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Name: Chesney Brakhage

Date of Observation: November 3, 2017

Placement: Mrs. Nabors 1st Grade at Dayton City Elementary

In each box, reflect on the questions provided and provide detailed responses.

Planning and Preparation Classroom Environment

Did you design instruction that supports the Were student actively engaged and motivated?
students varying intellectual, social, emotional, What indicated engagement or lack there of?
and physical needs? How did you differentiate?
Students were fairly engaged while I was reading
When designing the lesson, I tried to incorporate the story. There were a few students that I had to
visual, auditory, and kinesthetic aspects into my move because of behavior issues. I also had one
lesson. None of the material in the lesson was student laying on the floor, but apart from those
assessed, because it was a supplemental lesson to four, the rest of the class seemed actively engaged
support the idea of cause and effect. The goal was and were willing to answer my questions. Once
to allow students to do activities that they do not we moved from the rug to the desks, the students
normally get to do during regular class time. I were engaged in the activity because they were
differentiated by walking around and providing coloring the pancakes and writing on the strips of
additional support to students who needed it. paper. Engagement during the time on the rug
Also I encouraged students to help each other. was expressed through listening posture while also
When designing this activity, I had planned to actively involved in answering questions.
allow the students to talk quietly and work Engagement at the desks was measured by
together on the craft as well as provide interaction completing the craft, following directions, and
during the poster activity. remaining at a low volume level. While most
students were engaged in the first two, the class as
Did you lesson and activities fully address/support a whole did not maintain a low volume, which
the learning objective? made it difficult to give further instructions.

The learning objective was to support the idea of Identify areas of strength and weakness in regard
cause and effect, and while I included vocabulary to classroom management.
related to cause and effect, the poster activity
turned into an activity that seemed to more Classroom management strengths include the time
closely related to sequencing rather cause and on the rug. While there were a few students that I
effect. I should have made a clearer connection, sent to sit either at their desks or in other chairs,
but I got caught up in the students answering so the class as a whole seemed to be engaged and
quickly. listening. There was one student that I should
have sent to a chair because I called his name too
many times for him to remain on the carpet.

Classroom management weaknesses were

apparent once we moved to the desks. Students
are not used to doing crafts or things where they
are allowed to talk, so the opportunity to work and
talk quickly got out of control. Once students
reached such a high level of noise, it was difficult
to reel them back in and give instructions. Also
with one of my students, Joey, he had already
moved his clip so far down the line, that I couldnt
really move him much farther. Also this system
seems ineffective for him, as he often moves his
clip down. Another student, Noah, did not seem
to be on his medication according to my
cooperating teacher, which effects his behavior
and focus.
Instructional Strategies Reflection
What strategies did you use to promote higher What aspects of your lesson would you keep you
ordered thinking? the same? Why?

Students had to connect the idea of cause and I would definitely keep both activities that were
effect to the story through our activities and done on the rug (reading the story and going over
writing the sentence. Other than that, there was the poster). The students did really well, and it
not a whole lot of connection to higher order was a good change of pace for the 10 worksheets
thinking. This is partially because of the age of the we do every day. They also did a really good job at
student. paying attention, and they were able to answer
the questions
Did you incorporate a variety of teaching
strategies? Which ones and how?
What aspects of your lesson would you change?
I incorporated auditory, kinesthetic, visual, and Why?
spatial ingelligences through class discussion,
posters, crafts, and reading. I would change the craft. The craft was too
difficult for first grade, and I was not able to
provide clear enough instructions. Also it created
a classroom environment that was difficult to