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ELL App Evaluation Rubric (Google Translate)

Domain 1 2 3 4
Can help ELL students in
any subject
Curriculum Connection

It more of a tool than a

game, very applicable to
Authenticity the real world

Not really useful for

helping with grammar
Feedback (useful for vocabulary
The translator will help
with all levels of fluency

Very simple to use

User Friendliness

Can help a student who

would otherwise be
Student Motivation disengaged understand
what is being said in class
Curriculum App Evaluation Rubric (Anatomy)
Domain 1 2 3 4
Strongly connected to
understanding the
Curriculum Connection anatomy of the body

It is more of a game

Timed for students to

compete against each
Feedback other

Different levels of
difficulty (outlines or no
Differentiation outlines) Organs and
bones or either or
Slightly confusing to
navigate in a first attempt
(you have to swipe the
User Friendliness
screen to get to more
parts of the body) but
intuitive after a while
Timed component can
challenge students and
Student Motivation contribute to motivation
Assistive App Evaluation Rubric (Feel Electric)
Domain 1 2 3 4
Connected well for
students who struggle
Curriculum Connection with expressing
themselves verbally
Has multiple engaging
points, minigames and
Authenticity such to help understand

There does not seem to be

much feedback offered in
Feedback the game

The complexity and

format of the game cannot
Differentiation be changed

Seems relatively user

friendly for the main
User Friendliness function but is confusing
with the side games
Fun and colorful, a good
way to engage a student
Student Motivation at the beginning of the day
Teacher App Evaluation Rubric (Google Tasks)
Domain 1 2 3 4
Helpful for keeping track
of things (an electronic to-
Curriculum Connection do list)

Relatively simple




Relatively Simple


Very easy to incorporate

and understand
User Friendliness


Student Motivation