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How to Improve Memory and Concentration

How to improve memory and concentration? Many people complain about short temi memory loss or
lack of concentration while doing work. However. these issues are a result of unhealthy habits and leading a
stressful life. Poor concentration has also been linked to suboptimal functioning of the brain. When the brain
processes do not work efficiently, it can cause memory loss problems. Here are some memory improvement
Exercise: In order to stimulate brain function and improve oxygen rich blood supply to the brain, daily
exercise is very essential. Adequate blood circulation to the brain means, it will function better. This in turn
decreases the likelihood of falling prey to diseases that cause memory loss.
Take Interest: Unless one takes keen interest in activities that are assigned, how is it possible to remain
attentive a::d concentrate wel. Fur instance. listening to a lecture without paying much attention can restrict
your abihty to recall important points afterwards.
Fun Games: There are quite a few fun games online such as crossword or puzzles that are designed to
improve memory and concentration. These online games. also referred as brain games help to strengthen the
focus and sharpen the mind.
Identify Distractions: Many times, children and even adults cannot do their work, if they are sitting in a
noisy environment. To be in focus, the surrounding environment should be free from distractions. Working on
an empty stomach can also be a great source of distraction so one should ensure that food cravings are satisfied,
before concentrating on any assignment.
Sufficient Sleep: Many people sleep late at night and get up early in the morning. However, these
improper sleeping patterns can actually disrupt mental focus in all the activities that are carried out, throughout
the day.
Yoga: One can significantly enhance his ability to recall information as well as maximize concentration
by following certain yoga techniques. For instance, breathing exercises can improve memory and concentration.
Ultiy riieuitation for 15-20 mintites is one of easiest way toxontrol a llickering mind. Meditai on and yogd
techniques assist in focusing in mind and increase problem solving ability.
Foods that Improve Memory and Concentration
Are there any foods that help to improver memory power? Which are the foods that can increase concentration
levels? An inexpensive way to optimize brain function, increase mental alertness and enhance concentration
and memory is to have foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Foods high in omega 3 essential
fatty acids, are considered as 'focus enhancing foods' and are recommended for better concentration. We need
to eat foods that sharpen memory and promote brain health. People facing difficulty in concentrating on work
or experiencing frequent forgetfulness should eat the following healthy foods
-1 Fish (salmon, tuna), eggs
-2 Dairy products
-3 Bluberries
-4 Avocados
-5 Whole grain breads
-6 Foods high in potassium (Bananas)
-7 Magnesium rich foods (vegetables)
-8 Coffee (Avoid excessive intake)
-9 Herbs can also contribute to improve memory and concentratiorju These herbs increase mental capacity and
improve blood flow to the brain. Herbs that help to stay in focus at work and act as a remedy for memory loss
problems are given below
- One can also take vitamins to improve memory and concentration.Vitamins such as Bl2, B9 and B6 that are
available in tabiet form, contain ingredients that positively affect the brain function. thereby not allowing to
diminish concentration power with time.