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Howard County General Hospital


DEPARTMENT: Maternal Child Unit WORK AREA CODE: 7290
DEPARTMENT DESCRIPTION: 34 bed, high- risk and postpartum unit patients and their newborns.

SUPERVISOR(S): Morgan Risley, Clinical Program Manager, 410-720-8160;

Lauri Martin, R.N., Nurse Manager (days), 410-740-7830;
Elaine Green, R.N., Clinical Program Manager (evenings) 410-740-7830;
Sylvia Thomas, Unit Secretary (days), 410-740-7830


1. Greets customers, and unlocks door to Maternal Child Unit.
2. Runs errands (Lab, Medical Records, Labor & Delivery, Pharmacy, etc.)
3. Passes out and collects food trays, water pitchers and general meal items/supplies
4. General clerical duties (filing, photocopying, assembling charts, replacing pages in manuals)
5. Specific ongoing clerical work w/ PKU records -- photocopying, sorting/grouping reports, folding letters, hand addressing and
stuffing envelopes to physicians and new mothers
6. Answers telephones, responds to patient call lights
7. Stocks patient rooms as directed
8. Distributes pamphlets and assemble admission kits
9. Hospitality Program provides service to generally healthy patients by making rounds, checking needs and responding to requests
(i.e.: deliver ice packs, juices, blankets, clean gowns, pillows, baby formula, etc.)
10. Volunteers with extensive MCU experience, specifically trained to work in Nursery and with the approval of the Newborn Nursery
Charge Nurse, may hold babies provided holding is near infants bassinet, and volunteer is not walking with baby.
11. Practices confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA.

This volunteer will will not have access to protected health information (PHI).
PHI is information that identifies (or can be used to identify) a patient AND relates to either (1) billing information, (2)
provision of healthcare, or (3) past, present or future physical or mental health). Examples are:
O A volunteer accepts an insurance card from a person at the ED Admitting Desk -- The volunteer knows both the
persons identity and that the person is receiving emergency care.
O A volunteer files medical documents in the Cardio Rehabilitation Department. -- The volunteer knows the
identity of the patient, and by the patients association with a department providing cardio rehab, the volunteer knows
something about the patients health history.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/QUALIFICATIONS: (1) Commitment - staff will train individuals who are committed to longer
work relationships and scheduled for consistent days and times; (2) Maturity, tact, assertiveness; (3) Telephone etiquette; and, (4)
Patience/willingness to perform routine tasks to earn opportunity to help more with patient care responsibilities

SUPERVISION AND ORIENTATION TO DEPARTMENT: Unit secretary (named above) provides general training.

SCHEDULE: Varies Usually 1 volunteer per shift


Greets Customers
Practices Service Excellence Behaviors
Privacy Policies/HIPAA
Displays Understanding of Requests from Patients and Staff
Clears any Patients Request with Clinical Staff
Area Specific Emergency Procedures (RACE) including emergency codes, location of nearest fire
alarm pull station, and uses of x. 5151 and x. 7911
Displays Understanding of, and Competency in, all Responsibilities and Skill Building Areas
Identified in This Position Description.
Knows location of panic button and MSDS sheet