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her Jamaican

with used tampons Brianna Brochu, 18, bragged about driving away her room-
mate on Instagram. I can finally say goodbye to Jamaican

Barbie, she said.
Story on Page 4
Photo by West Hartford Police Depart-

Marks Woos
501 South 8th Ave, Mt. Vernon

Israeli Investors
Page 4 Page 5

Suspect charged with terrorism Page 4

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Retired priest on child porno charges Page 5

Council votes to repeal law baning
dancing at mostnight spots Page 5
White Plains Accountant Gets 22
Months for $23 M Tax Fraud Page 5
REBNY:A plague on New Yorkers page 16

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Religious believers must

demonstrate tolerance and respect
N ew York City on Oct. 31
experienced another act of
support, thousands of misguided
religious extremists, who are
believers in the name of Allah.
Kill them [unbelievers] wher-
On the contrary, in this era
of modern civilization and tech-
terrorism that caused the death said to be motivated by the Is- ever you find them And fight nological advancements, we Call About Our Fly & Buy Program
of eight people and injured 11.
Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old
lamic State in Iraq (ISIS),
are seeking opportuni-
them until there is no
more unbelief and
have no choice but to respect
and tolerate the religious beliefs
No Credit, Bad Credit,
Uzbekistan who is also a hus- ties to hurt ordi- worship is for of everyone. No Problem

band and the father of three, was nary people -- Allah alone Eighty-three percent of
charged with the atrocious mainly in US and (Quran 2:191- Americans identify themselves Starting Price:
crime. Europe. 193). Strike as Christians. Most of the rest,
The families, friends of the These merci- off their heads 13 percent, have no religion.
victims, and indeed the people less terrorists will and strike from That leaves just 4 percent as ad-
of New York City, will never do anything to kill them every fin- herents of all non-Christian reli-

forget the vicious and brutal at- Americans, Chris- gertip (Quran gions combined Jews, Florida AAA Action Realty Inc.
tack on innocent and harmless tians and other West- 8:12). Muslims, and Buddhists.
people, most of whom were vis- ern nationals in the However, these pas- We are living a society with
iting the City for the first time. name of Allah. sages could have various various cultures and lifestyles,
For the victims, it was about cel- Equally, hundreds of interpretations. which are influenced by several
ebrating and having fun in one Muslims are always Most Muslims have religious convictions.
of the most prosperous and on a suicidal mis- been preaching that Therefore, Christians, Jews,
safest cities in the world. sion to destroy with Islam is a religion of Muslims, Buddhists and people
Saipov is among a growing compassion, gratifica- peace and that Islam with no religion will have to
list of terrorists being motivated tion, and claim to be car- does not tolerate wanton mur- share the limited space with tol-
by their Islamic religion, politics rying out Allahs purpose. der. Other experts on the reli- erance and respect in keeping
or just a plain old-fashioned, Muslims consider gion claim that the with the laws of America.
cold-blooded and heartless de- the Quran (Koran), their resentfulness and bitterness
sire to hurt innocent people. holy book, which contains over towards Americans and other _____________________ Lets Simms Tax Services
Despite intense security 100 passages that call on Mus- non-muslim countries are also Patrick Maitland do them for you..!
measures, including intelligence lims to take up arms against un- not in keeping with the religion.
Tax Services

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We want justice for Memorial Field! Business Payroll

Dear Editor: cost to the taxpayer. the people, should not have to pay this! Those Call us today..
ince 2014, I have critically questioned the
situation at Memorial Field in Mount Ver-
It's time to bring
those responsible to
that are responsible should!
They lied to us. We also know a crime was
Simms Alfred, CPA
non. Between demands for transparency and justice! It's time for committed and development of the park neg- Simms Tax Services
4262 White Plains Rd,
countless community meetings, organizing for them to come clean lected. The people of Mount Vernon are enti-
action on restoring glory at our sacred park has about what happened at tled to justice!
remained one of my top priorities. our par. I will not give up on getting Memorial Field
Bronx, NY 10466
The state of decay at Memorial Field is rep- We have lost the op- Moving Forward.
resentative of the state of local government dys- portunity to make Respectfully,
function. It represents how far we have fallen beautiful family memo- Mayor Richard Thomas
from athletic grace. It describes how much ries, to walk on our City of Mount Vernon
work we must do to bring our community back. track, to play and come
For years we have impatiently waited for the together as a commu- Richard Thomas
moment to bring justice to those that were in- nity.
volved with destroying our park. When I entered office as Mayor, I had
Based on recent admissions, we can finally every expectation that the City Council and
start an aggressive pursuit for justice for Me- Comptroller would work collaboratively with
morial Field. me to fix Memorial Field.
On November 3rd, subpoenas were issued to At this point, lawsuits are the only option
former Mayor Ernie Davis, Comptroller Mau- available to successfully get to the truth; for a
reen Walker, City Councilman Marcus Griffith, community to receive economic and restorative
John Royce, Nicolas Cichetti, Anthony Bove justice. The cost to clean-up and fix Memorial
and others in connection with the illegal toxic Field will run into the millions of dollars. We,
dumping that occurred at Memorial Field.
The subpoenas, issued in conjunction with a
particular proceeding filed in the Supreme
Court of Westchester, are necessary to preserve
evidence and identify potential defendants. Publisher & Editor:
We all know the sad story of the crimes that PATRICK MAITLAND
were committed at Memorial Field - the
bribery, the illegal dumping of over 12,000 Consulting Editors
cubic yards of construction debris and other
materials containing contaminated substances.
Business office:
The recent news reports that a "handshake
Street Hype Newspaper
deal" by the prior administration was responsi- 329 Miller Place, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
ble for the toxic dirt at the field is heartbreak- Tel: 914-663-4972-3 Fax: 914-663-4972
ing, frustrating, and requires a response.
We have called upon the contractor that was
paid over $1 million to demolish the grand-
stands to come back and finish the job, at no Published by: JAMVISTA INC.

White freshman Accused of poisoning her

Jamaican roommate with used tampons
Hartford, Connecticut: spoon because she was frustrated with her
white Connecticut college student has roommate's rude behavior. Brochu denied
been charged with smearing body flu- other actions she wrote about on Instagram,
ids on her black roommate's belongings, including that she put her roommate's tooth-
and police are saying it was a bias crime. brush "where the sun doesn't shine."
Brianna Brochu, a freshman at the Uni- Brochu allegedly wrote in an Insta-
versity of Hartford, Connecticut was last gram post, "Finally did it yo girl got rid of
Wednesday arrested and charged with crim- her roommate!! After 1 month of spitting
inal mischief, breach of peace and intimi- in her coconut oil, putting moldy clam dip
dation based on bigotry, after rubbing used in her lotions... putting her toothbrush
tampons on her bag, pouring moldy clam places where the sun doesn't shine, and so
dip in her face lotion, putting her toothbrush much more I can finally say goodbye Ja-
in her rectum and spitting in her coconut maican Barbie."
oil. She is currently out on bail. West Hart- The roommate, Chennel Rowe, said in
ford police also asked a judge to add a a Facebook video that she had a tense rela-
felony bigotry charge. tionship with Brochu and moved to another
University of Hartford officials con- room about two weeks ago.
firmed that Brochu was expelled after her Rowe, from New York City, said other
deeply disturbing behavior.She will not Brianna Brochu, 18, bragged about Chennel Rowe - the roommate, said in students told her about Brochu's social
be returning to the institution, said Univer- driving away her roommate on Insta- a Facebook video that she had a tense media postings, and she realized the con-
sity President Greg Woodward. "The ac- gram. I can finally say goodbye to Ja- relationship with Brochu and moved to tamination of her personal items may have
cused student's behavior was reprehensible maican Barbie, she said. another room about two weeks ago.
caused the extreme throat pain she was suf-
Photo by West Hartford Police Department
and does not reflect the values of our insti- fering.
tution," Woodward said in a statement to She also said that university officials
the campus community Tuesday. "The inci- behaviors will not be tolerated on this cam- campus property and ordered her to stay were at first slow to respond and threatened
away from her now-former roommate.

Suspect charged with terrorism

dent has brought about accusations of pus." to remove her from campus if she talked
racism, and I want you to know that I hear Brochu, of Harwinton, Connecticut did However Brochu, told police she put her about what happened.
and share your anger and frustration. Acts not comment during a Wednesday court ap- body fluids on her roommate's backpack
of racism, bias, bullying, or other abusive pearance, when a judge barred her from and licked her roommate's plate, fork and

By Kimmy Blair,
Street Hype Writer
he suspect in last Tuesdays deadly
New York City truck attack appears to
have been inspired by violent Isis videos
depicting beheadings and shootings, ac-
cording to prosecutors.
Sayfullo Saipov was taken to the New
York federal courthouse in a wheelchair,
handcuffed and with his feet shackled on
Wednesday, shortly after the charges were
Sayfullo Saipov, 29
announced at a press conference.
The 29-year-old was charged with pro-
viding material support to a terrorist group
and violence and destruction of motor ve-
Natural &Organic
The details of the charges were out-
& Caribbean
lined in criminal complaint filed Wednes-
day by the US attorney for the southern Meals, Grocery
district court of New York. Prosecutors said
in the complaint that Saipov planned the at- Juice Bar & Catering
tack for Halloween because he knew more
people would be out on the streets. It was
the deadliest terrorist act in New York City Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old
since 9/11.
Open Monday - Saturday
Uzbekistan who is also a husband
Saipov drove a rented Home Depot and the father of three.
truck down a bike lane intentionally, killing
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
eight and injuring 12 before crashing into a
Meanwhile, Saipov bragged to police
school bus, exiting and being shot in the
about the deadly attack from his hospital
stomach by a New York City police depart-
bed, saying he would have continued mow-
ment officer. He had planned to continue
3565C Boston Road
ing down bikers and pedestrians had he not
the attack for several more miles to the
Bronx, N.Y. 10469
Brooklyn Bridge.
Saipov is a native of Uzbekistan and
According to the complaint, Saipov
entered the U.S. in 2010, according to a law
was inspired by Isis videos he watched on
enforcement official. He worked as a truck
Fax 718-653-5499
his cellphone and began planning an attack
driver and has lived in Ohio, New Jersey
in the US almost a year ago and had rented
and Tampa, Florida, since arriving in the
a truck on 22 October to practice making
U.S., BBC News reports.
96-Year-Old Retired Priest on

White Plains

Child Pornography Charges

Accountant Gets
22 Months for
$23 M Tax Fraud
96-year-old retired priest oversaw the central administra-
and one-time senior offi- tive offices and official docu- WHITE PLAINS:
cial of the Archdiocese of New ments. certified public accountant with an
York had a trove of child A spokesman for the arch- office in White Plains, Joseph Cer-
pornography on his computer diocese said it was cooperating vone, 64 was recently sentenced to 22
and showed it to others at the fully with prosecutors. months in prison on tax fraud charges.
retirement home for priests Byrne's attorney said the District Judge Nelson S. Romn, who
where he lived, prosecutors al- priest was currently being cared imposed sentence noted that in addition to
leged on Tuesday. for in a medical facility. "Mon- the prison term, Cervone was sentenced to
Monsignor Harry Byrne signor Byrne has dedicated 72 one year of supervised release and a
faces 37 counts of possessing an years to charity and church with $15,000 fine.
obscene sexual performance by an unsullied history. Cervone plead guilty on March 29,
a child, Bronx D.A. Darcel He was ordained in 1945. 2017, to one count of endeavoring to ob-
Clark said in a statement. He al- It is difficult to imagine struct and impede the due administration
legedly had dozens of photos of that at the age of 96+, this stel- of the internal revenue laws and one count
girls as young as 8 either posing lar member of the priesthood of subscribing to false tax returns before
naked or engaged in sex acts knowingly understood and is re- U.S.
with men. sponsible for the content of the According to the Information previ-
Prosecutors also allege that subject on a computer accessi- ously filed in White Plains federal court
Byrne viewed the images "in ble to numerous people," his at- and court proceedings: From 2009
front of many individuals" at Monsignor Harry Byrne faces 37 counts of possessing torney said in a statement. through 2012, Cervone obstructed and im-
the St. John Vianney Center for an obscene sexual performance by a child. Monsignor Harry Byrne, peded the IRS by filing false tax returns
Retired Priests, where he lives. 96, appears at his arraignment claiming more than $23 million of energy
"People at the defendant's He faces four years in Byrne was the chancellor in Bronx Supreme Court on and coal credits on behalf of his clients in
residence were subjected to it prison if convicted of the top of the archdiocese from 1968- Oct. 31. order to obtain tax refunds.

Council votes to repeal law

when they entered his room," charge against him. 1970, a position that meant he In addition, Cervone also filed false
Clark said. tax returns for the tax years 2010 and 2011
that failed to report income relating to per-

banning dancing at most nightspots

sonal expenses paid on behalf of Cervone
from funds obtained as a result of his
clients false tax returns.

Bronx school

principal where
student was stabbed
t is now legal to dance at nightclubs Of the more than 20,000 bars and pacting communities of color, the
and bars as the New York City restaurants in the city, fewer than 100 LGBTQ community, and show that

is removed
Council on Tuesday voted to repeal a had a cabaret license. this law has no place in our books,"

91-year-old law that banned dancing Brooklyn City Councilman Espinal said.
at most nightspots. Rafael Espinal, who sponsored the The Cabaret Law will be offi- BRONX:
Originally passed during prohibi- measure, said the Cabaret Law has cially repealed as soon as Mayor Bill he principal of a Bronx high school,
tion, the city's cabaret law made long been used to target specific com- de Blasio signs the bill. where a student was fatally stabbed in
dancing inside establishments illegal munities. That is expected to happen within late-September, has been removed, the
without a license. It was done to reg- "It was easy to make the argu- the next 30 days. city education department announced Sat-
ulate speakeasies and jazz bars. ment that this law was negatively im- urday.
The education department said Astrid
Jacobo has been reassigned to the Bronx
Field Support Center.
In a statement, Schools Chancellor
Carmen Farina said, "After a careful re-
view, I have decided to select a new prin-
cipal to lead the school and ensure an
inclusive learning environment for all stu-
dents. I've visited Wildlife several times,

meeting with staff and families, and will

Where many different

continue to closely monitor and support
the community."

Matthew McCree, 15, was killed

voices are heard!

Sept. 27 after a classmate stabbed him at
the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife

Book your program today

Conservation. Another student was
stabbed and critically injured in the attack,
Artist/Singer Song Writer

... call David

police said.
Actress MC/Host Abel Cedeno, 18, was indicted on
manslaughter charges, accused of killing
Versatile, Vivacious, McCree and stabbing the other classmate.
Creative and Talented Cedeno's lawyers have said he was a vic-
Whitney Media For booking and interviews:
tim of bullying.
McCree's family filed a $25 million
1 Broadcast Forum, New Rochelle, NY 10801 718-652-9836 678-462-9626 lawsuit against the school, saying it did
914-636-1460 (OFFICE) 914-636-9847 (ON AIR) not have metal detectors.

Jamaican Muslin Zimbabwe's record-breaking Earthquake Shakes
el-Faisal facing Bitcoin binge? Parts of Grenada,
further investigation
T&T and St Vincent
Harare, Zimbabwe:

Kingston, Jamaica WI: he most expensive bitcoin in the world
bdullah el-Faisal, a controversial Ja- are flying off virtual shelves in Zim- ST GEORGES, Grenada:
maica based Muslim cleric, is facing babwe. The price of the digital currency eople living in parts of Grenada,
further investigation for his alleged links to has soared beyond $10,000 over the past Trinidad and Tobago, and St Vincent
terrorism. week on Harare-based trading platform and the Grenadines reported strong shak-
Reports have surfaced in India that the Golix, almost double the rates on major in- ing when a 5.7 magnitude earthquake
Gujarat Anti-terrorist Squad has discovered ternational exchanges. struck this morning.
social media conversations between two ar- "The price has been high for some Shortly after the tremor which oc-
rested Islamic State (IS) operatives and el- time and it keeps going up," says Golix curred between Grenada and Trinidad and
Faisal. trade coordinator Yeukai Kusangaya. She Tobago around 11 a.m., reports began
expects soaring demand to drive the price flooding the University of the West Indies
even higher. (UWI) Seismic Research Centres Face-
Bitcoin is no longer a specialist curios- New research suggest Bitcoin adop- book page from residents who felt the
tion is more popular in countries that
ity in Zimbabwe. The virtual currency is in quake, particularly in those two
have suffered financial crises such as
increasingly common usage, even accepted Zimbabwe and Venezuela. Caribbean countries, for several seconds.
by businesses such as car dealers. And the National Emergency Man-
Bitcoin prices have topped $10,000
A uniquely dysfunctional economy agement Organization (NEMO) in St Vin-
over the past week, fueled by soaring de-
has created ideal conditions for the bitcoin cent and the Grenadines also posted that
surge. the earthquake was felt in that country as

Quebec bars people with face


Uncles sentenced

coverings from getting public services

to life for raping
Abdullah el-Faisal

10-year-old girl
Quebec, Canada:
It is said that the operatives discussed
uebec's lawmakers passed a bill
weapons, jihad, and Islamic State.

Wednesday that would require public
The IS operatives have been identified
workers and citizens seeking government
as Kasim Stimberwala, a lab technician in MUMBAI, India:
services to have their faces uncovered.
India and Ubed Baig Mirza, an Indian n Indian court on Thursday sentenced
Bill 62 would affect whether Muslim
lawyer. to life in prison two Indian men who
women could wear religious face covering
It's reported that they were in touch were convicted of raping their 10-year-old
such as a niqab or burqa on government jobs
with el-Faisal, a radical preacher, through
or when they receive government services. stigmatizes Muslim women who wear face- niece in a case that caused a global furor
Facebook and WhatsApp, and were plan-
The Liberal government's bill on reli- concealing veils. when the girl was denied an abortion and
ning to move to Jamaica.
gious neutrality was passed in Quebec's Na- A niqab covers the woman's face except had to give birth earlier this year.
Anti-Terrorist Squad sources said the
tional Assembly, reported CBC, CNN for the area around the eyes. A burqa covers A fast-track court in the northwestern
duo's Facebook account was blocked for
partner. The bill needs the lieutenant-gover- the entire face and has a mesh over the eyes. city of Chandigarh also imposed a fine of
using radical words during their conversa-
nor's assent to become law in the province. Valle said Bill 62 doesn't specifically target 350,000 rupees ($5,416) each on the two
tion with the Jamaican Muslim Cleric.
"We are just saying that for reasons religious symbols, as the law would also men, who are brothers.
A Squad official said India's Ministry
linked to communication, identification and apply to masked protesters. This is an appropriate punishment for
of Home Affairs will be contacted to coor-
safety, public services should be given and "We're talking about having the face uncov- such a heinous crime and should be a
dinate with Jamaican authorities for facili-
received with an open face," said Premier ered. It's not what is covering the face," she strong deterrent, said Sangita Vardhan,
tating interrogation of the radical preacher
Philippe Couillard of Quebec. told the CBC. head of the Chandigarh Child Welfare
based in Jamaica.
"We are in a free and democratic soci- The niqab and burka are not mentioned in the Committee that is counseling the girl, who
The US Government has reportedly
ety. You speak to me, I should see your face, legislation, according to CBC. But the debate continues to live with her parents.
submitted to the Jamaica authorities evi-
and you should see mine. It's as simple as over the bill has turned to what would hap- That the conviction and sentencing
dence it claims links Abdullah el Faisal to
that." pen to Muslim women wearing a niqab or a took place so quickly is encouraging, she
Bill 62 was sponsored by Quebec Justice burqa who ride on public transit. told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
The cleric was arrested in August on an
Minister Stphanie Valle, who said people's The National Council of Canadian Muslims The girl was 30 weeks pregnant in
extradition warrant.
faces should be uncovered for "communica- slammed the bill's passage, saying it "boils July when the court turned down her abor-
Extradition proceedings against him
tion reasons, identification reasons and secu- down to ugly identity politics" before the tion plea as she was too far advanced. In-
are scheduled to commence on December
rity reasons." provincial election next year. dian law does not allow terminations after
14 in the St Andrew Parish Court.
"As long as the service is being ren- "By tabling this discriminatory legislation, 20 weeks unless the mothers life is in dan-
The US Government has accused him
dered, the face should be uncovered," Valle the Quebec government is advancing a dan- ger.
of recruiting persons to join terror group, Is-
told the CBC on Monday. gerous political agenda on the backs of mi- The girl did not know she was preg-
lamic State from his base in Jamaica.
The bill has its share of critics, including norities," the rights group's executive nant and was unaware she delivered a baby
US prosecutors say they have him on
many Muslim groups that say it targets and director, Ihsaan Gardee, said in a statement. girl in August as her parents told her she
tape recruiting an undercover New York cop
to join ISIS. was undergoing stomach surgery to remove
Abdullah el Faisal, a former Imam in a stone. The baby was put up for adoption.
Britain was deported to Jamaica a few years The girl, whose identity has been kept
ago, following his conviction for terrorism secret, initially told police and child wel-
in the UK. He migrated to the UK as a youth fare activists that she had been raped sev-
and it was there that he converted to Islam. eral times by the first uncle, who is aged in
his 40s.
But after DNA tests did not link him

It pays to
to the baby, police began searching for
more suspects and a second uncle was ar-

Advertise in rested.
An increasing number of such cases
Street Hype have come to the courts in recent years,

with as many as 10,854 cases of child rape
reported in India in 2015, according to the
Call us National Crime Records Bureau.
914-663-4973 In May, a court allowed another 10-
year-old girl allegedly raped by her stepfa- ther to undergo an abortion.

New USCIS Policy Creates Obstacles
for Employers and Foreign Workers
Witness Left Firm Of Ex-Katten
Atty's Relative, Jury Hears
A government witness in the Brooklyn
federal conspiracy trial of ex-Katten
Muchin Rosenman LLP partner and

Retrophin counsel Evan Greebel left an
accounting partnership with Greebels fa- By Leslie Dellon
ther-in-law under a cloud after lending a
client money and then getting a judgment n a major reversal of longstanding policy,
against that client without telling his firm, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Serv-
it was revealed Thursday. ices (USCIS) has created new and unneces-
sary hurdles for employers and foreign
'Gilmore Girls' Actor's Kin Can't employees temporarily working in the
Revive CohnReznick Suit United States.
A New York state appellate court found In the past, USCIS followed a stream-
Thursday that the late "Gilmore Girls" lined approach when employers filed peti-
actor Edward Herrmann's family's suit tion extensions. Now, USCIS officers will
against accounting firm CohnReznick be encouraged to redetermine every petition
LLP was still too vague, affirming its dis- extension as if it was a new filing. The
missal in a lower court. abrupt policy change makes the bureau-
cratic process even more time-consuming
State AGs Rip HHS Opt-Outs and costly for employers and creates more
For ACA Birth Control Mandate uncertainty for them and their foreign
Four state attorneys general signed on workers.
Thursday to a lawsuit in California federal For more than 13 years, USCIS fol-
court challenging Trump administration lowed a commonsense policy when decid-
regulations allowing employers to dodge ing whether to grant foreign workers the
Affordable Care Act requirements to pro- opportunity to extend their employment-
vide coverage for contraception under ex- based nonimmigrant status. Under the for-
emptions for religious or moral objections. mer approach, a USCIS officer could defer
to an earlier petition approval if the same information that adversely impacted eligi- connect its decision in a rational way to the
Real Estate Rumors: Ann, employer was filing an extension petition bility. evidence in the record. Courts also have re-
Lakeshore, Real Estate Equities for the same worker and there was no Contrary to the governments claim for versed USCIS denials of petitions to extend
Ann Taylor owner Ann Inc. has reportedly change in circumstances since the first ap- the policy change, the petitioner was re- employment-based nonimmigrant status
renewed its lease for roughly 300,000 proval. quired to meet the burden of proof through- where the agency failed to explain why the
square feet in Manhattan, Lakeshore Man- Doing away with this more efficient out the entire extension processUSCIS prior approval was wrongly decided.
agement is said to have picked up a process will impact extensions of employ- only gave deference if the evidence re- The Trump administration also contin-
Florida manufacturing housing park for ment-based nonimmigrant visa status, such mained sufficient. Moreover, an initial ues to mislead the public by linking policy
nearly $13 million, and Real Estate Equi- as H-1B, L-1 and O-1. Under the new pol- grant was by no means a guarantee of an changes such as these to its Buy American
ties Corp. reportedly paid more than $150 icy, USCIS officers will essentially be re- extension of that benefit. Hire American initiative.
million for a 99-year leasehold of several determining every petition extension anew. USCIS rejection of the longstanding This new policy is part of a pattern by
parcels in New York. This is an unnecessary change as there deference policy likely will result in more the administration to pit American workers
were already safeguards in place to prevent employers being more frequently subjected against foreign workers in an us vs. them
Sessions Calls For Encrypted to unnecessary requests for documentation scenario. Employment is not a zero sum
improper extensions. When the initial peti-
Device Access After NY Attack after filing petition extensions. game. We all benefit from a competitive
tion is filed, the employer has the burden to
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, All employers and workers are pro- economy where businesses employ quali-
present sufficient evidence to establish that
speaking Thursday in New York after tected when the agency makes decisions ac- fied foreign and American workers.
the requirements for the visa classification

Get your legal

eight people were killed this week in an cording to the objective requirements of the
have been satisfied.
attack the city labeled an act of terror, law, rather than suggesting that USCIS of-
Importantly, under the former policy,

advert on this page

called on tech companies to give law en- ficers have unfettered discretion to deny
USCIS would not defer to the original find-
forcement access to encrypted devices and employment-based petitions. Their discre-
ing of eligibility if there was a material
for more stringent immigration controls,

error in the initial approval, a substantial tion is not absolute as federal courts have
while also urging Congress to continue its
Call today..
change in circumstances, or new material overturned USCIS denials of employment-
authorization of foreign surveillance. based petitions when the agency failed to

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Maurice D. Maitland, Esq.


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Social Security Disability

Fighting Chance!
Immigration Law

on this page

23 West Main Street,

Ansonia, Connecticut 06401
90-04 161 Street, Suite 301,
718-206-2411 Call Donike or Patrick
203-751-9070 646-761-2770
Jamaica, NY 11432

Basketball returns to
Westchester Community College
With Win Over Monroe College On Thursday, Nov. 2

Patrick Hennessey
Contributing Writer
estchester Community Col-
lege welcomed the return of
mens basketball with a home win
over Monroe College (Monroe Ex-
press) on November 2.
When all was said and done, it
was a terrific basketball game for the
Vikings. Over forty exciting minutes
of dramatic end-to-end play with
fans in a packed, raucous gym roar-
ing at every turn, this was a sweet

Caribbean-Roots Tennis
SLOANE STEPHENS victory for the home team to open
the season.

Pro and US Open Champ

For the administration, staff,

and student-athletes who worked
tirelessly to make the Westchester
FLUSHING: second set. She is the first ever Community College Men's Basket-
24-year-old tennis pro, known Caribbean roots US Open ball team a reality this season, it was
whose roots extend to the champ. the culmination of years of exhaus-
Caribbean, has won the 2017 Stephens, who spent a lot of tive planning and preparation. Ulti-
womens finals of the US Open time with her grandfather, who mately, it was a night during which
and her first Grand Slam title. grew up poor in Trinidad, then the entire community claimed vic-
Sloane Stephens, whose won a scholarship to Howard
grandfather was born in the University and became a doctor
When the Vikings closed out a
Caribbean island of Trinidad & in the United States, commented
101-74 win over visiting Monroe
Tobago, created history Saturday after: I should just retire now.
College, the applause, hugs, and
in Flushing, NY, by beating Stephens won despite the odds of
handshakes meant one thing:
Madison Keys, 6-3, 6-0 on to win sitting out 11 months with a left
Westchester Community College
the US Open. foot stress fracture until this
Men's Basketball was back.
The Plantation, Fl-born 83rd rank years Wimbledon.
After several seasons of dor-
Stephens won 16 of 20 points she BEST. DAY. EVER, the
mancy, the Vikings opened the 2017-
served in the first set and didnt 24-year-old tweeted after the
18 season 1-0, and can now go about
face a single break point until 50 match.
the business of redeveloping a pro-

West Indies win series after

minutes into the final, deep in the
gram capable of competing with the
very best in Region XV.

drawn Zimbabwe Test

The game opened with a defen-
sive stand that saw sophomore

Tremaine Frasier steal an errant
Monroe pass, and blast down the
BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe: I'd just like to see a more middle of the court for an uncon-
n obstinate stand of 91 be- even contest between bat and tested lay-up to give Westchester a Brandon Martin of the Westchester Community College Vikings shoots
tween Regis Chakabva ball, said Law. There are a lot lead. From there, the Vikings domi- during the teams victory over Monroe. After a hiatus of several years,
and Graeme Cremer secured of people saying that Test Westchester Community College welcomed the return of mens basketball
nated, opening up a 10-2 run that
Zimbabwe's first draw in Test cricket is dying, and on a pitch with a home win over Monroe College (Monroe Express) on Thursday, No-
never let up. Westchester led by
vember 2.
cricket since 2005, leaving the like this it is. more than 20 points during parts of
West Indies to settle for a 1-0 Both sides had an outside the opening half, and withstood a
ner with just under a minute of play. to be an enriching experience for
series victory at Queens Sports chance of forcing a result when Monroe (0-1) run to take a 56-39
Frasier led Westchester with 19 many of our students, not only those
Club recently. Zimbabwe went into the final lead into halftime.
points, while sophomore Brandon who field the team, says Dr. Be-
The West Indies were on day on 140 for four in their sec- Any hope of a Monroe come-
Martin added 14 points, and Hamlin linda S. Miles, President, Westch-
course to win the second Test ond innings, leading by 18 runs. back was thwarted early in the sec-
chipped in 12. The Vikings domi- ester Community College.
on the final day when Sikandar But Zimbabwe's hopes nar- ond half as the Vikings overcame a
nated all statistical categories, and The student athletes now have an
Raza's dismissal for 89 left rowed when they lost Peter constant Monroe full-court trap, and
shot an incredible 14 for 17 from the opportunity to showcase their skills
Zimbabwe on 210 for seven, Moor for 42 in the fourth over virtually ran Monroe out of the gym.
free throw line. on the court, while their fellow stu-
leading by just 88 runs with of the day, particularly with As time wound down, the only
Westchester returns to action on dents are now able to show their en-
nearly 64 overs still left to play. man of the match Raza tiring drama remaining was whether or not
Sunday, Nov. 5 when they host Jef- thusiasm and exhibit school spirit
But Chakabva and Cremer from his efforts. Westchester Community Colleges
ferson Community College for a during the season. This will truly en-
team would break 100 points, which
combined in an unbroken stand The all-rounder became 1:00 p.m. start at the gym on the Val- hance the overall college experience
they did when Derrick Hamlin con-
for the eighth wicket that just the second player after halla campus. This season promises for all, she adds.
verted a three-pointer from the cor-

Football official sentenced to 15 mos

chewed up nearly 50 overs, South Africa's Jacques Kallis to
leaving West Indies Coach Stu- score 80 or more runs in both
art Law frustrated at the slow, innings of a Test and take a
placid nature of a Queens five-wicket haul, but was ulti-
Sports Club pitch that permitted mately undone by a vicious in- GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands: Takkas, who pleaded guilty to rest in May 2015 and his lawyers
just 27 wickets in five days. swinger from Jason Holder Costas Takkas, 61, the former gen- one count of money laundering con- were hopeful he would actually serve
eral secretary of the Cayman Islands spiracy, played a relatively minor no more than a few weeks in a US
after lunch.

Send your sporting news

Football Association (CIFA), has role in the massive football scandal prison. The court also ordered him
been sentenced to 15 months in fed- compared to Webb, helping to laun- to pay $3 million restitution, along
eral prison for his part in the FIFA der $3 million in bribes his boss took with Webb, who pleaded guilty in
corruption scandal. He worked as during his time at the helm of CON- November 2015 to much more seri-
Jeffrey Webbs attach when the for- CACAF. Takkas has already served ous charges and who is expected to
mer CIFA president was also vice some ten months in custody when he be sentenced in January.
president of FIFA. was held in Switzerland after his ar-

Lady Peace MN releases new

single The Old Rugged Cross
By Kimmy Blair
Street Hype Writer
amaican born singer and song writer
Lady Peace MN recently released a new
single on Itunes. A soulful and inspired re-
make of The Old Rugged Cross. A
song that captures the essence of her faith
walk, trusting God as the foundation for

Ephraim Martin
Lady Peace MN continues to demon-

strate her faith through music and her adap-
tation of the gospel hymnal, The Old

close Nov 15
Rugged Cross. The song inspires you to
get ready and go to church!

On June 10th, Lady Peace MN also re-
leased her debut CD in Manhattan. The CD
is entitled Songs from the Heart. You can
f you are an entertainer or music expert find the debut CD and all prior releases on
you may want to nominate an reggae sale online at and
artist for 36th International Reggae and Songs from the Heart is a mix of Reggae,
World Music Award (IRAWMA). Nomi- R&B and Gospel music. A true compilation
nation deadline for is set for Nov. 15, 2017. CD of all-time favorites with the taste and
The winners will be released at the 37th style that is Lady Peace MN.
Annual Chicago Music Awards on March This fall Lady Peace MN will be film-
18, 2018, as re-branding preparation is on ing the accompanying music video of the
the way to broadcast the 37th IRAWMA song, The Old Rugged Cross. Tune in to
on national network TV in 2019. Lady Peace MN YouTube channel for up-
Visit for more info. dates and release information.
Like us on facebook@irawma, @fes- She began her musical journey singing
toflife,@chicagomusicawards and in church enhancing her ability as a singer
@jsvfest. A non-traditionalist, Lady Peace MN For information, call (646)687-5327;
and artist. chose reggae and gospel music to highlight Email:;
Lady Peace later diverged, began ex- her heritage and to embrace a changed life. Instagram/ladypeacemn;
ploring other art forms, and found her mu- Lady Peace MN is a woman in love and

Support the children in Dominica

sical genre in Reggae, R&B and Gospel with life, living each day on purpose. an facebook/MBMNHeavensgate
music. or visit

C EO of ClassCaterers and phi-

lanthropist Patorah Blackman
will be hosting a Black Party on
Dominica. Patrons are being urged
to donate one or two books which
can make a huge difference in a
December 16, 2017, at Mingles child's life in the hurricane-ravaged
Club, 4012 Boston Road, Bronx island.

Dr. Neva Alexander form 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm. Class- For further contact: Patorah at
Caterers will launch its school sup- or call

with Dr Neva
ply drive, for the children of 347-9614969 to confirm donations.
Patorah Blackman - CEO, ClassCaterers

M embers of the public are being in-

vited to be part of the studio audi-
Jamaica Bickle to
benefit from CBC
ence during the taping of conversations

with Dr. Neva, on Monday, December 4,
2017 at 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.
Building lives, with Dr. Neva will aribbean Business Connections,
be aired on Time Warner (Spectrum) 56 & CBC, will host its annual holiday
1996 | Cablevision (Optimum) 69 | RCN event on Dec 7th, at the Royal Chateau
84/ and Verizon FiOS 44. Hall in Rosedale at 6-10 pm to benefit
Tickets are limited. Registrants must Team Jamaica Bickle Inc., TJB.
provide the name of the guest they are TJB is the nonprofit organization that
bringing to the studio when submitting the plays an active role in the care of
request. Audience registration and check- Caribbean athletes at the Annual Penn
in will begin at 7:15 pm in studio lobby. Relays in Pennsylvania. The event will
Please plan to arrive no later than 7:45 allow attendees to contribute to the work
pm to secure your seats for the studio au- of the organization while celebrating the
dience show. holidays.
Contact: Sandra McCarty, founder CBC
on Facebook and Twitter or call 516-300-

Candidate for New York City Council District
City Council of District 27's South East Queens

Leadership that respects voters

(St. Albans, parts of Hollis, Cambria Heights, Queens Village,
Addisleigh Park, Jamaica, and Springfield Gardens)

Vote for RUPERT GREEN November 7, 2017 Elections
205-26 113 Ave. St. Albans NY 11412 718 526 4264
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Dr Rupert Green
Gracekennedy Birthright Program seeks applicants

KINGSTON, JAMAICA: the country for more than six months, and our food to music, sports and more. They re-
he GraceKennedy Foundation is advis- are really eager to learn more about their Ja- ally got the chance to make a personal con-
ing that there are only a few weeks left maican heritage. nection with the country from the minute
for students to apply for the 2018 The Birthright Programme exposes stu- they boarded the flight, Mrs Mahfood said.
GraceKennedy Jamaican Birthright Pro- dents to a diversified experience through The 2017 Jamaican Birthright interns
gramme. cultural immersion activities and paid in- were Menelik Graham, a sophomore at
The application period closes on Novem- ternship at a GraceKennedy operation in Ja- Princeton University (USA); Matthew
ber 30, 2017. maica. Robinson, a senior at Georgetown Univer-
The exciting immersion programme al- The 2017 Programme was a huge suc- sity (USA); Tianna Thomas, a senior at
lows university students of Jamaican parent- cess with the interns having a remarkable Brock University (Canada); and Cleveland
age from Canada, the United Kingdom and and fulfilling experience, said Executive Douglas, a junior at Imperial College in the
the United States of America, to spend one Director of the GraceKennedy Foundation, UK.
month in Jamaica learning about the land of Caroline Mahfood, who directs the Pro- They each expressed their appreciation
their parents birth all expenses paid. gramme. for having had the opportunity. According
Successful applicants must be: between With the help of our partners such as to Ms Thomas, The whole experience for
the ages of 18 and 25 years; second or third Caribbean Airlines, Island Car Rentals and me was life-changing and has given me a
generation Jamaican; pursuing either an un- the Jamaica Tourist Boar, the interns re- greater appreciation of self which is attrib-
dergraduate or post-graduate degree; and ceived the opportunity of a lifetime to expe- Caroline Mahfood uted to learning about myself as a Ja-
have a Grade B average or higher. Addi- rience the business undertakings as well as Executive Director maican.
tionally, they must have not lived in within Jamaicas dynamic cultural traditions, from GraceKennedy Foundation The GraceKennedy Foundation is en-
suring that more students will be able to
have this amazing opportunity.
Four persons two from the United
States of America, one from the United
Kingdom and one from Canada - will be
DENTAL Insurance chosen to participate in the 2018 Jamaican
Birthright Programme to run from July 1
through to August 8, 2018.
Application forms are available at For fur-
ther information, interested persons can ei-
ther send queries via email to
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company or call 1-876 932-

More Jamaican
A less expensive way to help get

Lottery Scammers
the dental care you deserve

1-866-934-2569 Plead Guilty


our more Jamaicans have thrown in
the towel in the US courts, pleading
Get help paying dental bills and keep more money
guilty to their involvement in a lottery
scam that bilked at least 90 Americans
in your pocket
out of more than US$5.7 million.
This is real dental insurance NOT just a Dario Palmer, Alrick McLeod and
Kazrae Gray all pleaded guilty to con-
discount plan spiracy under deals with federal prose-
cutors, while Kimberly Hudson signed
a deal and is scheduled to plead guilty
on November 20. No sentencing date
You can get coverage before your next checkup
has been set as yet.
Their guilty pleas bring to 10 the
number of defendants who have admit-
ted to the crime. Another accused is ne-
Dont wait! Call now and well rush you a FREE
gotiating terms of a deal, according to
the Associated Press.
Information Kit with all the details.
In return for the guilty pleas, the
government is dropping fraud and
money laundering counts.
FREE Information Kit The suspects are accused of calling
victims about bogus lottery winnings,
persuading them to send advance fees
to receive the purported winnings, then
keeping the money without paying out
Visit us online at anything to the victims.
The latest four to plead guilty were among eight Jamaicans who were extra-
dited from Jamaica to North Dakota to
face the lottery fraud charges.
The charges allege the scam bilked
mostly elderly US residents.
Insurance Policy P150NY MB17-NM003Ec

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PrimeTime Anytime record ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC plus two channels. With addition of Super Joey record two additional channels. Commercial skip feature is available at varying times, starting the day after airing, for select primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC recorded with PrimeTime Anytime. Recording hours vary; 2000 hours based on
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Jamaicas Ambassador to the United States, Audrey Marks greets the CEO and Executive Vice President of

Marks woos Israeli investors

the B'nai B'rith International Daniel Mariaschin on her arrival at their headquarters in Washington DC to
deliver the keynote address at a luncheon. -Photo by Derrick Scott

By Derrick Scott (ICT), agro-processing, medical rated as being among the 10 most im-
Contributing Writer tourism and infrastructure develop- proved economies in the world. The
amaicas Ambassador to the ment. Avenues through which part- (2015) Forbes Best Countries for
United States (US), Audrey Marks, nerships between Jamaican and Business Report has improved Ja-
is inviting Israelis to explore invest- Israeli investors could be forged maicas ranking from 64th to 59th for
ment opportunities in Jamaica. could also be explored, she pointed ease of doing business, and the num-
Ambassador Marks, who ad- out. ber-one country in the Caribbean for
dressed members of the Bnai Brith She also offered to help organise doing business, the Ambassador
International Center for Human a similar mission of Jamaican in- pointed out.
Rights and Public Policy at its head- vestors to Israel. She noted that Jamaica is con-
quarters in Washington DC recently, Ladies and gentlemen, Jamaica is sidering establishing a Jamaican di-
urged members who have an interest open and ready for business. Over the aspora bond, like that of the highly
in trade and investment to organise a last five years, a stable economy has successful Israeli Diaspora bond, and
delegation to Jamaica to look at been maintained. Jamaica was listed would welcome any guidance or sup-
prospects in the areas of information as having the best-performing stock port that can be offered as we seek
and communications technology market in the world in 2015 and was to undertake this endeavour.



I could not be happier about the job performance of BGA.
They have proven that they are there to help unfortunate
people who are in need of a helping hand. America should be
proud to have them represent those in need.

I would recommend them to anyone -Gil B.

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Bill Gordon & Associates, a nationwide practice, represents clients before the Social Security Administration.
Member of the TX & NM Bar Associations. Mail: 1420 NW St Washington D.C. Office: Broward County, FL.
Services may be provided by associated attorneys licensed in other states.

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E E Try our Apollo-6200
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U.S. Representative for New York's 16th congressional district Eliot Engel (3rd l) poses with his Pinnacle Award plague along other awardees and community leaders at the Family
Unification Resettlement Initiative (FURI) 15th annual dinner dance and awards ceremony held last Saturday at the Eastwood Manor Banquet Hall, Bronx. Others in photo (l-r) Inspector
Ruel Stephenson who was given the Peace Choice Award; Greer Ellis, daughter of Edwin Ellis, Jr who was posthumously recognized with the Champion for Justice Award; President,
FURI, Carmeta Albarus; Jamaicas Vice-Consul General to New York, Arlene Bennett; Constance Malcolm, the Ray of Hope Award - an NYPD officer killed her unarmed son in 2012;
and Baz Dreisinger, the Spirit of the Dream Award. - Photo by Derrick Scott

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REBNY: A Plague On New Yorkers

By Shirley Irons on organized labor so that union-
Contributing Writer free construction sites will prolifer-
rominent labor and human rights ate and become the norm.
advocate, Ray Rogers, has Rogers points out that more
launched a counterattack against the work is going to non-union contrac-
Real Estate Board of New York tors, even while union members are
(REBNY) asserting that REBNY giving more and more concessions.
more appropriately stands for Real Union workers are well-trained
Estate Bullies of New York. in their trade and safety procedures
Rogers claims, "REBNY's top and receive far better pay and bene-
policymakers are a cartel of billion- fits. It's no coincidence that 29 of 31
aire bullies and racketeers. Their construction workers who died on
abuse of political power is at the the job in NYC in 2015-2016
core of NYC's lack of affordable worked on non-union sites often
housing and homeless crisis leaving dubbed "construction sweatshops."
62,000 living in shelters and thou- REBNY's developers leading
sands more in the streets. Rogers the charge against unions saying
says these conditions are exacer- union workers are too costly, in-
bated by REBNY orchestrated re- clude Stephen Ross (net worth $7.6
zoning plans leading to billion), of Related Companies, Rob
hyper-gentrification on steroids. and Jerry Speyer (net worth $3.9 bil-
Millions of residents face dis- lion) of Tishman Speyer and Jed and
placement and thousands of small Meeting with South Bronx Community Congress spotlighting REBNY's destructive policies David Walentas (net worth $2.1 bil-
businesses are shutting down, Council Speaker, while Public Ad- (SBJSA).until they became mayor even though the majority of the City lion) of Two Trees Management!
Rogers explains, "as profit-driven vocate and City Council member, and speaker and raked in contribu- Council supports it. Visit
landlords and property speculators supported passage of the Small tions from big real estate interests. REBNY and its developers,
are charging exorbitant rents and Business Jobs Survival Act The SBJSA has never been voted on Rogers claims, have led the assault
finding more ways to evict renters
from their apartments, shops and of-
Rogers says "REBNY corrupts
our political system by feeding com- Thanks to BetterWOMAN ,

Bladder Control
pliant politicians with fat campaign
contributions to see things their Im winning the battle for
way." Two glaring examples are
REBNY's large contributions to the
Independent Democratic Committee
(IDC), eight Democratic state sena-
tors who vote with Republicans to
assure rent stabilization and rent
control laws are weakened and
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REBNY's developers can continue cal. So many products claim they can set you free from
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Undercover prostitution sting

in Paterson nets 10 arrests
PATERSON: of Bronx, New York; Brian Sierens, 32, of
n undercover prostitution sting target- Wayne; Joseph Solari, 31, of Wayne; Justin
ing those who patronize the citys ille- Floyd, 22, of Prospect Park; Jerardo Florez,
gal sex workers yielded the arrest of 10 33, of Passaic; William Simmon, 71, of
Johns from around the area, police an- Hasbrouck Heights; Wojtek Kolkowski, 38,
nounced Saturday. of Wallington; and Felipe Maldonado, 46,
The Paterson Police Narcotics & Vice of Haverstraw, New York.
Division conducted the undercover opera- The suspects arrested were transported
tion on Nov. 3 in two city locations the to headquarters and charged with soliciting

Fetty Wap arrested

corner of Van Houten and Auburn, and the prostitution. Their vehicles were subse-
corner of E. 25th Street and 19th Avenue, quently towed, said Speziale.

for drink driving

according to Public Safety Director Jerry "We are focusing on all aspects of

Speziale. quality of life in our city and have zero tol-
New York City: Arrested during the sting were Sakib erance, for lawbreakers, said Speziale.
Razzak, 26, of Paterson; Moshe Schori, 66,

Gang member had 'mini drug store' in her apartment, sheriff says
he 26-year-old rapper has reportedly
been arrested for 15 charges includ-

ing drag racing, driving under the influ-
ence (DUI), driving without a valid
NEWARK: day night, Sher- toura said. Officers feared she could destroy
licence and speeding after he was pulled
nvestigators raided the home of a reputed iff Armando evidence and forced their way inside the res-
over by police in the early hours of Friday Crips street gang member in Newark's Fontoura said in idence, Fontoura said. Vasquez tossed a plas-
morning. North Ward, where they seized a range of a statement. tic bag containing 20 grams of crack cocaine
Law enforcement sources have told drugs, officials said Friday. Vasquez briefly before she was arrested.
gossip website TMZ that the 'My Way' The arrest of Edda Vasquez, 37, marked came to her sec- In the dining room, detectives found 19
hitmaker was allegedly driving at speeds the third alleged drug dealer arrested by Essex ond floor bal- grams of crack cocaine, 35 plastic jugs also
of 100mph in a 50mph zone on a New County Sheriff's narcotics detectives in the cony and filled with crack cocaine, drug packaging ma-
York City highway while racing another city within two days. retreated back terials and $2,000, according to officials. Po-
driver. Irvington police and sheriff's detectives into the apart- lice also discovered a shoebox in a bedroom
It is claimed when he was stopped he knocked on the door of Vasquez's North 5th ment when she Edda Vasquez, 37 that contained suboxone and endocet.
handed an officer an expired New Jersey Street home to serve a search warrant Thurs- saw police, Fon- (Photo: Essex County jail)
driver's licence, failed a field sobriety test

Muslims want
and blew a 0.9, which is just above the
legal limit.

you to know
Earlier this year, Fetty - whose real
name is Willie Maxwell II - was robbed

about their town

in New Jersey, having a chain and an un-
specified amount of cash taken.
Police were dispatched to the scene

in Patterson in the early hours of the
morning amid reports shots had been PATERSON:
t's about three miles from the South Paterson
fired during a fight.
apartment of the Uzbek immigrant charged
But the singer was said to have later last week in the New York terror attack, to the
refused to file an official complaint, with run-down tenement over a bodega on Union
sources close to the 'My Way' hitmaker Avenue that provided a haven for those plot-
saying he didn't want to get involved in ting the 9/11 attacks more than 16 years ago.
the incident, which saw three people in- The two neighborhoods, in the same city,
jured. are worlds apart.
He is said to have thought it was bet- South Paterson is the heart of a thriving
ter to let the "streets handle his feud" with Muslim center, where signs in Arabic welcome
Raheem Thomas, who was arrested on shoppers into stores and restaurants. On the
gun charges after he flashed Fetty's stolen other side of the city's Great Falls, Union Av-
1738 chain on his Instagram. enue is a gritty place where the signs are
mostly in Spanish.
What both share is an unwelcome con-
nection to yet another horrific news event that
High-Speed Performance
once again thrust New Jersey's third-largest
city back on the map.
Available Anywhere
And for some, there is a growing fear that
the attention from authorities, and the return
No Phone Line Required
of the news media, will further cement an
image into the minds of some who see Pater-
son as a hotbed for extremism or radicaliza- SIGN UP TODAY FOR
To Ahmed Youssef, 42, Paterson is just a
home--a town to raise his four children, a place
to work and somewhere to eat what he claims
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to be the best falafel sandwiches in the county.
on this page "This is crazy. We've never had this hap-
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pen since I've lived here," he said, sipping his
DAVID WARREN Dunkin Donuts coffee while talking about the
Contributing Editor;
Packages Starting at $59.99/mo
swarms of police and federal agents who have
Marketing & Advertising Associate taken over local streets since Sayfullo Saipov- or call 1-800-966-4310
-who lived blocks away--was charged in the
terror attack that killed eight people in New
York on Tuesday.
Minimum term required. Monthly service and early termination fees apply. Usage is subject to a Fair Access Policy. Actual speeds may vary. Speed and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. Visit www.le- for details. HughesNet is a registered trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar company.*Free standard installation applies to new Lease subscribers only. Not valid with Purchase
option. Limited-time oer.
Tops signs of a cheater

By Jessica R./Truthfinder
t is estimated that 30-60% of all
married people in the U.S. cheat
on their spouse, and this number
is even higher for people who are
This means that if you have a
boyfriend or girlfriend, statisti-
cally they're more likely to cheat
on you than they are to stay faith-
ful. Below are the top signs of a

1. Heavy Phone Privacy

Cheaters always get very protec-
tive over their phones and who
can access them. Phone locks, fre-
quent private phone calls from a 4. Increased Effort What You Can Do to Investigate
"relative" they need to step away on Their Looks If your significant other is display-
for, or changed passwords are all Going to the gym, grooming, and ing one or many of these signs? Meet sexy friends
signs they are hiding something. nicer clothes. Who are they trying One of the simple things you can
to impress all of a sudden? Watch do is get a social media checkup who really get your vibe...
2. Excessive Social Media out for this trend as they usually done. The most common traits of
Cheaters setup secret social media aren't looking better for you! a cheater are guarded phones and
accounts to cheat. They also join excessive social media. Follow
social websites built specifically 5. Less interested in the sign to avoid going further Try FREE: 800-492-1317
for cheaters or people in relation- physical/emotional intimacy with some-one that seeks only to
ships. Cheaters will have many Less sex, less intimate conversa- satisfy themselves.
social profiles pretending to be tions, if your partner feels
single, all managed online. "checked out" along with any of
the signs above it is very likely
3. Girls/Guys "only" Night Out there could be another they are
Going out with their friends and being intimate with.
the significant others aren't in-
vited. If these become too fre-
One final factor that is a huge in-
dicator of cheating -- have they
quent, they could just be using this cheated before? If they've cheated
as an excuse to sneak away. in the past, they are much more
likely to cheat again.
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Carbbean Days of Giving raises over $40K

The Dumplin Shops CEO and co-host of 'Caribbean Day of Giving' Kerieth Mair (4th l) poses with other participants including (l-r) Syn Clarke, Robert Clarke, Jennifer
Lumey and Jerry McDonald at the mediathon which was held on October 7, 2017 to assist Caribbean countries hit by recent hurricanes. The event which was broadcasted
from The Dumplin Shop, Bronx raised over US$40,000 in cash as well as several barrels of goods to be shipped to Barbuda and Dominica.

By Anthony Turner drew Holness of Jamaica; Hon. Ralph Gon- so at or text tional entities are also invited to support this
Contributing Writer salves of St. Vincent and the Grenadines; AFUWI to 41444. As the group design or disaster relief and recovery effort.
he recently held 'Caribbean Day of Giv- Allan Chastanet of Saint Lucia; the Premier promote new activities to raise funds, addi-
ing' #CaribbeanDayofGiving mediathon of the British Virgin Islands, Orlando Smith
on Saturday, October 7th, to assist Caribbean as well as Ronald Jackson, Executive Direc-
countries hit by recent hurricanes was tor of the CDEMA and Her Excellency,
deemed a successful venture with wide- Loreen Bannis-Roberts, Permanent Repre-
spread collaboration from the Caribbean Di- sentative of the Commonwealth of Dominica
aspora media fraternity.
The organizers of the Day of Giving re-
to the United Nations.
The Door Restaurant in Queens and the
ported that the event raised over US$40,000 Dumplin Shop in the Bronx, were the loca- HIGH SPEED INTERNET
in cash as well as several barrels of goods, tion sponsors and sites of the radiothon.
which were handed over to Ebenezer Pilgrim The day ended with a Caribbean Day of
Holiness Church in New York, which will Giving Benefit concert which was live
coordinate shipping to Barbuda and Do- streamed from Usain Bolts Tracks and
minica. Records Sports Bar in Kingston, Jamaica.
Most funds raised, came from New Performers included Romain Virgo, Chris
York based Caribbean Food Delights Vin- Martin, Richie Stephens, Jermaine Edwards,
cent HoSang Foundation. The event also had D'Angel and D-Major.
the backing of corporate and organizational Beyond the day, the organizers ac-
sponsors such as Digicel, Tower Isles Frozen knowledge the significant need for ongoing
Foods Limited, Irie Jam Media Group, Usain support to aid in the recovery efforts in the
Bolts Tracks and Records, Team Jamaica Caribbean region.
Bickle, Union of Jamaican Alumni Associa- Persons wishing to donate may still do
tions, Golden Krust, IMAGES LLC,
Enjoy big-time Internet speeds without spending big bucks!

Caribbean Business Connections and
These efforts were in conjunction with
Get Connected for as low as Get Connected for as low as

fundraising efforts by The American Friends

14.95/mo. $
of Jamaica, the American Foundation for the
For the first 3 months (Offers vary by speed & location) first 12 months

University of the West Indies and the

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Caribbean Tourism Organization Relief
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Caribbean Day of Giving.

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Fast download time for streaming videos, music and more! Larger data allowance (up to 50 GB per month)

Much of the funds raised will benefit

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Man-
Speed performance allowing you to stream & download shows, music, photos,

agement Agency (CDEMA), which is the of-

large files and more on multiple devices

ficial body coordinating relief efforts to the

various Caribbean countries affected by the

hurricanes. 888-312-1994
The all day media-thon, which involved
over 32+ radio programs and other media
platforms, featured interviews with Prime
HughesNet is a registered trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar company.

Ministers Gaston Browne of Antigua and

The HughsNet Gen5 service plans are designed to deliver download speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps, but individual customers may experience different speeds at different
times of the day. Speeds and uninterrupted use are not guaranteed and may vary based on a variety of factors including: the configuration of your computer, the number of concurrent users,
network of Internet congestion, the capabilities and content of the websites you are accessing, network management practices as deemed necessary, and other factors. When you connected

Barbuda; Keith Mitchell of Grenada; An-

to HughesNet service using Wi-Fi, your experience will vary based on your proximity to the Wi-Fi source and the strength of the signal.
*Speeds may vary depending on distance, line quality and number of devices used concurrently. Subject to availability. Some prices shown may be introductory offers. Equipment fees, taxes
and other fees and restrictions may apply.
**Speed comparison based on 1.5 Mbps DSL.

No to Excessive Drinking
Just one more drink
rinking too much alcohol can cause physical
and emotional damage to you, your friends By GLORIA BENT, MS, RD, CDN
and your family. One out of every six New York-
ers drinks more than the recommended guidelines
described below, and alcohol leads to nearly 1,800
deaths in the city each year.
Questions & Comments:

Ten ways to improve your diet

If you are an excessive drinker, there are
steps you can take to cut back and lower your
health risks.
Drinking Guidelines
While everyone is different, these recommended Here are a few tips to make it easier to drink less: Courtesy of
guidelines are designed for you to stop drinking Alternate alcoholic drinks with water. The National MS Society
before you increase your risk of illness, injury or Eat food while you are drinking.
1. Eat three fruits every day. Keep a
death. Set a limit with your friends before you start
drinking and keep to it. bowl of fruit on hand to satisfy those
Men ages 64 and younger
No more than four drinks in a short period of time, Try new social activities that don't involve drink- sugar cravings.
such as a 2-hour period ing, such as meeting a friend at a book store or in
No more than 14 drinks per week a park. 2. Add beans to your diet. Black bean
Avoid people and settings that trigger an urge to soup, bean burritos, red beans and
Women of all ages and men 65 and older drink. rice, and bean dip are examples.
No more than three drinks in a short period of
time, such as a 2-hour period Health Risks
If you drink excessively, you are at an increased
3. Increase your vegetable intake.
No more than seven drinks per week
risk for: Double up veggies at your evening
You should not drink at all if you are:
Taking medications that interact with alcohol Accidents and injuries meal. Add sliced tomatoes to your
Depression, dementia and other mental lunch. Snack on raw vegetables. 7. Use olive oil or canola oil. Limit
Younger than 21 health problems saturated fat. Read the labels. And re-
Pregnant or trying to get pregnant there is no Sleep problems 4. Stop eating when you are satisfied. member that fatty meats or cheeses,
level of alcohol consumption known to be safe Suicide Be aware of portion sizesmost butter, and whole milk products have
Losing your temper, possibly leading to
during pregnancy restaurant meals could feed two peo- large amounts of saturated fat.
Defining One Drink physical aggression
Weakened immune system ple. Take leftovers home for another 8. Eat three meals every day. People
12 ounces of beer
Pneumonia and other infections meal. who skip meals tend to make up the
5 ounces of wine, or 3.5 ounces of fortified wine
1.5 ounces of distilled liquor or brandy (many High blood pressure calories anyway.
Enlarged heart or weakening of the 5. Eat whole grains such as brown
mixed drinks contain more than this amount)
heart muscle rice, whole wheat bread, and whole 9. Drink more water. Plain water. It's
Tips to Drink Less Cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver grain cereals. caffeine and calorie free.
If you are an excessive drinker and want to cut Hepatitis
back, you can get help from the City, your primary Osteoporosis 6. Enjoy two sources of low-fat dairy 10. There's more to nutrition. A good
care doctor or another health professional. Cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, products every day: milk, yogurt,
liver, breast and colon diet can help you fight fatigue as well.

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Build a business your way

Highlighting the opportunities and challenges of local business

Family Features: Product development. Part of develop-
reating a business from the ground up is ing your business is understanding your cus-
no small endeavor. From planning to fi- tomers needs and introducing new products
nancing to putting standard business services and solutions. As a franchise owner, you can
in place, theres a lot to tackle. All of that is in contribute insight to the process but focus on
addition to operating the day-to-day business. running your business while development ex-
To overcome these obstacles, franchising perts dedicate themselves to researching and
is an ideal solution for many aspiring business innovating new products and services that can
owners. It provides the advantages of business help you better serve your customers.
ownership, but with the added support of a Marketing support. Many franchises
recognized brand and an established method conduct national advertising campaigns to
of doing business. Partnering with a franchise build brand awareness, while regional efforts
like The UPS Store offers numerous benefits. and local store marketing can build excitement
d Flexibility. Opening a franchise allows in your market. A layered marketing plan ex-
you to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of tends the reach of your marketing budget and
making your own business decisions and lends credibility to your business.
being your own boss, while working toward Financing assistance. Funding your
your goals of personal and financial independ- franchise according to your unique goals and
ence at your own pace. background can help eliminate many of the fi-
d Start-up resources. Getting a new busi- nancial pitfalls that those without experience
ness off the ground requires a wide range of or industry expertise may encounter. ment for The UPS Store. We look forward to
activity, from site selection and lease negotia- Learn more about franchising and the op- welcoming more franchisees into our network
- tion to hiring and training staff. A franchise tions available to aspiring small business own- as we continue to challenge ourselves to find
f can help you navigate these early decisions ers at new ways we can bring convenience and value
and needs with a deep pool of experience and to our customers.
knowledge to help overcome the hurdles you A Milestone Accomplishment Over the years, the retail concept has ex-
- may encounter. A focus on small business is driving big panded to include a range of solutions for
- Training. Even a well-educated business results for one national retailer. The nations small business owners, creating a one-stop
owner has room to learn. With a franchise, you largest franchise system of retail shipping, shop for small-business support.
have the opportunity to receive in-depth train- helps you stay informed of industry trends, print and business service centers, The UPS Small business owners can find resources
s ing in areas such as business operations, tech- discover new tools and resources, and develop Store, Inc., is now 5,000 locations strong. such as notary services, shredding, mailbox
w nical systems, human resources, marketing lasting relationships with fellow franchisees. The UPS Store network is made up of and locker rental, and, in some cases, even in-
e and financial management. The result is a peer group that has intimate dedicated individuals and families who are ventory management solutions, as well as the
Networking opportunities. Connecting knowledge of your business model that can committed to serving small business owners, packing and shipping services that business
with other franchisees at area meetings, re- serve as a valuable resource as your business customers and their communities, said Chris and non-business customers alike can utilize.
gional conferences and national conventions grows. Adkins, vice president of franchise develop-

Dont Fall Victim to Financial
f Distress Caused by Credit Card Debt
Credit counseling is the easiest, most effective way to explore the options for
credit card debt and identify the best solution for your needs.

ments go toward your debt instead of
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you can get out of debt faster. Every

financial situation is different, but

most people see their total monthly

debt payments reduced by up to 30
to 50 percent as they get out of debt
faster. The program is usually com- youre able to build a positive cred-
it history while reducing your overall
pleted in around 40-60 payments,
debt level. As a result, some people see
so you can be debt-free in just a few
their credit score even increase over the
HIGH MONTHLY CREDIT CARD CREDIT COUNSELING IS THE years instead of taking decades to
PAYMENTS combined with even EASIEST, MOST EFFECTIVE WAY eliminate everything you owe. course of their time with a credit coun-
higher interest rates can make it al- TO EXPLORE THE OPTIONS seling service.
most impossible to maintain control FOR CREDIT CARD DEBT AND Its the fastest and easiest to
over your credit card debt. Even with IDENTIFY THE BEST SOLUTION FREEDOM FROM DEBT IS
your monthly payments you may not FOR YOUR NEEDS. Speak with a
get professional financial POSSIBLE! Dont spend another
see much of a reduction in debt no certified credit counselor at no charge advice without incurring sleepless night worrying about your

matter what you do. to analyze your debt and budget. They another bill to do it. debt problems, or another day stressed
will review your options to see what about your bills instead of focused on
Whats more, as your credit card bal- solutions may work best for you. Your your family and life.
ances increase, it can also cause prob- credit counselor may be able to lower Build a Positive Credit History Call Consolidated Credit now at
lems for your budget you end up jug- high interest rates or even eliminate Additionally, consolidating debt-

gling bills, choosing between expenses, them while consolidating your credit through a certified credit counseling 1-800-721-4370
and putting off important purchases. card debts into one easy payment service may help save your credit score to speak with a certified credit
Luckily, theres a way you can find the through a debt management program. from additional damage. You stop fu- counselor today.
solution that works for your unique fi- ture penalties and prevent further dam-

nancial situation and even better, it Get Out of Debt Faster age from missed payments and over-

wont cost a thing to get the informa- As a result of those lower interest drawn credit lines. Even better, as you

tion you need. rates more of your monthly pay- work your way through the program, (Fees may apply for voluntary participation in debt management - all
counseling services are free.)

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Emotional ten- that important will make you look bad. Problems
sion will mount if you get into a deep discussion at home and at work will surface if you are un-
about money, children or joint ventures. Listen reasonable or pushy. Concentrate on doing
carefully to others and digest all the information whats expected of you.
you are given before you make a move. Dont
overreact. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Changes at home
must be well planned to avoid setbacks and com-
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): A financial oppor- plaints. Know exactly what you are trying to
tunity is apparent. Negotiate, sign contracts or achieve in order to bypass criticism. Taking care
set the wheels in motion to reach a settle- of someone elses interests before your own will
ment. Make choices that are within cause resentment.
your budget and wont jeopar-
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Em-
dize your home, family or
brace change and be open to
lifestyle. Moderation is
suggestions that will alter
the way you live. A day
trip, discussion or joint
TAURUS (April 20-
venture will bring you
May 20): Emotions
one step closer to the
will be difficult to con-
lifestyle you want to live.
tain. Dont allow stub-
Romance is in the stars.
bornness to set in and
make matters worse. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.
Look for positive opportu- 21): Share your feelings and
nities and do your best to ful- you will be able to bring about
fill whatever promises youve positive changes at home and
made. within your relationships. Rely on your
intuition when it comes to adapting your current
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Take precautions lifestyle. Positive change will bring rewards.
not to reveal personal information. Problems
The hottest place
with peers will surface if you get involved in SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Be careful
to meet Latinos!

gossip or a situation that requires you to take what you promise to do for others. Taking on too Try FREE: 888-411-7538
sides. Stay neutral and avoid conflict that could much or giving someone the wrong impression
cost you your reputation. can lead to an emotional outburst, putting you in

an awkward position. Do your best to offer kind-

CANCER (June 21-July 22): An unusual oppor- ness and honesty. Sudoku Solutions
tunity to expand one of your interests or to have
more social contact will develop. Share your CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Open up about
thoughts and youll get the backup you need to the way you feel and what you want to see hap-
move forward with your plans. pen. Overreacting will not solve any problems,
but honesty, open discussions and the willing-
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Think before you react. ness to compromise will. Do your best to get
Making a big deal out of something that isnt all along.

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