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UNIT 1: TENSES.............................................................................................................2
UNIT 2: PASSIVE VOICE............................................................................................11
UNIT 3: TAG QUESTIONS..........................................................................................19
UNIT 4: ADVERBIAL CLAUSES AND CONNECTORS.........................................21
UNIT 5: SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT..................................................................31
UNIT 6: SPEAKING......................................................................................................34
UNIT 7: CONDITIONAL SENTENCES AND WISHES...........................................39
UNIT 9: RELATIVE CLAUSES...................................................................................57
UNIT 10: ARTICLES.....................................................................................................66
UNIT 11: REPORTED SPEECH..................................................................................69
UNIT 12: PREPOSITIONS...........................................................................................78
UNIT 13: COMPARISONS...........................................................................................85
UNIT 14: PHONETICS.................................................................................................94
UNIT 15: COMMON STRUCTURES.......................................................................101

ANSWER KEY.............................................................................................................111

UNIT 1: TENSES..........................................................................................................111
UNIT 2: PASSIVE VOICE..........................................................................................112
UNIT 3: TAG QUESTIONS........................................................................................113
UNIT 4: ADVERBIAL CLAUSES AND CONNECTORS.......................................114
UNIT 5: SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT................................................................114
UNIT 6: SPEAKING....................................................................................................115
UNIT 7: CONDITIONAL SENTENCES AND WISHES.........................................115
UNIT 8: GERUNDS AND INFINITIVES..................................................................117
UNIT 9: RELATIVE CLAUSES.................................................................................118
UNIT 10: ARTICLES...................................................................................................119
UNIT 11: REPORTED SPEECH................................................................................119
UNIT 12: PREPOSITIONS.........................................................................................121
UNIT 13: COMPARISONS.........................................................................................122
UNIT 14: PHONETICS...............................................................................................123
UNIT 15: COMMON STRUCTURES.......................................................................124
TI LIU THAM KHO............................................................................................127

Trang 1
Trang 2
UNIT 1: TENSES 32. When I (meet) __________ him , he (work)
A. Use the correct form of verbs in brackets. __________as a waiter for a year or so.
1. In all the world, there (be) __________ only 14 33. After he (finish) __________ breakfast he (sit)
mountains that (reach) __________above 8,000 meters. __________down to write some letters.
2. He sometimes (come) __________ to see his parents. 34. She (have) __________a hard life, but shes always
3. When I (come) __________, she (leave) smiling.
__________for Dalat ten minutes ago. 35. I think Jim (be) __________ out of town.
4. My grandfather never (fly) __________ in an airplane,
and he has no intention of ever doing so. B. Choose the best answer among A, B, C, or D.
5. We just (decide) __________ that we (undertake) the 1. When I last saw him, he _____ in London.
job. A. has lived B. is living C. was living D. has
6. He told me that he (take) __________ a trip to been living
California the following week. 2. We _______ Dorothy since last Saturday.
7. I knew that this road (be) __________ too narrow. A. dont see B. havent seen C. didnt see D.
8. Right now I (attend) __________ class. Yesterday at hadnt seen
this time I (attend) __________class. 3. The train ______ half an hour ago.
9. Tomorrow Im going to leave for home. When I (arrive) A. has been leaving B. left
__________at the airport, Mary (wait) for me. C. has left D. had left
10. Margaret was born in 1950. By the year 2005, she (live) 4. Jack ______ the door.
__________on this earth for 55 years . A. has just painted B. paint
11. The traffic was very heavy. By the time I (get) C. will have painted D. painting
__________to Marys party, everyone already (arrive) 5. My sister ________ for you since yesterday.
__________ A. is looking B. was looking C. has been looking D.
12. I will graduate in June. I (see) you in July. By the time looked
I (see) __________ you , I (graduate) __________. 6. I ______ Texas State University now.
13. I (visit) __________ my uncles home many times A. am attending B. attend C. was attendingD.
when I (be) __________ a child. attended
14. That book (lie) __________ on the table for week. You 7. He has been selling motorbikes ________.
(not read) __________ it yet ? A. ten years ago B. since ten years
15. David (wash) __________ his hands. He just (repair) C. for ten years ago D. for ten years
__________ the TV set. 8. Christopher Columbus _______ American more than 500
16. You (be) __________here before? Yes, I (spend) years ago.
__________ my holidays here last year. A. discovered B. has discovered
17. We never (meet) __________ him. We dont know what C. had discoveredD. had been discovering
he (look) __________ like. 9. He fell down when he ______ towards the church.
18. The car (be) __________ ready for him by the time he A. run B. runs C. was running D. had
(come) __________tomorrow. run
19. On arriving at home I (find) __________that she just 10. We _______ there when our father died.
(leave) __________a few minutes before. A. still lived B. lived still
20. When we (arrive) __________ in London tonight, it C. was still lived D. were still living
probably (rain) __________. 11. They ______ table tennis when their father comes back
21. It (rain) __________ hard. We cant do anything until it home.
(stop) __________ A. will play B. will be playing
22. Last night we (watch) __________TV when the power C. play D. would play
(fail) __________. 12. By Christmas, I _______ for Mr. Smith for six years.
23. That evening we (stay) __________up to talk about the A. shall have been working B. shall work
town where he (live) __________for some years. C. have been working D. shall be working
24. I (sit) __________down for a rest while the shoes 13. I _______ in the room right now.
(repair) __________. A. am being B. was being C. have been being D.
25. Half way to the office Paul (turn) __________round am
and (go) __________back home because he (forget) to 14. I ______ to New York three times this year.
turn the gas off. A. have been B. was C. were D.
26. London (change) a lot since we first (come) had been
__________ to live here. 15. Ill come and see you before I _______ for the States.
27. While we (talk) __________on the phone the children A. leave B. will leave C. have left D.
(start) __________fighting and (break) __________a shall leave
window 16. The little girl asked what _______ to her friend.
28. He used to talk to us for hours about all the interesting A. has happened B. happened
things he (do) __________ in his life. C. had happened D. would have been happened
29. You know she (stand) __________looking at that 17. John ______ a book when I saw him.
picture for the last twenty minutes. A. is reading B. read C. was reading D.
30. I (spend) __________ a lot of time travelling since I reading
(get) __________this new job. 18. He said he _______ return later.
31. When I (be) __________ at school we all (study) A. will B. would C. can D.
__________Latin. would be
19. Jack ________ the door.

Trang 3
A. has just opened B. open A. am going B. have been goingC. go D. had
C. will have opened D. opening gone
20. I have been waiting for you ______ . 38. Her father ______ when she was a small girl.
A. since early morning B. since 9a.m A. dies B. died C. has died D. had
C. for two hours D. All are correct died
21. Almost everyone _______ for home by the time we 39. Last week, my professor promised that he ________
arrived. today.
A. leave B. left C. leaves D. had A. would come B. will come C. comes D.
left coming
22. By the age of 25, he ______ two famous novels. 40. Pasteur ______ in the 19th century.
A. wrote B. writes C. has written D. had A. was living B. lived C. had lived D. has
written lived
23. While her husband was in the army, Mary ______ to him C. Choose the underlined part in each sentence (A, B,C, or
twice a week. D ) that needs correcting.
A. was reading B. wrote C. was written D. had 1. After Mrs. Wang had returned to her house from work,
written she
24. I couldnt cut the grass because the lawn mower ______ A B C
a few days previously. was cooking dinner.
A. broke down B. has been broken D
C. had broken down D. breaks down 2. Jimmy threw the ball high in the air, and Betty catching it
24. I have never played badminton before. This is the first when it
time I _____ to play. A B C
A. try B. tried C. have tried D. am D
trying came down.
25. Since _______, I have heard nothing from him. 3. Linda has worn her new yellow dress only once since she
A. he had left B. he left C. he has left D. he buys it.
was left A B C
26. After I _______ lunch, I looked for my bag. D
A. had B. had had C. have has D. 4. Last week Mark told me that he got very bored with his
have had present job
27. By the end of next year, George _______ English for A B
two years. and is looking for a new one.
A. will have learned B. will learn C D
C. has learned D. would learn 5. Having fed the dog, he was sat down to his own meal.
28. The man got out of the car, ________ round to the back A B C D
and opened the book. 6. When I turned on my computer, I was shocked to find
A. walking B. walked C. walks D. some junk mail,
walk A B
29. Henry _______ into the restaurant when the writer was and I just delete it all.
having dinner. C D
A. was going B. went C. has gone D. did 7. They are going to have to leave soon and so do we.
go A B C D
30. He will take the dog out for a walk as soon as he ______ 8. The boss laughed when the secretary has told him that she
dinner. really
A. finish B. finishes C. will finish D. A
finishing B
31. I shall be glad when he _______. needed a pay rise.
A. had gone B. did go C. went D. has C D
gone 9. The telephone rang several times and then stop before I
32 Ask her to come and see me when she _______ her work. could
A. finish B. has finished C. finished D. A B C D
finishing answer it.
33. Turn off the gas. Dont you see the kettle ________ ? 10. Debbie, whose father is an excellent tennis player, has
A. boil B. boils C. is boiling D. been playing
boiled A B
34. Tom and Mary ______ for Vietnam tomorrow. C
A. leave B. are leaving C. leaving D. are tennis since ten years.
left D
35. He always ________ for a walk in the evening. 11. I have seen lots of interesting places when I went on
A. go B. is going C. goes D. holiday last
going A B C D
36. Her brother ______ in Canada at present. summer.
A. working B. works C. is working D. 12. When my cat heard a noise in the bushes, she stopped
work moving and
37. I ______ to the same barber since last year. A

Trang 4
listen intently. 30. Will we go to the pop concert this weekend for a
C D change?
13. I think its time you must change your way of living. A B C D
14. Roger felt the outside of his pocket to make sure his D. Choose the correct sentence among A, B, C or D which
wallet is still has the same meaning as the given one.
A B C 1. Eight years ago we started writing to each other.
D A. We have rarely written to each other for eight years.
there. B. Eight years is a long time for us to write to each other.
15. When Im shopping in the supermarket, I ran into an old C. We wrote to each other eight years ago.
friend who I D. We have been writing to each other for eight years.
A B 2. The boy was so lazy that he couldnt stay up late to learn
hadnt met for five years. his lessons.
C D A. The boy was lazy enough not to stay up late to learn his
16. The police arrested the man while he is having dinner in lessons.
a restaurant. B. The boy was too lazy to stay up late to learn his lessons.
A B C C. The boy was lazy enough but he stayed up late to learn
D his lessons.
17. Peter and Wendy first met in 2006, and they are married D. The boy was lazy enough to stay up late to learn his
for three lessons.
A B C 3. My father is tired of seeing any violent films.
years now. A. My father hasnt seen a violent film.
D B. My father has enjoyed all the violent films he has ever
18. Some people are believing there is life on other planets. seen.
A B C D C. My father is worried about missing the next violent film.
19. Recently, the island of Hawaii had been the subject of D. My father never wants to see another violent film.
A B 4. As soon as he waved his hand, she turned away.
intensive research on the occurrence of earthquakes. A. He saw her turn away and he waved his hand.
C D B. No sooner had he waved his hand than she turned away.
20. Every morning, the sun shines in my bedroom window C. She turned away because he waved his hand too early.
and waking D. Although she turned away, he waved his hand.
A B 5. John wishes he had remembered to send Mary a
C Christmas card.
me up. A. John regrets not to send Mary a Christmas card.
D B. John regrets forgetting not to send Mary a Christmas
21. The man died as a result of falling asleep while he card.
drives. C. John regrets not remembering sending Mary a Christmas
A B C card.
D D. John regrets forgetting to send Mary a Christmas card.
22. I havent finished the report yet, but by the time you 6. My father hasnt smoked cigarettes for a month.
return I A. Its a month since my father last smoked cigarettes.
A B C B. Its a month ago that my father smoked cigarettes.
will certainly complete it. C. Its a month that my father hasnt smoked cigarettes.
D D. Its a cigarette that my father smoked a month ago.
23. Caroline has worn her new yellow dress only once since 7. Having finished their work, the workers expected to be
she buys it. paid.
A B C A. The workers expected to be paid because they had
D finished their work.
24. Well be cycled to Hoas village at this time next B. Having their work finished, the workers expected to be
Sunday. paid.
A B C D C. Having expected to be paid, the workers finished their
25. What will you do when your friends wont come ? work.
A B C D D. Having been finished their work, the workers expected to
26. Some was knocking at the door when I was doing the be paid.
washing up. 8. Mr. Brown bought this car five years ago.
A B C A. Mr. Brown started to buy this car five years ago.
D B. It has been five years when Mr. Brown bought this car
27. My friend didnt drink any beer since we came to live C. Mr. Brown has had this car for five years .
here. D. It is five years ago since Mr. Brown bought this car.
A B C D 9. I might go camping. My friends have invited me.
28. We have written to each other when we were in primary A. My friends have invited me to go camping.
school. B. My friends have invited me go camping.
A B C D C. My friends have invited me going camping.
29. After breakfast, Im gone to walk to school with my D. My friends have invited me that I might go camping.
friends. 10. I havent enjoyed myself so much for years.
A B C D A. Its years since I enjoyed myself so much.

Trang 5
B. Its years since I have enjoyed myself so much. A. We have been to the cinema for a long time.
C. It was years since I had enjoyed myself so much. B. We havent been to the cinema for a long time.
D. It has been years since I have enjoyed myself so much. C. We dont go to the cinema as we used to.
11. Have you heard the good news? D. We wish we went to the cinema now.
A. Carol in March had a baby. 22. I havent finished this book yet.
B. In March, Carol had a baby. A. Im still reading this book.
C. Carol had in March a baby. B. I have read this book before.
D. In March, had Carol a baby. C. The book Im reading hasnt finished.
12. Although the driver slammed on his brakes, D. I will read this book some day.
__________________ 23. He used to jog every morning.
A. he was able to avoid hitting the small dog. A. He enjoys jogging every morning.
B. the small dog was not hit by the car. B. He never fails to jog every morning.
C. he could run over the small dog. C. He doesnt now jog every morning.
D. he couldnt avoid hitting the small dog. D. He intended to jog every morning.
13. John used to write home once a week when he was 24. I have never felt happier than I do now.
abroad. A. I felt happier before.
A. John doesnt now write home once a week any longer. B. I feel happy now.
B. John enjoyed writing home every week when he was C. I have never felt happy.
abroad. D. I have always felt happy.
C. John never forgot to write a weekly letter home when he 25. He last had his eyes tested ten months ago.
was abroad. A. He hasnt had his eyes tested for ten months .
D. When he was abroad he remembered to write home every B. He had not tested his eyes for ten months then.
week. C. He had tested his eyes ten months before.
14. This is my tenth year working in this bank. D. He didnt have any test on his eyes in ten months.
A. By the end of this year , I will work in this bank for ten 26. Someone knocked on the door during my lunchtime.
years. A. I had lunch when someone knocked on the door.
B. I have worked in this bank for ten years by the end of this B. When I had had lunch, someone knocked on the door.
year. C. I was having lunch when someone was knocking on the
C. By the end of this year , I will have worked in this bank door.
for ten years. D. I was having lunch when someone knocked on the door.
D. I had been working in this bank for ten years by the end 27. Steve left before my arrival.
of this year. A. When I arrived, Steve had already left.
15. The famous actor was last seen in 2000. B. Steve left as soon as I arrived.
A. The famous actor has not been able to see since 2000. C. While Steve was leaving I arrived.
B. No one has seen the famous actor since 2000. D. Steve hadnt left until I arrived.
C. The famous actor didnt see anyone in 2000. 28. I havent been here before.
D. No one saw the famous actor until 2000. A. Being here is a pleasant experience.
16. I came to live here three months ago. B. This is the first time I have been here .
A. It was three months since I lived here. C. I have wished to be here for long.
B. Ive been living here for three months. D. Before long I will be here.
C. I lived here for three months. 29. The last time I saw Rose was three years ago.
D. I didnt live here for three months. A. I hasnt seen Rose for three years.
17. She is sitting in a hotel room. Through the window, she B. I havent seen Rose three years ago.
sees a fat man. C. I havent seen Rose since three years.
A. She looks through the window and sees the fat man. D. I havent seen Rose for three years.
B. She and the fat man are in a hotel room. 30. When we arrived, the children were playing Hide and
C. The fat man wants to open the window and come in. Seek
D. The fat man is looking in through the window. A. The children played Hide and Seek and then we
18. She goes to the shops every Friday. arrived.
A. She goes every day to the shop but not on Friday. B. While the children were playing Hide and Seek, we
B. Its not Friday, but shes going to the shops. arrived.
C. She always goes to the shops on Friday. C. We arrived at the same time the children played Hide
D. She never goes to the shops on Friday. and Seek.
19. Michael took a deep breath and dived into the water. D. We didnt arrive until the children played Hide and
A. After Michael had taken a deep breath, he dived into the Seek.
B. Having taken a deep breath, he dived into the water.
C. After Michael took a deep breath, he had dived into the
D. A & B are correct.
20. We started working here three years ago.
A. We worked here for three years.
B. We have no longer worked here for three years.
C. We have worked here for three years.
D. We will work here in three years.
21. Its a long time since we last went to the cinema.

Trang 6
UNIT 2: PASSIVE VOICE 14. We shall lock the house up for summer and the old
A. Change into passive voice. gardener will look after it.
1. The teacher corrects our exercises at home.
15. People say tortoises live longer than elephants.
2. Alis absence worried his mother.
16. One cannot eat an orange if nobody has peeled it.
3. They are building several new schools in our town.
17. Dont let the others see you.
4. We have made great progress in industry, science and
medicine. 18. Did anybody ever teach you how to behave?

5. Sam killed a lion last week. 19. It surprised me to hear someone had robbed you.

6. You must hand in your report before the end of this 20. People ought to tell us how much they expect of us.

7. I had just finished the job when the factory closed. C. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete
each sentence.
8. No one has opened that box for the past hundred years. 1. "What a beautiful shirt you're wearing!"
"Thank you. It ............... especially for me by my
9. Are you going to mail these letters soon? mother."
A. is made B. has made C. made D. was made
10. He should have finished the report yesterday. 2. I don't understand why the students didn't keep silent
while the speech ............
11. Scientists began to carry out researches on SIDA two A. has been made B. was made
years ago. C. would be made D. was being made
3. This is the first time I have seen this car.
12. They say that he is the richest man in our town. Where ..................?
A. did it makeB. did it made C. was it make D. was it
13. I can assure you I will arrange everything in time. made
4. Today, many serious childhood diseases .................... by
14. We are to pity rather than despise these homeless boys. early immunization.
A. are preventing B. can prevent
15. We havent moved anything since they sent you away to C. prevent D. can be prevented
cure you. 5. Whole-grain food products .. in most large
supermarkets across the United States and Canada.
A. now can purchase B. can now be purchased
B. Change into passive voice. C. now to purchase D. the purchase of which
1. She fell into water because somebody pushed her. 6. All that rubbish will have to be ............. at once.
A. get rid of B. got rid of C. got rid of D. getting rid of
2. What ought we to do about this? 7. "What happened to the postman?" "He ...................... to a
new town to work."
3. It is time they brought the cows in. A. has sent B. was send C. was sent D. sent
8. Excuse me. Is this seat..................?
4. What questions did the examiner set? A. taking B. took C. occupy D. taken
9. Theres somebody walking behind us. I
5. Somebody must do something for these poor men. think ................... .
A. we are following B. we are being followed
6. Nobody has made mistakes. C. we are followed D. we are being following
10. Were late. The film .................. by the time we get to
7. Nobody has answered my question properly. the cinema.
A. will already start B. will be already started
8. Somebody has brought this child up badly. C. will already have started D. will be starting
11. I still can not believe it. My bicycle .................. some
9. The teacher promised Jane a prize if she worked well. minutes ago.
A. was stolen B. was stealing C. stolen D. stole
10. Nobody has ever spoken to me like that before. 12. Some funny .................. in class yesterday.
A. happened B. was happenedC. happens D. is happened
11. I hate people looking at me. 13. The childrens arm was swollen because he ..................
by a bee.
12. Teachers should make lessons more interesting for A. stung B. had stung
school children. C. had been stung D. had being stung
14. I .................. with you on that subject.
13. Id like someone to read to me. A. am agree B. am agreed C. agreeing D. agree
15. Many U.S automobiles .................. in Detroit, Michigan.
A. manufacture B. have manufactured

Trang 7
C. are manufactured D. are manufacturing
16. When I came, an experiment .................. in the lab.
A. was being holding B. has been held
C. was being held D. has held
17. George is .................. Lisa.
A. marry with B. marry to C. married with D.
married to
18. Last night a tornado swept through Rockvill. It .............
everything in its path.
A. destroyed B. was destroyed
C. was being destroyed D. had been destroyed
19. Dynamite ................... by Alfred Bernard Nobel.
A. have been invented B. invented
C. was invented D. was being invented
20. .................. this work .................. before you went to
A. Will/ have been done B. Has/ been done
C. Will/ be done D. Had/ been done
21. If you .................. about it, will you be able to answer?
A. are asked B. ask C. will be asked D. asked
22. Do you believe that such a problem can ...................?
A. solve B. be solving C. is solved D. be solved
23. Cant we do something about the situation?-
Something ........ right now.
A. is doing B. is do C. is being doneD. has
been doing
24. The university .................. by private funds as well as by
tuition income.
A. is supported B. supports C. is supporting D.
has supported
25. This picture .................... by Johnny when I came.
A. painted B. was painted
C. was being painted D. had been painted
26. It must .................. without delay.
A. do B. have been done
C. be doing D. be done
27. This exercise may .................. with a pencil.
A. be written B. be to write C. be writing D. write
28. The money .................. to him 2 months ago, but
it .................. back yet.
A. was lent/ had not been given B. has been lent/ was
not given
C. was lent/ has not given D. was lent/ has not
been given
29. She could easily .................. for a top model.
A. be mistaken B. have mistaken
C. been mistaken D. to be mistaken
30. My shirt .................. by my sister on my last birthday.
A. gave B. was given C. had been givenD.
was being given

Trang 8
D. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that
needs correcting.
1. When he arrived at the furniture shop, they had been sold
the table he
2. The first May Day celebrated in England in 1890.
3. She presented reward for the return of her lost bracelet.
4. Most of them were build in the nineteenth century and
some are very
5. Many universities, school classes taught in English even
though the
native language is not English.
6. The Americans tend to be informal while they're being
company or coming for a social engagement.
7. He has given freely of his time by caring for the wounded
during the
Civil War.
8. Two prisoners were hang this morning by Taliban.
9. Daisy's ring is make of gold.
10. Hamlet was wrote by William Shakespeare.
11. English is studying by Henry every night.
12. More people are infecting with HIV this year than they
were 5 years
13. The meeting was be rearranged shortly before it had
been due to take
14. Every possible effort were made by the orphanage to
find the boys

Trang 9
15. Cheques should only be accept with proof of identity. A. I was offers several jobs. B. I am offered several
A B C D jobs.
16. Dent station is situated on the Seattle to Carlisle railway C. Several jobs are offered to me. D. B and C are correct.
line, said be 11. We found that they had cancelled the soccer match.
A B A. We found that the soccer match had been cancelled.
C B. The soccer match had been cancelled.
the most scenic in the country. C. The soccer match was found that had been cancelled.
D D. The soccer match was found to have been cancelled by
17. The last day of the holiday will ended in disaster. us.
A B C D 12. Did Shakespeare write this play?
18. Do not blame me if the tin-opener is break. A. Did this play be written by Shakespeare?
A B C D B. Was this play written by Shakespeare?
19. This class has canceled because too few students had C. This play was written by Shakespeare.
registered D. Did this play Shakespeare write?
A B C 13. Which book do the students love?
D A. Which book are done love by the students?
before registration closed. B. Which book is the students loved?
20. This building will have finished by the end of 2020. C. Which book are loved by the students?
A B C D D. Which book is loved by the students?
E. Choose one sentence that best rewrites the sentence 14. How many slums are they going to clear?
given. A. How many slums are being gone to clear?
1. He broke my watch. B. How many slums are being cleared?
A. My watch were broken. B. My watch be broken. C. How many slums are going to clear?
C. My watch is broken. D. My watch was D. How many slums are going to be cleared?
broken. 15. Who wrote the report on the air pollution?
2. The teacher explained the rule to the student. A. By whom was the report on the air pollution written?
A. The rule was explained to the student. B. Whom was the report written on the air pollution by?
B. The students were explained the rule. C. By whom was the report written on the air pollution?
C. The students were explained the rules. D. All are correct.
D. A and B are correct 16. Who killed President John Kennedy?
3. He often asks me to help him. A. By whom President John Kennedy was killed?
A. He is often asked to help them. B. By whom was President John Kennedy killed?
B. They are often asked to help me. C. By whom was killed President John Kennedy?
C. I am often asked to help him. D. By whom killed President John Kennedy?
D. I am often asked him to help me. 17. How many students are carrying the bookshelf?
4. His friends never forgave his betrayal. A. By how many students are the bookshelf being carried?
A. His betrayal were never forgiven by his friends. B. By how many students is the bookshelf being carried?
B. His betrayal was never forgiven by his friends. C. By how many students is the bookshelf been carrying?
C. His betrayal was never forgave by his friends . D. By how many students are the bookshelf be carrying?
D. His betrayal never forgave by his friends. 18. People say that Mary is a good worker.
5. I am sure well settle the matter easily. A. Mary is said that she is a good worker.
A. Im sure the matter will settle easily. B. Mary is said to be a good worker.
B. Im sure the matter will be settled easily. C. It is said to be a good worker.
C. Im sure the matter will settled easily. D. Mary is said that to be a good worker.
D. Im sure the matter wont be settled easily. 19. It is believed that the man escaped in a stolen car.
6. We sent for the police. A. The man is believed to escaped in a stolen car.
A. The police was sent for B. The police was sent. B. The man is believed to have escaped in a stolen car.
C. The police were sent for. D. The police was sent for us C. The man is believed to escaped in a stolen car.
7. They speak much about this book. D. They believed that the man stole the car.
A. This book is much spoken about. 20. It was thought that the building had been destroyed.
B. This book is much spoken. A. The building was thought had been destroyed.
C. This book is much about spoken. B. The building was thought to have been destroyed.
D. This book are much spoken about. C. The building thought to be destroyed.
D. This book is much spoken about them. D. They have destroyed the building.
8. Have they tested all the machines?
A. Have all the machines be tested?
B. Have all the machines been testing?
C. Have all the machines been tested?
D. Have all the machines been being testing?
9. Does he realize that they are laughing at him?
A. Is he realized that he is laughing at?
B. Is he realized that he is being laughed at?
C. Does he realize that he is laughing at?
D. Does he realize that he is being laughed at?
10. The manager offers me several jobs.

Trang 10
UNIT 3: TAG QUESTIONS A. doesnt he B. do they C. dont they D. does he
A. Finish these sentences by adding a tag question with 18. Peter never comes to class late, ________________?
the correct form of the verbs and the subject pronoun. A. doesnt he B. doesnt Peter C. does he D. does
1. Youre going to school tomorrow, ____________? Peter
2. Gary signed the petition, ___________________? 19. Im going to see my grandparents in HCM City next
3. Theres an exam tomorrow, _________________? week, _______________?
4. Beverly will be attending the university in September, A. arent I B. am I not C. are you D. A and B
____________? 20. Your baby is very lovely, ______________?
5. Shes been studying English foe two years, A. is he B. isnt he C. is it D. isnt it
___________________? C. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that
6. It doesnt work, _______________? needs correcting.
7. He should stay in bed, _______________? 1. It has been a long time since we talked to John, isnt it?
8. Lets go fishing, ____________? A B C D
9. Jill and Joe have been to Mexico, _______________? 2. Theres a new Orient restaurant in town, isnt it?
10. You and I talked to the professor yesterday, A B C D
___________________? 3. They hardly never go to the beach because of their
11. You will stay in touch, ____________? sickness, do they?
12. After the couple of the years the heat gets too much, A B C
____________? D
13. You didnt know I was an artist, _________________? 4. Nobody had bothered to plant new ones, do they?
14. It is quite warm, ____________? A B C D
15. That hardly counts, ______________? 5. You wont be leaving for another hour, wont you?
16. Oh, he wants us to make films as well, A B C D
____________________? 6. They enjoy watching soccer on television, do they?
17. Ill tell you roughly, _____________? A B C D
18. You rarely see that sort of thing these days, 7. David and Peter love football but their classmates dont,
____________? do they?
19. Women are very seldom convicted, A B C D
___________________? 8. Ill help you with your homework, shant I?
20. Nobody knows the answer, _________________? A B C D
B. Choose the correct answer (A, B, C, or D). 9. There are ten children playing in the yard near her house,
1. We should call Rita, _______________? arent they?
A. should we B. shouldnt weC. shall we D. should not we A B C
2. Monkeys cant sing, ______________? D
A. can they B. can it C. cant they D. cant it 10. Smoking isnt good for our health, so it should be
3. These books arent yours, ____________? banned, is he?
A. are these B. arent these C. are they D. arent A B C
they D
A. is that B. isnt it C. isnt that D. is it A. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete
5. No one died in the accident, ______________? each sentence.
A. did they B. didnt they C. did he D. didnt he 1. he always did well on his English tests, his
6. The air-hostess knows the time she has been here, parents were not surprised that he got an B level.
______________? A. When B. Since C. Because of D.
A. does she B. isnt it C. doesnt sheD. did she Although
7. This is the second time shes been here, 2. You should keep the milk in the refrigerator,
______________? it doesn't go bad.
A. isnt this B. isnt it C. has she D. hasnt she A. since B. so that C. because D.
8. They must do as they are told, ________________? after
A. mustnt they B. must they C. are they D. arent 3. You should say goodbye to your brother you
they leave for Europe.
9. He hardly has anything nowadays, _________________? A. despite B. after C. since D.
A. hasnt she B. has he C. doesnt he D. does she before
10. Youve never been in Italy, _________________? 4. _________ he is old, he wants to travel around the world.
A. have you B. havent you C. been you D. had A. In spite of B. Although C. Despite D.
you Because
11. Sally turned her report, ________________? 5. my father has high blood pressure, he has to
A. didnt she B. did she C. hadnt she D. didnt she watch what he eats.
14. You have a ticket to the game, _______________? A. Although B. After C. Since D.
A. have you B. dont you C. havent you D. do you Before
6. I came to this country, I couldn't speak a
15. Tom knows Alice, _____________? word of English.
A. doesnt he B. is he C. does he D. isnt he A. Since B. After C. When D.
16. Come into the kitchen, _____________? Before
A. do you B. will you C. wont you D. B and C 7. I'll let you know I come back.
17. Everybody likes beauty, ___________________? A. though B. since C. because D.

Trang 11
before A. although B. whether C. as if D.
8. He doesn't understand he doesn't speak even
French very well. 28. You have to make up your mind fast, ............... you slip
A. whenever B. so that C. because D. the best opportunity.
before A. and B. so that C. if D. or
9. He spoke slowly she would understand. 29. My mother looks ............. she is tired. Perhaps she didn't
A. while B. after C. so that D. sleep well last night.
because A. like B. although C. until D. as
10. you stop crying, I'll buy you an ice cream. if
A. Unless B. If C. Since D. As 30. Our teacher speaks slowly ................... we may
11. .............. she's got an English name, she is in fact understand him.
Vietnamese. A. because B. in order to C. so that D. or
A. Despite B. Although C. In spite of D. 31. I haven't seen Tom ............... he gave me this book.
More than A. since B. for C. until D.
12. . ................ you subtract 7 from 12, you will have 5. before
A. Because B. If C. Though D. As 32. ............ it is getting dark, she still waits for him.
13. They left the house .............. saying good-bye to their A. Unless B. Since C. While D.
mother. Although
A. before B. after C. during D. in 33. ....................... he has a headache, he has to take an
14. Mr. Young is not only healthy .................. also cheerful. aspirin.
A. and B. both C. but D. A. How B. Because C. Where D.
with Although
15. The class discussion was short. ......., we gained some 34. Mary asked her husband: "What would you like for
new knowledge from it. supper?"
A. However B. Moreover C. Although D. He answered " ............... I am so tired, I want to have
Therefore some shrimp soup"
16. The underground is cheap; ..................., it is faster than A. However B. Moreover C. Since D.
the train. Although
A. however B. moreover C. but D. 35. ....................... it rained heavily, they went to school on
though time.
17. ................ you study harder, you will not win a A. Even though B. despite C. Though D. A
scholarship. and C are correct
A. Unless B. Because C. If D. In 36. Our visit to Japan was delayed ............... my wife's
order that illness.
18. The country air is fresh. .................., it is not polluted. A. because B. because of C. thanks to D.
A. However B. Moreover C. Whenever D. though
Beside 37. ............... he comes to theater with me, I shall go alone.
19. ................ she spoke slowly, I couldn't understand her. A. Because of B. Unless C. Because D.
A. Since B. Although C. If D. As When
20. He never goes to bed .................... he finishes his 38. Trees won't grow .................. there is enough water.
homework. A. if B. when C. unless D. as
A. unless B. when C. while D. if 39. The flight had to be delayed ................ the bad weather.
21. She is looking for a new job ... she is tired A. because B. due to C. because of D. B
of doing a routine job day after day. and C are correct
A. since B. as C. because D. all 40. ................ she's busy, she still helps you.
are correct A. Although B. Because C. Since D. As
22. She can't marry her cousin .................. she loves him. 41. ................. the traffic was bad, I arrived on time.
A. though B. so C. despite D. A. Although B. In spite of C. Despite D.
because Even
23. He's still going to school ........ his injury. 42. Take a map with you ............... you lose your way.
A. even though B. although C. in spite of D. A. in case B. so C. because D.
even although
24. He left home early .................. he could arrive at the 43. The play was very boring ................. they walked out.
station on time. A. although B. so that C. since D. so
A. because of B. in order to C. although D. so 44. I couldn't unlock it ................ I had the wrong key.
that A. because B. so that C. since D. so
25. We will wait here ................ he comes back. 45. He agreed to go climbing .............. he hated heights.
A. while B. until C. before D. A. although B. in case C. since D.
after because
26. Thousands of people came to see the Queen ................ 46. He got a new alarm clock .................... he'd get up on
the rain. time.
A. because B. owing to C. in spite of D. A. although B. so that C. since D. so
according to 47. He hasn't written to us ................. he left.
27. We could reach the house .................. the road was A. as long as B. since C. by the time D. as
flooded. soon as
48. She'll only do the job .............. you pay her more.

Trang 12
A. before B. after C. if D. 68. It was raining hard. ..................., the match went ahead
while A. Therefore B. However C. But D.
49. I never take an umbrella ............... it's raining heavily. Because
A. when B. whenever C. if D. 69. We couldnt get a seat .................. we arrived quite early.
unless A. but B. however C. nevertheless D.
50. rain or snow, there are always more than fifty although
thousand fans at the football games. 70. My car broke down on the way.________, when I got to
A. Despite B. Although C. Despite of D. the airport the plane had taken off .
Although A. Because B. However C. But D.
51. A small fish needs camouflage to hide itself Therefore
its enemies cannot find it. 71. We keep our bread in the fridge, it doesn't
A. so that B. so C. therefore D. due go bad.
to A. since B. so that C. although D.
52. The gate was shut ....................... the cows won't get out after
of the cage. 72. these cars are cheap, they last a long time.
A. so as to B. in order to C. so as not D. so A. Because B. In order that C. Although D.
that After
53. The car was easy to recognize, .. it wasnt 73. You should give the iron time to heat up
difficult for the police to catch the thieves. you iron your clothes.
A. because B. that C. so D. but A. because B. so that C. even though D.
54. He works hard ................... help his family. before
A. so as that B. in order to C. in order that D. A 74. You need good shoes to go hiking in the mountains
and B are correct the ground is rough and hard.
55. We moved to the front row ................ we could hear and A. because B. so that C. before D.
see better. even though
A. so B. so that C. such D. 75. Hockey players wear lots of protective clothing
such that they dont get hurt.
56. Mozart could write music he was only A. because of B. after C. in order that D.
five. though
A. because B. although C. when D. 76. .................................. he is tired, he can't work longer.
however A. Because B. Even though C. Although D.
57. I made a mistake I was tired. Besides
A. though B. so that C. because D. if 77. ......................... it was so cold, he went out without an
58. I will wait he comes. overcoat.
A. however B. until C. so that D. in A. If B. Since C. Although D.
spite of Because
59. a headache, he enjoyed the film. 78. ......................... you ask him, he will help you.
A. Although B. In spite of C. Because of D. A. If B. Since C. Although D.
However Because
60. My sister will take the plane she dislikes 79. ............... he is so busy with his work, he always finds
flying. time to go to the concert every week.
A. because B. so that C. although D. A. If B. Since C. Although D.
before Because
61. ............... photosynthesis were to stop, life would 80. He passed the examination ......... he had been prevented by
disappear from the planet Earth relatively quickly. illness from studying.
A. For B. However C. If D. A. although B. but C. however D.
Although moreover
62. It was late, ..................... I decided to phone home. 81. We have not won yet; ........................., we shall try
A. however B. but C. although D. and again.
63. Minh had a terrible headache. .............., he went to A. although B. but C. however D.
school. moreover
A. Therefore B. But C. However D. 82. Tom was not there; ........................., his brother was.
Although A. since B. and C. however D. but
64. Tom has a bike, ............... he always walks to work. 83. ......................... he wasn't ready in time, we went
A. so B. but C. however D. and without him.
65. It was too dark to go on, ............... we found somewhere A. When B. Moreover C. As D. So
to stay. 84. Is that all ..................... would you like something else?
A. so B. but C. however D. A. or B. but C. and D.
because although
66. Her mother was sick. .................., Jane had to stay at 85. ................ it was late, we decided to take a taxi home.
home to look after her. A. Because B. Since C. As D. All
A. but B. However C. so D. are correct
Therefore 86. You will have to pay higher insurance you
67. They asked me to wait for them, ................. they didnt buy a sports car.
turn up. A. if B. although C. so that D.
A. so B. however C. but D. and before

Trang 13
87. You shouldnt drive drinking alcohol. A. because B. despite C. though D.
A. if B. after C. even though D. in because of
order that 106. _____________ it rained heavily, we enjoyed our
88. the dolphin lives in the sea, it is not a fish holiday.
its a mammal. A. Because of B. Because C. Despite D.
A. Whether B. So that C. Although D. Though
After 107. Marcella was awarded a scholarship _____________
89. You may get malaria you are bitten by a her superior scholastic ability.
mosquito. A. because of B. because C. despite D.
A. if B. so that C. though D. although
before 108. ________________ having little money, they are
90. I havent been climbing I broke my leg last happy.
summer. A. Despite B. Because of C. Although D.
A. although B. since C. so that D. Because
before 109. _______________ she was not well, she still went to
91. He jogs there is very little traffic. work.
A. however B. so that C. as if D. A. Because B. Because of C. Although D. In
where spite of
92. He went to bed he was sleepy. 110. The student arrived late ____________ the traffic jam.
A. because B. so that C. because of D. A. because of B. in spite of C. although D.
although because
93. I will not lend you a little money. you promise to 111. We are going to have a picnic _____________ the bad
pay me back next week. weather.
A. as if B. unless C. if D. A. because B. despite C. although D.
where because of
94. She took a computer course ____ she could get a better 112. ____________ his physical handicap, he has become a
job. successful businessman.
A. so that B. as if C. if D. A. Because of B. Because C. Though D.
though Despite
95. He ran fast I couldnt catch 113. Although the sun was shining, __________.
him. A. it was very hot B. it wasnt very hot
A. such/that B. very/that C. too/to D. C. yet it was very hot D. but it was very hot
so/that 114. I knew they were talking about me ________ they
96. you save your money, you will be able to stopped when I entered the room.
go to college. A. therefore B. despite C. so that D.
A. Unless B. Although C. If D. So because
97. Jack has a masters degree, he works as a 115. Nowadays, the divorce rate is higher than it used to
store clerk. be________ young people are allowed to decide on their
A. Because B. So that C. Where D. marriage.
Though A. despite B. but C. even though D.
98. We took many pictures . the cloudy sky. because D. in spite of
A. despite of B. even though C. despite D. 116. _________ his poor health, Mr Brown still works hard
because to support his family.
99. both his legs were broken, he managed to get A. Despite of B. Despite C. Although D.
out of the car before it exploded. Because of D. Because of
A. Because B. Although C. So that D. 117. I gave up the job, _____ the attractive salary.
Where A. because B. because of C. although D.
100. We understood him he spoke very fast. despite
A. because of B. though C. in spite of D. 118. We turned off the radio __________ the boring
despite program.
101. _________ all my warnings, he tried to fix the A. because B. because of C. however D. In
computer himself. spite of
A. Because B. Because of C. Although D. In 119. __________ their valuable fur , many animals are
spite of hunted .
102. ___________ the storm warnings, we didnt go out last A. Because B. In spite of C. because of D.
night. therefore
A. Because B. Because of C. Although D. In 120. _________ my father is old, he still goes jogging.
spite of A. Although B. Because of C. So that D.
103. Hans finished school ___________ his leg injury. Despite
A. because of B. despite C. though D. B. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that
because needs correcting.
104. I try to do my homework ___________ the noise 121. In spite her serve pain, she tried to walk to the
A. because of B. although C. despite of D. in auditorium to attend
spite of A B C
105. It was difficult to deliver the letter ____________ the D
sender had written the wrong address on the envelop. the lecture.

Trang 14
122.Friends advised her to stop doing the housework C. Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to
because her old age the original one.
A B C D 141. We stayed in that hotel despite the noise
123. I knew him until I was a child. A. Despite the hotel is noisy, we stayed there.
A B C D B. We stayed in the noisy hotel and we liked it.
124. My friend was crazy although he was informed of the C. Although the hotel was noisy, we stayed there.
news of his D. Because of the noise, we stayed in the hotel.
A B C 142. They cant work and travel because they are old.
mothers death. A. Because of their old age, they cant work and travel.
D B. In spite of their old age, they can work and travel.
125. Thunder is rarely heard beyond 15 miles because of C. Despite their old age, they still work and travel.
temperature D. Even though they work and travel, they are old.
A B 143. Despite the bad weather, people travel by air
and wind vary at different heights in the region around a A. Even though the weather is bad, people travel by air.
thunderstorm. B. Because the weather is bad, people travel by air.
C D C. In spite of people travel by air, the weather is bad.
126. Despite of growing industrial activity, the majority of D. Although the bad weather, people travel by air.
the American 144. She is learning English because she wants to get a
A B better job.
people continued to make their living from farming until the A. She is learning English so that she gets a better job.
beginning B. She is learning English so as she gets a better job.
C D C. She is learning English in order she can get a better job.
of the twentieth century. D. She is learning English so that she will be able to get a
127. Because the invention of machines such as vacuum better job.
cleaners, washing 145. He was very tired but he kept on working.
A B A. Despite he was very tired, he kept on working.
machines, women spend less time doing the housework. B. In spite of he was very tired, he kept on working.
C D C. Though his tiredness, he kept on working.
128. Although our grandfather was old but he could help us. D. Although he was very tired, he kept on working.
A B C D 146. Although she was very old, she looked very grateful.
129. John didnt go to work because of he was seriously ill. A. Despite she was very old, she looked very grateful.
A B C D B. Despite her old age, she looked very grateful.
130. Ill give him a map so as to he can find the way all C. In spite of very old, she looked very grateful.
right. D. In spite her being old, she looked very grateful.
A B C D 147. She was so busy that she couldnt answer the phone.
131. He tried to explain, so she refused to listen. A. Because she was very busy, she couldnt answer the
A B C D phone.
132. He doesn't buy a ticket every day so he has a season B. Because she was very busy, she could answer the phone.
ticket. C. Although she was very busy, she couldnt answer the
A B C D phone.
133. Mrs. Green was cooking dinner but her daughter Susan D. Although she was very busy, she could answer the phone.
was laying
A B 141. Despite feeling cold, we kept walking.
C D A. Although we felt cold, but we kept walking
the table. B. Although we felt cold, we kept walking
134. Mrs. Young is big and her husband isn't. C. However cold we felt, but we kept walking
A B C D D. However we felt cold, we kept walking
135. People in Spain are very friendly with visitors and we 149. The children laughed a lot because of the funny story.
weren't able A. The children laughed because the story is funny.
A B C B. The children laughed because of the story funny.
to speak Spanish when we stayed there. C. The children laughed because it was funny.
136. He decided not to get that job because of the salary was D. The children laughed because the story was funny.
low 150. Although she tells lies, I believe her.
A B C A. In spite of telling lies, I believe her.
137. Although the bad traffic, I managed to arrive at the B. In spite her telling lies, I believe her.
meeting on time. C. In spite of her telling lies, I believe her.
A B C D D. In spite of her tell lies, I believe her.
138. In spite of my father is old, he still goes to work. 151. Although he is intelligent, he doesn't do well at school.
A B C D A. Despite being intelligent, he doesn't do well at school.
139. Though he loves her very much, but he cant talk to B. In spite he is intelligent, he doesn't do well at school.
her. C. Although his intelligence, he does well at school.
A B C D D. In spite of intelligent, he doesn't do well at school.
140. She always behaves childishly despite she has grown 152. We stayed in that hotel despite the noise
up. A. Despite the hotel is noisy, we stayed there.
A B C D B. We stayed in the noisy hotel and we liked it.

Trang 15
C. Although the hotel was noisy, we stayed there.
D. Because of the noise, we stayed in the hotel.
153. Although his legs were broken, he managed to get out
of the car before it exploded.
A. Despite his legs to be broken, he managed to get out of the car
before it exploded.
B. Despite his broken legs, he was able to get out of the car
before exploding.
C. Despite his legs were broken, he managed to get out of the car
before it exploded.
C. Despite of his broken legs, he managed to get out of the car
before it exploded.
154. I usually drive to work, but today I go by bus.
A. Although I can drive to work, I go by bus today.
B. Although I can go by bus, I drive to work today.
C. Instead of driving to work, I go by bus today.
D. Instead of going by bus, I drive to work today.
155. The woman was too weak to lift the basket.
A. She was so weak that she couldnt lift the basket
B. The woman shouldnt have lift the basket because she
was so weak.
C. Although she was very weak, she could lift the basket
D. The woman lift the basket, so she wasnt very weak.

Trang 16

A. Choose the correct answer.

1. The Vietnamese people ----------- a heroic people.
A. is B. are C. was D.
2. Miss White------------ her parents is going to pay a visit to
the Great Wall.
A. and B both C. as well as D. or
3. The Vietnamese ----------hard-working and brave.
A. is B. are C. be D.
4. A good deal of money ------------- spent on the books.
A. have B. has C. have been D. has
5. The manager or his secretary ------------ to give you an
A. is B. are C. were D.
6. Mary is one of the girls who-------------often late for
A. is B. are C. comes D. get
7. Two hours -------------- not long enough for this rest.
A. have B. has C. is D. are
8. Ninety percent of the work -------------- been done.
A. is B. are C. has D.
9. Those who ----------------- to go with me, please raise your
A. want B. wants C. wanting D. are
10. Salt and water ------------ to wash the wound
A. is used B. are used C. was used D.
were used
11. The news ------------- bad last night.
A. were B. was C. has D. has
12. Three-fifths of the police-------------in the school near
the town.
A. has trained B.
have trained
C. has been trained D.
have been trained
13. ------------ not only you but also he going to Japan?
A. Are B. Is C. Were D.
14. All the books on the shelf ----------------to me.
A. belong B. belongs C. belonging D. is
15. The trousers you bought for me ------------ me.
A. dont fit B. doesnt fit C. fits D. fit
16. Mumps _________ usually caught by children.
A. are B. was C. is D.
17. The United States _________ between Canada and
A. lying B. lies C. lain D. lie
18. Physics_________ us understand the natural laws.
A. helps B. help C. have helped D.

Trang 17
19. The police _________ the robber.
A. were arrested B. has arrested
C. have arrested D. was arresting
20. The cattle __________ in the field.
A. is grazingB. grazes C. has grazed D. are
21. Either you or he ____________ wrong.
A. are B. were C. have been D. is
22. John as well as Mary __________ very kind.
A. were B. are C. is D.
have been
23. The doctor with the nurses ___________ exhausted after
the operation.
A. were B. was C. have been D. are
24. Five miles ___________ not very far.
A. is B. are C. were D.
have been
25. ____________ ten years too long?
A. Are B. Is C. Are being D.
26. Neither his parents nor his teacher ____________
satisfied with his result.
A. are beingB. were C. is D. are
27. Each boy and each girl ___________ a book.
A. are havingB. have had C. have D. has
28. Writing a lot of letters ___________ her tired.
A. makes B. make C. have made D. are
29. ___________ everybody ready to start now?
A. Are being B. Is being C. Is D. Are
30. None of the butter in the fridge ____________ good.
A. is being B. is C. have been D. are
31. None of the students ___________ the test yet.
A. have finished B. has finished
C. finished D. is finishing
32. A pair of shoes ____________ under the bed.
A. have beenB. are C. are being D. is
33. 200 tons of water ___________ last month.
A. was used B. had been used
C. were used D. is used
34. In the hotel, the bread and butter _____________ for
A. is served B. are served C. serves D.
35. ___________ were nice to me when I was in England.
A. The Browns B. Browns
C. The Browns D. Browns

Trang 18
B. Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be
changed in order to make the sentence correct.
36. Neither his parents nor his teacher are satisfied with his
result when
he was at high school.
37. Daisy was the only one of those girls that get the
38. Working provide people with personal satisfaction as
well as money.
39. Either the doctor or the nurses takes care of changing the
40. Every student who majors in English are ready to
participate in the
oratorical contest.
41. One hundreds eight thousand miles is the speed of light.
42. The guest of honour, along with his wife and children,
were sitting at
the first table when we had a party yesterday.
43. The audience was enjoying every minute of the
44. All the books on the top shelf belongs to me.
45. Five thousand pounds were stolen from the bank.
46. Happiness and success depends on yourself.
47. The loss of her husband and two of her sons were too
much for her.
48. David and his brother was indicted yesterday on charges
of grand
49. Current research on AIDS, in spite of the best efforts of
hundreds of
scientists, leave serious questions unanswered.
50. Everyone have to plan a program that fits into the days
schedule and
that allows for good exercise and appropriate rest.

Trang 19
UNIT 6: SPEAKING A. Dont worry B. Im afraid not
1. Hello, My names John. ______ to meet you. C. Yes, I think so D. Its over there
A. Please B. Pleased C. Im very wellD. 18. A: Bye
Thank you B: ..
2. A: Hows life? B: ______ A. Thank you B. Meet you again
A. Sure B. Not too bad, but very C. See you later D. See you lately
busy 19:. Alice : What shall we do this everning?
C. Very well, thank you D. Pleased to meet you
Carol: .
3. A: Thank you for the lovely present. B: ______
A. Thank you B. Not at all
A. Go ahead B. Not at all
C. No problem D. Lets go out for
C. Come on D. Im pleased you like
20. David: Merry Christmas! Jason: _____
4.- What can I do for you? - _____________.
A.You are the same! B. Same for you!
A. No, I cant B. Thanks. Ill do it
C. The same to you D. Happy Christmas
C. Thank you. Im just looking it D. Yes. Do it please
with you!
5.- Congratulations! You did great. - _____________.
21. A: _____? B: Once a week
A. Its nice of you to say so. B. Its my pleasure.
A. How often do you go shoppingB. How much do you
C. Youre welcome. D. Thats okay.
6.- What a lovely house you have! - _____________.
C. Are you sure D. When will you get
A. I think so B. Youre welcome
C. Thank you D. Of course
22. A: Sorry Im late. B: _____
7.- _____________ a happy marriage should be based on
A. OK B. Dont worry
love. I definitely agree!
C. Hold the line, please D. Go ahead
A. I really know B. As I see it
23. A: Good morning. My name is Turner. I have a
C. Personally, I think D. Do you think
reservation. B: _______
8- Helen: How are you now ?
A. What do you want? B. Yes, a single room for
Jane: _____________________
two nights
A. Thank you B. You are welcome.
C. I havent decided yet. What about you? D.
C. Im fine. thanks. D. What a pity!
What do you like?
9. Alice: What shall we do this weekend?
24. We all said, _________! before Ba blew out the
Carol: ________________________ candles on his birthday cake.
A. Went out for dinner. B. Oh, thats good A. Happy anni versary B. Happy New Year
C. Lets go out for dinner. D. No problem. C. Happy birthday to you D. Congratulations.
10.A: How do you do ? Im Peter. 25. You look nice in that red shirt
B:____________________ _________________
A.Im fine. Thank you. B.How do you do ? Im A. Its nice of you to say so B. am I? Thanks.
John. C. Oh, poor me D. I am interesting to
C.How are you? D.Hows thing? hear that.
11. May I ________you to Mr.Jones ? 26. Lets jogging. - Sorry. __________
A.tell B.want C.introduce A. I quite agree with you. B.Yes, lets do that.
D.speak C.Great! D.Thats a good idea,
12. A: Do you fancy a coffee ? but I am busy
B:____________________ 27. Lets go to the movie now. Oh! _______ .
A.Oh, dear B.Everything is OK A. Good idea! B. I dont C. Whys that? D. I
C.Oh, yes. Id love one D.How do you do? need it
13.A: Ms.Nga, please type those letters before noon. 28. Mary: Whose bicycle is that? Tom: ________ .
B: Theyve already __________, sir. Theyre on your A. No,its over there B. Its Janes
desk. C. Its just outside D. Its your
A.typed B.been typed C.being typed D. 29 I think married women should not go to work. How
been being typed about you?- _____ nonsense!
14. Hoa: how do you usually go to school? A. What B. What a C. How D.
Linh: ___________________ How a
A. Two kilometers B. On foot 30 Peter: How often do you go to school? Harry: ______
C. Half an hour D. Five days a week .
15. Anna: You really have a beautiful dress, A. I go there early B. Everyday except
BarbarA. Sunday
Barbara: Thank you, Anna. ______________. C. I dont think so D. I go there by bus
A. This is your pity B. Thats a nice 31. A : Could I speak to Susie May , please ?
compliment B : ........................
C. No, thanks. D. Yes, it was terrible A.Speaking B.Talking C.Saying
16. Helen: Congratulations! D.Answering
Jane: ______ 32. Do you mind if I use your bike ?
A.What a pity! B. Thank you. C. Im sorry. D. A.No,you dont B.Yes , Its my pleasure.
You are welcome.
17. Linda : Excuse me ! Where s the post office ?
C.Yes, you do D.No, you can use it
Maria: ..

Trang 20
33. We said ................ and Mai blew the candles on the _ ________.
cake. A. No, please B. No, not me
A.Happy aniversary B.Happy New Year C. Yes, please D. Yes, you shall
C.Congratulations D.Happy birthday to
you 50. - This bag is too heavy for me.
34. A : What can I do for you ? -_____________you a hand then.
B :........................... A. Im giving B. Im going to give
A.No, You cant B.Thank you .I am just looking C. Id give D. Ill give
C.Yes .Do it please D.Thanks.I will do it 51. ____________?
35. Shall we go for a walk ? - : Im being served, thanks
A.What about go for a walk ? B.What about going for A. What do you need B. Why dont you order
a walk ? C. Can I help you D. Can I serve now
C.What about going a walk ? D.What about going for 52. I have passed the final examinations!
walk ? _ ___________! Lets go out to celebrate.
36- Im sorry. Its late. I must go now. - A. Congratulations B. Congratulation
________________. C. Congratulate D. Congratulating
A. You are welcome B. Good bye. See you 53. You are driving too fast.
soon _ Yes, I was. _______
C. Not at all D. Hello A. Sorry B. Mind never head
37. Whats the matter with you?- ____________ C. Be quick D. Half an hour
A. Im fine, thanks B. Ive got a headache 54. Have a good holiday, Jane.
C. Are you free ? D. All are correct. _ ______________,Jim
A. You too B. You will C. You have D.
38- What a lovely hat you have! Thanks. . . You do
A. thats OK B. I dont care 55. Why dont you ask Tom for help?
C. Im glad you like it D. certainly _ ___________
39- Ann: Do you think youll get the job?- Mary: A. Thats a good idea B. Never mind
_________ C. I hope so D. Yes, please
A. I know so B. Well, I hope so 56. Would you like to go out with me tonight?
C. I think not D. Yes, thats right _ Yes, ________. Where shall we meet?
A. Of course B. Id love to C. I like too D. So
40. A: Excuse me, Whats the time?
do I
B: Sorry. I_______ . 57. Can you tell me how to get to the post office?
A. dont see B. know _ Sure. _________ on the left.
C. dont have a watch D. wont know A. Following the first turning B. Turn next
41 Merry Christmas! _______ C. Take the first turning D. Take turn
A. Same for you! B. The same to you!
C. Happy to you! D. Good. I like it.
42. Anne: Thanks for the nice gift!
John: ______ .
A. Im glad you like it. B. Youre welcomed.
C. In fact, I myself dont like it. D. But do you know how
much it costs?.
43. Why do you walk so fast ? _ I'm _______ .
A. in a hurry B. in hurry C. must hurry D.
must be hurry
44. You missed a good chance in your career
Yes , I _______ that job when Mr. Johnson offered
A. must have taken B. should have taken
C. could have taken D. might have taken
45. How much coffee is left in the pot ?_ ________
A. Not one B. Not some C. Nothing D.
46 Would you like some more sugar?
- ________.
A. Yes, I would B. No, thank you
C. Yes, no more D. No, just a little.
47. Peter: I enjoy listening to pop music
Maria: ________
A. So do I B. Im, too
C. I dont D. Neither do I
48. _ Good morning. Can I help you?
_ Yes, please. ________ a book about Vietnam.
A. Id like B. I buy C. I will look D. I
could have
49. Shall I open the window?

Trang 21
UNIT 7: CONDITIONAL SENTENCES AND WISHES 34. I wish I (have) __________ a day off to visit his
parents. He hasnt seen them for ages
A. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form. 35. He wishes he (not/buy) ______________ that old car.
1. If the earth suddenly (stop) . spinning we all B. Complete each of the following sentences so that it
(fly) . off it. means the same as the sentence before i.t
2. If you (smoke) in a non-smoking 1. She doesnt live in London because she doesnt know
compartment the other passengers (object) anyone there
3. (your parents / not / be) . proud if they Shed
could see you now?
4. Im broke, but I (have) .. plenty of money .
now if I (not / spend) so much yesterday. 2. I cant live in the country because I cant find a job
5. If we (work) all right, we (finish) there
in time; but we have no intention of doing Id
6. If we (have) .. a submarine now, we (use) ..
it to investigate the seabed 3. I dont have a spare ticket. I cant take you to the
7. Were he ten years younger, he (take) .. part concert
in the voyage around the world If I
8. Should you come late, they (not let) you
in ...
9. He might get rid of his cough if he (not smoke) 4. The schoolchildren sowed some seeds, but they forgot
so much to water them so they didnt grow.
10. If someone (give) .you a boat what you If the children
(do) ? ..
11. Water (freeze) . if the temperature falls 5. They dont understand the problem. They wont find a
below zero solution
12. I (warn) .. you if I had seen you last week If they
13. He always says hello if he (see) you
14. What would you do if he (resign) .. .
tomorrow? 6. He sits around too much. He isnt fit.
15. I wouldnt have been so upset if Judy (write) If he
to me earlier
16. Shout if you (see) ..anything unusually
17. The engine starts if you (turn) ..this key 7. Carol didnt answer the phone because she was
18. If he werent so bad-temperature, his wife (not leave) studying..
.him so soon after the marriage If Carol
19. What (you / say) .if I offered you a
job? 8. Rita is exhausted today because she didnt get any sleep
20. The children always (get) .frightened if they last night.
watch horror films If Rita
21. If it (not be) _____________ for you, I would be late
22. I cant help feeling sorry for the hungry children. If only 9. Shes very thin; perhaps thats why she feels cold so
there (be) __________ peace in the world much.
23. Were I to become president, my first act (be) If she
__________ to help the poor .
24. If he (listen) _____________ to his fathers advice, he 10. He never polishes his shoes, so he never looks smart
would still be working here. If he
25. If she hadnt stayed up late last night, she (not / be) ..
____________ tired now. 11. He cant park near his office; thats why he doesnt
26. I feel as if my head (be) ___________ on fire now, come by car
doctor. If he
27. He always talks as though he (address) ____________ ..
at a public meeting. 12. My house is guarded by two big dogs. Thats the only
28. It was our fault to keep you waiting so long. We reason it isnt broken into every night
(inform) ___________ you in advance. If my house
29. Had I known her address, I (go) _____________ to visit
her. 13. The flats are not clearly numbered, so it is very difficult
30. He looked frightened as if he (see) _____________ a to find anyone.
ghost. If the flats ..
31. I wish I (see) ____________ her off at the airport ..
yesterday. 14. I dont know her e-mail address, so I cant tell you
32. Tom wishes he (have) _________ enough money to buy If I
a new car now.
33. Mary wishes she (become) _________ an astronaut .
someday. 15. She works in the evening. She has no time to play with
her children

Trang 22
If she A. stole B. have stolenC. were to steal D.
. 6. You made a mistake by telling her a lie. It _____ better if
16. I dont want them to be upset, so Ive decided not to tell you _____ to her.
them what happened. A. would have been / hadn't lied B. would be / didn't lie
They C. will be / don't lie D. would be /
hadn't lied
.. 7. John would be taking a great risk if he _____ his money
17. I am not tall enough to join the basketball team in that business.
If I A. would invest B. invested C. had invested
D. invests
8. She wouldn't have given them all that money if we
18. He doesnt see the signal so he doesnt stop his car _____ her to.
If he A. wouldnt advise B. won't advise

. C. hadn't advised D. didn't advise
19. Peter gets bad marks because he doesnt prepare his 9. If the tree hadn't been so high, he _____ it up to take his
lessons well kite down.
If Peter A. could have climbed B. climb
C. is climbing D. climbed
10. If the wall weren't so high, he _____ it up to take his ball
20. Mary doesnt have enough money. She cant buy a new down.
car. A. climbedB. could climb C. is climbing D.
If Mary climb
11. If I _____ her phone number, I _____ her last night
A. had known / could have phoned B. knew / would
21. Go right now or youll be late for the train. have phoned
If C. know / can phone D. knew / could
you phone
. 12. If he ______ the truth, the police wouldnt arrest him.
22. He doesnt apply for the job because he doesnt have A. tells B. told C. had told D.
enough qualifications. would tell
If he 13. If you press that button what _____?
A. would happen B. would have happened
. C. will happen D. happen
23. Hurry up, or we will be late for the exam. 14. She says if she _____ that the traffic lights were red she
If we _____.
A. had realized / would stop B. realized /
could have stopped
24. They do not understand you because you do not often C. has realized / stopped D. had realized / would
talk to them. have stopped
If you 15. I am very thin. I think, if I _____ smoking, I might get
A. stop B. had stopped C. will stop
25. Because you speak English unnaturally, they do not D. stopped
understand you. 16. If I _____ that yesterday, I _____ them.
If you A. had discovered / would inform
B. had discovered / would have informed
C. had discovered / could inform
C. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete D. discovered / can inform
each sentence. 17. If you _______ to the course regularly, they ________ a
1. I would have visited you before if there _____ quite a lot certificate last year.
of people in your house. A. go / gave B. go / give
A. hadn't B. hadn't beenC. wouldn't be D.
wasn't C. had gone / would have given D. went / would give
2. If you had caught the bus, you _____ late for work. 18. I think he is not at home. If he _____ in, he ______ the
A. wouldn't have been B. would have been phone.
C. wouldnt be D. would be A. was / answered B. were / would answer
3. If I _____, I would express my feelings. C. were / would have answered D.had been / would
A. were asked B. would ask have answered
C. had been asked D. asked 19. If I ______ in London now, I could visit British
4. If _____ as I told her, she would have succeeded. Museum.
A. she has done B. she had done A. were B. had been C. have been D. would
C. she does D. she did 20. If Columbus _______ money from Queen Isabella, he
5. Will you be angry if I _____ your pocket dictionary? _______ across the Atlantic.

Trang 23
A. do not receive / could not sail A. had be produced B. had produced
B. had not received / might not have sailed
C. did not receive / might not have sailed C. had been produced D. would be
D. would not receive / might not sail produced
21. If you didn't wear shabby clothes, you _______ more 37. The room ______ if it is not empty.
good-looking. A. couldnt be repainted B. cannot be repainted
A. will be B. would be C. would have beenD. C. could be repainted D. can be
can be repainted
22. If your hair _______ grey now, what ______ you 38. He _____ the death penalty if he had been found guilty.
________? A. would has given B. would has
A. went / would / do B. goes / would /do been given
C. had gone / would/do D. had gone / would C. would have given D. would have
have / done been given
23. If you ______ be someone, who______ you ______? 39. The cars _____ if we had not done such a huge
A. could / would / have been B. could / would / be advertising campaign.
C. can / will / be D. are able to / will / be A. would not have been bought B. would not have be
24. If I ________ an Angel, I would try to make happy all bought
the children. C. would have been bought D. would not
A. am B. have been C. were D. had been bought
had been 40. If I were a better conversationalist , _____ to parties
25. John would be taking a great risk if he _____ his money more often?
in that business. A. I would be invited B. I would have
A. would invest B. invested C. had invested D. been invited
invests C. would I be invited D. would I have
26. It ________ if nobody had reminded them. been invited
A. would have be forgot B. would have been forgot 41.Kevin never seems to get tired. I wish I _____ his energy
C. would have forget D. would have been A. can have B. have had C. had D. would
forget have
27. The car ________ if somebody takes it there. 42. If I ____ him yesterday, I would have to come back
A. will be repaired B. would be repaired tomorrow
A. didnt meet B. have met C. met D. hadnt
C. will been repaired D. is repair met
28. You ______ to prison if you did that. 43. If she ____ the truth, I think shed never want to see you
A. would be send B. would have been sent again
C. would be sent D. were sent A. would know B. knows C. will know D.
29. You would study Italian if it _____ here. knew
A. was teaching B. were taught 44. I would never have believed ____ it with my own eyes
C. would be taught D. is taught A. if I didnt see B. if I hadnt
30. It _______ if nobody reminded them seen
A. was forgotten B. would be forget C. if I havent seen D. if I wouldnt have
C. would be forgot D. would forgot seen
31. The magazine _____ by more people if it had better 45. I wish I had remembered your number. Otherwise, I
articles. ____ you
A. would be reading B. would read A. phoned B. would phone
C. would have phoned D. will have
C. would be read D. been read phone
32. The joke would not be funny if it _________ into 46. Such typing mistakes _____ avoided if you had been
French. more careful
A. were translated B. is translated A. can have been C. would be
C. was be translated D. translated C. might have been D. should be
33. A doctor _________ if somebody falls ill. 47. Carol was late for work this morning. But for the traffic
A. will be cold for B. will be called jam, she ____ half an hour earlier
for A. could come B. could have come
C. will call for D. would be call C. had come D. can have come
for 48. Dont worry ____ home late tonight
34. Would she go if she _____? A. when Ill be B. if Ill be C. unless Ill be
A. were invited B. was be invited D. if Im
49. I ____ one of my special desserts for dinner, if you like
C. have been invited D. be invited A. make B. will make C. am going to makeD.
35. He _____ the death penalty if he were found guilty. am making
A. would be given B. would be gave 50. When you ____ Bob, tell him he still owes me some
C. would given D. were given A. see B. are going to see C. will see D.
36. Who would have won the World War II if the nuclear are seeing
bomb _____ by the Nazus first. 51. I wish I ____ him, but I dont

Trang 24
A. like B. can like C. liked D. 67. My parents lent me the money. Otherwise, I ____ this
would like shop
52. She feels lonely because she doesnt know many people A. hadnt opened B. couldnt open
there. She wishes she ____ more people C. werent be able to open D. wouldnt have
A. will know B. knew C. knows D. opened
has known 68. I think she would forgive you if you ____ to speak to her
53. If I ____ the flu, I would have joined you for the trip A. are trying B. would try C. tried D.
A. hadnt had B. havent had C. didnt have tried
haveD. had has 69. I wouldnt have to take this course if my English ____
54. Im not staying any longer. I wish you ____. better
A. can B. will C. are D. were A. were B. had been C. would be
55. But for the hold-up, we ____ here in time D. would have been
A. would have been B. could be 70. If we hadnt got lost, we ____arrived much earlier
C. had been D. must have been A. had B. would be C. might be D.
56. I miss my old motorbike, I wish I ____ it. I had it for could have
years 71. But for his wifes encouragement, he ____ gotten to the
A. I didnt sell B. hadnt sold C. had sold D. havent top of his profession.
sold A. hadnt B. hasnt C. wont have D.
57. Jill regrets having bought that second-hand laptop. She wouldnt have
wishes she __ 72. I wish I ____ more careful with my money in the future
A. didnt buy it B. hasnt bought A. would be B. should be C. could be D.
it had been
C. wouldnt have bought it D. hadnt bought 73. You speak English well. Yes, but I wish I ____
it another foreign language well too.
58. Im sorry I missed seeing my old friend at your party. I A. speak B. can speak C. would speak D.
wish I ____ could speak
A. had been there B. was there 74. Did you watch the football match late last night? No,
C. could have been there D. should have been I didnt, but I wish I ____.
there A. were B. have had C. had D.
59. I lost your phone number. Otherwise, I ____ you much did
earlier 75. I doubt whether I can get through the test. If you did
A. will contact B. would have as I told you, you ____
contacted A. can succeed B. could succeed
C. would contact D. had contacted C. had succeeded D. would have
60. Im sorry you failed the test. Frankly, I wish I ____ succeeded
harder. 76. Im too tired to study. If you hadnt watched that late
A. could study B. had studied movie last night, you _____ so tired now.
C. have studied D. would have A. wouldnt be B. hadnt been
studied C. wouldnt have been D. would have
61. Are we lost? Im afraid we are. If only we ____ a been
map with us. 77. Did you invest that company, Carol? Yes, but now I
A. brought B. would have brought wish I ____
C. could have brought D. had brought A. didnt B. hadnt C. did D
62. If the lecture ____ so quickly, wed have understood his had
speech 78. She was too shy. Otherwise, she _____ many more
A. didnt speak B. hadnt spoken friends.
C. wouldnt have spoken D. shouldnt have A. will make B. can make
spoken C. would have made D. should have
63. If you put salt in water, it ____ made
A. dissolves B. would dissolve C. could dissolve 79. If I had known that you couldnt eat eel, I ____ bought it
D. dissolved A. wouldnt B. wont have C. hadnt D.
64. ____, please paint the windows before you leave wouldnt have
A If youll have enough time 80. Without the life-jackets, most passengers _____
B. If you have enough time drowned in that accident
C Unless you have enough time A. would have been B. would be
D. Unless you can have enough time C. had been D. were
65. Jeff wouldnt have bumped into the waitress if he ____ 81. I couldnt have made it without your help means
in such a hurry. A. I couldnt have made it if you helped me.
A. werent B. hasnt been B. I couldnt have made it if you had helped me.
C. hadnt been D. wouldnt have C. I couldnt have made it if you hadnt helped me.
been D. I couldnt have made it if you didnt help me.
66. If you ____ Mary by chance, please give her my phone 82. She didnt stop her car because shi didnt see the signal.
number A. If she saw the signal, she would stop her car.
A. met B. should meet C. could meet D. B. If she had seen the signal, she would stop her car.
will meet C. If she had seen the signal, she would have stopped her

Trang 25
D. If she saw the signal, she would have stopped her car.
83. His flight was delayed so he couldnt be here on time.
A. He would be here in time if his flight were not delayed.
B. He would have been here in time if his flight hadnt
been delayed.
C. He would be here in time if his flight hadnt been
D. He would have been here in time if his flight werent
84. Without your help, I couldnt overcome the problem.
A. If you dont help me, I cant overcome the problem.
B. If you didnt help me, I couldnt overcome the
C. If you hadnt helped me, I couldnt overcome the
D. If you hadnt helped me, I couldnt have overcome the
85. Thanks to Lauras report, I was able to finish the project.
A. If there isnt Lauras report, I wouldnt finish the
B. Had it not been for Lauras report, I wouldnt have
been to finish the project.
C. If Laura didnt help me, I wouldnt finish the project.
D. I wouldnt have finished the project if Laura didnt
help me.
D. Choose the underlined part in each sentence (A, B, C
or D) that needs correcting.

Trang 26
86.What do you do if you won the first prize of the lottery?
87. Would people be able to fly, if they have feathers instead
of hair?
88. George now wishes he hasnt broken his encouragement
with Marian
89. I would do it if I could, but I cant so I wouldnt even try
90. If a drop of oil is placed in a glass of water, it would
float to the top
91. If Peter had been more careful, he wouldnt break the
camera I lent
92. Roger wouldnt have made such a lot of mistakes if he
hasnt been so
93. How nice it would be for our parents if we could built
the house
94. He wouldnt have able to pass the test if his English
hadnt been
good enough
95. If only we knew all this information about the market
many weeks
96. My father gave me a watch for my birthday, but I wish
he has given
me laptop instead
97. If your son were old enough, he could be able to take the
next week
98. If she had send a telegram, we would have received it by
99. They wouldnt have order more books if they had
noticed that the
sales were falling.
100. I would have called you if I could have known your

Trang 27
UNIT 8: GERUNDS AND INFINITIVES A. to be decorated B. decoratingC. to decorate D.
A&B are correct
A. Choose the best aswer to complete each sentence.
22. How about --------- a drink?
1. He is used to------------ up early in the morning.
A. to have B. having C. have D.
A. get B. getting C. have gotten D.
have had
23. I suggest---------- at home for a change.
2. The boy was kept indoors----------- naughty.
A. staying B. to stay C. having stayedD. stay
A. to be B. have been C. for being D.
24. Do you consider---------- our friends on Sunday?
when he
A. to invite B. invite C. inviting D.
3. I shall never forget-----------with you to Paris last year.
have invited
A. staying B. to staying C. to stay D.
25. Would you mind ------------ me a hand?
A. to give B. have given C. give D.
4. I am looking forward to -----------you.
A. having seen B. seeing C. to see D.
26. We escaped----------- to the meeting.
all are wrong
A. have been asked B. to be asked C. being asked D.
5. I am always remember------------ off the lights before I
be asked
leave my house.
27. Why did she avoid----------you?
A. turning B. to turn C. turned D.
A. to have met B. meeting C. to meet D.
being turned
being met
6. I can remember---------- very proud and happy when I
28. I prefer----------- to------------.
A. walking-cycle B. walk-cycle
A. to be B. being C. be D.
C. walking-cycling D. to walk-cycling
29. I ran ten kilometers without-----------.
7. Did you remember------------ Jack my message?
A. stop B. stopping C. stopped D. be
A. have given B. be given C. giving D.
to give
30. He is quite used to ----------- .
8. What did you forget------------ before you left for class
A. work hard B. hardly working
this morning?
C. work hard D. working hard
A. to do B. doing C. have done D.
31. I strongly objected to----------- a fee for using my credit
being done
9. Dont forget------------ your homework tonight!
A. be charged B. charge C. be charging D.
A. doing B. to do C. to be done D.
being charged
having done
32. We should avoid ----------- our environment.
10. Its important--------------.
A. to pollute B. polluted C. polluting D.
A. not worrying B. not worry C. to not worry D.
being polluted
not to worry
33. Do you consider---------- another job?
11. That book isnt worth-----------.
A. to get B. to have got C. get D.
A. read B. reading C. being read D.
to read
34. Nobody will approve of your----------- that way.
12. Its no good---------- him the truth now.
A. have behaved B. behaving
A. to tell B. tell C. telling D.
C. having to behave D. behave
not to tell
35. The tender plants need----------- against the cold weather.
13. Its no use------------ you didnt know.
A. protecting B. to protect C. protection D.
A. pretending B. pretend C. to pretend D.
A&C are correct
36. ---------- natural resources is of great importance.
14. When Im on holiday,I enjoy----------- to get up early.
A. Be preserve B. Preserving C. Preserved D.
A. not have B. not having C. having not D.
not to have
37. The exam is coming,so the teachers make their
15. Sorry ----------- you waiting so long.
students--------- a lot.
A. to keep B. have kept C. keeping D.
A. working B. worked C. to work D.
to keeping
16. Thats all right. I dont mind------------ waiting.
38. Her parents want her--------- a doctor.
A. have kept B. having kept C. be kept D.
A. to become B. become C. to becoming D.
being kept
17. She admitted---------- the money.
39. It is kind of you -----------me the direction.
A. stolen B. be stealing C. have stolen D.
A. giving B. give C. to give D.
having stolen
18. Would you mind----------- the door?
40. The teacher never lets us ----------out when-----------.
A. close B. have closed C. closing D.
A. to go- explainsB. go-explaining
to close
C. go-to explain D. gone-explained
19. William suggested---------- to the cinema.
41. Whenever I see an action film ,I feel my heart-----------
A. to go B. gone C. go D.
A. thump B. to thump C. be thumped D.
20. Your shoes need------------.
being thumped
A. to be cleaned B. cleaning C. to clean D.
42. These employees are made----------- overtime.
A&B are correct
21. Our house wants------------.

Trang 28
A. work B. to work C. working D. A. stopped smoking/quit B. to stop to
worked smoke/quitting
43. I think he is not reliable enough----------- our bussiness. C. stopping smoking/for quitting D. to stop smoking/to
A. to inform B. informing C. to be informed D. quit
being informed 60. It takes three hours----------- to Paris.
44. He advised me --------the facts before I made a A. getting B. get C. got D.
decision------- the job. to get
A. considering-accept B. to consider- 61. They are whispering to avoid---------- by their friends.
accepting A. being heard B. hearing C. to be heard D.
C. to consider- accept D. to consider-to accept being hearing
45. Look! Do you see an insect---------- on your foot. 62. I remember--------- my mother said the carpets
A. to crawling B. crawl C. to crawl D. needed----------.
crawled A. to hear/to clean B. to hear/cleaning
46. They spent two months------------- their house. C. hearing /cleaning D. hearing/to clean
A. renew B. renewed C. renewing D. 63. Would you like---------- me some tea?
to renew A. make B. making C. made D.
47. Their company was made---------100,000 USD in taxes. to make
A. paying B. to pay C. pay D. 64. They reminded me---------- late.
paid A. to not come B. not coming C. not to come D.
48. We dont have enough time--------- the essay so we to come not
asked the teacher for a delay. 65. The police let him ---------- after they had asked him
A. wrote B. writing C. to write D. some questions.
written A. to leave B. leave C. leaving D.
49. I caught her---------- my diary. left
A. reading B. read C. to read D. 66. Would you mind---------- me your pocket calculator?
have read A. lend B. to lend C. lending D.
50. -----------, Mrs Pike took the baby in her arms. lent
A. To smile happily B. Smiled happily 67. Despite--------- very rich, she is often generous to the
C. smiling happily D. as soon as smiling poor.
happily A. is not B. not being C. not to be D.
51. These workers stopped-------- some coffee because they is not
felt sleepy. 68. She wanted-------- home but the boss made her----------
A. to have B. have C. having D. until she finished-------- those contracts.
had A. to go/stay/typing B. going/to stay/to type
52. Due to having a lot of things----------- last night,we C. to go/staying/type D. go/stay/typed
missed----------- the film. 69. John suggested----------- to the new branch in Vietnam.
A. for doing/to see B. done/saw A. appointing B. being appointed
C. doing/see D. to do/seeing C. to appoint D. to be appointed
53. I want to travel because I enjoy---------- people 70. Peter is not used to--------in front of the public. He often
and---------new places. feels too nervous-----------anything.
A. meet/see B. meeting/seeing A. speak/to say B. speak/saying
C. meeting/to see D. to meet/to see C. spoken/for saying D. speaking/to say
54. The council considers----------vehicles from the city 71. Sorry. I forgot---------- this floppy disk to him.
center to relieve traffic jams and air pollution. A. give B. to give C. giving D.
A. ban B. banning C. banned D. gives
to banning 72. I hate-----------.
55. He risked -------- his house when his company went A. to keep waiting B. to be kept waiting
bankrupt. C. being kept waiting D. keep to wait
A. lose B. to lose C. losing D. 73. Everyone likes--------- when they have got some
lost success.
56. Did you notice someone---------the room last night? A. to congratulateB. to be congratulate
A. enter B. to enter C. entered D. C. to be congratulating D. being congratulated
entering 74. She expected-------- soon,but things seem---------wrong.
57. Loyalty is considered---------- one of the important A. promoting/going B. being promoted/to go
qualities for true friendship. C. to be promoted/to go d/to promote/going
A. being B. been C. to be D. 75. It is not worth--------- that computer. You had
be better--------- a new one.
58. Those tourists were too tired----------their journey. A. to repair/to buy B. repairing/buy
A. continue B. to continue C. continuing D. C. repairing/buying D. repair/buy
continued 76. ---------- farmers ---------- in the fields.
58. He didnt permit them----------- through the military A. Watching/works B. Watch/work
zone. He forced them---------another way. C. Watching/to work D. Watch/working
A. going/to go B. to go/to go C. to go/going D. 77. People didnt let him -------- into the room. He was
go/go made---------- outside.
59. His doctor advised him---------,but he found it A. to come/wait B. come/to wait C. coming/waiting D.
impossible--------- his habit. come/wait

Trang 29
78. They will have some workers---------their house. A B C
A. redecorate B. to redecorate C. redecorating D. D
redecorated occurrence.
79. He warned ---------anything. 97. The teacher opened the windows for getting some fresh
A. not to touch B. me to not touch air in the
C. me not to touch D. not touching A B C
79. He doesnt allow--------- in his house. D
A. smoke B. to smoke C. to be smoking D. room.
smoking 98. I need getting a part-time job to earn some money for
80. They all denied-------- her. my school
A. ever having seen B. of seeing A B C D
C. having ever seen D. to see expenses.
81. I tried----------- the window, but it seems not to work. 99. My mother made me to promise to write them once a
A. open B. to open C. opening D. week.
opened A B C D
82. I used to---------- outdoors. 100. To learn about another country it is very interesting.
A. work B. to work C. working D. A B CD
worked 101. Most students want return home as soon as possible.
83. I look forward to--------- home next week. A B C D
A. go B. going C. gone D. 102. When I went to shopping , I saw a man to drive his car
having gone A B C
84. They made a decision----------- the city. onto the sidewalk.
A. leaving B. leave C. to leave D. D
left 103. I asked my classmate to let me to use his shoes.
85. Its very good of you---------- me how to start this A B C D
engine. 104. I am looking forward to go to swim in the ocean.
A. show B. showing C. to show D. A B C D
shown 105. I had the operator to put the call through for me.
86. Im used to ---------a glass of water before-------- to bed. A B C D
A. drink/going B. drinking/go C. drink/to go D.
drinking/going UNIT 9: RELATIVE CLAUSES
87. Its no use----------- him-------------part in the
A. Choose the best answer among A, B , C or D.
1) Genghis Khan, _________ name means very mighty
A. persuade/to take B. persuading/to take
ruler, was a Mongol emperor in the Middle Ages.
C. persuade/taking D. to persuade/take
A. whom B. whose C. who D.
88. I suggested--------a suit and tie when we went to the
2) The children _____ sang at the Mayor's parade were from
A. to wear B. wear C. worn D.
the local school.
A. whose B. where C. who D.
89. Let the boy---------- it himself before you offer to help.
A. try B. to try C. trying D.
3) Galileo, _____ published works proving that the Earth
revolves around the Sun, continued his scientific
90. We regret------- you that you havent been selected for
experiments even when he went deaf and blind.
the post of senior manager.
A. when B. who C. where D.
A. informing B. inform C. informed D.
to inform
4) The school programme _______ has been interrupted by
91. I dont enjoy ----------- at by other people.
revision tests requires a regular course study.
A. to laugh B. to be laughed
A. whose B. who C. what D.
C. being laughed D. laughing
92. Ted managed------------ my mind.
5) Credit ______ is given in this semester requires
A. to change B. changing C. having changed D.
approximately three hours of classroom work.
A. which B. what C. when D.
93. I cant afford----------- a new car.
A. buying B. to buy C. bought D.
6) Two courses ______ have the same subjects are in
different times.
94. Julie finally admitted---------- responsible for the
A. that B. what C. when D.
A. to be B. been C. being D.
7) You may enroll our course by e-mail _______ can be
faster than other registration forms.
95. She keeps----------to visit us ,but she never does.
A. who B. where C. which D.
A. to promise B. promise C. promises D.
8) The girl ______ dress you admire has been working for
B. Identify the word or phrase that needs correcting.
an expo company since she left school.
96. Hellen borrowed my dictionary for look up the spelling
A. who B. what C. whose D.

Trang 30
9) The young man ______ was released after the court was 24) Eastern Rwanda is very different from the South-west,
found innocent of all the charges against him. _____ monkeys, birds and orchids thrive in the high altitude
A. who B. who he C. which D. primary forest.
whose A. when B. where C. which D.
10) Is that the same film ______ we watched last year? why
A. when B. which C. why D. 25) Wednesday is the day _________ a tour guide leads a
who tour around the town's historical places.
11) The girl _____ I borrowed the dictionary asked me to A. when B. which C. whose D.
use it carefully. where
A. whose B. from whom C. from whose D. 26) Robert Riva, an Italian ____ used to play for
whom Cremonese, now coaches the Reigate under 11's football
12) The pupils _____ we took to the amusement park team.
behaved themselves very well. A. when B. which C. where D.
A. whose B. with whom C. whom D. who
which 27) The town _________ the folk festival is taking place is
13) Bournemouth, _______ we are going to visit next usually a quiet resort.
summer, is a real paradise for the retired. A. when B. where C. whom D.
A. that B. what C. which D. which
in which 28) As a celebrity ______ many children admire, it is
14) Thatcher, ______ birthplace was above a shop in the important for her to act responsibly.
small English town of Grantham, became Prime Minister of A. when B. where C. whom D.
Britain four years after she had become the leader of the whose
Conservative Party in 1975. 29) We always hold a family barbecue in our garden on
A. where B. whose C. in which D. Independence Day, ______ was on a Tuesday this year.
which A. what B. that C. when D.
15) First jeans, ______ became fashionable for women after which
they saw them in Vogue magazine, were made by two 30) When I was at school, there was a girl in my class
Americans, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. ______ skin was so sensitive that she couldn't expose her
A. that B. whose C. of which D. skin to the sun even with cream on.
which A. where B. whose C. whom D. that
16) The first television picture _________ John Logie Baird 31) We'll row until the spot _____ the river bends and then
transmitted on 25 November, 1905 was a boy ______ we'll turn back.
worked in the office next to Baird's workroom in London. A. where B. when C. whose D.
A. which / whomB. who / which which
C. that / whose D. that / who 32) On the days ______ I feel I need to reflect on the past
17) Felix Hoffman, a 29-year-old chemist _______ worked and plan my future, I sit by the river and watch the swans
for the German company Bayer, invented the drug Aspirin in swim past.
April 1879. A. when B. where C. whose D.
A. where B. whose C. whom D. which
who 33) My mother's Elvis Presley tape, ________ she listened
18) Joyce Bews, ______ was born and grew up in to every day, has broken in the music centre.
Portsmouth on the south coast of England, _______ she still A. whose B. that C. where D.
lives, was 100 last year. which
A. that / in which B. who / where 34) Unfortunately, the friend with ________ I intended to go
C. that / where D. who / that on holiday to Side is ill, so I'll have to cancel my trip.
19) The big clock ________ used to strike the hours day and A. who B. whom C. where D. that
night was damaged during the war and has been silent ever 35) According to the research, the time at _____ most road
since. accidents happen is early evening.
A. whose B. that is C. what D. A. when B. which C. whose D. that
which 36) The new stadium, ____ will be completed next year, will
20) The pollution ______ they were talking is getting worse. seat 30,000 spectators.
A. that B. about which C. which D. A. what B. where C. when D.
whom which
21) The engineer ______ our company relies is on holiday. 37) Blenheim Palace, _____ Churchill was born, is now
A. who B. on whom C. whose D. open to the public.
whom A. when B. where C. which D.
22) The dam ______ they plan to build will cover acres of whose
forest. 38) Students _______ register for courses do not have any
A. which B. to which C. whom D. problems.
where A. whom B. who C. what D.
23) He is a talented cricket player ______ abilities include when
fast bowling and powerful batting. 39) August 23rd is the last date ______ you may transfer to
A. where B. whose C. whom D. of another course.
which A. which B. on which C. why D.

Trang 31
40) Our course needs some requirements ______ are listed A. in which B. that C. on which D.
here. in where
A. what B. when C. which D. 57) She is a famous actress ______ everybody admires.
where A. to whom B. whom C. to which D.
41) Before coming to my office, please check the of whom
appointment ________ are listed in my official calendar. 58) The food ______ I like best of all is pie alamode.
A. that B. why C. when D. A. who B. whose C. whom D.
where that
42) I never forget the time ____ my motorbike broke down in a 59) Justine, ______ parents live in Christchurch, has gone to
very crowded street. Southampton.
A. where B. what C. when D. A. whom B. which C. to whom D.
in which whose
43) I couldn't remember the time ______ there was no 60) The old building _____ was behind the local church fell
internet. down.
A. what B. who C. which D. A. of which B. which C. whose D.
when whom
44) The restaurant ______ we had our dinner was the most 61) They would like a teacher _____ native language is
expensive in this city. English.
A. where B. which C. when D. A. who B. whose C. whom D.
that that
45) The top model about ______ I was telling you is on TV 62) The person with ________ she's been working is very
now. friendly.
A. who B. which C. that D. A. who B. that C. which D.
whom whom
46) Are you the student ______ mother called me yesterday? 63) My nephew ______ chose a lot of toys at the Toy World
A. whose B. who C. that D. store for his father, ______ is my elder brother, paid a large
when amount of money.
47) Mary, _____ has only been in Japan for 3 months, A. which / whose B. whom / who
speaks Japanese perfectly. C. which / who D. who / who
A. that B. whom C. which D. 64) This is the time of month ______ a lot of retired people
who are waiting in queues in front of the banks for their
48) Who is your daughter? She is the child ______ has long, pensions.
straight hair. A. when B. which C. whom D.
A. whose B. who C. which D. where
when 65) The man ______ was in charge of the management
49) I don't think my ex-girl friend will remember the day didn't seem friendly to us at all.
_____ we saw each other for the first time. A. who B. whom C. where D.
A. which B. on which C. at which D. when
why 66) The physics teacher, ______ behaviour I don't like
50) August is the month ______ I always give my birthday much, makes things harder for the students.
parties. A. who B. that C. whom D.
A. which B. in which C. what D. whose
why 67) The farmer says he can't remember a time ________ the
51) The purse ______ she had lost last week was found winter was as severe as it is this year.
yesterday. A. which B. when C. where D.
A. which B. what C. whose D. whose
whom 68) I think the Chinese are the people
52) The old lady ______ we were travelling told us her life ______ habits are the most peculiar to us.
story. A. which B. whom C. when D.
A. of whom B. with whom C. whose D. whose
whom 69) I saw several buildings, _________ were damaged by
53) She says the exam, _________ she took yesterday, was the earthquake.
full of hard questions. A. most of which B. most of them
A. which B. of which C. whom D. C. all of whom D. some of whose
of whose 70) The people to _________ she was speaking didn't know
54) I called my cousin, ______ is a mechanic, to fix my car, German.
______ was broken. A. who B. whose C. that D.
A. who/ which B. that/ all of which whom
C. who/ all of which D. who/ what B. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that
55) My only blue tie, _______ Richard wants to wear, is needs correcting.
really an expensive one. 1. Every student who majors in English are ready to participate
A. that B. whose C. which D. in the orchard
whom A B C
56) This is the village ______ my family and I lived for six D
years. contest.

Trang 32
2. Do you know the reason when English men travel to the
left? over the Pacific Ocean.
D 19. Sunday is a day where we expect.
3. She is the most beautiful woman whose I have ever met A B C D
A B C D 20. Have you ever been to Da Lat when my father has a
4. Mothers Day is the day when children show their love to lovely house?
their mother A B C D
A B C C. Choose one sentence that best rewrites the sentence
on. given:
D 1. This man studies biology. What do you call him?
5. The New Year Day is the day where all my family A. What do you call a man who studies biology?
members gather B. What do you call a man, who studies biology?
A B C. What do you call a man studies biology?
C D. What do you call a man whom studies biology?
and enjoy it together. 2. Hemingway developed a very concise writing style. His
D name is well- known throughout the world.
6. It is complicated because pollution is caused by things A. Hemingway, his name is well- known throughout the
when benefit people. world, developed a very concise writing style.
A B C B. Hemingway, whose is name well- known throughout the
D world, developed a very concise writing style.
7. The policeman must try to catch those men whom drive C. Hemingway, whose name is well- known throughout the
dangerously. world, developed a very concise writing style.
A B C D. Hemingway, who developed a very concise writing style,
D his name is well- known throughout the world.
8. He was very surprised when he visited London, in that the 3. This is the battle field. The soldiers fought there.
drivers A. This is the battle field which the soldiers fought.
always drive on the right hand side of the street. B. This is the battle field that the soldiers fought.
D C. This is the battle field where the soldiers fought there.
9. That is the man who he told me the bad news. D. This is the battle field where the soldiers fought.
A B C D 4. He was born in 1983.There was a severe drought that
10. I dont know the reason on when Jonathan was sacked. year.
A B C D A. He was born in 1983 when there was a severe drought.
11. The singer about who I told you yesterday is coming B. He was born in 1983 when was there a severe drought
here tomorrow. C. When there was a severe drought in 1983 he was born.
A B C D. He was born in 1983, there was a severe drought when
D 5. John Montagu was an English Earl. He invented the
12. The man whom helped you yesterday is a television sandwich.
reporter. A. John Montagu, whose invented the sandwich, was an
A B C English Earl.
D B. John Montagu, who invented the sandwich, was an
13. What is the name of the girl whom has just come in? English Earl.
C. John Montagu, that invented the sandwich, was an
A B C D English Earl.
14. Do you know the reason when Englishmen travel on the D. John Montagu, invented the sandwich, was an English
left side of the streets? Earl.
A B C D 6. Flies, which come mostly in the summer, carry diseases.
15. If you want a particular book, the person to see is the A. Flies, to come mostly in the summer, carry diseases.
librarian she is B. Flies, come mostly in the summer, carry diseases.
A B C C. Flies, coming mostly in the summer, carry diseases.
D D. Flies, that come mostly in the summer, carry diseases.
wearing glasses. 7. There was a candle which burnt in the room.
A. There was a candle burning in the room.
16. I enjoyed the book that you told me to read it. B. There was a candle burnt in the room.
A B C D C. There was a candle to burn in the room.
17. That commentator, his name I have forgotten, is very D. There was a candle to be burnt in the room.
well-known. 8. I see a boy who is running in the street.
A B C A. I see a boy running in the street. B. I see a boy to
D running in the street.
18. Amelia Earhart, that was one of the pioneers in aviation, C. I see a boy to run in the street. D. None is correct.
attempted to 9. He drew from the bag a watch which had been given for his
A B birthday.
C A. He drew from the bag a watch given for his birthday.
fly the world in 1937, but she and her plane mysteriously B. He drew from the bag a watch been given for his birthday.
disappeared C. He drew from the bag a watch had given for his birthday.

Trang 33
D. He drew from the bag a watch had been given for his
10. One of the drivers who was brought by Steward came over
to me.
A. One of the drivers that were brought by Steward came over
to me.
B. One of the drivers was brought by Steward came over to me.
C. One of the drivers brought by Steward came over to me.
D. One of the drivers bring by Steward came over to me.
D. Change adjective clauses to Phrases ( V-ing , V3 or To
1. There is someone who is knocking at the door.

2. Passengers who travel on planes shouldnt smoke.

3. The photographs which were taken by my son were


4. What can you do about a dog which is barking all night?

5. Is there any good place where we can stay tonight?

6. We have an apartment which over looks the park.

7. The last person who leaves the room must turn off the light.

8. Trains which leave from this station take an hour to get to


9. The experiment which was conducted at the university of

Chicago was successful.

10. The ideas that are presented in that book are interesting.

E. Join these pairs of sentences, using Relative Pronouns or

Put the comma(s) when necessary.
1. I have to find the man. I accidentally picked up his umbrella
this morning.

2. Monday is the day. We will come then.

3. Ill never forget the day. I met you on that day.

4. The town was small. I grew up there.

5. 1960 was the year. The revolution took place in that year.

6. I apologized to the woman. I spilled her coffee.

7. Theyre the postcards. They arrived yesterday.

8. The children sang aloud all night. This kept their parents

9. Maria is studying in New York City. The city is called the

Big Apple.

10. In the room, we saw a lot of children and pets. They sang
and danced happily.

Trang 34
UNIT 10: ARTICLES 35. Peter likes to play ..volleyball, but
A. In the following sentences supply the articles (a, an, or he is not .good player.
the) if they are necessary. If no article is needed, leave the 36. My daughter is learning to play .violin
space blank. at
1. Jasons father bought himbicycle that he had 37. I told Mom we would be ..home in
wanted for his birthday. hour or so.
2Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from 38. You can see ..moon in .sky at
France toUnited States. ..night.
3. Rita is studyingEnglish andmath this 39. ...her children play in .street all
semester. day.
4. Please give me cup of coffee 40. is color I like.
withcream and sugar. 41. ..January is ..first month of the
5.big books ontable are for my history year.
class. 42. You frequently see this kind of violence on
6.When you go to store, please buy television.
bottle ofchocolate milk anddozen 43. AIDS is incurable disease.
oranges. 44. Not everyone believes that .technology has
7. John and Mary went toschool yesterday and improved quality of peoples lives.
then studied inlibrary before returning home. 45. Sue works as ..teacher in for
8. There are onlyfew seats left for .blind in Ireland. .school has over a thousand
tonights musical atuniversity. pupils.
9.Lake Erie is one offive Great Lakes 46. Would you show me ..shortest way to
inNorth America. ..airport?
10. What did you eat forbreakfast this morning? 47. He went to ..England and bought ..
11. Louie playedbasketball andbaseball .house in London.
atBoys Club this year. 48. He understands ..French, but he speaks it
12. Rita playsviolin and her sister plays badly.
guitar. B. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.
13. David attendedPrinceton University. 1. It is estimated that about 640 women remain illiterate in
14. Harry has been admitted toSchool of Medicine world, mostly in developing countries.
atMidwestern university. A. a B. an C. the D. X
15. Phil cant go tomovies tonight because he has 2. Did you read book I lent you
to writeessay. last week.
16. Last night there was singing outside my house. A. a / the B. the / the C. the / X D. X /
17.chair which you are sitting in is broken. X
18.Florida State University is smaller 3. I went by train to .
thanUniversity of Florida. West of England.
19. Scientists sentexpedition toMars A. X / a B. X / the C. X / X D.
during1990s. the / the
20. Mels grandmother is inhospital, so we went to 4. We visited Canada and . United States.
visit herlast night. A. an B. a C. X D. the
21. Im on night duty. When you go to .bed, I 5. I fell in love with him because of his kind
go to nature.
22. Sorry, I cant find the number. I remember writing it on A. a B. the C. X D. an
..back of an envelop. 6. .. schooling is compulsory in Australia
23. . gold is perhaps .... most highly between .ages of six and seventeen.
treasured metal. A. The / X B. A / an C. X / the D. The
24. ..Mekong River is .....longest / an
river in ..Vietnam. 7. In .most social situations ,
25. ..winter is usually cold, but ..informality is appreciated.
winter of this year is warm. A. X / X B. the / an C. a / the D.
26. money you gave me is not enough to buy the / a
.bicycle. 8. .love is ..very strong feeling of affection
27. Look at .....sun. It is rising. towards someone who you are romantically attracted to.
28. We watch television after .dinner. A. The / the B. The / X C. A / the D. X /
29. Mr. Brown bought car a
.last week. 9. London is . of England.
30. He usually travels to ..Philadelphia by A. a capital B. capital C. one capital D. the
..train. capital
31. Miss Linda speaks .Chinese very well 10. Do you know exactly.number of Siberian
although she is from UK. tigers in China?
32. .swimming is ....good sport. A. a B. an C. the D. X
33. Please open ..door. 11.It is estimated that only 1,000 pandas remain
34. .United States is in.wild.
..worlds biggest consumer of energy. A. a B. an C. the D. X

Trang 35
12..friend in need is.friend
A. The/ the B. A/ a C. X/ X D. X/
13. What is your.biggest dream
A. X/ X B. the/ a C. the/ the D. a/
14. Did you have.good time at the party last
A. a B. an C. the D. X
15. The local authorities are
conducting.campaign to
A. a/ the B. the/ X C. X/ X D. X/
16..the most important thing when you take
part in any examination is to be calm.
A. A B. An C. The D. X
17. Most British people are fond
A. a B. an C. the D. X
18. Every year, thousands of tourists visit.
Nile River.
A. a B. an C. the D. X

Trang 36
UNIT 11: REPORTED SPEECH A. She told me to remember to pick her up at 6 o'clock tomorrow
A. Choose the correct answer among A , B C or D.
B. She reminded me to pick her up at 6 o'clock the following
1. She asked me where I_____________ from.
A. come B. coming C. to come
C. She reminded me to remember to pick her up at 6 o'clock
D. came
the next afternoon.
2. I asked Martha________ to enter law school.
D. She told me to pick her up at 6 o'clock the next day
A. are you planning B. if she is
17." Let's have a picnic next Saturday," Julia said.
C. was she planning D. if she was
A. Julia said that let's have a picnic the next Saturday.
B. Julia suggested having a picnic the following Saturday.
3. Nam wanted to know what time _________ .
C. Julia advised how about having a picnic the next
A. the movie began C. the movie begins
B. did the movie begin D. does the
D. Julia told that why they didn't have a picnic next
movie begin
4. Julia said that she ________ there at noon.
18. "If I were you, I'd tell him the truth," she said to me.
A. is going to be B. was going to be C. will be
A. She said to me that if I were you, I'd tell him the truth.
D. can be
B. She will tell him the truth if she is me.
5. Paul asked her, Have you got 20 pounds?
C. She suggested to tell him the truth if she were me.
Paul asked her ________ 20 pounds.
D. She advised me to tell him the truth.
A. if she got B. if she had got
19. Stay in bed for a few days," the doctor said to him.
C. whether she got D. whether had
A. The doctor said to him stay in bed for a few days.
she got
B. The doctor said him to stay in bed for a few days.
6. He told me __________ him up at six o'clock.
C. The doctor told him to stay in bed for a few days.
A. please pick B. to pick C. should pickD. I can
D. The doctor told to him stay in bed for a few days.
20. Why don't you have your room repainted?" said Viet to
7. He said that Linda and John ________ married ________ .
A. were getting / tomorrow B. are getting / the next
A Viet suggested that Nam should have his room repainted.
B. Viet suggested having Nam's room repainted.
C. were getting / the next day D. will getting /
C. Viet asked Nam why you didn't have your room
the day after
8. They asked me when _________ .
D. Viet wanted to know why Nam doesn't have his room
A. did I arrive B. will I arrive C. I had arrived D.
I can arrive
21. Mary said, I want to give up my job. -> Mary said
9. The farmer said, I didnt see her.
that ...........................
---> The farmer said ____ her.
A. she wants to give up her job. C. she wanted to
A. he had seen B. I hadnt seen
give up my job.
C. she didnt see D. he hadnt seen
B. I wanted to give up her job. D. she wanted to
10. I wondered_____________the right thing.
give up her job.
A. if I am doing B. was I doing
22. His wife said to him, write to me as often as you can
C. am I doing D. whether I was doing
A. His wife told him to write to her as often as he can
11. Charlie __________ that his father was in hospital.
B. His wife told him to write to her as often as he could
A. told me B. told to me C. said me
C. His wife told him writing to her as often as he can
D. asked me
D. His wife told to him to write to her as often as he could
12. Mr Brown said, I watched TV last night.
23.Mary said ,I have not seen Peter since last month .
-- -> Mr Brown said that he _______ TV the night before.
A. Mary said she has not seen Peter since the previous
A. was watching B. watched
C. had watched D. has watched
B. Mary said she had not seen Peter since the previous
13. The teacher said Columbus ________ America in 1492.
month .
A. discovered B. had discovered
C. Mary said she was not seen Peter since the previous
C. was discovering D. would
D. Mary said she doesnt see Peter since the previous month
14. Please don't tell anyone what happened," Ann said to
24. I want to go on holiday but I dont know where to go.
---> Tom said that
A. Ann said to me please don't tell anyone what happened.
B. Ann told me didn't tell anyone what had happened.
A. he wanted to go on holiday but he doesnt know where to
C. Ann said me not to tell anyone what happened.
D. Ann told me not to tell anyone what had happened.
B. he wants to go on holiday but he didnt know where to
15. "Would you like to go to the cinema with me tonight?"
he said.
C. he wanted to go on holiday but he didnt know where to
A. He invited me to go to the cinema with him that night.
B. He offered me to go to the cinema with him tonight.
D. I wanted to go on holiday but I didnt know where to go.
C. He asked me if I'd like to go to the cinema with him
25. Mary said : What will you do this evening, John ?
A. Mary asked John what would he do that evening.
D. He would like me to go to the cinema with him this night.
B. Mary asked John what John did that evening.
16.'Remember to pick me up at 6 o'clock tomorrow
afternoon," she said.

Trang 37
C. Mary wanted to know what she and John would do that 37. I suggested that he should paint the house
evening. light blue.
D. Mary wanted to know what John would do that evening. A. "Shall we painted the house light blue?" I said to him.
26. He said to them, Don't tell me such a nonsense! B. "How about to paint the house light blue?" I said to him.
A. He told them not to tell him such a nonsense. C. "Let's paint the house light blue," I said to him.
B. He told them to tell him such a nonsense. D. "Why don't you paint the house light blue?" I said to him.
C. He told them not to tell them such a nonsense. 38 . He invited me to have dinner with him.
D. He told them to tell them such a nonsense. A. "Would you like to have dinner with me?" he said.
27. "If I were you. Bill, I'd buy the house, " Stephen said. B. "Do you like having dinner with me?" he said.
A. Stephen suggested Bill to buy the house. C. "Would you like dinner with me?" said he.
B. Stephen advised Bill to buy the house. D. "Will you like to have dinner with me?" said he.
C. Stephen promised Bill that he would buy the house. 39. They wanted to know where I came from.
D. Stephen forced Bill to buy the house. A. "We want to know where do you come from," they said.
28. Dont forget to feed the chicken twice a day. B. "Where did you come from?" they asked.
A. He said dont forget to feed the chicken twice a day. C. "Where do you come from?" asked they.
B. He told not to forget to feed the chicken twice a day. D. "We wanted to know where I came from," they said.
C. He reminded me to feed the chicken twice a day. 40 . He reminded me to buy him some stamps.
D. He suggested me to feed the chicken twice a day A. "Don't forget to buy me some stamps," he said.
29. Never borrow money from friends, my father said. B. "Remember buying me some stamps," said he.
A. My father told me never to borrow money from friends. C. "Remind to buy me some stamps," said he.
B. My father said to me never borrow money from friends. D. "Don't deny buying me some stamps.," he said.
C. My father suggested me never borrowing money from 41. "I'll definitely return it to you tomorrow, " John said.
friends. A. John said that he'll return it to me the next day.
D. My father advised me not borrow money from friends B. John promised to return it to me the next day.
30. Please dont leave until I come back, Sarah said. C. John told that he'll return it to me the next day.
A. Sarah told us do not leave until she comes back. D. John decided to return it to me next day.
B. Sarah asked us do not leave until she came back. 42. "Shall I carry your suitcase, Mary? " said Peter.
C. Sarah told us not to leave until she came back. A. Peter promised to carry Mary's suitcase.
D. Sarah said to us not to leave until she comes back B. Peter decided to carry Mary's suitcase.
31. "Could you lend me your pen? " Tom said to Jerry. C. Peter wanted to carry Mary's suitcase.
A. Tom asked Jerry to lend him her pen. D. Peter offered to carry Mary's suitcase
B. Tom asked to lend Jerry's pen. 43. I'll never make that mistake again., Robert said.
C. Tom asked if Jerry could lend you her pen. => Robert promised _____ that mistake again.
D. Tom asked if Jerry could lend her his pen. A. no making B. not made
32. "Right. I'll take the brown pair, "Andrew said. C. never to make D. never made
A. Andrew promised to take the brown pair. 44. 'I'd like you to tell me the truth,' Lara said.
B. Andrew wanted to take the brown pair. => Lana wanted ___________ her the truth.
C. Andrew agreed to take the brown pair. A. I to tell B. me to tell C. me telling D.
D. Andrew asked to take the brown pair. I telling
33. "I will ring you up after I get home." Peter said to Mary. 45. 'You should quit smoking and eat more vegetable,' said
A. Peter promised to give Mary a wedding ring after he got the doctor.
home. => The doctor advised him _________ more vegetable.
B. Peter asked Mary to pay him a visit after he' got home. A. to quit smoking and eat B. quit smoking and eat
C. Peter promised to visit Mary after he got home. C. to quit smoking and to eating D. quitting smoking and
D. Peter promised to telephone Mary after he got home. eating
34 . Ive been playing tennis a lot lately," John said. 46. 'Please come and join our party tonight', said Lana.
A. John said that I have been playing tennis a lot lately. => Lana invited us____________ .
B. John said that he has been playing tennis a lot lately. A. to come and join our party tonight B. to their
C. John said that he had been playing tennis a lot lately. party that night
D. John said that she had been playing tennis a lot lately. C. to come and join their party that night D. to our party
35. Tom had an accident last week, but he wasn't injured," tonight
said Mary. 47. "Be aware of the dog, said Tom.
A. Mary said Tom had an accident last week but he wasn't => Tom warned us ___________ .
injured. A. to be aware of the dog B. being
B. Mary said Tom had had an accident last week but he aware of the dog
wasn't injured. C. we should be aware of the dog D. aware of the
C. Mary said Tom had an accident the last week but he dog
hadn't been injured. 48. "I'm really sorry for being late again," said Ann.
D. Mary said Tom had had an accident the week before but A. I felt sorry for Ann's being late again.
he hadn't been injured. B. Ann was sorry for my being late again.
36. I don't know what Fred is doing," said my sister. C. Ann excused for my being late again.
A. My sister said that she didn't know what Fred was doing. D. Ann apologized for being late again.
B. My sister said she doesn't know what Fred is doing. 49. "How about spending the day at the beach? " said Tom.
C. My sister said that I don't know what Fred is doing. A. Tom said he wanted to spend the day at the beach.
D. My sister said that she hasn't known what Fred was doing B. Tom suggested spending the day at the beach.
C. Tom insisted on spending the day at the beach.

Trang 38
D. Tom advised us to spend the day at the beach. A. where he has been B. where
50. "I am sorry I didn't wait for you," Mary said to John. he had been
A. Mary apologized for not waiting for John. C. where has he been D. where
B. Mary insisted on not waiting for John. had he been
C. Mary sorry for not waiting for John. 62. Martin asked me _______.
D. Mary denied not waiting for John. A. how is my father B. how my father
51. "You mustn't call the police," he said to his wife. is
A. He accused his wife of calling the police. C. how was my father D. how
B. He warned his wife calling the police. my father was
C. He stopped his wife from calling the police. 63. The host asked Peter _______ tea or coffee.
D. He apologized his wife for calling the police. A. whether he preferred B. that he
52.Please dont leave until I come back, Sarah said. preferred
A. Sarah told us do not leave until she comes back. C. did he prefer D. if he
B. Sarah asked us do not leave until she came back. 64. . "You damaged my bicycle, Tom!" said John.
C. Sarah told us not to leave until she came back. A. John accused to Tom for damaging his bicycle.
B. John accused with Tom to have damaged his bicycle.
D. Sarah said to us not to leave until she comes back. C. John accused Tom of damaging his bicycle.
53 . "Let's go to Ba Vi next weekend", Mai said. D. John accused Tom to damage his bicycle.
A. Mai insisted on going to Ba Vi next weekend. 65. "Don't walk on the grass" the gardener said to us.
B. Mai suggested going to Ba Vi the next weekend A. The gardener said to us don't walk on the grass.
C. Mai wanted to go to Ba Vi the next weekend. B. The gardener told us not to walk on the grass.
D. Mai dreamed of going to Ba Vi the next weekend. C. The gardener suggested us not to walk on the grass.
54. "It was so kind of you to give me the flowers," Lan said D. The gardener advised us not to walk on the grass.
to Minh. 66. John often says he _______ boxing because it _______ a
A. Lan thanked Minh to give her the flowers. cruel sport.
C. Lan thanked Minh on giving her the flowers. A. does not like / is B. did not like /
D. Lan thanked Minh for giving her the flowers. were
B. Lan thanked Minh to be kind to give her the flowers. C. not liked / had been D. had not
55. "It's me. I made your dress dirty," Jane said to Ann. liked / was
A. Jane accused Ann of making her dress dirty. 67. He asked _______ him some money.
B. Ann prevented Jane from making her dress dirty. A. her to lend B. her lending
C. Jane denied making Ann's dress dirty. C. she has lent D. she lends
D. Jane admitted making Ann's dress dirty. 68. Andrew told me that they _______ fish two _______
56. "Don't go near that deserted house," Tuan said to me. days.
A. Tuan advised me not going near that deserted house. A. have not eaten / ago B. had not eaten /
B. Tuan insisted me going near that deserted house. previous
C. Tuan warned me against going near that deserted house. C. did not eat / before D. would not
D. Tuan suggested me not to going near that deserted house. eat / last
57. "How beautiful the dress you have just bought is!" Peter 69. Can I bring a friend to the party? Nancy wanted to
said to Mary. know.
A. Peter promised to buy Mary a beautiful dress. A. Nancy asked if she could bring a friend to the party.
B. Peter said thanks to Mary for her beautiful dress. B. Nancy wanted to ask someone to bring her friend to the
C. Peter complimented Mary on her beautiful dress. party.
D. Peter asked Mary how she had just bought her beautiful C. Nancy knew that bring a friend to the party was good.
dress. D. Nancy wanted to invite her friend out and to the party.
58. "Hello, Mary!" Peter said, " _______________" 70. She asked me, "How high was the church?"
A. Peter said hello Mary. B. Peter A. She asked me how high the church was.
said Mary hello. B. She asked me how high is the church.
C. Peter told Mary hello D. Peter C. She asked me how high the church had been.
greeted Mary. D. She asked me how the church had been.
59. "Why don't you ask the teacher for help?" Peter asked
me. B. Choose the word or phrase in each of the following
A. Peter advised me to ask the teacher for help. sentences that needs correcting.
B. Peter recommended me not to ask the teacher for help. , 71. I asked(A) him how far was it(B) to the station if(C) I
C. Peter told me the reason why I did not ask the teacher for went there by taxi(D).
help. 72. All of(A) my students wondered(B) how many(C)
D. Peter suggested that he should ask the teacher for help. people lived in Tokyo? (D)
60. He asked me _______ Robert and I said I did not know 73. They asked me that(A) I could(B) do the(C) shopping
_______. for(D) them.
A. that did I know / who were Robert 74. Her mother ordered(A) her do not go(B) out with
B. that I knew / who Robert were him(C) the night before(D).
C. if I knew / who Robert was 75. The traffic warden(A) asked me(B) why had I
D. whether I knew / who was Robert parked(C) my car there(D).
61. The mother asked her son _______. 76. He said that(A) he will pick(B) me up at(C) 8 am the
following(D) day.

Trang 39
77. She said(A) that the books in(B) the library would 27) "Where did you spend your holidays last year?" she
be(C) available tomorrow(D). asked me.
78. He advised(A) her thinking about(B) that example She asked me
again(C) because it needed correcting(D). 28) He said, "Don't go too far."
79. The(A) receptionist said I must(B) fill out that form(C) He advised her
before I attended(D) the interview. 29) "Have you been shopping?" he asked us.
80. Marty said a(A) good friendship is(B) like a He wanted to know
diamond(C) valuable, beautiful and durable(D). 30) "Don't make so much noise," he says.
C. Change each of the following sentences into reported He asks us
1) John said, I want to attend a famous university. UNIT 12: PREPOSITIONS
John said
A. Put in the correct prepositions.
2) Im looking for the book you gave me last week, Mary
1. We give each other presents . Christmas.
said to Peter.
2. Dont sit . the floor.
Mary told Peter
3. Im going away . the end of January.
3) Alfred said to John, I did not promise to send you a
4. I met Tom . the street yesterday.
5. They sent me a cheque . $ 50.
6. There has been some decrease . military
4) "I will get myself a drink," she said.
spending this year.
She said
7. Nobody knows what the cause . the explosion
5) "I cannot drive them home," he said.
He said
8. Do you think well find a solution . this
6) "Peter, do you prefer tea or coffee?" she said.
9. Have you ever read any books . Mark Twain?
7) "The film began at seven o'clock," he said.
10. Its unreasonable . you to expect her to love
He said
you at first sight.
8) The father said, I was on a business trip the whole day
11. They were furious .me .not inviting
them to the party.
The father
12. Were you disappointed .your examination
9) My brother will get married next month, James said.
13. Everybody was shocked .the news.
10) Henry said to his mother, Come and spend a week with
14. She is scared .going out alone.
15. Im not ashamed .what I did.
Henry told
16. My sister wont have dinner ............... 11.30 p.m.
11) He said to me, Keep a seat for me in the lecture hall.
17. She is engaged .an American.
18. Who was responsible . all the noise last night?
12) Mike said to Henry, Give me my book back, please.
19. Your writing is similar .mine.
20. Ann wasnt keen .going out in the rain.
13) "Don't play on the grass, boys," she said.
21. The city centre was crowded .tourists.
22. I always try my best to get along .................. other
14) He said, "Don't go too far."
23. Why dont you apply .a position in that
15) "Don't make so much noise," he said.
24. He is very selfish. He doesnt care .other
16) The mother said to her son, Dont move, please.
The mother
25. Dont look out of the window. Concentrate
17) My sister said to me, Dont open the window.
.your work!
My sister
26. He lost control of the car and crashed .a wall.
18) Jane said to Williams, Will you be free tomorrow?
27. He was the sort of person that you could depend
Jane asked
19) Fred asked the postman, Are there any letters today?
28. Did you hear .the fight in the club on Saturday
20) Richard asked the Browns, What are you going enter?
29. Shes very old. She needs someone to look
21) "I was very tired," she said.
30. He often dreams . travelling to America.
She said
31. I didnt have enough money to pay .the meal.
22) "Be careful, Ben," she said.
32. He has suffered .lung cancer for ages.
She told Ben
33. He shouted .from the other side of the street.
23) "I will get myself a drink," she says.
34. The police are searching .the escaped prisoner.
She says
35. Thats a good idea. Why didnt I think .that?
24) "Why haven't you phoned me?" he asked me.
B. Choose the correct prepositions.
He wondered
1. We all know how wonderful you are. Theres no need to
25) "I cannot drive them home," he said.
show .
He said
A. up B. off C. down D.
26) "Peter, do you prefer tea or coffee?" she says.
She asks Peter

Trang 40
2. I arranged to meet Jim after work last night but he didnt 25. I look stupid with this haircut. Everyone will laugh
turn . .me.
A. off B. up C. on D. down A. in B. at C. into D. away
3. Be careful on that horse. Dont fall . 26. Georges salary is very low. It isnt enough to live
A. into B. against C. behind D. off .
4. A stone fell on my head and knocked me . I was A. about B. round C. on D. down
unconscious for half an hour 27. Ive lost my keys. Can you help me look
A. with B. up C. off D. out .them?
5. There was a $20 note lying on the pavement, so I picked A. up B. after C. for D. into
it . 28. I believe .saying what I think.
A. in B. at C. up D. below A. on B. in C. with D. for
6. I saw a jacket which I liked in the shop, so I went in and 29. When I realized I was wrong, I apologized to him
tried it . to see if it fitted me. .my mistake.
A. on B. through C. away D. back A. at B. for C. up D. before
7. Sorry Im late. The car broke . on the way here. 30. Would you care .a cup of coffee?
A. over B. about C. down D. round A. for B. about C. of D. with
8. What shall I do with these old newspapers? Throw 31. There was an accident this morning. A bus collided
them . .a car.
A. away B. along C. off D. down A. from B. with C. onto D. at
9. Everybody has been warned . the dangers of 32. In the dark, I bumped .the chair.
smoking. A. into B. about C. down D. after
A. into B. against C. to D. from 33. We had an enormous meal. It consisted .seven
10. He was found guilty and sentenced . six courses.
monthsimprisonment. A. off B. of C. in D. up
A. about B. of C. to D. back 34. He died .his beliefs.
11. Ive always regarded you .one of my best A. for B. of C. up D. down
friends. 35. I feel sorry . Bob. He has no friends and no
A. as B. like C. up D. with money.
12. He put suntan oil on his body to protect his skin A. with B. about C. for D. by
.the sun. 36. Im sorry .the noise last night. Were having a
A. through B. from C. with D. off party.
13. I prefer tea .coffee. A. with B. about C. for D. by
A. about B. from C. to D. in 37. I wasnt very impressed .the film.
14. This house reminds me .the one I lived in A. back B. up C. by D.
when I was a child. through
A. about B. to C. against D. of 38. Im sure you are capable .passing the
15. Three students were accused .cheating in the examination.
examination. A. round B. along C. among D. of
A. on B. off C. with D. of 39. Are you interested .art and architecture.
16. I wrote to the company to ask them .more A. from B. for C. up D. in
information about the job. 40. Mary is very fond .animals. She has three cats
A. for B. in C. along D. and two dogs.
forward A. about B. since C. of D.
17. Three men have been arrested and charged between
.robbery. 41. The letter I wrote was full .mistakes.
A. into B. with C. about D. up A. with B. about C. of D. out
18. When I heard he had passed his examination, I phoned 42. Im a bit short .money. Can you lend me
him to congratulate him .his success. some?
A. back B. over C. on D. with A. at B. over C. of D. down
19. Cut the meat .small pieces before frying it. 43. I was amazed .her knowledge of French
A. into B. off C. about D. along Literature.
20. I havent seen her since she left home .work A. by B. about C. of D. off
this morning. 44. He is excellent .playing the flute.
A. from B. since C. during D. for A. at B. over C. to D. behind
21. Im not going out yet. Im waiting .the rain to 45. Why are you always so jealous .other people?
stop. A. on B. of C. in D. below
A. for B. away C. from D. up 46. He was proud .himself for not giving up.
22. Sorry I havent written . you for such a long A. of B. during C. after D. under
time. 47. Are you excited .going on holiday next week?
A. to B. into C. for D. round A. into B. about C. above D. over
23. Who was that man I saw you talking .in the 48. You get fed up .doing the same thing every
pub? day.
A. up B. back C. from D. to A. between B. up C. against D. with
24. What happened .the gold watch you used to 49. Im really satisfied .what I have.
have? A. with B. along C. back D. out
A. with B. against C. for D. to

Trang 41
50. Its silly .you to go out without a coat. Youll 76. Tell me . Friday whether or not you can come
catch cold. to the party.
A. to B. of C. since D. by A. by B. until C. till D. in
51. She was furious with me .not attending her 77. I was tired this morning, so I stayed in bed
birthday party. .half past ten.
A. for B. about C. at D. on A. by B. at C. until D. for
52. Why were you cruel .Ann? 78. Ann is going away .a week in September.
A. to B. of C. under D. up A. for B. since C. as D. like
53. We met .accident at the airport. 79. Robert suddenly began to feel ill .the
A. in B. into C. at D. by examination.
54. Have you ever been .love with anyone? A. out B. during C. up D. about
A. with B. to C. back D. in 80. It sounds .a baby crying.
55. Look! That car is .fire. A. since B. as C. like D. to
A. at B. on C. against D. above 81. Your sister is very kind ................ me.
56. Tom has gone to France .holiday. A. to B. at C. with D. about
A. on B. over C. for D. down 82. The boys are tired ................ doing exercises every
57. Do you know any songs .the Beatles? night.
A. with B. for C. by D. at A. with B. at C. by D. of
58. There is a close relationship .them. 83. He took his girl friend ............. to dinner ................. her
A. towards B. between C. to D. above birthday.
59. His attitude .the job is very negative. A. off / on B. out / to C. with / on D. out /
A. up B. towards C. down D. out on
60. I was surprised at his reaction .what I said. 84. Drug addiction is a growing problem
A. to B. between C. about D. on particularly .................... young people.
61. The train was late but no one knew the reason A. between B. among C. behind D. inside
.the delay. 85. She has always been very nice .............. me.
A. in B. at C. for D. off A. of B. to C. with D. about
62. There is an increase .inflation in our country. 86. She still can't get ................ the shock for her baby's
A. on B. up C. in D. under death.
63. The advantage .living alone is that you can do A. out B. on C. over bD. away
what you like. 87. I apologized ............... Bridget ................ the
A. of B. upon C. at D. from misunderstanding.
64. The accident was fault, so I paid for the damage A. for / on B. to / for C. with / for D. of / of
.the other car. 88. He will not be coming ................. the meeting because
A. to B. along C. into D. between he has too many papers to grade.
65. The bus was late this morning, which is unusual. Its A. to B. two C. too D. in
usually .time. 89. Do you wash your hands all the time because you are
A. in B. on C. with D. among afraid .............. germs?
66. His illness got worse and worse. .the end, he A. in B. of C. about D. for
had got into hospital for an operation. 90. We are sure to pass the exam. We feel sure ............... it.
A. For B. By C. At D. In A. to B. for C. in D. of
67. Did you come here .car or on foot? 91. We can describe someone who is fond ................ sport
A. on B. by C. in D. into as sporty.
68. The taxi stopped. He got .it and entered the A. of B. in C. on D. with
house. 92. They talked to each other when they were ....................
A. by B. on C. into D. out of the trains.
69. When the train arrived at Bristol, passengers in turn got A. in B. on C. by D. out of
.it. 93. Thank you very much ........................ your presence.
A. off B. by C. out D. into A. after B. about C. with D. for
70. What time did you arrive .the station? 94. How would you respond ................. Thank you very
A. in B. at C. on D. to much.?
71. Many people are sent.prison for crimes that A. at B. in C. on D. to
they didnt commit. 95. A soldier has to learn to carry .................. orders as soon
A. at B. in C. to D. down as they are given.
72. I think Id like to work .a farm. A. out B. on C. to D. by
A. in B. on C. above D. under 96. They were playing football ...................... 4 p.m. to 6
73. We stopped .a pretty village on the way to p.m. yesterday.
London. A. from B. within C. between D. out of
A. below B. in C. towards D. at 97. David was unemployed so he was financially
74. It was a lovely day. There wasnt a cloud .the dependent .................. his wife.
sky. A. on B. to C. of D. from
A. at B. above C. from D. in 98. She suffers ................ bad headaches.
75. It can be dangerous when children play football A. in B. about C. from D. of
.the street. 99. When they failed to pay their bill, the authorities decided
A. on B. at C. in D. for to cut ................ the gas supply to the flat.
A. down B. out C. across D. off

Trang 42
100 He was so drunken that he wasn't capable ................ 7) I live in a large family, but my grandfather lived in a
driving himself home. _____________ family.
A. to B. for C. of D. from 8) We have only little time for this exercise, but in the
examination we'll have even _____________ time.
UNIT 13: COMPARISONS 9) Lucy is clever, but Carol is _____________ than Lucy.
10) Have you visited the old castle? It was the
A. Fill in the comparative and superlative forms of the
_____________ castle we visited during our holidays.
Example: new - _____ - _______ D. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete
Answer: new - newer - newest each sentence.
1. Ms. Jones isn't as nice ................. Ms. Smith.
1) old ____________________ A. as B. for C. like D. to
____________________ 2. The rooms in Graduate Towers are ................ Patterson
2) bad ____________________ Hall.
____________________ A. larger than B. larger than that of
3) difficult ____________________ C. larger than those in D. larger than in
____________________ 3. Although she is very popular, she is not ............. her
4) large ____________________ sister.
____________________ A. pretty as B. as pretty
5) good ____________________ C. prettier than D. most pretty
____________________ than
6) big ____________________ 4. Tuition at an American university runs .... six thousand
____________________ dollars a semester.
7) easy ____________________ A. so high as B. as high to C. as high as D.
____________________ as high than
8) much ____________________ 5. Everyone looks much ................ today than they did
____________________ yesterday.
9) little ____________________ A. happy B. more happily C. happily D.
____________________ happier
10) interesting ____________________ 6. Mr. Brown receives a ............. salary than anyone else in
____________________ the company.
B. Use either as as or not as as in the sentecnes A. big B. more bigger C. bigger D.
below. the bigger
Example: Ben Nevis is __________ as Mont 7. The Boeing 747 is twice ................. the Boeing 707.
Blanc (not/high). A. bigger than B. as bigger as
Answer: Ben Nevis is not as high as Mont Blanc. C. as big as D. more bigger
1) The blue car is _____________ the red car. (fast) 8. "Do you know that beautiful lady over there?" "Yes, that's
2) Peter is _____________ Fred. (not/tall) Wanida. She's ...................... in her group.
3) The violin is _____________ the cello. (not/low) A. more beautiful than any girl
4) This copy is_____________ the other one. (bad) B. more beautiful than any other girl
5) Oliver is_____________ Peter. (optimistic) C. so beautiful as other girl
6) Today it's _____________ yesterday. (not/windy) D. beautiful more than another girl
7) The tomato soup was _____________ the mushroom 9. My young brother grew very quickly and soon he
soup. (delicious) was ........... my mother.
8) Grapefruit juice is _____________ lemonade. (not/sweet) A. more big than B. so big than C. as big as D. too big
9) Nick is _____________ Kevin. (brave) than
10) Silver is_____________ gold. (not/heavy) 10. He is not tall as his father.
A. the B. as C. than D.
C. Put in the adjective from the first sentence into the
second sentence in its correct form (comparative or
11. Johns grades are ..than his sisters.
A. higher B. more high C. high D. the
Example: I have a fast car, but my friend has a ______ car.
Answer: I have a fast car, but my friend has a faster car.
12. Deana is the of the three sisters.
A. most short B. shorter C. shortest D. more
1) My father is heavy. My uncle is much _____________
than my father.
13. She speaks English as . as her friend
2) The test in Geography was easy, but the test in Biology
A. good B. well C. better D.
3) Florida is sunny. Do you know the_____________ place
the best
in the USA?
14. Of the three shirts, this one is the .
4) Stan is a successful sportsman, but his sister is
A. prettier B. most prettiest C. prettiest D.
_____________ than Stan.
most pretty
5) My mother has a soft voice, but my teacher's voice is
15. The babys illness is than we thought
_____________ than my mothers.
at first.
6) Amy has a beautiful baby, but my daughter has the
A. bad B. worst C. worse D.
_____________ baby on earth.

Trang 43
16. Today is the day of the month. A. hot than B. as hot so C. cooler thanD. so hot
A. hot B. hotter C. hottest D. hottest as
than 34. .............. apples are grown in Washington State.
17. He works more .. than I. A. Best B. The better C. The best D.
A. slow B. slowly C. slowest D. The most good
most slowly 35. She is now ............... she used to.
18. My book is as . as yours. A. more busy than B. busier than
A. good B. well C. better D. C. more busier than D. busier that
the best 36. This play is ............... than the one we saw last week.
19. I love you .. than I can say. A. as good B. good C. more good D. better
A. much B. many C. more D. 37. Of Charles Dickens novels, Great Expectations is
the most perhaps .............. to many readers.
20. Its to go by bus than by car. A. the most satisfying one B. most satisfying one
A. cheaper B. cheapest C. more than satisfying one D. the more satisfying than
C. more cheap D. more cheaper 38. He says: These neighbors are .................. the others.
21. That house is one on the street. A. friendlier than B. friendly than
A. oldest B. the oldest C. old D. C. friendlier as D. more friendly than
older 39. The Mississippi is .................. The Thames.
22. This hotel must be than the small one A. the longer than B. longer than
next door. C. the longest than D. more long than
A. expensive B. more 40. ................ tools are screwdrivers, hammers and saws.
expensive A. The usefulness B. The most useful
C. the most expensive D. the more C. The more useful D. The best useful
expensive 41. Some computers can work 500,000 times ................ any
23. An orange is than a plum person can.
A. more large B. more larger C. larger D. A. faster than B. fast than C. fatter than D. more fast than
the largest 42. This pen is .................. the other two pens.
24. What is the thing you have ever done? A. more expensive as B. the most expensive of
A. more difficult B. most difficult C. more expensive than D. as expensive than
C. difficulty D. difficult than 43. The exam was quite easy; ................... we expected.
25. This river is ..................... than that river. A. more easy that B. more easy than
A. narrow B. narrowest C. easier than D. easier as
C. narrower D.most narrow 44. The story was really boring. It was ..................... Ive
26. The test is not . difficult it ever read.
was last month. A. most boring story B. the more boring story
A. as / as B. so / as C. more / as C. the story more boring D. the most boring story
D. A and B 45. The picture he gave you is more valuable .......... the one
27. Peter usually drives Mary. he gave me.
A. more fast B. more fast than C. faster than D. A. over B. above C. to D.
B and C than
28. My brother sang ....................of all the pupils of the 46. Australias one of the .................places in the world for
group. holiday.
A. more beautifully B. the most beautifully A. good B. the best C. better D.
C. less beautifully D. most better
beautifully 47. Nam runs ....................than any boy in his class.
29. At 3,810 meters above sea level in Bolivia stands Lake A. faster B. more fasterC. the fastest D. fastest
Titicaca, ........ in the world. 48. The Sears Tower is . building in Chicago.
A. the highest large lake B. largest high A. taller B. the more tall
lake C. the tallest D. taller and taller
C. high largest lake D. the high 49. Peter is John.
largest lake A. younger and more intelligent than
30. The hotel was ................... any one we had stayed at B. more young and intelligent than
before. C. more intelligent and young than
A. more expensive than B. more D. the more intelligent and younger than
expensive as 50. The Mekong Delta is . deltas in Vietnam.
C. most expensive than D. better A. the largest of the two B. the more
expensive than larger of the two
31. A: It's a long way from Britain, isn't it? C. one of the two largest D. one of the two
B: Yes, but it isn't as ................ as Hong Kong. larger
A. far B. farther C. farthest D. 51. The more cars people produce, ................... cheaper they
further are.
32. A: It's hot there, isn't it? B: It's very ................ during the A. the B. the cars have C. the more D.
day. the cars are
A. hot B. hotter C. hottest D. 52. Is her health getting ...........................
hotter than and ...........................?
33. Japan is usually ................ Saudi Arabia in summer. A. bad / bad B. good / good

Trang 44
C. worse / worse D. more / more E. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that
53. ................... we eat, the fatter we become. needs correcting.
A. The much B. The more D. Many D. A lot 1. Richard feels good than several days ago.
of A B C D
54. The test becomes ...................... and ...................... 2. Mary and Daisy are both intelligent students. Mary is so
A. hard / hard B. difficult / difficult intelligent as
C. harder / harder D. difficulty / A B C
difficulty D
55. His health is getting ...................... and ...................... . Daisy.
A. good / good B. better / better C. bad / bad D. 3. I found the conversation as most interesting and I was glad to
well / well practice my
56. The more paper we save, ................... preserved. A B C
A. more is wood pulp B. the more D
wood pulp is English.
C. wood pulp is D. the much 4. The Caspian Sea, a salt lake, is the largest than any other
wood pulp is lakes in the
57. The more polluted air we breathe, ................... we get. A B C
A. the more weaker B. the more weak D
C. the weaker D. weaker more world.
58. The more we study, the ....................... we are. 5. He drives the car more dangerous than his brother does.
A. more good B. better C. better than D. good A B C D
59. The more I tried my best to help her, ......................... she 6. It was the most biggest building that I had ever seen.
became. A B C D
A. less lazy B. the lazier C. the more lazy 7. I wish my house were so large as Jones.
D. lazier A B C D
60. Whats your thought of her presence here? 8. The Mekong is one of the longer rivers in the world.
The longer she stays, .................I dislike her. A B C D
A. the most B. the very more C. much more 9. She can play the piano more good than her sister.
D. the more A B C D
61. The weather becomes .......................... 10. Many people believe that New York is the most great
A. colder with colder B. colder and colder city in America
C. colder and more cold D. more and A B C
more cold D
62. The more he slept, ........................ irritable he became.
A. the most B. the very more C. much more
D. the more
63. ................. he worked, the more money he earned.
A. The more hard B. The hard C. The harder D. The
64. ................ I get to know Jim, the more I like him.
A. For more B. More C. The more D.
The most
65. The competition makes the price of
goods .........................
A. most cheap and cheap B. cheaper and cheaper
C. more cheap and more cheap D. cheaper and more
66. That factory is producing ................... pollution.
A. more and more B. better and better
C. less and least D. more and less
67. The .... I read about history, the .. it
makes me realize how relevant history is for us today.
A. more / better B. better / better
C. more / more D. better / more
68. The less we study, the .................... we are.
A. worse B. bad C. well D.
69. ................. the match was, the more spectators it
A. The most interesting B. The best interesting
C. The more interesting D. The interesting
70. The more running water you use, .........................
A. your bill will be higher B. will be higher your
C. the higher your bill will be D. the highest your bill
will be

Trang 45
11. Jessica is only an amateur, but she sings well than most A. Now I dont go climbing anymore.
professionals B. I used to go climbing when I younger.
A B C D C. Now I dont go climbing as much as I did.
12. This house is more spacious as that white house I bought D. I dont like going climbing any more.
in Rapid 5. Your coffee is not as good as mine.
A B C A. Mine is better than yours. B. My coffee is better
City, South Dakota last year. than your.
D C. My coffee is better than yours. D. My coffee is more
13. They asked a lot of questions, checked their figures, and good than yours.
A B 6. I can't cook as well as my mother does.
came up with best solution. A. My mother can cook better than I can.
C D B. My mother can't cook better than I can.
14. Almost everyone has heard the more famous Olympic C. My mother can cook well than I can.
saying: D. I can cook better than my mother can.
A 7. Murder is the most serious of all crimes.
Stronger, Higher, Faster. A. Murder is very serious.
B C D B. No crime is more serious than murder.
15. Louise is the more capable of the three girls who have C. Everyone is very afraid of murder.
tried out for D. Murder is the dangerous crime.
A B C 8. No one in this class is as tall as Richard.
the part in the play. A. Richard is the tallest in this class.
D B. Richard is taller than in this class.
16. This telephone isnt as cheap the other one, but it works C. Richard is the most tall in this class.
much better. D. Richard is more tall than in this class.
A B 9. This is the best music I have ever heard.
C D A. Ive never heard better music than this.
17. Stories are the most good way of teaching moral lessons B. Ive never heard such a good music as this.
to young C. Ive never heard so good music as this.
A B C D D. This is the first time Ive heard this good music.
people. 10. This is the most interesting novel Ive ever read.
18. The first skill to learn is how to write only the more A. Knowing that the novel will be interesting, I read it.
important words, B. If only I had known the novel was so interesting, Id have
A B C read it earlier
not whole sentences. C. I dont think it is the most interesting novel.
D D. I have never read a more interesting novel than this
19. It is certainly true that the average woman has weaker
muscles that
the average man.
20. In 1925, he joined the advertising department of
Doubleday Page and
Company, one of the most large publishing houses in New
F. Choose one sentence that best rewrites the sentence
1. They understand more than we do.
A. We dont understand as much as they do.
B. We dont understand anything at all.
C. They understand everything inside out.
D. They are very intelligent.
2. It is much more difficult to speak English than to speak
A. To speak French is more difficult than to speak English.
B. To speak English is more difficult than to speak French.
C. Speaking English is more difficult than to speak French.
D. Speaking French is not as difficult as to speaking English.
3. My interview lasted longer than yours.
A. Your interview wasnt as short as mine.
B. Your interview was shorter than mine.
C. Your interview was as long as mine.
D. Your interview was longer than mine.
4. When I was younger, I used to go climbing more than I do

Trang 46
UNIT 14: PHONETICS 4. Which of the following verbs has its past ending
A. Tick ( ) the correct column for the ending sounds of pronounced /d/?
the words given. The first ones has been done as an A. guessed B. operated C. employed
example. 5. Which of the following verbs has its past ending
pronounced /d/?
List of words /s/ (A) /z/ (B) /z/A.
(C)called B. affected C. searched
D. Circle the correct stress pattern for each word. The first
1. thinks _____ ______ ______
one has been done as an example.
2. arranges ______ ______ ______ A B
3. invites ______ ______ C______
4. knows ______ ______ 1.______
5. uses ______ ______ 2.______

6. watches ______ ______ ______
3. responsibility
7. drops ______ ______ ______

8. coughs ______ ______ 4.______
9. organises ______ ______ ______

10. plays ______ ______ 5.______
11. leaves ______ ______
12. hats ______ ______ 6.______
13. goes ______ ______
7. mischievous
14. depths ______ ______ ______

15. clothes ______ ______ 8.______
16. washes ______ ______ ______

17. dates ______ ______ 9.______
18. photographs ______ ______ ______

19. learns ______ ______ ______
10. supportive
20. boxes ______ ______
B. Tick ( ) the correct sound of the past ending in the
following words. The first one has been done as an
/t/ (A) /d/ (B) /d/
0. moved
1. carried
2. educated
3. watched
4. confided
5. concerned
6. attracted
7. agreed
8. coughed
9. changed
10. hoped
11. waited
12. called
13. ranged
14. invited
15. employed
16. decided
17. wished
18. searched
19. guessed
20. produced

C. Choose the best answer to each question by cicling the

corresponding letter.
1. Which of the following verbs has its past ending
pronounced /t/?
A. waited B. burned C. produced
2. Which of the following verbs has its past ending
pronounced differently from the others?
A. wished B. ranged C. tipped
3. Which of the following verbs does not have its past
ending pronounced /d/?
A. relieved B. decided C. invited

Trang 47
E. Circle the word that has a different stress pattern. The
first one has been done as an example.
0. marriage attract beauty

1. confide believe suppose

2. physical appearance partnership

3. romantic determine attention

4. majority significant ceremony

5. maintain equal demand

6. social conduct survey

7. attention consider excited

8. verbal whistle proceed

9. attract decide reject

10. suitable confidence family

11. academic education electronic

12. impression concentrate insurance

13. consist achieve system

14. compulsory interviewer receptionist

15. preference candidate decisive

16. separate destruction corridor

17. expedition priority entertainment

18. extinction construction endanger

Trang 48
4. marvellous 9. subject 14. last
19. reserve swallow derive 19. brother
reduce 5. wonderful 10. dance 15. under
20. shark
20. commercial agency enormous F6: //:
F. Group into the same column. /:/:
F1: /t/:
1. top 6. call 11. talk
16. clock
1. booked 6. aged 11. loved
2. mpre 7. four 12. boss
16. kicked
17. resort
2. ended 7. roofed 12. dogged
3. doctor 8. job 13. alternate
17. needed
18. not
3. naked 8. played 13. missed
4. box 9. wrong 14. shop
18. smiled
19. warm
4. washed 9. prepared 14. raised
5. sport 10. walk 15. corner
19. complained
20. stop
5. opened 10. mixed 15. laughed
F7: /u:/:
20. wanted
F2: /s/:
/z/: //:
1. pens 6. changes 11. baths 1. too 6. sugar 11. woman
16. washes 16. good
2. ships 7. laughs 12. legs 2. put 7. push 12. clue
17. animals 17. include
3. places 8. friends 13. likes 3. through 8. threw 13. pull
18. watches 18. rude
4. rooms 9. classes 14. teachers 4. shoe 9. food 14. blue
19. roofs 19. cook
5. cats 10.books 15. boxes 5. full 10. cushion 15. wolf
20. plays 20. zoo
F3: /I/: F8: /:/:
/i:/: //:
1. kick 6. key 11. agree 1. ago 6. together 11. bird
16. ambitious 16. early
2. read 7. dip 12. begin 2. teacher 7. workship 12. purpose
17. referee 17. welcome
3. interest 8. bit 13. typical 3. work 8. world 13. second
18. stimulate 18. term
4. little 9. seat 14. exhibition 4. worse 9. today 14. church
19. eaten 19. shirt
5. ease 10. vitae 15. breed 5. about 10. introduce 15. police
20. heat 20. further
F4: /e/: G. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced
//: differently from others.
1. damage 6. tragic 11. bank 16. 1. a. village b. dangerous c. gossip
man d. passenger
2. passive 7. deaf 12. background 2. a. which b. changeable c. each
17. said d. characteristic
3. better 8. semester 13. profession 3. a. pasture b. acquaintance c. constant
18. send d. talkative
4. defence 9. marital 14. death 4. a. uncertain b. tell c. pursuit
19. family d. picture
5. leftovers 10. harrow 15. sand 5. a. chore b. machine c. much
20. many d. such
F5: /^/: 6. a. game b. bridge c. against
/a:/: d. garage
1. cousin 6. father 11. come 7. a. generous b. gene c. generally
16. fasten d. giving
2. far 7. study 12. garden 8. a. cheese b. children c. chemical
17. month d. teacher
3. love 8. target 13. lunch 9. a. machinery b. march c. cheerfully
18. farmer d. merchant

Trang 49
10. a. page b. message c. danger 43. a. psychology b. prepare c. problem
d. ringer d. promote
11. a. language b. happen c. experience 44. a. comb b. combine c. combat
d. know d. combust
12. a. sing b. glance c. turn 45. a. job b. bomb c. back
d. sneaky d. before
13. a. note b. next c. finger 46. a. two b. twenty c. twist
d. expensive d. twice
14. a. money b. link c. down 47. a. competition b. competitor c. contest
d. point d. question
15. a. around b. hand c. nothing 48. a. twinkle b. twelve c. twin
d. autumn d. twofold
16. a. happy b. husband c. have 49. a. sponsored b. answered c. enjoyed
d. hour d. competed
17. a. iron b. celebrate c. parents 50. a. smoothly b. three c. enthusiasm
d. restaurant d. think
18. a. who b. how c. which H. Choose the word whose primary stress is different from
d. whose others.
19. a. friend b. anniversary c. birthday 51. a. biologist b. counterpart c. compliment
d. cream d. kindergarten
20. a. children b. divorce c. married 52. a. applicant b. maximum c. category
d. present d. inflation
21. a. her b. honour c. hold 53. a. renovation b.
d. home telecommunication
22. a. bring b. every c. remember c. intervention d. expedition
d. party 54. a. spinifex b. bamboo c. rainfall
23. a. girl b. card c. for d. wildlife
d. pretty 55. a. personality b. rhinoceros c. gorilla
24. a. when b. whom c. whole d. opponent
d. whoever 56. a. leftovers b. windsurfing c. enthusiast
25. a. rhyme b. behind c. hundred d. scoreboard
d. here 57. a. epidemic b. tsunami c. precision
26. a. invited b. attended c. celebrated d. involvement
d. displayed 58. a. struggle b. rubbish c. nonsense
27. a. neighbors b. friends c. relatives d. commitment
d. photographs 59. a. nursery b. certificate c. curriculum
28. a. happy b. house c. hour d. investment
d. hold 60. a. subsidy b. inhabitant c. guideline
29. a. childless b. watching c. machine d. tableland
d. choose 61. a. incredible b. unexpected c. unnotived
30. a. none b. ink c. blown d. outstanding
d. brand 62. a. overwhelming b. intellectual c. interesting
31. a. war b. work c. world d. economic
d. whom 63. a. inaccurate b. illegal c. positive
32. a. use b. umbrella c. under d. domestic
d. utter 64. a. confident b. eternal c. dangerous
33. a. winter b. answer c. award d. healthier
d. towards 65. a. independent b. academic c. compulsory
34. a. lawn b. allow c. drawing d. unexpected
d. swimmer 66. a. secondary b. immediate c. miraculous
35. a. student b. education c. united d. domestic
d. truck 67. a. simple b. polite c. formal
36. a. sword b. sweat c. swing d. instant
d. swallow 68. a. beautiful b. terrific c. wonderful
37. a. mow b. know c. dawn d. marvelous
d. window 69. a. conical b. different c. symbolic
38. a. summer b. club c. computer d. careful
d. but 70. a. cultural b. mischievous c. interesting
39. a. suffer b. unhappy c. cup d. responsible
d. uniform 71. a. finance b. service c. order
40. a. who b. where c. when d. company
d. why 72. a. interview b. agency c. addition
41. a. campaign b. people c. population d. customer
d. pneumonia 73. a. prisoner b. agency c. exercise
42. a. number b. able c. climber d. disaster
d. about

Trang 50
74. a. personality b. centenarian c. wilderness
d. hesitation
75. a. desert b. acacia c. antelope
d. jackal
76. a. picture b. number c. water
d. advice
77. a. series b. stability c. precision
d. canoeing
78. a. podium b. title c. childbearing
d. pioneer
79. a. generation b. marriage c. value
d. belief
80. a. police b. spirit c. banquet
d. culture
81. a. determine b. maintain c. sacrifice
d. apologize
82. a. accompany b. eliminate c. reaffirm
d. contribute
83. a. swallow b. survive c. digest
d. present
84. a. initiate b. advocate c. contribute
d. accelerate
85. a. heglect b. rewrite c. eject
d. oblige
86. a. scary b. dissolve c. expand
d. reform
87. a. manage b. recogize c. argue
d. discriminate
88. a. entertain b. understand c. recommend
d. develop
89. a. offer b. listen c. precede
d. follow
90. a. interview b. appropriate c. employ
d. describe
91. a. support b. fascinate c. accept
d. belive
92. a. inform b. appeal c. attempt
d. hesitate
93. a. integrate b. defeat c. advise
d. compete
94. a. engrave b. categorise c. memorialize
d. discover
95. a. endanger b. compose c. flourish
d. delight
96. a. abandon b. imprison c. reveal
d. mingle
97. a. create b. resurface c. dial
d. persuade
98. a. stimulate b. subtract c. announce
d. maintain
99. a. explore b. harrow c. require
d. destroy
100. a. entrap b. compose c. approach
d. alternate

Trang 51
UNIT 15: COMMON STRUCTURES 23) Both Peter and Mary enjoy scientific expeditions.
---> Mary enjoys scientific expeditions, and so
A. Rewrite the following sentences with the words given so ---> Peter enjoys scientific expeditions, and Mary
that the rewritten ones have the same meaning as the 24) Mike is a more careful driver than his brother.
original ones. ---> Mike drives
1) The bridge was so low that the lorry couldnt go under 25) She worked hard so she got high wages.
it. ---> If
---> The bridge was too 26) Unless you phone me tonight, you wont get any
---> It was such information.
2) My brother used to walk to school with his friends. ---> If
---> My brother no longer 27) Tom cried a lot when he was a child.
---> No longer ---> Tom used to
3) Whats your name? the policeman said to the little 28) This problem is very difficult. He cant solve it.
boy. ---> The problem is too
---> The policeman asked the little boy ---> It is such
4) My kitchen is smaller than yours. ---> The problem is so
---> Your 29) Lets go to the seaside this summer.
5) Ill give you my phone number. I want you to phone me ---> Why dont we
when necessary. ---> How about
---> Ill give you my phone number so ---> I suggest
6) I couldnt come there on time because I got up late. 30) Many people said that our team won the gold medal by
---> Because of chance.
---> If ---> Our team was
---> I got up late 31) Im sorry that I lent him much money.
7) My father advised me to choose that job. ---> I wish
---> I 32) Mary felt sick because she drank too much wine.
8) That boy is clever. He can make childrens toys. ---> If
---> That boy is so 33) You will catch a cold if you dont put on your coat.
---> That is such ---> Unless
9) That pupil is very lazy. My sister cant teach him 34) Both he and she couldnt afford to buy a car.
English. ---> He couldnt afford to buy a car, and neither
---> That pupil is so ---> He couldnt afford to buy a car, and she
---> That pupil is too 35) We enjoyed our trip although the weather was bad.
10) I regret buying the second-hand motorbike. ---> In spite of
---> I wish I 36) He was sleepy; therefore, he went to bed early.
11) They think that she is the most beautiful girl in this ---> Because
class. 37) I made a mistake because I was very tired.
---> She is ---> Because of
---> It is 38) These cars are cheap but they last a long time.
12) We have to keep these explosives in a safe place. ---> Even though
---> These explosives 39) Despite the noise, the children slept well.
13) It was such a good film that we decided to go and see it ---> Although
again. 40) Because of being tired, he didnt walk to the station.
---> The film was ---> Because
14) People are using computers in almost every field.
---> Computers B. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete
15) The thief drove very quickly. The police couldnt catch each sentence or to best replace the orginal sentence.
him. 1) Our seats were _____ far from the stage that we couldn't
---> The thief see the actors and actresses clearly.
16) I would like you to help me to lift this heavy box up. A. very B. too C. enough D. so
---> Would you mind 2) He was _____ he never washed his clothes by himself.
17) Someone rang the alarm as soon as the burglars left the A. too lazy B. so lazy that C. very lazy thatD. such
shop. lazy that
A. ---> No sooner 3) They are _____ young _____ drive the car.
18) The last time I saw her was a week ago. A. so / that B. too / to C. enough / to D. not
---> I havent only / but also
19) He had hardly put down the phone when his wife rang 4) It's _____ long time since he last saw his parents.
back. A. such a B. so C. very D. too
---> Hardly 5) Is there _____ for everyone?
20) She stayed in bed because of her sickness. A. food and drink enough B. enough food and
---> Because drink
21) You didnt work hard. You got bad marks. C. enough of food and drink D. enough food and
---> If drink enough
22) The boy cant wear the shirt because its very tight. 6) He was _____ he could not continue to work.
---> The shirt is so A. very tired that B. such tired that
---> The shirt is too C. too tired that D. so tired that

Trang 52
7) Johns eyes were _____ bad that he couldnt read the 26) That old woman is _____ deaf to hear what her children
number plate of the car in front. say.
A. such B. too C. so D. A. so B. enough C. too D. not
very 27) He was _____ terrified to move.
8) She was _____ clever that she could make a dress by A. enough B. very C. too D. so
hands. 28) -"Was the boy upset about his bad marks?"
A. much B. very C. so D. -"Yes, he was _____ upset that he cried about it
such afterwards."
9) Most of the pupils are _____ to pass the examination. A. very B. so C. such D. too
A. enough good B. good enough C. too good D. 29) She hasn't got _____ to buy a car.
very good A. enough money B. money enough
10) You can send me a letter if you want to, but your phone C. so many money D. so much money
call is _____ for me. 30) It was _____ a boring speech that I felt asleep.
A. enough good B. good as enough A. such B. so C. very D. too
C. good enough D. good than enough 31) It was _____ a boring film that Tom fell asleep.
11) Davis has _____ many patients _____ he is always busy. A. such B. so C. much D. too
A. too / that B. very / until C. such / that D. so / 32) My son is _____ young to go to school.
that A. very B. too C. so D.
12) It was _____ a difficult question that they couldn't enough
explain. 33) -"What a cold day!"
A. so B. such C. very D. too -"Yes, it's _____ that I have to wear two pullovers and
13) The lesson _____ for me to understand. a coat.
A. is very difficult B. too difficult A. such cold B. so cold C. too cold D.
C. difficult too D. is too difficult cold so
14) The tent show is _____ for us to see. 34) Those boys took a long ladder _____
A. enough interesting B. very interesting A. that they will get the ball from the roof
C. interesting enough D. interesting B. and then get the ball from the roof
15) They are _____ that they can't buy a bicycle. C. in order to get the ball from the roof
A. enough poor B. poor enough C. so poor D. too D. so that the ball from the roof can get
poor 35) This skirt is _____ small for me. I need a larger size.
16) If I have _____, I'll travel south to New Orleans. A. so B. not C. too D. all
A. money enoughB. enough moneyC. too moneyD. so are correct
money 36) She regretted to tell him that _____
17) It's surprising now _____ beautiful girl can make so A. she was leaving the tickets at home
heinous crime. B. the tickets at home would be left
A. such B. so C. a such D. C. she would have left the tickets at home
such a D. she had left the tickets at home
18) These are _____ ugly chairs _____ I am going to give 37) - Why dont we make a fire? - Its not cold _____ to
them away. make a fire.
A. so / that B. such / that A. too B. enough C. such D.
C. so many / that D. so much / that much
19) She is _____ kind that everybody loves her. 38) They are not _____ to take part in this program of the
A. such B. such a C. so D. so World Health Organization.
a A. as old B. enough old C. old enough D. so
20) We have _____ in the house, so we needn't go shopping old
tomorrow. 39) Why cant you solve _____ easy exercises?
A. enough food B. food enough C. too food D. A. so B. such a C. such D. all
food too are correct
21) The day was _____ that we had a shower four times a 40) The football match was postponed _____ the bad
day. weather.
A. such a hot B. so hot C. very hot D. hot A. because B. in spite C. despite D. because of
22) It was _____ that I couldn't eat it. 41). She is _____ to answer the question.
A. such a hard cake B. such hard cake A. enough intelligent B. so intelligent
C. so a hard cake D. so hard cake C. intelligent enough D. very intelligent
23) He is _____ a busy man that he really needs a helper. 42) Peter doesn't like scuba-diving. _____ does his brother.
A. so B. such C. very D. A. Too B. Neither C. Either D. So
quite 43). This exercise is _____ hard for me to do.
24) It was _____ that we went for a picnic in the A. very B. too C. so D.
countryside. quite
A. so nice a day B. such nice day 44) _____, we couldn't have continued with the project.
C. so nice day D. such a nice day A. Unless we had your contribution
25) My mathematics teacher is _____ person that all of us B. Provided your contribution wouldn't come
like his period. C. Even if you didn't like to contribute
A. a such funny B. a so funny C. such funny D. D. If you hadn't contributed positively
such a funny 45) Alex did not do very well in class _____
A. therefore he was a good student

Trang 53
B. because he failed to study properly B. I used to sleep in the afternoon.
C. although he was not hard-working C. I am not used for sleeping in the afternoon.
D. as long as he had studied badly D. A & C are correct.
46) That play was _____ for her to see again. 63) Someone was breaking into my shop.
A. too interesting B. enough interesting A. My shop was broken into. C. My shop was being
C. interesting enough D. so interesting broken into.
47) She didn't want to go _____ she knew all her friends B. My shop being broken into. D. My shop broken into.
would be there. 64) My brother is a factory worker. He talked with you
A. wherever B. so that C. therefore D. yesterday.
even though A. My brother, who talked with you yesterday, is a factory
48) Surely 15 minutes is _____ for you to make tea. worker.
A. long time B. enough time C. long enough D. too B. My brother, that talked with you yesterday, is a factory
enough worker.
49) If I had the map now, I _____ a short-cut across the C. My brother, with whom talked you yesterday, is a
desert. factory worker.
A. could take B. take C. can take D. D. All are correct.
could have taken 65) The test was so difficult that we couldnt finish it in two
50) My father is very busy. _____, he is always willing to hours.
give a hand with the housework. A. It was such a difficult test that we couldnt finish it in
A. However B. Despite C. Therefore D. Although two hours.
51) Im not _____ that ceiling. B. The test was too difficult for us to finish in two hours.
A. enough tall to reach B. tall C. The test was not easy enough for us to finish it in two
enough for reach hours.
C. tall enough reaching D. tall D. All are correct.
enough to reach 66) This is the first time I have lived in such a friendly
52) Lan's grandfather _____ teach literature at a high school, neighbourhood.
but now he has retired. A. I have lived in such a friendly neighbourhood before.
A. is used to B. was used to C. use to D. B. I havent lived in such a friendly neighbourhood before.
used to C. I had lived in such a friendly neighbourhood before.
53) I _____ any classes if I were you. D. All are correct.
A. didn't miss B. wouldn't missC. won't miss D. 67) She didnt make any mistakes in her answers because of
don't miss her carefulness.
54) It was cold and wet, _____ Paul went to the beach. A. Because her carefulness she didnt make any mistakes
A. therefore B. although C. because D. but in her answers.
55) John hasnt seen the new movie yet, and _____ B. Because she was careful, she made many mistakes in
A. I have neither B. I dont either C. so have I D. her answers.
neither have I C. Because she was careful, she didnt make any mistakes
56) Peter never comes to class late, ____? in her answers.
A. does he B. does Peter C. doesnt Peter D. D. Because she was careful, so she didnt make any
doesnt he mistakes in her answers.
57) They havent seen their parents for five years. 68) I didnt have time, so I didnt go shopping.
A. Its five years since they last saw their parents. A. If I have time, I will go shopping.
B. Their parents have seen them for five years. B. If I had time, I would go shopping.
C. They saw their parents five years ago. C. If I had had time, I would have gone shopping.
D. A & C are correct. D. If I have had time, I would have gone shopping.
58) Although she felt jealous, she tried to hide her feelings. 69) I wont do anything if you dont answer my question.
A. Despite feeling jealous, she tried to hide her feelings. A. Unless you answer my question, I wont do anything.
B. Despite her jealousy, she tried to hide her feelings. B. If you answer my question, I wont do anything.
C. She tried to hide her feelings in spite of she felt jealous. C. Unless you dont answer my question, I wont do
D. A & B are correct. anything.
59) I regret not studying French when I had a chance. D. A & B are correct.
A. I wish I had studied French when I had a chance. 70) Shall we go out for dinner?
B. I wish I studied French when I had a chance. A. What about go out for dinner?C. How about going out
C. I wish I would study French when I had a chance. for dinner?
D. I wish I study French when I had a chance. B. I suggest go out for dinner. D. All are correct.
60) You must work harder or youll be sacked. 71) We spent a whole day looking for these old pictures.
A. Unless you work harder, youll be sacked. A. It took we a whole day to look for these old pictures.
B. If you work harder, you wont be sacked. B. It took us a whole day looking for these old pictures.
C. If you dont work harder, you wont be sacked. C. It took us a whole day to looking for these old pictures.
D. A & B are correct. D. It took us a whole day to look for these old pictures.
61) Jane can swim further than I can. 72) It was so late that nothing could be done.
A. I cant swim as far as Jane. C. I can swim further A. It was too late for nothing to be done.
than Jane. B. It was too late for anything to be done.
B. Jane can swim as far as I can. D. A & C are correct. C. It was such late that nothing could be done
62) Its not a habit of mine to sleep in the afternoon. D. B & C are correct.
A. I am not used to sleeping in the afternoon. 73) Learning a foreign language is interesting.

Trang 54
A. It is interesting to learn a foreign language.
B. It is interesting to learning a foreign language.
C. It is interesting learning a foreign language.
D. It is interesting for learning a foreign language.
74) It was such a boring speech that we began to yawn.
A. The speech was very boring that we began to yawn.
B. It was so a boring speech that we began to yawn.
C. The speech was too boring that we began to yawn.
D. The speech was so boring that we began to yawn.
75) He kept on working though he was ill.
A. In spite of was ill, he kept on working.
B. In spite of being ill, he kept on working.
C. Despite his illness, he kept on working.
D. B & C are correct.
76) Tim is too young to drive a car.
A. Tim is not old enough to drive a car.
B. Tim is not young enough to drive a car.
C. Tim is old enough to drive a car.
D. Tim is so old that he can drive a car.
77) Unless you work harder, youll fail.
A. If you work harder, youll fail.
B. If you dont work harder, youll fail.
C. If you work harder, youll not fail.
D. B & C are correct.
78) To do all this work is hard.
A. I find it hard to do all this work.
B. I find it hard do all this work.
C. I find hard to do all this work.
D. I find it hard doing all this work.
79) Although Tom took a taxi, he was still late for the party.
A. In spite of Tom took a taxi, he was still late for the
B. Tom was still late for the party in spite of taking a taxi.
C. Despite took a taxi, Tom was still late for the party.
D. B & C are correct.
80) The book was so good that I couldnt put it down.
A. It was so a good book that I couldnt put it down.
B. It was such a good book that I couldnt put it down.
C. The book was so good for me to put it down.
D. B & C are correct.

C. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that

needs correcting.
1) In my opinion that girl is enough beautiful to be a movie
2) The specific gravity of the water in the great Salt Lake is
too great that
one cannot sink or completely submerge in it.
3) This lesson is such long that I have written it for 30

Trang 55
4) The pull of the earth is too strong that no one can jump as
high as
three meters.
5) It was so an interesting film that my mother had seen it
three times.
6) Mary is so an intelligent pupil that she can answer this
7) Mars is far so from the earth that our spaceships cannot
reach it in a few
8) Despite the time of the year, yesterdays temperature was
enough hot
to turn on the air conditioning.
9) I was such nervous that I didnt think I would pass the
10) The problems of pollution are too difficult for us to
11) His father was so poor to send him to school.
12) This refrigerator is very old to keep things at a proper
13) She is such good at mathematics that everyone admires her.
14) George is not enough intelligent to pass this mathematics class.
15) The novel was such interesting that I had read it all
16) He was tired that he couldnt continue his work.
17) It was so a funny film that I burst out laughing.
18) His TOEFL score was enough high to be accepted.
19) It was so an exciting novel that I do not want to stop
reading it.
20) The woman was too old that she could not run.

Trang 56
ANSWER KEY 1. are - reach 18. will have been-
UNIT 1: TENSES 2. comes comes
A. 3. came - had left 19. found had just left
4. has never flown 20. arrive will
5. have just decided probably be raining
-would undertake 21. is raining - stops
6. would take 22. were watching -
7. was failed
8. am attending - was 23. stayed had lived
attending 24. sat were being
9. arrive -will be repaired
waiting 25. turned went had
10. had lived forgotten
11. got- had already 26. has changed - came
arrived 27. were talking
12. will see - see - will started - broke
have graduated 28. had done
13. visited -was 29. has been standing
14. has been lying- 30. have spent - got
havent you read 31. were - studied
15. is washing - has just 32. met had been
repaired working
16. have you been - 33. had finished - sat
spent 34. has
17. have never met - 35. has been
1. C 22. D
2. B 23. B
3. B 24. C
4. A 24. C
5. C 25. B
6. A 26. B
7. D 27. A
8. A 28. B
9. C 29. B
10. A 30. B
11. B 31. D
12. A 32. B
13. D 33. C
14. A 34. B
15. A 35. C
16. C 36. C
17. C 37. B
18. B 38. B
19. A 39. A
20. D 40. B
21. D
1. D 16. C
2. C 17. C
3. D 18. B
4. C 19. B
5. B 20. C
6. D 21. D
7. C 22. D
8. A 23. B
9. C 24. A
10. D 25. D
11. A 26. A
12. C 27. A
13. B 28. C
14. D 29. B
15. A 30. A
1. D 2. B

Trang 57
3. D 17. A 7. B 19. C
4. B 18. C 8. D 20. D
5. D 19. D 9. B 21. A
6. A 20. C 10. C 22. D
7. A 21. B 11. A 23. C
8. C 22. A 12. A 24. A
9. A 23. C 13. C 25. C
10. A 24. B 14. D 26. D
11. B 25. A 15. C 27. A
12. D 26. D 16. C 28. D
13. A 27. A 17. D 29. A
14. C 28. B 18. A 30. B
15. B 29. D D.
16. B 30. B 1. C 11. B
1. She fell into water 2. B 12. B
UNIT 2: PASSIVE because she was pushed. 3. A 13. A
VOICE 2. What ought to be 4. B 14. B
A. done? 5. B 15. B
1. Our exercises are 3. It is time the cows 6. C 16. C
corrected at home by the were brought in. 7. A 17. C
teacher. 4. What questions were 8. B 18. D
2. Alis mother was set by the examiner? 9. C 19. A
worried by his absence. 5. Something must be 10. B 20. B
3. Several new schools done for these poor men. E.
are being built in our 6. No mistakes have been 1. D 10. D
town. made. 2. A 11. A
4. Great progress has 7. My question has not 3. C 12. B
been made in industry, been properly answered. 4. B 13. D
science and medicine. 8. This child has been 5. B 14. D
5. A lion was killed by badly brought up. 6. C 15. A
Sam last week. 9. Jane was promised a 7. A 16. B
6. Your report must be prize (by the teacher) if D. This book is much 17. B
handed in before the end she worked well. spoken about them. 18. B
of this month. 10. I have never been 8. C 19. B
7. The job had just been spoken to like that 9. D 20. B
finished when the factory before.
closed. 11. I hate being looked at. UNIT 3: TAG A.
8. That box hasnt been 12. Lesson should be QUESTIONS
opened for the past made more interesting for 1. arent you 11. wont you
hundred years. school children. 2. didnt he 12. doesnt it
9. Are these letters going 13. Id like to be read to. 3. isnt there 13. did you
to be mailed soon? 14. The house will be 4. wont she 14. isnt it
10. The report shouldnt locked up for summer 5. hasnt she 15. does it
have been finished and looked after by the 6. does it 16. doesnt he
yesterday. old gardener. 7. shouldnt he 17. shall I
11. Researches on SIDA 15. Tortoises are said to 8. shall we 18. do you
began to be carried out live longer than elephants 9. havent they 19. are they
by scientists two years (Its said that tortoises 10. didnt we 20. do they
ago. live longer) B.
12. He is said to be the 16. An orange cannot be 1. B 10. A
richest man in our town. / eaten if it hasnt been 2. A 11. A
It is said that he is the peeled 3. C 14. C
richest man in our town. 17. Dont let yourself be 4. B 15. A
13. You can be assured seen (Passive reflexive ) 5. A 16. D
everything will be 18. Were you ever taught 6. C 17. C
arranged in time. how to behave? 7. B 18. C
14. We are to pity rather 19. I was surprised to 8. A 19. D
than these homeless boys hear you had been robbed 9. B 20. D
are despised. . C.
15. Nothing has been 20. We ought to be told 1. D 6. D
moved since you were how much is expected of 2. D 7. B
sent away to be cured. us. 3. A 8. D
B. C. 4. D 9. D
1. D 4. D 5. A 10. D
2. D 5. B
3. D 6. B

Trang 58
UNIT 4: ADVERBIAL 125. B 141. C
CLAUSES AND 126. A 142. A
CONNECTORS 127. A 143. A
128. B 144. D
1. B 63. C 129. B 145. D
2. B 64. B 130. B 146. B
3. D 65. A 131. B 147. A
4. B 66. D 132. C 148. B
5. A 67. C 133. B 149. D
6. D 68. B 134. B 150. C
7. D 69. D 135. C 151. A
8. C 70. B 136. B 152. C
9. C 71. B 137. A 153. B
10. B 72. C 138. A 154. A
11. B 73. D 139. C 155. A
12. B 74. A 140. C
13. B 75. C
14. C 76. A UNIT 5: SUBJECT-
16. A 78. A
17. A 79. C 1. A 26. C
18. B 80. A 2. C 27. D
19. B 81. C 3. B 28. A
20. A 82. C 4. D 29. C
21. C 83. C 5. A 30. B
22. A 84. A 6. B 31. A
23. C 85. D 7. C 32. D
24. D 86. A 8. C 33. C
25. B 87. B 9. A 34. A
26. C 88. C 10. A 35. C
27. A 89. A 11. B 36. C
28. D 90. B 12. D 37. D
29. D 91. D 13. A 38. B
30. C 92. A 14. A 39. B
31. A 93. B 15. A 40. C
32. D 94. A 16. C 41. A
33. B 95. D 17. B 42. B
34. D 96. C 18. A 43. B
35. D 97. D 19. C 44. C
36. B 98. C 20. D 45. B
37. B 99. B 21. D 46. B
38. C 100. B 22. C 47. D
39. D 101. D 23. B 48. A
40. A 102. B 24. A 49. C
41. A 103. B 25. B 50. A
42. A 104. D
43. D 105. A UNIT 6: SPEAKING
44. A 106. C
45. A 107. A 1. B 19. D
46. B 108. A 2. B 20. C
47. B 109. D 3. D 21. A
48. C 110. B 4. C 22. B
49. D 111. B 5. A 23. B
50. A 112. D 6. C 24. C
51. A 113. B 7. C 25. A
52. D 114. D 8. C 26. D
53. C 115. C 9. C 27. A
54. B 116. B 10. B 28. B
55. B 117. D 11. C 29. A
56. C 118. B 12. C 30. B
57. C 119. C 13. B 31. A
58. B 120. A 14. B 32. D
59. B 121. A 15. B 33. D
60. C 122. D 16. B 34. B
61. C 123. B 17. D 35. B
62. B 124. B 18. C 36. B

Trang 59
37. B 48. A find marks/would get
38. C 49. C someone/anyone good marks.
39. B 50. D . 20. If Mary had
40. C 51. C 14. If I knew her e- enough money,
41. B 52. A mail address, I shed buy a new
42. A 53. A could tell you. car.
43. A 54. A 15. If she didnt 21. If you dont go
44. B 55. A work in the right now, youll
45. D 56. B evening, shed be late for the
46. B 57. C have time to train.
47. A play with her 22. If he had enough
SENTENCES AND children. qualifications,
UNIT 7: WISHES 16. Theyd be upset hed apply for
CONDITIONAL A. if I told them the job.
1. stopped 18. wouldnt leave what happened. 23. If we dont
2. smoke/will object 19. would you say 17. If I were/was hurry, well be
3. wouldnt your parent 20. get tall enough, I late for the
be 21. werent (wasnt) would join the exam.
4. would have/hadnt 22. were (was) basketball team. 24. If you often
spent 23. would be 18. If he saw the talked to them,
5. worked/would finish 24. listened signal, hed stop theyd
6. had/would use 25. wouldnt be his car. understand you.
7. would take 19. If Peter prepared 25. If you spoke
8. wont let 26. were (was) his lessons well, English
9. didnt smoke 27. addressed he wouldnt get naturally, theyd
28. should have informed bad understand you.
10. gave/would you do 29. would have gone C.
11. freezes 30. had seen 1. B 40. C
12. would have warned 31. had seen 2. A 41. C
13. sees 32. had 3. A 42. D
14. resigned 33. would become 4. B 43. D
15. would have written 34. had 5. D 44. B
16. see 35. hadnt bought 6. A 45. C
17. turn 7. B 46. C
8. C 47. B
B. answered the 9. A 48. D
1. Shed live in phone. 10. B 49. B
London if she 8. If Rita had got 11. A 50. A
knew someone some sleep last 12. B 51. C
there. night, she 13. C 52. B
2. Id live in the wouldnt be 14.D 53. A
country if I exhausted today. 15. D 54. D
could find a job 9. If she 16.C 55. A
there. werent/wasnt 17.C 56. B
3. If I had a spare too thin, she 18. B 57. D
ticket, Id take wouldnt feel 19. A 58. A
you to the cold so much. 20. B 59. B
concert. 10. If he polished 21. B 60. B
4. If the his shoes, hed 22. A 61 B
schoolchildren look smart. 23. B 62. B
watered some 11. If he could park 24. C 63. A
seeds, they near his office, 25.B 64. B
would grow. hed come by 26. B 65. C
5. If they car. 27. A 66. B
understood the 12. If my house 28. C 67. D
problem, theyd were/was 29. B 68.C
find the guarded by two 30. C 69. A
solution. big dogs, itd be 31. C 70. D
6. If he didnt sit broken into 32. A 71. D
around too every night. 33. B 72. C
much, hed be 13. If the flats were 34. A 73. D
fit. clearly 35. A 74. C
7. If Carol hadnt numbered, itd 36. C 75. D
been studying, be 37. B 76. A
shed have easy/wouldnt 38. D 77. B
be difficult to 39. A 78. C

Trang 60
79. D 83. B 96. B 101. B
80. A 84. D 97. C 102. C
81. C 85. B 98. A 103. C
82. C 99. C 104. B
100. C 105. C
86. A. (would) 93. D (could build) A.
87. C. (had) 94. A (have been able) UNIT 9: RELATIVE
88. B (hadnt) 95. B. (had known) CLAUSES
89. D (wont) 96. C (had given) 1. B 36. D
90. C (will) 97. C (would) 2. C 37. B
91. C. (wouldnt have 98. A. (had sent) 3. B 38. B
broken) 99. B (have ordered) 4. D 39. B
92. C. (hadnt been) 100. C (had) 5. A 40. C
6. A 41. A
UNIT 8: GERUNDS 7. C 42. C
1. B 50. C 9. A 44. A
2. C 51. A 10. B 45. D
3. A 52. D 11. B 46. A
4. B 53. B 12. C 47. D
5. B 54. B 13. C 48. B
6. B 55. C 14. B 49. B
7. D 56. A 15. D 50. B
8. B 57. C 16. D 51. A
9. B 58. B 17. D 52. B
10. D 58. B 18. B 53. A
11. B 59. D 19. D 54. A
12. C 60. D 20. B 55. C
13. A 61. A 21. B 56. A
14. B 62. C 22. A 57. B
15. A 63. D 23. B 58. D
16. D 64. C 24. B 59. D
17. D 65. B 25. A 60. B
18. C 66. C 26. D 61. B
19. D 67. B 27. B 62. D
20. D 68. A 28. C 63. D
21. D 69. B 29. D 64. A
22. B 70. D 30. B 65. A
23. A 71. B 31. A 66. D
24. C 72. B 32. A 67. B
25. D 73. D 33. D 68. D
26. C 74. C 34. B 69. A
27. B 75. B 35. B 70. D
28. C 76. B B.
29. B 77. B 1. C 11. A
30. D 78. A 2. C 12. B
31. D 79. A 3. C 13. C
32. C 79. B 4. D 14. C
33. D 80. C 5. B 15. D
34. B 81. B 6. D 16. D
35. D 82. A 7. C 17. B
36. B 83. B 8. C 18. A
37. D 84. C 9. C 19. C
38. A 85. C 10. B 20. C
39. C 86. A C.
40. B 87. B 1. A 6. C
41. A 88. D 2. C 7. A
42. B 89. A 3. D 8. A
43. C 90. D 4. A 9. A
44. D 91. C 5. B 10. C
45. B 92. A D. 3. The photograph taken
46. C 93. B 1. There is someone by my son was
47. B 94. C knocking at the door. extraordinary.
48. C 95. D 2. Passenger travelling 4. What can you do about
49. A on planes shouldnt a dog barking all night ?

Trang 61
5. Is there any good place E. 7. They re the postcards
for us to stay tonight? 1. I have to find the man which/that arrived
6. We have an apartment whose umbrella I yesterday.
overlooking the park. accidentally picked up 8. The children sang
7. The last person to this morning. aloud all night, which
leave the room must turn 2. Monday is the day kept their parents awake.
off the light. when we will come. 9. Maria is studying in
8. Trains leaving from 3. Ill never forget the New York City, which is
this station take an hour day on which / when I called the Big Apple.
to get to London. met you. 10. In the room, we saw a
9. The experiment 4. The town where I grew lot of children and pets
conducted at the up was small. that sang and danced
university of Chicago 5. 1960 was the year in happily.
was successful. which / when the
10. The ideas presented revolution took place. UNIT 10: ARTICLES
in that book are 6. I apologized to the A.
interesting. woman whose coffee I
1. the 25. X / the
2. The/the 26. The / the (or a is ok)
3. X / X 27. the
4. a / X / X / X 28. X
5. The / the 29. a / X
6. the / a / a 30. X / X
7. X / the 31. X / the
8. a / X / the 32. X / a
9. X / the 33. the
10. X 34. The / the
11. X / X / the 35. X / a
12. the / the 36. the / X
13. X 37. X / an
14. the / X 38. the / the / X
15. the / an 39. X / the
16. X 40. X / the
17. The 41. X / the
18. The / the 42. X
19. an / X / the 43. X / an
20. X / X 44. X / the
21. X / X 45. a / a / the / the
22. the 46. the / the
23. X / the 47. X / a / X
24. The / the / X 48. X
1. C 10. C
2. C 11. C
3. B 12. B
4. D 13. A
5. C 14. A
6. C 15. A
7. A 16. D
8. D 17. D
9. D 18.C
1. D 12. C
2. D 13. A
3. A 14. D
4. B 15. A
5. B 16. B.
6. B 17. B
7. C 18. D
8. C 19. C
9. D 20. A
10. D 21. D
11. A 22. B

Trang 62
23. B 47. A 29) He wanted to know
24. C 48. D if/whether we had been UNIT 12:
25. D 49. B shopping. PREPOSITIONS
26. A 50. A 30) He asks us not to
27. B 51. C make so much noise.
28. C 52. C 1. at 19. to
29. A 53 . B 2. on 20. on
30. C 54. D 3. until 21. with
31. A 55. D 4. in 22. with
32. C 56. C 5. for 23. for
33. D 57. C 6. in 24. about
34 . C 58. D 7. for 25. on
35. D 59. A 8. to 26. into
36. A 60. C 9. by 27. on
37. D 61. B 10. of 28. about
38 . A 62. D 11. with / at 29. after
39. C 63. A 12. at (by) 30. of/about
40 . A 64. C 13. at (by) 31. for
41. B 65. B 14. of 32. from
42. D 66. A 15. of 33. out
43. C 67. A 16. until 34. for
44. B 68. B 17. to 35. about/of
45. A 69. A 18. for
46. C 70. C B.
B. 1. B 43. A
71. B 76. B 2. B 44. A
72. D 77. D 3. D 45. B
73. A 78. B 4. D 46. A
74. B 79. B 5. C 47. B
75. C 80. B 6. A 48. D
C. Change each of the 13) She told the boys not 7. C 49. A
following sentences into to play on the grass. 8. A 50. B
reported speech. 14) He told me not go too 9. B 51. C
1) John said he wanted to far. 10. C 52. A
attend a famous 15) He told me not to 11. A 53. D
university. make so much noise. 12. B 54. D
2) Mary told Peter she 16) The mother told her 13. C 55. B
was looking for the book son not to move. 14. D 56. C
he had given her the 17) My sister told me not 15. D 57. C
week before. to open the window. 16. A 58. B
3) Alfred told John he 18) Jane asked Williams 17. B 59. B
had not not promised to if he would be free the 18. C 60. A
send him a telegram. day after. 19. A 61. C
4) She said she would get 19) Fred asked the 20. D 62. C
herself a drink. postman if there were 21. A 63. A
5) He said he couldnt any letters that day. 22. A 64. A
drive them home. 20) Richard asked the 23. D 65. B
6) She asked Peter Browns what they were 24. D 66. D
if/whether he preferred going to enter. 25. B 67. B
tea or coffee. 21) She said she had been 26. C 68. D
7) He said the film had very tired. 27. C 69. A
begun at seven oclock. 22) She told Ben to be 28. B 70. B
8) The father he had been careful. 29. B 71. C
on a business trip the 23) She says she will get 30. A 72. B
whole day the day before herself a drink. 31. B 73. D
9) James said his brother 24) He wondered why I 32. A 74. D
would get married the hadnt phoned him. 33. B 75. A
following month. 25) He said he could not 34. A 76. A
10) Henry told his drive them home. 35. C 77. C
mother to come and 26) She asks Peter if he 36. C 78. A
spend a week with them. prefers tea or coffe. 37. C 79. B
11) He told me to keep a 27) She asked me where I 38. D 80. C
seat for him in the lecture had spent my holiday the 39. D 81. A
hall. year before. 40. C 82. D
12) Mike told Henry to 28) He advised her not to 41. C 83. D
give him his book back. go too far. 42. C 84. B

Trang 63
85. B 93. D 3. B 12. B
86. C 94. D 4. C 13. D
87. B 95. A 5. B 14. A
88. A 96. A 6. B 15. A
89. B 97. A 7. B 16. A
90. D 98. C 8. C 17. A
91. A 99. D 9. C 18. C
92. B 100. C 10. C 19. D
UNIT 13: 6) big - bigger biggest 11. C 20. C
COMPARISONS 7) easy - easier easiest F.
A. 8) much - more most 1. A 6. A
1) old - older oldest 9) little - less least 2. B 7. B
2) bad - worse worst 10) interesting - more 3. B 8. A
3) difficult - more interesting - most 4. C 9. A
difficult - most difficult interesting 5. C 10. D
4) large - larger largest B. A.
5) good - better best UNIT 14: PHONETICS
1) as fast as 6) not as windy as 1. A 11. B
2) not as tall as 7) as delicious as 2. C 12. A
3) not as low as 8) not as sweet as 3. A 13. B
4) as bad as 9) as brave as 4. B 14. A
5) as optimistic as 10) not as heavy as 5. C 15. B
6. C 16. C
1) heavier 6) most beautiful 7. A 17. A
2) easier 7) larger 8. A 18. A
3) sunniest 8) less 9. C 19. B
4) more successful 9) cleverer 10. B 20. C
5) softer 10) oldest B.
1. B 11. C
1. A 36. D 2. C 12. B
2. C 37. A 3. A 13. B
3. C 38. A 4. C 14. C
4. C 39. B 5. B 15. B
5. D 40. B 6. C 16. C
6. C 41. A 7. B 17. A
7. A 42. C 8. A 18. A
8. B 43. C 9. B 19. A
9. C 44. D 10. A 20. A
10. B 45. D C.
11. A 46. A 1. C 4. C
12. C 47. A 2. B 5. B
13. B 48. C 3. A
14. C 49. A D.
15. C 50. A 1. A 6. B
16. D 51. A 2. B 7. B
17. B 52. C 3. C 8. A
18. A 53. B 4. B 9. A
19. C 54. C 5. B 10. C
20. A 55. B E.
21. B 56. B 1. D 11. D
22. B 57. C 2. B 12. B
23. C 58. B 3. D 13. C
24. B 59. B 4. C 14. B
25. C 60. D 5. B 15. C
26. D 61. A 6. B 16. B
27. C 62. D 7. D 17. B
28. B 63. C 8. C 18. D
29. A 64. C 9. D 19. B
30. A 65. B 10. D 20. B
31. A 66. A F.
32. A 67. C F1. /t/: 1,4,7,10,13,15,16 F3. /I/:
33. C 68. A /d/: 5,8,9,11,14,18,19 1,3,4,7,8,12,13,14,16,18
34. C 69. C /id/: 2,3,6,12,17,20 /i:/:
35. B 70. C F2. /s/: 2,5,7,10,11,13,19 2,5,6,9,10,11,15,17,19,20
/z/: 1,4,8,12,14,17,20 F4. /e/:
1. B 2. C /iz/: 3,6,9,15,16,18 3,4,5,7,8,13,14,17,18,20

Trang 64
//: F7. //: It was such a low 14) Computers are being
1,2,6,9,10,11,12,15,16,19 2,5,6,7,10,11,13,15,16,19 bridge that the lorry used in almost every
F5. /^/: /u:/: couldnt go under it. field.
1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19 1,3,4,8,9,12,14,17,18,20 2) 15) The thief drove so
/a:/: F8. //: My brother no longer quickly that the
2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20 1,2,5,6,9,10,12,13,15,17 walks to school with police couldnt catch
F6. //: //: his friends. him.
1,3,4,8,9,12,14,16,18,20 3,4,7,8,11,14,16,18,19,20 No longer does my 16) Would you mind
//: brother walks to helping me to lift
2,5,6,7,10,11,13,15,17,19 school with his this heavy box up?
friends. 17) No sooner had
1. C 26. D 3) The policeman asked someone rung the
2. D 27. D the little boy what alarm than the
3. A 28. C his name was. burglars left the
4. D 29. C 4) Your kitchen is shop.
5. B 30. B bigger than mine. 18) I havent seen her for
6. B 31. D 5) Ill give you my one week.
7. D 32. A phone number so 19) Hardly had he put
8. C 33. B that you can phone down the phone
9. A 34. D me when necessary. when his wife rang
10. D 35. D 6) back.
11. A 36. A Because of getting 20) Because she was sick
12. A 37. D up late, I couldnt she stayed in bed.
13. C 38. C come there on time. 21) If you had worked
14. B 39. D If I had not got up hard, you wouldnt
15. D 40. A late, I could come have got bad marks.
16. D 41. D there on time. 22)
17. A 42. C I got up late so I The shirt is so tight
18. C 43. A couldnt come there that the boy cant
19. C 44. A on time. wear it.
20. B 45. B 7) I was advised to The shirt is too tight
21. B 46. A choose that job by for the boy to wear.
22. D 47. A my father. 23)
23. D 48. D 8) Mary enjoys
24. A 49. D That boy is so clever scientific
25. A 50. A that he can make expeditions, and so
childrens toys. does Peter.
51. A 76. D That is such a clever Peter enjoys
52. D 77. A boy that he can make scientific
53. B 78. D childrens toys. expeditions, and
54. B 79. D 9) Mary does, too.
55. A 80. A That pupil is so lazy 24) Mike drives more
56. C 81. C that my sister cant carefully than his
57. A 82. C teach him English. brother.
58. D 83. A 25) If she hadnt worked
59. A 84. B That pupil is too lazy hard, she wouldnt
60. B 85. B for my sister to teach have got high wages.
61. B 86. A him English. 26) If you dont phone
62. C 87. D 10) I wish I had not me tonight, you
63. C 88. D bought the second- wont get any
64. B 89. C hand motorbike. information.
65. C 90. A 11) 27) Tom used to cry a
66. A 91. B She is thought to be lot when he was a
67. B 92. D the most beautiful child.
68. B 93. A girl in this class. 28)
69. C 94. B It is thought that she The problem is too
70. D 95. C is the most beautiful difficult for him to
71. A 96. D girl in this class. solve.
72. C 97. C 12) These explosives It is such a difficult
73. D 98. A have to be kept in a problem that he cant
74. C 99. B safe place. solve it.
75. B 100.D 13) The film was so The problem is so
good that we decided difficult that that he
UNIT 15: COMMON The bridge was too
to go and see it cant solve it.
STRUCTURES low for the lorry to
again. 29)
A. go under.

Trang 65
Why dont we go to He couldnt afford to 1) B 11) B
the seaside this buy a car, and 2) B 12) B
summer? neither could she. 3) B 13) A
How about going to He couldnt afford to 4) B 14) A
the seaside this buy a car, and she 5) B 15) A
summer? couldnt, either. 6) A 16) A
I suggest going to the 35) In spite of the bad 7) A 17) A
seaside this summer. weather, we enjoyed 8) C 18) C
our trip. 9) A 19) A
30) Our team was said to 36) Because he was 10) D 20) B
have won the gold sleepy, he went to
medal by chance. bed early.
31) I wish I had not lent 37) Because of being
him much money. very tired, I made a
32) If Mary had not mistake.
drunk too much 38) Even though these
wine, she wouldnt cars are cheap, they
have felt sick. last a long time.
33) Unless you put on 39) Although it was
your coat, you will noisy, the children
catch a cold. slept well.
34) 40) Because he was
tired, he didnt walk
to the station.
1) D 41) C
2) B 42) B
3) B 43) B
4) A 44) D
5) B 45) B
6) D 46) C
7) C 47) D
8) C 48) C
9) B 49) A
10) C 50) A
11) D 51) D
12) B 52) D
13) D 53) B
14) C 54) D
15) C 55) D
16) B 56) A
17) D 57) B
18) B 58) D
19) C 59) A
20) A 60) D
21) B 61) A
22) A 62) A
23) B 63) C
24) D 64) A
25) D 65) D
26) C 66) B
27) C 67) C
28) B 68) C
29) A 69) A
30) A 70) C
31) A 71) D
32) B 72) B
33) B 73) A
34) C 74) D
35) C 75) D
36) D 76) A
37) A 77) D
38) C 78) A
39) C 79) B
40) D 80)B

Trang 66