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Tanyon Hideki Lane Berry

701 E Apache Blvd.

Tempe, AZ 85281

To help students and community members develop themselves as diverse thinkers and artists
while becoming globally minded citizens through explorations of and engagements with music.

Arizona State University: Tempe, AZ - Undergraduate Music Education
August 2015 - Present (expected graduation date: May 2019)

Mountain Ridge High School: Glendale, AZ - High School Diploma

August 2011 - May 2015

Professor Martin Schuring: Tempe, AZ - Oboe
August 2015 - Present
University studio instruction

Dr. Caryn Kunz: Cave Creek, AZ - Oboe

November 2011 - July 2015
Private instruction

Reuben Lane: Glendale, AZ - Flute

August 2009 - July 2011
Private instruction

Eileen Morgan: Phoenix, AZ - Taiko (drumming) & Shinobue (ute)
March 2008 - Present
Taiko studio instruction
March 2007 - Present
Private shinobue instruction

Berry 2

Hachijo Getsuyoukai: Hachijo-Jima, Japan - Taiko

July 2017
Three masterclasses on Hachijo Taiko

Hiroshima Taiko Hozonkai: Hiroshima, Japan - Taiko

July 2013 & July 2017
Two masterclasses in 2013 and three in 2017

Naoko Takeuchi: Matsuyama, Japan - Shinobue

June 2013 & July 2017
Private lessons

Taku Yamada: Hiroshima, Japan - Shinobue

July 2013
Private lessons

ASU Gammage: Tempe, AZ - Camp Broadway Assistant Stage Manager
June 2016 & June 2017
Facilitating Camp Broadway experience for campers and Broadway sta
Behavioral management
Prop management
Stage management
Choreography documentation for later sessions

PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE___________________________________
Concert Ensembles
ASU Philharmonia: Tempe, AZ - Oboe & English Horn
August 2016 - Present

ASU Wind Ensemble: Tempe, AZ - Oboe

August 2015 - Present

Chamber Ensembles
Hadrien: Tempe, AZ - Oboe
January 2017 - present
Woodwind Quintet

MRHS Woodwind Choir: Glendale, AZ - Oboe & Alto Recorder

December 2016
Performance at Midwest Clinic in Chicago, IL

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Solo Performance
Recital: Tempe, AZ - Oboe
February 19, 2017
Solo performances on joint recital

Taiko and Shinobue Performances

ASU Passport and Culture Fest: Tempe, AZ - Taiko & Shinobue
August 2017
Two Performances with Sun Devil Taiko

Shikoku Mura Kabuki Theater: Takamatsu, Japan - Taiko & Shinobue

July 11, 2017
Two joint performances with Manten Taiko

2017 International Mission Board Conference: Phoenix, AZ - Taiko

June 12, 2017
Performance with Fushicho Daiko at the 2017 IMB Conference

Barrett Student Showcase: Tempe, AZ - Taiko

October 2016
Performance with Sun Devil Taiko

ASU Homecoming: Tempe, AZ - Taiko and Shinobue

October 2016
Parade and performance with Sun Devil Taiko

Gathering of the Five Groups: Nomura, Japan - Taiko

June 2013 & July 2017
Marathon concert for the community in conjunction with local taiko groups

Dogo Onsen: Matsuyama, Japan - Taiko & Shinobue

June 2013 & July 2017
Two performances for the community at historic Dogo Onsen (oldest natural hot spring in Japan) in
conjunction with other Shikoku taiko groups

Tsubakikan Hotel: Matsuyama, Japan - Taiko

June 2013 & July 2017
Two joint performances with Shinsan Daiko for the Tsubakikan Hotels evening show

P. F. Changs Rock and Roll Marathon: Phoenix, AZ - Taiko & Shinobue

2013 & 2015
Entertainment along half-marathon route

Fiesta Bowl Parade: Phoenix, AZ - Taiko & Shinobue

2009, 2016, & 2017
Participation in Fiesta Bowl Parade with Fushicho Daiko

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Arizona Matsuri: Phoenix, AZ - Taiko & Shinobue

Last weekend in February, annually since 2007
Solo and group performances on multiple stages at Arizonas annual Matsuri (Japanese Festival)

TEACHING EXPERIENCE_______________________________________
OConnor Elementary & Salk Elementary: Mesa, AZ - Intern
August 2017 - present
General music intern at OConnor and Salk with Stephen Wibe
Attending playground and pickup duties
Writing lesson plans
Creating Smartboard slides for class activities
Leading introductory and closing activities
Teaching lessons

Sun Devil Taiko: Tempe, AZ - Director

August 2016 - present
Teaching new and experienced players in Sun Devil Taiko

Fushicho Daiko Dojo: Phoenix, AZ - Substitute

Occasional in 2016
Occasional substitute teacher for beginner and intermediate classes and substitute leader for
Saboten Taiko (in Eileen Morgans absence)


Be Thou My Vision
Arranged 2017
Variations on the worship song, arranged for Oboe, Clarinet, and Audience ( joins in
singing during the nal variation). Arranged for an ASU LDS Institute interfaith music event

Church on Mill College Ministry - Leader
August 2017 - Present

Sun Devil Taiko - Director

August 2016 - Present

AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIPS____________________________________

Special Talent Award - Scholarship
2015 - present
ASU School of Music

Berry 5

National Merit Scholar - Scholarship

National Merit Scholarship Corporation

ABODA Music Education Scholarship - Scholarship

Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors Association

AWS Small Ensemble Contest: 2nd Place - Award

Arizona Wind Symphony

Community Performances: Arizona and Japan
August 2007 - Present
Engaging audiences in free, interactive performances throughout Arizona and Japan to relieve
stress, lift spirits, empower participants, and celebrate Japanese culture through music

Woodwind Quintet for Middle Schoolers

April 2015
Woodwind quintet performance, presentation, and Q&A session to teach middle school students
about chamber music


Name: Martin Schuring Name: Melissa Vuletich

Employer: ASU School of Music Employer: ASU Gammage
Email: Email:
Relationship: Oboe Studio Professor Relationship: Supervisor
Timeframe: 2015-present Timeframe: Summer 2016 & 2017

Name: Dr. Caryn Kunz Name: Eileen Morgan
Employer: Sunset Ridge K-8 Employer: Self-Employed
Phone: 480-381-8844 Email:
Relationship: Private Oboe Instructor Relationship: Taiko/Fue Instructor
Timeframe: 2011-2015 Timeframe: 2007-present

Name: Michael Warner Name: George Hattendorf
Employer: Self-Employed Employer: Mountain Ridge HS
Phone: 623-341-4613 Phone: 623-640-4611
Relationship: Asst. Band Director Relationship: Band Director
Timeframe: 2011-2015 Timeframe: 2011-2015