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Pathway 3 Teacher: Ecaterina (Cate) Albu

Dear student,

Thank you for being in my class. In order to help you better throughout the course, Id like to know more about you
and your background. Please answer the questions below honestly and in as much detail as possible.

Thanks in advance!

1. Why did you decide to take the Pathway course?

2. Which college or university do you want to study at? ___________________________________

Which major do you want to choose? ___________________________________________
Explain what you find attractive in this major.

3. Have you ever done a Pathway course before? YES NO

If yes, which level did you graduate from? ____________________
What did you find difficult__________________________________________________ and
easy ______________________________________________________________ in Pathway.

4. Which is your native language? _________________________

What other languages can you speak or ever tried learning?

5. Where and how long have you been studying English?

___________________ years
at secondary/high school language school with a private tutor other____________________

6. Have you ever learned how to write essays in English? YES NO

7. Have you ever used other sources of information while writing in English? YES NO
If yes, what kind of sources did you use and how did you do it?

8. What do you find most difficult in English?

reading writing speaking listening grammar vocabulary pronunciation

9. Have you ever taken / practiced the TOEFL test? YES NO

10. What do you find most difficult in the TOEFL test?

reading writing listening time management stress management

Name__________________________________ email:_________________________________________________
11. Do you prefer working alone or in a group? Why?

12. Which grammar topic do you think you need most help with? Choose four.
Verbs tenses Plural nouns
Verbs gerunds and infinitives Comparatives (adjectives and adverbs)
Prepositions Paraphrasing ideas in your own words
Adjectives and adverbs Summarizing ideas
Sentence structure Seeing your own mistakes in writing
Word order in English Understanding the difference between parts of speech
Spelling and punctuation (nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc.)
Using formal and informal language Other ____________________________
Active and Passive structures Other ____________________________
Articles (a/an, the)
Connecting subject and verb

13. Do you think your handwriting is clear and easy to read? YES NO
14. What do you think you will learn in this Pathway course? Name at least two things.

15. Are you good at organising your time while studying? YES NO
Why do you think so? What do you think you need to become better at that?

16. Do you keep a vocabulary notebook/journal? YES NO

Why would it be helpful to a student like you?

17. What do you think will be the most difficult for you in your future life as a student at the college/university
of your choice? Why?

18. Name 2 favourite songs that you would enjoy working with in class.
1. _____________________________________________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________________________________________
19. What do you like most about learning English? Name at least two things. Explain your choice.

20. What do you like doing in your free time? Is there anything that you enjoy doing in particular? Explain your