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Unit 2 Part 2 Study Guide

Due: Nov. 16th

Test: Nov. 15th

15 cents

4 cents

40 cents

75 cents

19 cents


30 cents

96 cents

Anthony's mom gave him the amount of money shown below to buy some candy at the store.

He has
What can Anthony buy with the amount of money his mom gave him?

A. Anthony can buy 1 package of M & Ms and 2 rolls of Smarties.

B. Anthony can buy 1 lollipop and 1 bag of Skittles.

C. Anthony can buy 1 rolls of Smarties and one lollipop.

2. Sasha has 2 twenty dollar bills, a ten dollar bill, 2 five dollar bills, and 5 one dollar

bills. She would like to buy a scooter which costs $75. How much more money does

she need in order to buy the scooter?

A. She needs $5 more.

B. She needs $7 more.

C. She needs $10 more.

D. She needs $12 more.


While at the toy store one afternoon, Max noticed an action figure that he wanted

to buy with his own money. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the amount of

money shown below.

He has

The action figure costs 87. Does David have enough money to buy the action figure?

A. Yes, Max has enough money to buy the action figure. He has 9 left over.

B. Yes, Max has enough money to buy the action figure. He has 11 left over.

C. No, Max doesn't have enough money to buy the action figure. He needs 9 more.

D. No, Max doesn't have enough money to buy the action figure. He needs 20 more.

4. Morgan and her brother, Patrick, each earn an allowance every week for completing chores.

Morgan takes out the trash 2 days per week and cleans the bathroom 2 days per week.

Patrick feeds the dog 5 days per week and empties the dishwasher 4 days per week.

Patrick says he earned more money than Morgan. Is he correct? Why or why not?

Work Is he correct? Why or why not?

Morgan: 1+1+2+2=6 Yes, he is correct because he earned $7
and Morgan earned $6. Seven is more
Patrick 1+1+1+1+1+50 cents+ 50 than
cents+50 cents+50 cents= $7 6._________________________________
5. Ruby took a survey of some second grade students to find out which recess activity

they enjoyed most. The results from her survey are shown below.

What conclusion can you make from reading the graph above?

A. Twelve more students enjoy going down the slide than jumping rope.

B. The number of students who enjoy kickball and going down the slide is 7 more than

those students who like relay races and jumping rope.

C. More students enjoy relay races than kickball and jumping rope combined.
6. The graph below shows the number of students in Ms. Blacks classroom each year.

a.) In what year did she have more than 20 students in her class? 2012

b.) How has the number of students changed over the years?_Each year, Ms. Black has

had more students in her class.

7. Students at King Elementary were asked about their favorite color. 18 students voted

for blue, 14 students voted for red, 10 students voted for black, and 16 students voted

for yellow. Construct a bar graph counting by 2s below to represent this data.

8. Use the picture graph below to answer the question.

What is the difference between the greatest number of pets and the least number of pets?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5


Write a comparison word problem based on the pictograph above.

How many more pets does Dwayne have than

22. MGSE2.MD.10 (DOK 3) (2 points)
10. The graph below shows the number of students in Ms. Black's classroom each year.

How many students do you think Mrs. Black had in her classroom in 2013? Explain.

I think Ms. Black will have 22 students, because each year, the
number of students in her class goes up.

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