted MRP for plant .MRP has to be activa ted for plant level before creating materials in OMDU 2.*Planning files entries* is the first step which checks by the MRP during the MRP run. if no entries are found for the selected parts then MRP will not plans these parts. You can create/check the planning files entries from T Codes-MD20/M D21. If You have planning file entry , please check the consistancy in MDRE or M DAB -> select varient ->Press F6 ->u will get 2 options 1)schedule once 2)schedu le periodically if u select periodically u can schedule it by month, week,days,h rs..etc Basically, planning file entries are automatically generated for newly c reated materials with MRP views (with a valid MRP type) or materials to which MR P views are added at a later time. The prerequisite for this is that MRP has bee n activated for the plants under consideration. This implies that as long you lo ad your materials after MRP has been activated for your plants, then theoretical ly you do not have to create the planning file entries manually. The usual pract ice however is to schedule the MDAB and MDRE jobs as a one-time run after loadin g your materials. This is done primarily as a safety measure to ensure that mate rials are not missing planning file entries for any reason. If you are using the direct input program (RMDATIND) for instance (or a BDC prog ram where you might have missed the relevant setting) to load your materials and you have not flagged the 'update planning file entry' indicator in the input pa rameters, then you WILL need to run MDAB and MDRE once to create the planning fi le entries manually and check consistency. Schedule the planning file entry (MDAB) and MDRE (consistency check) jobs once a month or so essentially as a precautionary measure to ensure that NO materials are missed for any reason to be included in the planning run. It may not be required but then It is always prefer safety rather than finding out when it's too late in the game. 3.Check with Indicator -3 while running MRP in MD02/MD01 as Planning Mode .If yo u select Indicator -1, then it will be selected in normal mode . 4.Check wether MRP type are set to ND in MRP1 view .At same time , if u select S torage location MRP run Indicator -1 , then this materil in that storage loactio n will not be planned . Cross check all those points .Most probably the Planning file entry should be an issue .Lets check that one and revert back us. Regards JH