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Republic Act No.

The Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998 Reconstitution of BFAR. Some Functions:
prepare and implement a Comprehensive National
Overview Fisheries Industry Development Plan;
Provides general principles, rules and policies issue licenses for the operation of commercial
concerning the utilization, management, development fishing vessels;
and conservation of fisheries and aquatic resources issue identification cards to fishworkers engaged
Strengthens the capacity of local governments to in commercial fishing;
utilize fishery resources and regulate such activities monitor and review joint fishing agreements
Establishes rules policies on commercial fishing between Filipinos and foreigners
Establishes agencies and governing bodies enforce all laws governing the conservation and
represented by different sectors to ensure the management of fishery resources (except in
protection of fishery resources through promulgating municipal waters)
Defines prohibited acts and provides for their other agencies:
penalties Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management
Councils (FARMCs)
Some definitions National Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
Active fishing gear - is a fishing device characterized Management Council (NFARMC)
by gear movements, and/or the pursuit of the target Municipal/City Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
species by towing, lifting, and pushing the gears, Management Councils (M/CFARMCs)
surrounding, covering, dredging, pumping and seating Barangay Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
the target species to impoundments; such as, but not Management Councils (BFARMCs)
limited to, trawl, purse seines, Danish seines, bagnets, Integrated Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
paaling, drift gill net and tuna longline Management Councils (FARMCs)
Passive fishing gear - is characterized by the absence
of gear movements and/or the pursuit of the target Prohibitions:
species; such as, but not limited to, hook and line, engage in any fishery activity without a license,
fishpots, traps and gill nets across the path of the fish. lease or permit.
operate any fishing vessel in Philippine waters by
Municipal Fisheries foreign person, corporation or entity to fish
fishing through explosives, noxious or poisonous
Municipal/City Governments substance, and/or electricity
shall have jurisdiction over municipal waters Use of Fine Mesh Net
may enact appropriate fishery ordinance Use of Active Gear in the Municipal Waters and
LGUs shall also enforce all fishery laws, rules and Bays and Other Fishery Management Areas
regulations and ordinances Coral Exploitation and Exportation
Muro-Ami, Other Methods and Gear Destructive to
municipal fisherfolk and their Coral Reefs and Other Marine Habitat
cooperatives/organizations Illegal Use of Superlights
given priority to exploit municipal and demarcated Conversion of Mangroves
fishery areas Fishing in Fishery Reserves, Refuge and
Registry of Municipal Fisherfolk Sanctuaries
determines fishing priorities Fishing or Taking of Rare, Threatened or
limits entry into the municipal waters Endangered Species
monitors fishing activities Importation or Exportation of Fish or Fishery
Commercial Fishing Violation of Catch Ceilingsa
Aquatic Pollution
License is required to operate:
commercial fishing vessel with their fishing gears Professionalization of Fisheries Graduates
pearl fishing vessel Fisheries Board of Examiners
fishing vessel for scientific upgrade the Fisheries Profession
research or educational purposes
fishery activity Upgrading of State Fisheries Schools/Colleges
fishworker or pearl diver