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Health is Wealth!

Money don't mean jack, If your Soul is wack!

Let's take Our POWER back! Say no Corporate Greed!

Say No to the broken system that still enslaves!
Say no the Hippocratic System that breeds disease!

Creation/Nature in its vital essence was and still has the potential to be Whole-istic,
sustainable, and self regenerating. Wholistic Sustainability does not have profit shares or gains
for corporation and capitalism. You being a balanced well cared for person is not their goal.
Established treatments vs Maintenance: The system believes treatment is pharmaceutical
chemicals, drugs, and surgeries. Partitioning the body off into quadrants rather than the whole
person. Their offers are nothing more than band aids and blinders to allow the person to
continue in the same manner as before without addressing the ROOT cause. People allow
themselves to be caught up in a system that does not serve the highest power. Drugs alter the
body, mind and natural balance. Prescribing degenerated, non assimilated vitamins. This
means that they are telling you take things like Centrum, Ensure, or Boost and they know your
body can not digest the vitamins from these sources. Not to mention the additives and sugar.
Surgery cuts off, bypasses or removes a part of the body. We are beings created with a spirit,
soul [mind] and body. On a larger scale families build communities communities come
together to make society and in turn complete the world we reside in.

Domestication and Consumption

This has been turned into a human farm. Simply being seen as cattle or previously
known as chattel. We are to them human cattle being milked of our energy and economic
profits of our labor in-come salary. That is why it known as food from middle english foode-
the root being fodder (fee)d the hungry. Feed the masses. Fatten up the population to fatten
up their wallets in all industries. They feed people Pharma/Medical, Food, clothing,
entertainment, etc. A continuous flow of life long Domesticated CONSUMERs. How many
of us can say everyone we know or meet has not been affected by diabetes (or sugar),
hypertension (or pressure), arthritis, cancer, some other debilitating dis-ease? Such compulsive
dis-orders. How many can say we most people live within their means and not to excess on
multiple levels. I have not yet met one person who said everyone they know is healthy. This
is a sad state of existence. Or Perhaps a means to an ends. For the Almighty is Omnipotent
and Omnipresent. It is our life choices that exhibit to the Creator what His Children chooses to
do with our existence. While it may seem easier and more convenient to go to the drive thru,
go see a doctor, pop a pill or a bottle, go thru surgery to cut it out or off, shop til you drop, be
entertained. I choose to prepare my own nutriments and feed my mind Righteous Ites. In
simple terms cook my own life giving food and abstain from ALL Vulgar entertainment.
Such as: Mu-sick, Idolatry, Tv/Movies, games etc...

Why are they call movies and non of us is movin (exercising) while we watch?
You gonna pay one way or the other. Pay for the food or pay the doctor. Packaged
foods are actually more expensive than natural food. Stop eating out at fast foods and
restaurants..Bad quality, Unsanitary foods, establishments. Being prepared by some (not all)
unbalanced people. Stop listening to western capitalistic ways of thinking that were not
designed with the best greater good for all in mind. This country was built on the backs of our
ancestors who were forced to eat refuse the garbage of those in power. Just as it is still
being built on our backs today. And people still eating their refuse.

The Human Farm.

While is is true that Africans were brought here to build this country; millions of our
fellow people (yellow, red, brown and even white) have been forced to been enslaved by this
demonic economic system known as capitalism. In order to create this so-called modern
advanced technological society. Health is wealth and just as crack was disseminated to destroy
the community so was the biggest drug of the world at large. Money $$$! Don't let it be our
demise stop voting at the polls where it don't make no difference. Vote with your dollars.
We can fight food deserts, poverty, pharmaceutical /medical industry. Stop depending
on these corporations and politicians to make the right decisions for us they gonna vote in
their own favor EVERY Time. FDA, USDA, EPA etc. They pacify and appease the people by
sponsoring programs in our communities with the blessings of the miseducation system and
higher education institutions. Which just equals to free advertising. Subliminal programming
of the SAME slave masters with the help of your favorite celebrities who are being paid off by
them to sell their products. You think Oprah, Michael Jordan, Beyonce/jay Z or Diddy cares
about you? Look at the messages these people send in their actions and commercials. It is not
called a (commerce)cial for nothing. Commerce is for to SELL. Wake up! If you ain't addicted
they don't make the billions! Repeat customers = Ca$h Flow. Slavery never ended it just
evolved. People think they made it cuz they have freedom to buy stuff. You got a car and
house note so you think you made it?

Truth be told the whole system is poisoned. It is a basic fact of reality now, as it was
then (Since we learned sin). To this current day we are experiencing the culmination of the fall
of man. The world has been on this path since the fallen angels taught man sin. In the
beginning, also at some points in time there are/were communion with Creator and creation.
But ego, jealousy, envy, hatred, blasphemy have sent us astray.

There is a saying, put your money where your mouth is. That is foolishness. Money
is filthy. In all manners. Physically and spiritually. The system is made of money; it too is
filthy. It is a diseased decayed shell of the grace The Almighty created. Etymology, especially,
of the english language is filthy.
Be Aware of the subliminal word play.
Con of the cons....
#1 (die)t
Start living! Stop [die]ting
Whole vs. hole Live vs evil Soul vs sole Pray vs prey Know vs no By vs. buy
Lived vs devil week vs weak Lead vs lead dessert vs desert Great vs. grate
Right vs. write Peace vs. piece State vs. state Change vs. change($) Power vs. power
Words form thoughts.
Thoughts form the choice in the mind.
Mind influences and forms body/spirit.

This is your state of being, people! However, Man has not done this on his own. Our Power
being debased. Debasing of the Vital essence of Life through language, society, nature, food,
water to cause further ruin. There are entities who have been behind the scenes [seens] a very
long time. They seek to destroy Creation and vault themselves above the Most High. To
debase Man to a lowly state, that we may never reach Righteous Ites on Earth or in Heaven.

We do have the power to change this one thought, one person, one family, one school,
one community at a time. Put your heart where your mouth is. Speak with love to the inner
self, each other and The Most High. Stop taking His name in vain. Because what we intend
has a vibe. What we speak has a vibe. What we do has a vibe. What vibe you sending into
existence? We didn't learn to live like this in one day. The way we live today is new to human
history. It has been only in recent generations. Our ancestors would not even recognized
what we are doing as living or eating as nutriment.

The disease are not always hereditary but the lifestyle more often IS.
Every day is a new day a new opportunity to reform the years of harmful habits.
Take small steps try everything or one thing.
Dont dwell on yesterday. Make a good choice TODAY!

Step 1. Eat more vegetables Even just a bunch of kale in a fruit smoothi!
Step 2. Drink more Water! Don't Drink soda it is poison, Literally!
Step 3. Stretch your body! Start small! These simple steps will grow !

Cook - From - Nature

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