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Street Hypnosis (TM)

For The Next Generation Of Hypnosis Masters

How To Make A Lot Of Money
With Hypnosis Either Part Time
Or Full Time!
Street Hypnosis Masterclass
For The Next Generation Of Hypnosis Masters

How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis Either Part

Time Or Full Time!
Session 1: How To Begin

Making Money With Hypnosis

When you use hypnosis professionally, the more money you make the more good you are
doing. Therefore why not kill two birds with one stone, and get plenty of practice in, whilst
making a lot of money as well!

There are two basic ways to get a lot of practice and make money quickly as a hypnotist:

1. Become a stage hypnotist.

2. Run hypnosis stop smoking sessions.

By far the most common reason people see a hypnotherapist is to stop smoking. And fortunately
stop smoking sessions are

1. Easy to do.
2. A great way to get hypnosis experience in the real world and hone your skills.
3. A great way to earn good money part time or full time.
4. A valuable way for you to practice conversational hypnosis.

It is not unreasonable to comfortably earn over $500 a week just by doing stop smoking

The Big Secret To Hypnotherapy (The Set Up)

The big secret to stop smoking sessions, in fact to all therapy, is to set up everything beforehand.

Hypnotherapy starts at the first moment they see you as a hypnotist. A good first impression is
the difference between an expert and an amateur.

When you start doing stop smoking sessions, start off by giving yourself 2 hours to comfortably
run through the programme. This gives you plenty of time to do it at your own pace, without
getting rushed for time. Now in time, as you get more experience, you will be able to reduce the
time you need down to under one hour.

The moment you see your client, or you hear their voice on the telephone, you need to become
the hypnotist. Every word you say must be laden with you intent to put them in a trance and do 2
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
some good for them. You want to start their mind running, so that by the time they come and
see you, they will have done most of the work themselves already. Make everything you do
hypnotic, and they will be influenced by it.

How To Set Up Your Office

In an ideal world you would get an office space that is separate from your home. Maybe a spare
room in a doctors clinic or health centre.

The ones that are of most benefit to you are doctors and dentists office: both want to get people
to stop smoking, but neither have any idea how to actually do it so they are ideal candidates
to refer clients to you.

Your office should be clean, professional and relatively neutral which means you want to
avoid music or decorations that might make people uncomfortable (e.g. New Age imagery,
Religious icons or cult-like symbols.)

If you like, hang up your framed certificates and newspaper clippings articles about you in the
local press. This begins to plant the suggestions that you know what you are doing inside the
mind of your client, before you even say anything!

You may want to put a folder in your waiting room with these clippings, and also, most
importantly, testimonials. Testimonials are amazingly powerful, and youll learn how to get
them in the final session.

In the actual room where the therapy is done, all you really need is two fairly comfortable
chairs. If you have a horrible wooden or plastic chair, change it. Make sure it is relatively
comfortable and easy to sit/slouch in. There is no need to splash out on an expensive recliner
that can wait until your practice is making more money!

Professional Security Insurance & Video Records

Its a good idea to record your sessions on a cheap video recorder, and store the video files. This
is to make sure you have a visual record of exactly what happened during your session, just in
case someone decides to sue you.

Do get professional liability insurance. It should cover you for both your hypnotherapy work
AND in case your client trips on the carpet and hurts himself! In most countries the insurance
premiums for hypnotherapists are still relatively cheap.

Ask a lawyer about your local laws regarding hypnotherapy. In most cases youll be fine, in
some states/countries you may need special licenses or to call it something like coaching or
hypno-counselling .

Always stay within what is permitted by the law! 3
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
The First Point Of Contact
Most of the time your first point of contact with your client will be on the phone.

Whats selling you at this point is your voice. Your voice needs to be energetic and upbeat, and
that attitude of H+ Im a hypnotist, Im hypnotising you right now, and something wonderful is
about to happen to you.

Your voice is basically modelling for them the way they will feel at the end of the stop smoking
session with you.

Once you have this in place, you need to encourage the frames that you are an expert in stop
smoking sessions, and that you really know what youre doing. Create a great expectation,
without crossing the ethical line and actually promising that you will cure them.

Your job is to make it as easy as possible for your potential clients to make the best decision for
them: to see you, and quit smoking.

To do this just run through the telephone sales script youll find in session 3.

The Meet & Greet

When your client arrives, be as lively and upbeat as you were on the phone. Use your
passionate enthusiasm as a variation of the hypnotic blitz: the process is easy, its natural, its
worked on many people.

This will seem like idle chatter as you show them in to your office, but actually serves to
prime their unconscious for success.

Take them through the intake questionnaire (See Appendix), find out if they have any medical
conditions etc. Keep the files in case you need them in the future some countries require you
to keep these files for a certain amount of time, by law!

As you fill in the form together, keep up your hypnotic blitz, keep up your expectation building,
and keep them positive.

Reframe Fears & Failures

Previous Failures
After this you must deal with any other concerns that they may have. Ask them if they have tried
to quit before, and how. Typically hypnotists are the last resort, the last stop. You want to find
out what it is, how long it took, and what happened, why it failed. You will need to reframe
every one of those experiences to show this process will be different.

The main things people try to stop smoking are:

1. Patches and gum. Reframe They dont handle the psychological component.
2. Will power. Reframe Will power requires your constant attention, if you forget, then
you end up smoking automatically. We will go straight to that part of you that is making
you smoke, to stop it at the source! 4
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
3. Another hypnotist. Reframe Most hypnotists are generalists, I am a specialist in stop
smoking, and have a great system which works extremely well.
NB: find out what happened that triggered the relapse.
4. Other methods. Reframe We will speak directly to their inner mind to make it easy,
natural and simple to quit once and for all

Reframe Fears & Concerns

The main fears & concerns are:

1. What if I cant do it?

Use the will power reframes, and emphasise how easy it is when you dont need it!

2. What if I put on weight?

The reasons people put on weight is that they replace cigarettes with food. With this
method they will have no need to replace anything, so food wont be an issue. Also,
weight control suggestions are added to be absolutely sure.

3. What if I get withdrawal symptoms?

A lot of people find that when they use hypnosis to quit, they are so excited that they just
dont even notice the pangs. Nothing is left to chance, so you will also teach them the
powerful hypnotic craving buster and offer an emergency call line (these are discussed
in session 2 & 3) to bail them out if they need it.

In time, you can record all this information on a video which clients watch before their session
begins to save you time.

Reasons For Smoking

These are the things that they are afraid theyll lose if they become a non smoker. Your job is to
show that cigarettes cant give them these things. I.e. confidence, this does not come from a
cigarettes, its always been inside them. Do this in trance where your reframes make a greater

The Most Common Reasons (Excuses) For Smoking

1. Confidence
2. An excuse for a break (e.g. at work)
3. To celebrate something
4. Relaxation
5. As an end of the day ritual
6. Part of drinking something (typically tea, coffee and alcohol)
7. To accompany meals
8. As part of socialising
9. To avoid Boredom
10. Quiet time to think about things
11. To signal a time for them to have a private chat with someone (usually a spouse)
12. To concentrate on a task 5
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Smoking cannot give them any of these perceived benefits, so each idea will have to be
reframed in trance. You will also use these scenarios to test how well your session went (see
session 2).

Symbolic Associations
One more thing you need to check, which they will very rarely tell you about, is what
associations have to smoking.

These can be something like feeling cool, creative, independent or rebellious. Typically its an
ideal that they are trying to live up to. The unconscious thinks that smokers somehow embody
this quality.

So ask them what associations they have to smoking. Look for imagery, e.g. the Marlboro Man
who is a symbol of masculinity, freedom and independence.

Smoking Locations
Also get a list of places that they smoke in, i.e. in the office, at lunch in the park, at parties etc.
Make as complete a list as possible, ask for special occasions where they smoke, weddings,
funerals, divorces, stress etc, and add these to the list.

Get them to look forward to feeling great being in all these situations as a non smoker.

Motivation Fire Your Clients!

Does your client really want to stop smoking? How motivated are they?

Never plead with a client to quit smoking, make them do the work!

Prime Their Motivation First

Start off gently by asking why do you want to quit?
The three main reasons are usually:

1. Family
2. Health
3. Money

Other common reasons are general fitness (health), being fed up with it, negative social
consequences (bad breath etc) or maybe they received a recent shock, which has made them re-
evaluate their decision, like a friend dying of cancer.

Then Test Their Motivation

Next look at them meaningfully and ask

Are you absolutely sure that you really want to quit right now?! 6
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
There are only three possible reactions to this:

1. YES! If they enthusiastically say yes, then you are ready for the main session!
2. Erm Yeah...sure. their voice says yes but their body says no, FIRE THEM!
3. Umm, I dont think so. if they flatly say no FIRE THEM!

For anything other than total enthusiasm, send them away to really think about it!

If you like, you can offer to take them through a special hypnotic deep thought process to fully
evaluate what they want. I recommend you charge extra for this make your mind up session
as its not part of the stop smoking package.

It is crucial to Kick Them Out if they are not 100% convinced they want to quit. Most people
will be so shocked by this, that their mindset totally changes. When they return they will be a
pleasure to work with!

The Crossroads (Make Your Mind Up Session)

This is the process you take people through who are unsure whether than want to quit, and want
your help in deciding.

1. Explain to the client what you are about to do, and that the secret to this process is
getting them to really feel the consequences of a life as a smoker and one as a non-
2. Induce Trance
3. Create two paths that lead to the future:
a. One path leads to a future as a smoker which ends up with the absolute WORST
case scenario a horrible death, a destitute family, business failure etc.
b. The other path leads to a HAPPY & HEALTHY non-smoking future. The BEST of
everything comes true hear (health, business/career, family bliss etc)

4. Take the client down path (a) the smoking path. Build up powerful scenes of disaster.
Really make it emotional. Get them to describe the smoking future and make sure they
are FEELING it!

You may even want to ask them directly what are the worst possible consequences that
smoking could have for you? and then make them LIVE (or die!) through this. Do NOT
pull any punches, make this so bad they ask you to stop. [NB Smokers are really good at
dissociating from the effects of smoking - intellectual they know the dangers, but they
seal off the emotions so they can continue to smoke. You need to break down the walls
so they get to really experience what smoking really means!]

Once they are wallowing in the emotions, leave them there for a few moments, then take
them back to the start of the crossroads.

5. On the non-smokers path build up all the benefits they get to experience. Health,
wealth, family. As theyre body repairs, they become more healthy, and their life
improves beyond measure. 7
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Throw in all the positives, everything good, even if it isnt directly related to smoking.
Create a glowing, spectacular future for them, have them really living and enjoying this
future where they are glowing, they are basking in happiness.
6. Integrate the learnings from both paths, really marking out the difference between the
dreadful smoking route, and the wonderful smoke free path.
7. Ask them which path they want to choose.
8. Test them with the magic question: Are you really ready to walk down then non smoker
path, and be sure that that is the right path for you?! Some people will want to go home
and have a think things through more fully. Let them do that so that they come to the
right conclusion on their own.
9. End the trance

This process will take some just 10-20 minutes, whilst others will need as long as 45 minutes to
get the full effect.

Be sure they know that youll take care of the how, all they need to do is commit to the change,
to really truly want to quit.

Money Is NOT a Four Letter Word!

Always get people to pay, even if they are friends or family. If you do not want to take money
from them, have them give the money to charity. Paying money is a great way to ensure that
they take the session seriously at the right level!

Take the time to write down your framers, and prepare your questionnaire. Practice these on
friends and family, so you can get to the point where all of this is totally second nature.

Remember, allow an intense desire to do something positive to emanate from you. 8
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Session 2: How To Do The Stop Smoking Session

Whilst you are new to this Stop Smoking programme, give yourself plenty of time to run through
it. Do it slowly and methodically avoid rushing through any step for now. Really learn your
craft thoroughly. Once you are more experienced, you can think about speeding things up.

Induce Trance
There are three inductions I would recommend to start the official trance off:

1. An Instant Induction saves you a great deal of time, and allows you to spend plenty of
time on a thorough trance session.
2. The Non-Awareness Set should only take a few (3-5) minutes as your covert trances
should have taken them into a light trance anyway.
3. The Elman Induction is a quick and easy alternative to these two inductions. It only
takes 3-4 minutes once you have mastered it, and you can follow the steps in the
appendix if you dont know it!

Enter Their Reality

Piggy Back Statements (Truisms)

Start with general piggy-back statements which sum up where they have come from, and where
they are right now. For example: youve smoked for 20 years, your wife is pregnant, your want
to help your children, youve had enough

Piggy Back Suggestions (Hypnotic Frames)

Attach suggestions and hypnotic frames on the back of the general piggy-back suggestions to
move into the unconscious reality. For example: In the last few years your unconscious mind
has made a grave mistake. Your unconscious mind makes associations with things, and
sometimes these arent even logical.

Start Reframes
Now reframe all the reasons that they told you they had for smoking (cure for boredom, stress,
relaxation, confidence etc). For example: Now your mind has made positive associations with
smoking. You think that smoking gives you confidence, you think it gives you XXX, YYY and ZZZ.
[go through the whole list of their reasons] But smoking does not give you any one of those
things. That ability lies inside YOU already there is no confidence drug in tobacco, smoking is
just like the magic feather in the Disney film Dumbo [NB use a different metaphor for under
30s, not all will know this film!].

Optional Extra: Present Resources

For each, or just the major benefits of smoking, you can give them the same experience that
smoking used to give them, but do it with hypnosis. Relaxation, confidence, space to think &
dream etc can all be enhanced hypnotically and presented as a resource.

You can suggest the resource (e.g. confidence) directly, revivify it or even regress to a moment
they felt confident without cigarettes. 9
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Take each and every reason they give you, go through step by step and debunk every single one
of them and show how they can have all those things without the need for a cigarette.

The Change Ritual

Really any ritual at this point which gives the client a point of no return will create the change
now. You have already set everything up, the ritual is only there so theyre mind can hang on to
this moment and say now I have changed!

There are three basic Change Rituals I would recommend:

Change Ritual 1: Regression

Do not use regressions unless you are familiar with the technique. Remember that any
regression has the potential for triggering an abreaction.

If you can handle abreactions, then regress them to the time they had their first cigarette.

1. Have the adult watch the younger version having his first cigarette.
2. Take particular notice of the feelings of disgust, coughing etc of that first cigarette. This
means the body really does want to even start!
3. Get the adult to coach the child on how to say no to cigarettes. Eg: the adult can explain
just how horrible smoking can make your life.
4. If there are strong symbolic association (like the Marlboro man, or a cool friend that the
smoker was emulating) Reframe the Symbol. It is OK to want to live this dream, but
smoking will not help you. All the qualities associated to the Symbol are inside the
person (or teenager) already and smoking will add no value.
5. Get the adult client to show the teenager how to get all the positive results of smoking
(confidence etc) without the cigarettes.
6. Watch the teenager refuse the first cigarette like watching a film.
7. Get the to step into the scene and live through that refusal.
8. Really enhance the pride and self esteem they feel at having achieved this.
9. Reintegrate this proud teenager into the adult. Make sure that as the child begins to
grow up inside the adult version, that you talk them through typical formative smoking
10. Have them go throw all their significant smoking experiences as a non smoker.
11. At the end of this the change ritual is complete

Change Ritual 2: Symbolic Journey

This is similar to the dynamic (mental imagery) induction.

1. Choose a relaxing scene for the client (e.g. a garden, beach or forest.)
2. Have them imagine a door behind which the relaxing place exists
3. Have them step through the door. Get them involved by asking them to point things out.
4. Give them about a minute to enjoy and build up the scene
5. Introduce a gateway experience.

E.g. in a moment you are going to find an area of unique interest, it could be a path, a
tunnel, a whole in the ground or anything,. This will lead you to an area of deep
unconscious processing, will lead you to the place where you will find an unconscious 10
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
symbol of your smoking habit, which when you change your relationship with it will
make you a non smoker for the rest of your life.
6. Once they find the gateway, lead them through it by counting down, saying that when
you reach 1 they will be in the area with the symbol, totally at the deepest level of
unconscious processing
7. Have them describe this scene for you.

TIP: To prevent the conscious mind from interfering with the process, put some pressure
on them with rapid-fire questions like whats over there? Is it day or night, what can you
notice, 321 you know whats above you...
8. Find the symbol and interact with it. Emphasise lessons, learnings and of course
9. Allow the symbol to change from a smoking symbol to a non-smoking symbol. E.g. the
Marlboro Man stops smoking, a smoke fill room clears, a dark liquid become clean a
clear etc. What you do depends on what symbol they give you. Be really creative and
coach the client to create a solution. Remember: remove the cigarettes, BUT preserve the
essence of the symbol!
10. Bring them back to the initial scene (e.g. the rose garden.) Ask them how great they feel
as being a non smoker.
11. Leave the garden as a non-smoker.

Change Ritual 3: The Crossroads

If you are uncomfortable with the interactive nature of the last choices you can do the
Crossroads pattern from session 1.

Do not use the same process twice ie to make up their minds and as a change ritual. It needs
to be special and unique in order to qualify as a change ritual!

After you have done your chosen change ritual you are roughly about halfway through the
trance session (approx 30 minutes of hypnosis time). Technically you have finished, and they
are now a non smoker. The ritual has changed their identity from smoker to non smoker. But
here is the time to really ingrain this deeply within them.

Pause and Reflect

Get them to reflect on whats its like to now be a non smoker. Make sure they have noticed the
change really occur.

Ask What does it feel like, being a non smoker? then take their trance words and echo over
and over again.

Reinforce the change with congratulations, list the reasons quitting, and add additional
resources like pride, relief, excitement etc.

When they are really glowing with this you are going to elicit a freedom symbol, which is a
symbol to remind them of how great it feels to be a non smoker. This gives you a symbol which
becomes a mental trigger to feel pride, relief and conviction about being a non smoker. 11
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Test, Test, Test!
Once you have this it is time to test them. See if you can break it all apart. If it is going to break
down it might as well happen in front of you.

Ask them to imagine smoking a cigarette and see what happens. If they are repulsed and throw
it away reinforce this repulsion, do a few more tests, and really make sure they are not going to

If they said they still enjoyed the cigarette you did something fantastic. You can now teach them
live and in the moment how to use the Craving Buster to eliminate all cravings in a few

The key thing is you want to test them. If they pass the test fantastic. If they fail its great, you
have an opportunity to talk them through the Drop through Technique.

The Craving Buster (Drop Through Technique)

1. What you resist persists. The harder you push the more energy you put into it, and the
harder it gets to avoid.
2. Focus on whatever sense it is which makes them know they want a cigarette.
3. Divide that sensation in half. Then in half again.
4. Have them drop through that feeling and tell you whats beyond that.
5. Repeat step 4 to find what is beyond that again. Whatever they answer, keep dropping
through every state, feeling etc until you reach a clear state of mind.
6. Have them look around for their freedom symbol, and feel all the feelings associated with
it. Make them feel the pride from doing this process.

The Resource Blitz

Reasons For Smoking

Blitz them on the resources of being a non-smoker. These are whatever their reasons used to be
for being a smoker i.e. confidence, ability to relax, think clearly etc.

Reasons For Quitting

Also blitz them on all their reasons for quitting: e.g improving health, better work, family etc.

Weight Control
Also add suggestions that are going to deal with the whole weight and hunger issue. Emphasise
that they have quit, which is a totally natural thing done a natural chemical free way, and, if
anything, their eating habits will improve as well.

New Behaviour Generator

The only thing they havent got it behaviours to replace the smoking habit. You already know
when and where they habitually smoke, so talk them through those cases with them replaces
smoking with a simple, natural behaviours, e.g. breathing and feeling good.

Allow them to be creative and think of as many healthy alternative behaviours as they can.
Typically you want to run through each smoking scenario they give you (e.g. morning coffee, 12
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
after lunch etc) three to five times, replacing smoking with the new behaviours, particular new
behaviours that initially you suggest, but then they start to create their own responses

Remember to keep throwing in the weight control suggestions as well. This whole process
should take about 10-15 minutes.

The Craving Buster

Before you finish up make sure you officially teach them the Craving Buster drop through

1. Induce a powerful craving. Make them really tempted with the cigarette and feeling a
genuine craving so that they have something to drop through.

If you cannot induce a craving still teach them the method, just to be sure.

2. What you resist persists. The harder you push the more energy you put into it, and the
harder it gets to avoid.
3. Focus on whatever sense it is which makes them know they want a cigarette.
4. Divide that sensation in half. Then in half again.
5. Have them drop through that feeling and tell you whats beyond that.
6. Repeat step 4 to find what is beyond that again. Whatever they answer, keep dropping
through every state, feeling etc until you reach a clear state of mind.
7. Have them look around for their freedom symbol, and feel all the feelings associated with
it. Make them feel the pride from doing this process

Also teach them that they can use this for food, or for anything else.

The Saboteurs
The last thing you need to do in the formal trance is to defeat sabotage. Here are the chief

1. Other Smokers. Often other smokers may try and tempt your client back to the smoking
path. Teach them they do this out of fear and jealousy, and to easily refuse them and
feeling a sense of pride in doing so.
2. Stress. Just explain to them that really smoking is just going to add stress, which is the last
thing they need. You may need to teach them relaxation drills to help them relax
3. Curiosity. Sometimes smokers wonder what a cigarettes will taste like, so they try one
just to see. Tell them that this curiosity really isnt that important, all thats important is
being a non smoker
4. Arrogance. Sometimes people feel so confident after quitting smoking this easily, that
they feel they can requite whenever they want. Explain to them how silly it is to start
smoking again after all this effort to quit.
5. The Test. Sometimes smokers exercise very warped logic, and start smoking again to be
sure they have a non smoker. Explain to them how idiotic this is, and that the real test to
see whether or not this worked is to just not smoker! 13
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved

1. If any of these things threaten to sabotage their good work, just think of the freedom
symbol, and feel fantastic.
2. If that doesnt do it, use they craving buster!

End Trance
End the trance any way you like.

Post Hypnotic Blitz

Once they come out of trance they still have a kind of hypnotic after-glow. This is a perfect time
to reinforce your work with a Post Hypnotic Blitz!

1. Ask them what does it feel like finally being a non smoker.
2. Make sure they are sure they are never going to smoker again, ask them questions aimed
at reinforcing their certainty that they will never smoke again, ever.
3. After this focus on them intently, and give them one more Resource Blitz: include
suggestions about the Craving Buster, the Freedom Symbol as well as the regular
resources like confidence, relaxation etc.

Let all the e motion that has built up over the last few hours flow out of you in this last five
minutes, and leave them charged as a happy non smoker.

Optional Extras: Tasking

There are two types of therapeutic tasks. Those they do before the therapy, and those they do

Pre-Session Tasks
For example, before the therapy have them
1. Cigarette Jar - collect all the ash and all the butts that they smoke in the week or so
before seeing you, and bringing it to you afterwards. After the session mix up all the
horrible ash with water to create a type of disgusting slime, and show them that this is
what they have been putting in them all this time. You may even have them keep it to
remind them of their decision to be a non smoker.

2. The Diary - you can also ask them to keep a diary. A record of when, where and why
they smoked before you had them quit. This would have been a great pain for them
before they did the therapy, and its part of what begins to break up the association of
cigarettes with pleasure.

3. Cut Down - some Hypnotherapists like to have clients cut down and change the number
of cigarettes or puffs that they smoke between session etc. to cut down bit by bit. This is
done in multi-session therapy, not a one session cure like this. When you have to do this
give the suggestion that many people just quit anyway, and that theres no need to
continue smoking when they dont want to! 14
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
4. The Money Jar - have the client bring a jar to therapy. Tell them to put in the jar the same
amount of money every day that they used to spend on smoking. Have them watch that
money grow, so the realise just how profitable being a non smoker really is.

5. The Freedom Letters this is a great one for marketing. After the therapy ask them to
send one letter each day to friends and family, saying why they have quit smoking, how
easy it was, and how great they feel. This both reminds them why they have quit, creates
social commitment, and reminds people of you, the hypnotist.

Make sure that one of the Freedom Letters gets sent TO YOU. This is a great marketing

Client Resources
It is nice to leave your clients with some tools and resources to help them stay smoker free. Put
this in a nice pack with an Official Non-Smoker seal or certificate in it.

The Non-Smokers Handbook

1. Have the first item be a page or so congratulating them on quitting.
2. Then have a few pages breaking down the bad points of smoking, all the chemicals and
diseases smoking can cause.
3. Next talk about the direct health consequences of smoking, use the internet to help you
find these things out.
4. Make the next page the recovery schedule. There is actually a time line on how quickly
your lungs, your taste, your smell, your heart, your life expectancy all recover once you
quit smoking. Give this immediately after the negative consequences of being a smoker.
Show them how quickly they will recover now they have stopped smoking.
5. On the next page include a description of the Craving Buster technique.
6. Include a page about how rosy the future of a Non-Smoker is like a written form of mini
7. Finish the Handbook with details of the Emergency Call Hotline [if you decide to use

The Information Business Cards

With the package include a card with a summarised version of the craving buster on one side,
and the emergency hotline on the other.

The Emergency Call Hotline

This is a number they can call if they get into a jam and the Craving Buster doesnt seem to be

At the emergency hotline has a recorded Craving Buster that uses approximately 5-10 minutes of
mind bending language to get the job done.

The line is a premium rate number, so you get paid a little fore every call made to it. Make sure
the whole call is cheap enough for them to make a few times, but also costs them enough to
take it seriously. 15
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Tell them not to use the number unless its a genuine emergency.

How To Record The Emergency Hotlines MBLs

Essentially what you are going to do on the recording for the hotline is:

1. Pace their experiences (cravings etc)

2. Lead them through other experiences, their Freedom Symbol, their breathing etc.
3. Use mind bending language to really bring them into that non smoker reality, and leave
them there glowing as a non smoker.

The whole pace only takes 5-10 minutes to record. You may want to record 3 or so of them so
that you have variations.

The Relaxation CD
This months bonus induction will be that relaxation CD, with a trigger for relaxation on call,
and the induction of a nice relaxed state.

Craving Supplements
These are basically substitutions which last no longer than a week. There are several types of
supplements you can recommend to help the transition out of the physical addiction.

1. Glucose Tablets. These keep spiking their sugar levels. That little spike basically
maintains the happy chemicals in their body, which can mask any pangs they may

NB: Before recommending these check whether they are diabetic.

Also emphasise that after 7 days the STOP taking these tablets!

2. Sipping Water. Sipping water is nice and healthy, and gives them something to do with
their hands rather than smoking.

3. Lemon Juice. You can get small, squeezy bottles of highly concentrated lemon juice.
When they have a craving, simply put a couple of drops of this on your tongue, and
swish it round it totally destroys the taste sensation many smokers get when they have a

Alternatively dilute the lemon juice concentrate to the point where it is still very strong,
put it in a hip flask, and take a swig when you need to.

A third alternative method is to use unsweetened grapefruit juice for the same effect.

Now that you can do all you need to do to make sure your clients are happy, healthy non
smokers for the rest of their lives. Now you need to practice each individual piece of this
method. Make each piece into a mini hypnotic power loop, and practice them as much as
possible. When you do the entire process go through the checklist carefully and methodically. 16
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Session 3: How To Turn Your Time Into Cash!

A Force For Good

Remember that if you are making money you are doing a good thing in the world. Some
hypnotists do too many free sessions. If you do this too much you will eventually go bankrupt
and will be unable to continue your service. Therefore the only ethical thing you do is to charge
everyone, even if you give some people a discount.

With stop smoking sessions this is particularly important. People are spending their money on
this habit, so they can afford to pay you. All you are doing is taking a fraction of what they will
be paying in order to do the session.

As a rule of thumb price your sessions roughly the same amount as 1-2 months of smoking costs
them. This is usually about US$150-250 per session.

Lets say you are charging $200 for your sessions, and you see one client/day, Monday to
Friday. That is $1000 extra you can put in the bank!

Of course, you need to get your clients, you need to get people to hypnotise. And that is what
we are going to be doing today. It doesnt ,matter if you are the worlds best hypnotist, if no one
knows about you, you are not going to make any money.

Ethical Sales
Many hypnotists dont like the idea of a sales process, but the fact is your sales process works
very much like your hypnotherapy. Your clients will typically be nervous and worried before
they call you. Your job is to make your clients feel so comfortable with the results and the
process they will be going through that they will gladly agree to see you. This is about calming
their fears, and have faith that something is there that will finally work, and they are about to
discover it.

Its a bit like coaching someone who is afraid of heights up the steps, away from a burning
building. Its slowly and surely coaching them until they realise that they are safe, and the bed
things are about to fall behind them.

The Heart Of The Business

The heart of your business will be having clients, and charging them. In order to do this we are
going to use the Marketing Funnel.

Imagine a funnel leading into a bottle. You need to take your leads and convert them into
clients, like catching water in the funnel and leading them into the bottle. Now these clients you
get will come back to you in many different ways. The two main ways are:

1. Referrals. They will recommended you to their friends, so that you get more clients
2. Up-sells. If they like what you do for smoking they are going to see you for other issues.
This can extend to CD programs, seminars, training programs etc.

Ultimately think of clients as something you have for life, rather than a short term asset. 17
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
How To Create Leads.
A lead is someone who might be interested in what you have, a potential client.

The first mechanism for creating leads is the referral service. There are four main referral groups.

1. Previous Clients. The best way to get referrals from clients is to ask for it. At the end of
the session ask them if they can think of anyone else who would like to quit smoking,
and ask if you can have their details so you can get in touch. If they say no give them the
options of handing out leaflets for you. Also use the frames you set at the beginning to tell
them that when they have had a successful result they will bring in all their friends. You
could offer to give your clients friend a discount, and even offer the client money for
referrals if you like.

2. The Client Intake Form. The way to use this to gain referrals is to use their address and
date of birth to send them a birthday card. A congratulatory card to wish them happy
birthday and well done on being smoke free. This keeps you to their top of their mind,
and makes it far more likely that they will mention you to others.

You can also use the Date of Session to send them annual or bi-annual congratulations,
as well as information on various seminars or other up sells. You may even want to
enclose a few brochures and discount vouchers for friends and family. This is Not a hard
sell. The key of the message is a big congratulations. For the anniversary feel free to
attach a soft up sell or referral request at the end of it.

From time to time you are going to come across a client who is extremely enthusiastic and sends
you dozens of clients. When you find out that someone has been referring a huge amount of
clients to you, be nice to them. Send them a nice bottle of wine with a thank you note, and if
they keep giving you referrals, take them out for dinner!

3. Medical Referrals. The medical community is great for referrals, particularly doctors and
dentists. The trouble is it is tricky to get in with doctors and dentists. One way you can
get through this is to do a free seminar for doctors and dentists. Do a quick demo of
hypnosis and wow them with your hypnotic skills. Talk about how hypnosis is the most
effective means of getting people to quit smoking, and offer them lots of fliers, discount
vouchers, specials etc at the end of it.

Another way is called the pseudo referral. If someone says on their intake form that either
their doctor or dentist has suggested that they quit smoking work as hard as possible to
make sure the session works personally. After a week of being a non smoker have them
send you a freedom letter (see session 2).

Now you can send a Doctors Update Letter. A basic version is in your Appendix. Be
sure to mark the letter private and confidential client details.

From the doctors perspective he first of all gets congratulated on making a great decision.
You have not tried to take away his clients, but have solved a problem he could not solve
whilst making it seem like it was all his/her idea. Chances are then that the next smoker
he sees is going to be referred straight to you. Play the numbers game and send as many 18
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Doctor Letters as possible. Feel free to keep the doctors updated, at say the 6 month or
one year mark. Everything you are doing with the clients can also feed into medical
referrals later on.

4. Local Business. All businesses need more clients. Businesses know that if they send a
client to a good referral it helps their business as well. If you in turn refer business back to
them, you have a mutually beneficial relationship.

The simplest way to find businesses to do this with is to join a local business networking
program (e.g. BNI business networking). In these regular meetings, business owners
constantly exchange referrals.

Another way is to create a more formal partnership a select group of local businesses.
You walk into a florist, ask them to display brochures and cards, and offer to display
cards for their floral business in your office. A great place for hypnotists are beauticians
and hairdressers. Partly because they speak a lot, and also because smoking has a great
impact on appearance.

You can also offer pure commissions. Offer local restaurants, dry cleaners or news agents
special coupons with a unique code so that when a client comes in you know whom to
pay the commission to.

The final way of getting in touch with local businesses is to do evening seminars. You
can run group stop smoking programs and invite local businesses or use it as another way
to show hypnosis to your community

5. Family & Friends. There is no need to alienate your friends and family with an MLM style
hard sell. They way you work with them is twofold.

a. tell them how you specialise in stop smoking sessions, and talk about your
successes. Simply because they know and like you, they will tell people about
you! Tell them only about your stop smoking sessions, or you will confuse them!

b. The next thing to do is to create a 10 pitch and present it to your friends and
family. Not formally, but casually, i.e. I have been working on this presentation,
Id like to hear your opinion on it Treat it as a dummy run.

The Internet
The internet is very global, which is why it is not the ideal tool to use for a local stop smoking
clinic. Having said that it is still a very powerful marketing tool. If you have a local business you
definitely should have a website.

Dont get a cheesy website like:

Get a regular .com or similar address. 19
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Make the URL descriptive, i.e. - instead of something people wont
recognise like

Create a page for:

1. You who you are and your credentials

2. Your Stop Smoking Programme (and what makes it unique)
3. Testimonials from satisfied clients (letters or even better videos!)
4. What hypnosis is and is not, in general, and
5. How to contact you

This website is there for one thing only, and that is to sell your stop smoking sessions. Your
website should be aimed at getting people to pick up the phone, call you, and book a session.
The website adds to your credibility, and is a great place to start your sales story.

You can also throw up a simple one page website where you offer to email them a free report
about how to stop smoking.

Dont spend $1000 to get a website done. It should only cost about $10-100 to create, and only
about $10 a month to host. Its good to use a cheap and reliable company like

to find a cheap professional that will create a good looking site site.

News Papers and Adverts

A lot of people get these very wrong. Adverts have a rough sales cycle of 6 months, i.e. they
take 6 months to work. You need give your advertisements constant attention to keep up
constant clients. You need your adds in week in week out, all of the time.

Advertise in your local area, and in your local page. Create an original advertisement. Make
your clinic exciting, make it stand out. Grab peoples attention and be different.

In the advert call yourself a Hypnotist, not a Hypnotherapist. People look for hypnotists, not
hypnotherapists only hypnotists (think they) know the difference!

When you call up your local paper to place a classified add they are going to quote you a
particular price. Never pay what they ask you to pay. Typically, the real cost will be about ! -
" of what they ask you.

Ask for things like their circulation and demographics etc. to haggle them down.

Call them up, and ask them for their deadline for new adds. Half an hour before that deadline
call again and ask for cheap last minute spaces. At this stage they will be desperate for a spot,
and will give you a great deal. Make sure they already have various sized versions of your adds
on file so that they can get them printed within the deadline! 20
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
To find out if your adds are working always ask the magic question

how did you hear about us?

Another way to get cheap adds is to write a news story. Write a news story about hypnosis and
send it in to your local paper, together with your contact details. If you have something
interesting to say you will have a free advert in the paper, and it may even get you an interview.

As soon as your face is in the paper you have free adverts, and you become an instant authority
figure to your clients.

Writing Your Add

Most hypnotherapists have no idea how to write adverts that sell.

The Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake people make is they try to sell a dozen different solutions at once. People
get overloaded by a long list of problems you can solve, and will forget you.

Make sure you advertise one thing and one thing only.

In this case, its stop smoking.

Resist the temptation to say that you can deal with other things as well, people will assume this
when they see that you are a hypnotist.

The Headline
The next thing is you need to have a big bold headline. It has to grab their attention and
instantly address their needs. Use magic words like quit smoking, easy, instant, secret
etc and make it grab their attention.

Example Headlines
Ready To Quit Smoking?
How To Quit Smoking

And you can add some great sensational words around it to make it more powerful
Discover How to Quit Smoking
Quit smoking In One Day
Discover How To Quit Smoking In Two Hours Or Less

Either focus on giving them a free report and then follow up with letters to convert an enquiry
into a client, or convert them directly with a phone call. Chose one of these approaches and
focus on it.

Heres a good headline for a report:

Dont Quit Smoking Until You Have Read This Report 21
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
The Sub-Heading
In the sub headlines make sure you really sell the idea

The Shocking Truth About Patches And Gum.

Compare The Success Rates Of The Top 10 Stop Smoking Methods

The Call To Action

Your advert does not just say Im a hypnotist, call me! People need reasons and emotions to
move them. E.g.

Call now to find out more.

Call this number right now for an appointment.

Always finish your add with an immediate call to action.

Claim Your Free Report By Calling This Number Now 1234 5678

If you want them to call directly for the appointment focus on things like find out how to quit
for good full guarantee in your sub headings. Use the emotionally laden buzz words as to
what they will get as a reward for picking up that phone and calling.

If you want to focus on sales Writing read The Ultimate Sales Letter By Dan Kennedy.

The Free Report

The free report is basically getting them to realise that they should quit smoking, that they can
quit smoking, and that they should quit smoking with you.

Here is a general outline:

1. Start off with the general cigarettes are bad for you. Focus on the content of cigarettes, list
some of the poisons etc. Focus also on the dangers and the health risk, use nice
percentages to really drive it home. Make it a light read so its easy to get through.

2. Include the recovery schedule, once youve quit how quickly your body repairs itself.
Add something like top 10 tips to stop smoking.

3. The real meat of the report is the top 10 typical method evaluated, the top 10 methods

a. Patches and gum. Only has a 7% success rate. You are less likely to succeed with
these than with pure will power (Shiffman et alia, May 2002 Addictions issue
97(5) pp505-516.)

The studies which claim that these have a 40% or similar success rate it flawed.
They dont track reality. The people who take part in these studies are given free
patches and gum, are under constant medical supervision and are far too close the
individual. Also they have doctors coming in a telling them to quit now. It is the 22
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
placebo effect, conversational hypnosis, in action! It is due to basic hypnosis
rather than anything else.
b. Will power. Will power has likelihood of between 6 and 11 % chance of success.
(Schiffmans study and the New Scientist article below.)
Support groups
c. Herbal remedies
d. Lozenges
e. Nasal sprays
f. Herbal cigarettes
g. Acupuncture. 24% (see New Scientist article below)
h. Inhalers
i. Hypnosis. Described by the New Scientist in a meta study as:

the most effective way of giving up smoking.

Plaster this everywhere! Make sure people know that the New Scientist said that
hypnosis was the best method available to quit smoking. (New Scientist, issue
1845, 31October 1992, p6)

4. Do not sell yourself in the report and never promise a cure. Just stick to the facts: you are
a specialist and an expert, and quitting smoking with hypnosis is surprisingly easy. Create
a real sense of expectation without over promising.
5. Check out the ideas for the Non-Smokers Handbook in Session 2 for more ideas of
what might fit into the report.

Create one flyer, a stop smoking flyer, to get smokers in through the door. Have different flyers
for each fears, weight control etc. Dont try and let one flyer do all the work!

Think about what is your purpose for the flyer. Your purpose is to get them to call and book the
appointment. Nothing more.

Contents Of A Flyer

1. Start with an introduction, congratulating them for wanting to stop smoking etc.
2. What hypnosis is.
3. Top 5 reasons why people who use other methods typically fail.
4. Whats special about his program, what they can expect.
5. Very importantly: testimonials.
6. Contact details.

Think of each flyer as a fraction of a client. Once you have handed out enough flyers (usually
between 100 and 200) one client books a session.

Go to local restaurants and bars and hand out your flyers. Spot all the people hanging outside
buildings smoking. Walk up to them, have a chat, gain rapport, and hand out your fliers. With
fliers, like with advertisements, you have to constantly keep putting them out there. Make sure
people know who you are, and what you do. 23
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
The Conversion
Leads on there own are not a business. Only once you convert a lead into a paying client then
you have a business!

So the better your conversation rate is, the more clients you have, and the more good youre
actually doing.

We have spent this whole session working on how to get people to simply call you. The phone
call is your first live interaction with that person. This is where you convert them to an actual
paying client.

If you have an answering machine you will lose clients. If you have nothing/no one to answer
the phone, you will lose even more!

At first, answer all the calls yourself. In time recruit and assistant (or a friend) to help answer
them, but make sure they all are answered by a real live person.

If you get call centre to answer your calls make sure their English is very good. Train these
people in how to handle the call. Train them in the same way you are going to train yourself.

Then test them.

Call them up with dummy runs, and once you are satisfied they do the process well get your
friends to call up, and listen in. It is crucial that this runs smoothly. A glitch here could ruin your
conversion rate!

How To Deal With People That Are Not Ready To Book

The call is designed to do one thing, and one thing only: To get the appointment.

If they are Uhmm-ing and Aah-ing and cannot decide on an appointment, your next default
is to get their address, send them a free report, and follow it up with a number of conversation

Each week, for between 3-5 weeks, send a follow up letter which talks a little bit about how you
can help them, and always ends with the same thing

Call us now!

You need to make it systematic.

Lets say 100 people call you. Of those 100, only 50 people book a session. Of the other 50
people, lets say that 5 call you after the free report, and of those 5 people 4 sign up. You now
have 54. This kind of return happens with every letter reminder that you send out .

So after 5 weeks from those 50 people who you would have lost otherwise, you managed to
still convert 20-30 people into paying clients!

The key thing here is a systematic approach. 24
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Get a database or some client management software., and get that machine to automate
everything. Make it so that all you have to do is sign the letter and mail it. Your computer figures
out who gets what and when all by itself. This becomes an automatic routine, this is the simplest
way to keep track of things and make sure it all runs smoothly.

How To Handle The Magic Phone Call

The first thing you want to do is avoid is mentioning the price up front.

If someone asks you upfront what is the price say that depends, and ask them a few questions.
Do not tell them the price until you have told them exactly what they will be getting for their

Your voice is your sales tool. Your voice needs to be used properly. Make sure your voice is
hopeful and upbeat. Its light-hearted, its chatty.

The Magic Questions

No matter what they ask on calling up the key thing to do is to get to the magic question as soon
as possible:

Can I check a few things out first?

This allows you to launch into the sales call, which always starts with a good set of questions:

1. How did you hear about us? The main reason you do this is market research. You want
to see which advertisements you are doing worked. Find out which adds work, which
people are your chief referrers, and focus on them.
2. Is it for yourself who wants to quit smoking or is it a friend? You need to make sure you
are talking to the actual client.
3. How long have you been smoking?
4. How many do you smoke a day?
5. Have you ever TRIED to stop before, if so, how? This lets you know that you have to
give them a reason why your method is better or they will NOT book a session with you!
6. When did you want to quit? This creates immediate social commitment. When you ask
them for the appointment they are already committed to it.
7. How much do you know about hypnosis and the method that will be using?

99% of people will say nothing. Its a perfect opportunity for you to turn around and go
right into your pitch.

The Pitch
Here is an example of the pitch you will want to come up with:

Hypnosis has been recognised by many studies has been the most effective way of stopping. In
fact, since 1992 the New Scientist has said that hypnosis has been the best way to stop smoking.
Hypnosis is very powerful, how method is particularly powerful as we go in to real detail to
eradicate every possible reason why you smoke. We delete the physical, psychological and 25
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
habitual addiction, so its a quick, easy and powerful method to stop smoking almost
automatically. We have a full follow up program to ensure success, you get the hotline, the
craving buster, and we even believe in our method so much that we give you this lifetime
guarantee. We guarantee that if you have a relapse you get a free back up session to keep you
on track.

The Price
Only once you have set the scene with the Magic Questions, The Pitch and all the benefits they
will be getting can you mention the price,

The whole programme: the 2 hour individualised session, the life time guarantee, the Resource
Pack, the Non-Smokers Handbook, costs just $250 which is less than 2 months of smoking
would cost you. [If necessary spell it out for them: You smoke one pack a day, which means you
spend over $200 per month on smoking. After less than 2 months after seeing me you will be
saving money.]

The Call To Action

Now you need to ask for the appointment.

People have emotional inertia, so you need nudge them a little bit. After you have given them
the price ask:

Is this the kind of thing that you were looking for?

If you have done the other things right, they will have to say yes here. Then you give them a
simple choice of appointments: morning or the afternoon Monday or Tuesday this week or
next week?

At this point get their address and telephone number so that you can get in touch with them if
you need to.

If they say No this is not what I wanted simply ask them what else they are looking for.

Deal with their concern, and then ask them for the appointment. If they are hesitating and do
not want to do it now, offer to send them the free report.

Chances are your clients dont know that there are so many other wonderful things they can do
with hypnosis. Your job is to educate them. After the session tell them about seminars, CDs,
other conditions you can deal with.

Just as you havent done a hard sell anywhere up to this point, you do not do a hard sell here.
Send them follow up letters with all the other wonderful things hypnosis can do for them, give
them a special preferred client discount, and simply inform them what else is available to them
through your practice. 26
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Group Sessions
There are two sessions that you want to focus on, The recovery session, and the group stop
smoking session.

The recovery session is the way you support your relapse guarantee. Group hypnosis sessions
are an easy to way to make a huge amount of money in a very short amount of time, and offer
your clients something truly valuable.

How To Run A Group Recovery Session

There could be anywhere from only one to up to 20 people in your recovery session. The first
point to realise is you must be in control of that session throughout. Have a look at the group
hypnosis master class for tips.

One way to structure it is to

1. get the group in,

2. break the ice, and then
3. start the session by basically finding out what happened.
4. take those mistakes, their failures, and reframe them e.g. like learning to walk, you fall
down a few time, and eventually you just stop falling.
5. once you have done all that launch straight into the group induction. This will follow a
similar structure to your previous sessions, but with a different structure.

If you did not use the cross roads in your previous sessions, use it here. Do your blitz
again, covering all the possible scenarios.

Installing A Stop Smoking Strategy

You can use this particularly strategy as an alternative to the Crossroads:
1. Go the point when they are about to smoke
2. Instantly flash to the worst possible case scenario build the negative emotions!
3. Have them yell STOP! or flash up a STOP sign use strong emotions.
4. Now build the alternative scene: they are happy healthy non-smokers.

Run through this several times, taking them through different scenarios. Each time you run
through the process you speed up more and more.

The Group Stop Smoking Session

This has the potential for a huge amount of money.

1. Pack in a lot of people, chose one particular evening, i.e. Monday evening. Put a time
out there from say 7-9.30 pm. Charge them anyone from $50-$100 for being there (if you
have 100 people this becomes a lot of money!)
2. Treat the session just like a normal 1 on 1 session.
3. Start with general reframes, go into the reasons for smoking, when they smoke, and lead
on to the trance processes.
4. Afterwards you may want to sell them extra relaxation CDs or something similar, at a
special discount. 27
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved

The Elman Induction

1. Relax fist: Ask the subject to tense her fist, then relax it.

2. Muscle relaxation: Say, You can relax any muscle to the point where it wont work as
long as it stays relaxed. The eyelids have the easiest muscles to relax in this way.

3. Demonstrate: Close your eyes and say, I am relaxing my eyelids so thoroughly that they
will not open as long as I maintain that relaxation!

4. Test: Test your eyes and show they wont open because they are so relaxed. I know I
could open them if I removed the relaxation, but I dont want to.

5. Relax eyes: Now its the subjects turn, This is a great skill to have. Now, close your
eyelids and focus your attention on relaxing them so thoroughly that they simply stop
working. Anyone can do this simple thing. Direct your body to respond to your wish,
with total relaxation of the eyes.

6. Test: When the subject has relaxed her eyelids totally, test her. If she opens her eyes, say,
Good, youve proved that youre in control and can open your eyes when you want to.
Now prove that you can relax them so they stay shut!

7. Relax body: Once she succeeds in Step 5, get her to spread the same quality of relaxation
through her body.

8. Fractionate: Direct your subject to open and close her eyes a few times. Suggest that
each time she closes her eyes she will deepen the feelings of relaxation tenfold.

9. Test relaxation: Test your subjects relaxation by lifting one hand a few centimetres and
dropping it. It should flop into her lap.

10. Relax mind: Say, Now slowly count down, out loud, from one hundred. With each
number, relax your mind twice as much, so by the time you get to ninety-seven youll
have relaxed all numbers right out of your mind.

11. On each count repeatedly suggest that the numbers are disappearing until the subject
stops counting.

12. When they grow silent ask All gone? Now proceed with the hypnotherapy session! 28
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
The Hypnotherapy Checklist

Is The Office Clean & Inviting?

Do I have A Good Attitude? (Smile & H+)
Meet & Greet The Client.
Covert Blitz: Easy, Natural, Effective.
Personal Details
Medical Check
Previous Failures - Reframe each one conversationally
Fears & Concerns - Reframe each one conversationally
Collect Reasons For Smoking
Find Smoking Symbol (e.g. the Marlboro Man)
Collect Time & Place That They Smoke
Why Do You Want To Quit
Are You ABSOLUTELY Sure? (If In Doubt - Fire Them!)
[Optional Extra: The Crossroads]
Induce Trance:
Instant Induction
Non-Awareness Set
Elman Induction
Enter Their Reality:
Hypnotic Frames
Start Reframes (Reasons For Smoking)
[Optional: Resources To Each Reason For Smoking]
The Change Ritual:
Pause & Reflect:
What's It Like Being A Non-Smoker
Reinforce & Add Resources
Freedom Symbol
Test, Test, Test!
If Necessary Use "The Craving Buster" (Drop Through)
The Resource Blitz
"Reasons For Smoking" Resources
"Reasons For Quitting" Results
Weight Control Suggestions
New Behaviour Generator
Time & Place
Repeat Loops From Resource Blitz
Teach/Remind Them Of The Craving Buster
The Saboteurs
Other Smokers
Curiosity 29
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
The Test
End Trance
Post Hypnotic Blitz
What Does It Feel Like To Be Free?
Would You Ever Smoke Again, For Any Reason?
Craving Buster
Freedom Symbol
[Optional Extras: Tasking]
The Cigarette Jar
The Diary
Cut Down Method
The Money Jar
The Freedom Letters
[Optional Extra: Give Them A Client Resources Pack] 30
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Sample Client Intake Questionnaire

Here is the information that is asked for as a very basic intake sheet:

General Details
Date of Birth
Date of the session
Address and contact details (especially mobile phone, in case they ar elate for a session!)

Medical Details
History of mental illness, diabetes or other contra-indications for hypnosis
[NB in particular look out for pregnancy and heart conditions do not push these people to far
with the negative emotions, you dont want to add any more strain to their heart!

Their doctors detail (doctors name and address) and remember to get their permission to
contact their doctor.

Ask them if their doctor/dentist has ever suggested to them that they stop smoking.

Standard Questionnaires

How Long Have You Smoked?

How Many Do You Smoke?

Create a questionnaire for following questions you will know 90% of smokers will give you
exactly the same answer for them:

When & Where Do You Smoke

Why (What Reasons Do You Have For) Do You Smoke
What Associations Do You Have To Smoking
Why Do You Want To Quit 31
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved
Template Freedom Letter 1 (Letter To Friends & Family)
Dear ____

As you know I have been a smoker for ______ years. On _____ I went to see a hypnotist at the
XYZ Hypnosis Centre to help me quit smoking. I wanted to tell you how great I feel and how
proud I am of myself for finally kicking the habit.

I also wanted to let you know that I look forward to seeing you again as a non smoker. Being a
non smoker is really important to me because

I want to thank you in advance for the way in which you will be supportive of my efforts in this
new life as a non smoker!

Template Freedom Letter 2 (Letter To Hypnotist)

Dear ________

I came to see you to stop smoking on ________ I have now been a non smoker for __ weeks. I
wanted to tell you that I feel fantastic!

I have even written to _____ [name of friends & family] to tell them how great it feels to be a
non smoker. Thank you for helping me make such a spectacular chance in my life, I am seeing
improvements every day, and life is great!

Sample Letter To Doctor For Referrals

Dear Dr____

Id like to inform you that your patient _______ [insert Name] who you referred to me for our
stop smoking programme, has successfully completed the programme. I am delighted to be able
to advise you that he is now a happy non-smoker, and is very pleased that you recommended
that he quit the habit.

I would like to thank you for making this recommendation, which helped him find this freedom
at last. From comments that I have received, I am left in no doubt that this experience has
confirmed his confidence in your medical care.

I have enclosed some brochures for the method used with ________ [client name] should you
see fit to refer other patients to us. Of course, should you have any questions, please do not
hesitate to contact me. 32
The materials in this manual and the accompanying audio seminar are Street Hypnosis, All Rights Reserved