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I. Connect the left word with its meaning.

Family 0 0 Showing kindly interest and goodwill

Friendly 0 0 One who studies

Teach 0 0 A group of individuals living under one roof

Weak 0 0 Lacking strength

Student 0 0 To cause to know something

II. Choose the correct answer.

1. She a doctor
a. Am b. Are c. Is

2. Rexy is very clever. He five languages.

a. Speaks b. Spoke c. Spoken

3. I got a gift from my friend. I

a. Am sad b. Am hungry c. Am happy

4. Anggun the clothes every Friday.

a. Washing b. Washes c. Washed

5. I from Indonesia.
a. Am b. Is c. Are

6. My brother and my sister students.

a. Am b. Are c. Is

7. Clara is a smart student. She everyday.

a. Study b. Studied c. Studies

8. Mr. Thomas a teacher.

a. Am not b. Are not c. Is not

9. He is Mr. Grey. He is my
a. Brother c. Sister c. Aunt

10. My mother in the kitchen.

a. Cook b. Cooks c. Cooking
III. Write a synonym from the word list to replace the underline word.

Friend Smart Helpful True Like

1. Theresia is a clever student in the class.

2. You got eight correct answers.
3. My brother is my best pal.
4. They enjoy the trip.
5. She is kind.

IV. Read the story below. Rewrite the story by replacing each underline word with an
antonym from list. Write neatly and be sure all words are spelled correctly.

Buy She Woman Dislike

Dirty Expensive Small

Carry is a good man. He is a butcher and works in the big market. He wakes up early in
the morning every day. He cleans his store before the customers come. Carry sells fresh
meat to the customers. The customer really like to buy the meat in Carrys store because
the meat is cheap.

V. 1. Write in five sentences what you do every day.

2. look at the picture below! Write some sentences (3 to 5 sentences) to describe the
man in the picture.