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Hearts On Fire ‘or Nationa Evangelsaton Conference, Bisa, 1989. dais Michae! Mangan E Fam Gn" A 1. We come fom an - clent Dream - time, from the bush, or by the sea Gin Fem B E We come from a thou-sand ol - ty streets We are the rich Fin! Ging A Gein 4s = = = ees read SH and low = y, we are the poor and_sttong. We come 10 share a E Ffm’ Gém A Fin’ Gin’ AB = SSE} Pas ts SS =] this me = ment, gath = Ing bere, ig = Ing one 8009 E A B E Sst +5 ‘ z CHORUS With our hearts on ‘fire with the love of Je - sus, Hearts on fire, let's spread the Word, Hears on fire, fool the Sp - rit blaz - ing. Hearts on tire, called to lve the Good Gen A 8 E Fém' Gém' A B News in this land Sel-ting hearts on fe, with our hearts on E Fim’ Gin A B Fam’ Gim' A Gém AB To Verses 2.83 tire, sel-ting hears on fire Copyright 1999 Litas Profucone. Echrve erning Agen Not Ameri: Wor ary Psions E Fim" Gen’ A 2.We long to Ine In free dom, we yoam for u = riety, Gin Fam 8 E We dream of just - jee, joy and peace. Spin mus Fim Gin A Gein with your pow - er Jesus help us Ie your call. © Cea + wor Fam E Fim Gitmo A Fim’ Gm’ AB DS. give us wis - dom, 60 we wit be Good News forall, 3.We are the voice of Je - sus, we are his heart and hands. We are his Fam 8 Ee Fam bo = dy in our land, Stand up! tne the sto = vy, Gitm A Gin Fam" to al the world pro > aim. Go out! to. all cre-@ tion, Fem Gam Hearts On Fire Words and music: Michael Mangan We come from ancient Dreamtime, From the bush, or by the sea. We come from a thousand city streets. We are the rich and lowly, We are the poor and strong. We come to share this moment, Gathering here, singing one song. With our hearts on fire with the love of Jesus. Hearts on fire, let’s spread the Word. Hearts on fire, feel the Spirit blazing. Hearts on fire, Called to live the Good News in this land. Setting hearts on fire, with our hearts on fire, Setting hearts on fire. : We long to live in freedom, we yearn for unity. We dream of justice, joy and peace. Spirit fill us with your power. Jesus help us live your call. O Creator give us wisdom, So we will be Good News for all. We are the voice of Jesus, We are his heart and hands. We are his body in our land. Stand up! Live the story. To all the world proclaim. Go out to all creation Lighting the fire, fanning the flames. copyright ©1909 Las rndustons,Belve eraing Agent in Noi Aeres Wo brary ubons Alternative Verse 1 for use outside Australia: We gather as one people, Called to share this mystery. We bring our joys, our tears, our dreams. We are the rich and lowly, We are the poor and strong. We come to share this moment, Gathering here, singing one song. Alternative Verse for Eucharistic Celebrations: We come to share the Good News. We come to celebrate. We come to sing with thanks and praise. We gather as Your people. At your table we are fed. We are called to live this mystery, Sharing the cup, breaking the bread.